Season 8 Episode 16

Remember the Titans

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 27, 2013 on The CW

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  • A standard filler drops the ball but hints towards the real stakes

    I love Supernatural, and don't usually write reviews because, well, I just love it. But I know there are problems. I had a big one with this.

    Greek mythology fascinates me, has since I was a kid. Artemis was always my favorite--she was the virgin Goddess who defended her sprites and hunted but honored her animals, who caused the death of a man spying on her bath and the downfall of handsome Adonis. She was of the moon and hounds and female power. It's pretty awesome. But nothing but the cherry-picked huntress aspect was shown on this show. How did she fall in love with Prometheus? Wasn't she the sworn virgin who was tempted only once? And, though I have a weakness for them myself, are high heels and makeup really hunter's clothing? (I can't help but feel that she would also object to how our leather is made, I'm eyeing that I'm upset that this powerful goddess, one of the original aspects of female power, was only relevant in relation to a man she canonically would never have been interested in.

    Then the other woman of the episode was useless but to inform us about jewelry and let Zeus loose. An interesting character, I thought from the glimpses we got, but come on. This is a systematic thing, too. The wildcard of love is hardly a wildcard of Supernatural.

    Of course I loved the prayer scene. Who didn't? But I was disappointed by this episode. I look forward to the next one, and less filler.
  • We are talking about ZEUS here .. !!

    ZEUS .. the mighty GOD of Thunder died like that wow that was a let down.. I was hoping to see Mjlnir in action .. SAM had it didn't he !! .. y writer didn't thought of it :(

  • Could have been better..

    For a episode that was about some of the top named Gods.. I thought it was a let down.. From the action to the death of the Gods. Was left feeling disappointed and let down. :(
  • just when its getting better

    Great! The brothers are back in hunting down monsters, demons and for for ...


    this episode tho is good, Im giving it a nine because it gives me a cliff-hanger feeling about Sam's condition and where the frack is the part of artemis falling for prometheus... classic scene :)
  • Go and Tell it on the Mountain

    While this episode of Supernatural was otherwise formulaic and boring in parts I was impressed that the writers delved deeper into more fallen and forgotten ancient gods. The brothers thinking a typical zombie case turns out to be Prometheus was an obvious curve-ball for anyone who knows about Greek mythology and saw the bird eating his intestines. The guy goes by Shane and had somehow managed to break out of the mountain Zeus had him trapped in presumably with the help of Artemis although never explicitly stated. The real twist came when it turned out that Shane had a son by a woman who had saved him from the mountain that died every day too it upped the stakes much higher. It was good to see Shane fighting to lift the curse of his son, Oliver, rather than trying to save his own skin it made him much more likable. Regardless, them wanting to take out Zeus was one of their more crazy ideas to ever be hatched to lift the kid's curse. The Men of Letters library got some mileage out of itself and found a summoning spell written by an ancient hunter whose journal the Men of Letters had translated. Once they had Zeus in the trap though I knew he would get out somehow, as soon as Dean walked away I figured either the kid or the mother would break it to get Zeus to lift Oliver's curse. Artemis having shown up earlier and Sam deducing that she was in love with Prometheus was a little too much guess work on Sam's part but I'll buy it because of the actress' reaction to just how true all of it was. It was a huge risk since she could've snapped Sam and Dean whenever she wanted. Zeus was the weakest part of the episode for me. While it was cool to see his lightning power at work, his overacting (which is typical of baddies in this show) fell flat. And he said, "I'm just getting started" which is a total cliche TWICE within the same three minute span. Then Artemis firing her bow at her Daddy and then Prometheus being used as target practice and then driving the arrow through to Zeus too was really obvious. It was like the last part of Live Free or Die Hard, without Bruce Willis so not as enjoyable. Seeing someone as big and powerful as Zeus, even if people don't worship him as much as they used to, getting killed like a punk like that was really pathetic and un-amusing. While the mythology was cool them duking it out with Zeus should've crackled more. However, Artemis does whisk his body away so he may still be alive and be out for Winchester blood once he's on his feet, who knows? Sam should only doubt the blood in his mouth and him hiding it from Dean not his overall motivation after only two episodes of being sure and finally convincing Dean that he should be the one to do it. That seems like back-peddling writing wise to me. Not the worst episode but the presence of more Gods and Zeus should've been better, especially when they have done gods so well in the past as seen in Season 5's "Hammer of the But based on the preview next month back to the season arc and we will see Castiel, who has been missing way too long, and possibly the Angel Tablet getting found and deciphered too.
  • Greek and Christian beliefs do not mix in Supernatural.

    Without some exposition on how Zeus and co. were cast from Olympus yet still walk freely among men is worthy of explanation yet this show simply ignores the question. If one paid attention in world literature in high school then you should know that the son of a titan Prometheus was tasked with molding the human race out of clay, and he became a guardian to the human race kind of. What he's most known for in modern times though is for angering Zeus the non disputed KING of all gods by giving us the gift of fire. Zeus warned the titan that we would be much happier without it. Prometheus disobeyed and gave us a sample of fire from Olympus to cook our food give us life and so we could be more self reliant. Zeus being the self absorbed drama queen he is then strapped the titan to a mountain with chains so strong even he couldnt break, and that once a day ravenous birds would rip open his stomach and consume his liver, and everyday that liver would regrow and he would live with that agony for all eternity.

    However Supernatural takes liberty with this mythical tale as usual and tries their hardest to make it fit within their universe however they fail because of one thing, with season 4-6 focusing on the christian belief of heaven hell and only one god, any introduction of the Greek Gods needs dire explanation. We know God in the Supernatral universe is the most powerful being in the entire landscape of the show, therefore how do the Greek Gods fit in this plan? Since there was no clay forming the first man and woman or if it was it wasnt explained either it could be said that it wasnt Prometheus who did so. So what's the point of them? Were they used by god to end the reign of the Titans with promise of being peacekeepers of certain territories much like the other gods of other ancient religions that we've seen so far, but after centuries of war over different religious beliefs turning these trusted peacekeepers mad with power did God finally end the reign of these gods? Or were they just different beings in disquise as Gods? The show ignores this and now some of the most powerful creations in all of myth are relegated as cannon fodder. Such a pitiful end for a race of beings that had just as much impact in shaping the modern world.

    The rest of the show was your typical formulaic outing that writer Loflin is known for, he writes some good melodrama though without a strong macguffin or one that's not properly told the episode felt like it dragged a bit. About that Macguffin, well Prometheus once freed from the mountain knocked some boots with a girl, died during, and then self ressurrected and left. 9 months later she gave birth to his son, well his son happened to carry a very similar trait he dies everyday, like Kenny from South Park (a joke that actually had me in but now here's where the episode hits another road block.

    You see when it comes to a kid cursed to die just because his father was Prometheus, it is gonna bring up some issues in the post Newtown world. How can you have a kid die over and over without backlash? Well the truth is you cant. We've seen so much happen in this show but actual dead kids, or kids in real peril since the first and maybe third season and after that tragedy it's not gonna happen anytime soon or ever. So when an episode that features a main plot about a dying kid or one who dies over and over again I'm sorry but put him in real danger show him die once or twice on screen so the audience can actually see the agony this child suffers everyday, or else let's not write these kinds of plots. Besides dead kid ghosts, possessed kids, and manipulating changelings, that any kid story now becomes well boring because we know in the end that despite these kids peril they all end up alive and harm free in the end.
  • remember the titans

    the episode was really good.. poor sammy he suffering bt i dont knw y is he hiding it from dean... nyways dean ws excited to kill sm zombies bt it turns out it ws Prometheus - yes the ancient greek god who stole fire frm zeus mountain for humankind and ws cursed by zeus.. the brothers help him and his 7 yr old son to break free from curse..

    the interesting part ws sam talking with Artemis- god of hunters, their god.. dean's prayer to cass for his little brother will surely touch u... overall loving d way their relationship is heading...
  • Remember the Titans

    Remember the Titans was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Supernatural. I really enjoyed watching because the story was intriguing and well written. It was an interesting Supernatural spin on another classical myth. Though I liked how everything played out, I'm always slightly disappointed the gods are dispatched seemingly so easily. I liked the character development and it was heartwarming to watch the last few scenes of Dean. I look forward to watching what happens next! !!!!!!!!
  • Honestly, not that good of an epsode

    When I heard about Supernatural doing a play on the Prometheus myth and Zeus would FINALLY make an appearance, I was psyched. I had been wanting a smackdown with the King of the Gods since "Hammer of the Gods," But then I saw the episode and I was... underwhelmed.

    Let's give credit where it's due. The actor who played Zeus was awesome. He was a complete dick, just like the myths said he was. My problem is with everyone else. The little kid was a HORRIBLE actor, and his only speaking line seemed like he was just reciting it off a cue card. Prometheus himself was more wooden than a two by four! I'm aware that in this story the kid hadn't seen his father (Prometheus) his whole life, but there was no chemistry at all between father and son. It was said that his brain was addled since he died every day since the beginning of time, but that's still no excuse for such a boring character.

    I'm also a little ticked that Sam and Dean haven't been getting any action as of the last two episodes. Dean was supposed to come out of Purgatory a complete badass, and Sam is now the "Champion Against Hell," yet in the last two episodes they basically spent the entire climactic fight either unconscious or mystically pinned down, ending up getting saved by the guys they were supposed to be protecting. I understand that Zeus is LEAGUES above the gods they fought in the past (with the possible excepton of Kali) but I was at least expecting Sam or Dean at least finishing Zeus off. (WARNING: SPOILERS) Having Artemis be the one to "kill" Zeus just seemed anti climactic, as well as improbable that Zeus is really dead. It was stated that the only way to kill him was with a stick of wood that was identical to the one the boys used against Cronos. Zeus is "killed" by Artemis's arrow, which skewered his stomach .Since that wasn't the stake, there's a good chance it just knocked Zeus out indefinitely.

    All in all, this episode, as well as the last one, just seem to have more misses than hits. I hope the next episode actually have the Winchesters do more than just watch the fight from the sidelines, something that's been happening a LOT this season.
  • So Zeus is super awesome--

    --too bad he had to die. He does get props for the second best line of the episode. After blasting S&D and P off their feet: "What do you say? Shall we try this the hard way?" This had me giggling all through the first commercial of the break following its delivery. Although I suppose if he does have to die at least it wasn't the Winchesters who killed him, but an actual god with a god-killing arrow. Though clearly that actress could have used a Katniss tutorial as she hadn't the slightest idea how to hold a bow and arrow.

    Quick side note: I was a little creeped out by Zeus' obvious appreciation of Oliver as my brain was screaming "Ganymede 2.0!" Although the original was closer to 12-14 years old, and it probably wasn't the writer's intent anyway.

    Which brings us to the Winchesters. There were a lot of leaps of logic in this episode "I must be Prometheus, it's the only explanation" Really? The only explanation? Anyway. I guess if the show was two hours long we could have more lengthy research scenes and hypothesis testing, but does anyone really want to watch that? So, I don't fault the writers for expediting the process. Which does make me wonder if Loflin was poking fun at the writer who wrote "Meet the New Boss" who wrote an elaborate story about B&E-ing a 1%-er's house to get some fulgurite which is apparently available cheaply at a local new age shop near you. And if Loflin is responsible for the following exchange, he gets two big thumbs up for one of the most succinct descriptions of Sam's character ever: Sam: "What do we know of that has, uh, Jason Bourne fighting skills, dies a lot, and has a history with violent women?" Dean: "I don't know. You?" Ha.

    Yes, Sam being able to get Artemis to turn on her father so easily by pulling a guess out of his ass was a little light in terms of plot, but it was worth it for Dean's reactions. So, "I'm cool with it," as Ash would say.

    I thought this episode was decent and a fairly good representation of what Supernatural is. I feel like people have this idealized false memory of what this show is when they complain about recent seasons. Go back and watch: even early season episodes were fairly light on the explanation and exposition of the things they hunted and how they could be killed. I think it only seemed like there was a lot of research done because they were having to explain a new universe to a new audience. Now, we kind of know what's going on, so we don't need to have our hands held through each episode.

    The most important thing that happened in this episode (which I suppose should be at the top of this review, ie: the part people actually read, BLUF format and all that) is that Sam kind of sort of admitted he was having problems, which is better than outright hiding it like last week though Dean did kind of ignore it. Except we found out that he does at least know something is wrong. So, it is a little different from the "Let's be honest, but I'm lying to you" plot device we've seen before. And the prayer to Castiel was so heartrending. I actually thought maybe he was going to show up even though he wasn't listed in the credits like they kept it a surprise on purpose. I was hoping for it like Dean, and felt the crushing disappointment like him. And I rarely react to television/movies with real emotion. God, Jensen is good. But, the preview for 8x17? It had me so excited I almost gave this episode a 10 rating forgetting it wasn't actually a part of it. They did a really good job of hiding Meg's return until now. And I'm pleased to see Rachel Miner back; I actually thought if Meg did come back it would be a different actress.

    One final thought for the "Pagan gods should be more powerful and it's lame that they can be killed with wooden stakes and goat horns" complaint. I disagree that they're powerful. In the Supernatural universe, gods are given power by the faith of their followers (this has been cited in several episodes: "Scarecrow," "A Very Supernatural Christmas," "Fallen Idols," "Time After Time After Time"). Even back in the day, all these gods were worshipped by a fairly small number of people: The Egyptian gods were mostly in Egypt, The Greek/Roman gods were worshipped by a large chunk of people, but still pretty local when it came to a global perspective, the Norse gods were worshipped by an even smaller group than the Egyptians. And in the modern age, where almost nobody believes in them anymore, of course they're weak. The only "pagan" gods that should still have some power are the Hindu gods which explains why Kali was so strong, though Ganesha should have been as well. Anyway, the reason why it makes sense for Chuck and the angels to be so much more powerful is that you have to remember that the Jewish god, the Christian god, and the Islamic god are (is?) the SAME god. Literally over half the world's population (~57%) is attributed to believing in this ONE god. Of course he, and those entities that extend from him, are the most powerful in the universe. So, I've got no problem with Zeus being able to be snuffed out with a piece of wood struck by lightning. I mean, you still have to be able to get close enough to the guy to even have a shot at it. I would like to know where they got the "god trap" symbol from though.

    Oh, @angim350 I would say that Chuck god came first since Death did say that he couldn't remember which of them was older, so I think Chuck God predates Zeus. But no clue if he made him. Or if people made up a story and started believing in it. Maybe all pagan gods are tulpas.

    Oh, sorry, one more thing. Some reviewer on another site complained about S&D bringing Hayley, Oliver, and Prometheus to the "super secret lair" of the Men of Letters. Wondering how Dean does not know what "secret society" means. Well, if you recall, Dean thinks secret societies are a joke, see: Everybody Hates Hitler. So, I don't think he's too concerned about being all fez-hat-wearing and initiation-conducting about it. Plus the bunker is "warded against all evil" so even if other things find out about it, they still can't get in. Granted having a bunch of bad guys waiting outside your door would suck, but whatever. Dean can brag all he likes.
  • Not normal for Supernatural, this episode

    To see us out after this superb 7 episode run since January, in preparation for it's return next month (on the week, coincidently, that my 21st birthday falls), Supernatural again stretches its mythology, giving us its own unique version of the Greek God Zeus and the story of Promethius.

    First off, if you want to give yourself a headache, try figuring out how the Christian and Greek beliefs in Gods co-exist. Did God create Zeus? Does Zeus simply exist alongside God? Did God create his father, grandfather ect (we reach the limit of my knowlegde of Greek mythology). It has been proven that God is the most powerful thing in the Supernatural universe, so where does this leave Zeus?

    Ultimately, it leaves him being rather powerful, though like all Gods in Supernatural, this power has been diminished by lack of belief in them. He and his daughter were certainly more than a match for Sam and Dean; in fact I couldn't help but wonder how exactly they would get out of this one.

    However, it did little to disguise a rather disappointing episode, I'm not going to lie. Supernatural are usually superb at tackling a new mythology and making it good. I cite the brilliant Hammer of the Gods, or even episodes where they spend it in TV land, or in the real world. Yet, despite the best efforts of everyone involved here, I found it to be a little, well... dull.

    Don't get me wrong; there was still a lot to enjoy here. I just figured they could have done more with the Greek mythology backstory. It seems that there was not enough room to let this plot breathe. Wasting the character of Zeus on one episode to me seems like a bad idea, especially when it takes most of the episode for them to summon him. The rest of it was pretty bland. It was a tonne of exposition, which although usually entertaining in the Supernatural verse, was kind of lacking here.

    Of course, there is light at the end of the tunnel. I absolutely loved Dean's prayer to Cas at the end of the episode. It seems that Dean too is wondering where our favourite Angel has got to. Sam continues to be in a bad way, but hey. We're getting a 9th season. I'm sure he'll be fine. He survived the Devil's cage, after all. And to those who are missing Cas, do not fret. Mischa Collins has been updated, once again, to a series regular for season 9. Superb news!!!!

    So, in all, a filler episode that promised more that it delivered. Zeus was cool and the character of Promethius had potential, but ultimately there wasn't really enough going on to make it as good as it could have been. That being said, Supernatural takes a break for a couple of weeks now, and for the first time in a long time I'm going to really miss it.