Season 8 Episode 16

Remember the Titans

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 27, 2013 on The CW

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  • Greek and Christian beliefs do not mix in Supernatural.

    Without some exposition on how Zeus and co. were cast from Olympus yet still walk freely among men is worthy of explanation yet this show simply ignores the question. If one paid attention in world literature in high school then you should know that the son of a titan Prometheus was tasked with molding the human race out of clay, and he became a guardian to the human race kind of. What he's most known for in modern times though is for angering Zeus the non disputed KING of all gods by giving us the gift of fire. Zeus warned the titan that we would be much happier without it. Prometheus disobeyed and gave us a sample of fire from Olympus to cook our food give us life and so we could be more self reliant. Zeus being the self absorbed drama queen he is then strapped the titan to a mountain with chains so strong even he couldnt break, and that once a day ravenous birds would rip open his stomach and consume his liver, and everyday that liver would regrow and he would live with that agony for all eternity.

    However Supernatural takes liberty with this mythical tale as usual and tries their hardest to make it fit within their universe however they fail because of one thing, with season 4-6 focusing on the christian belief of heaven hell and only one god, any introduction of the Greek Gods needs dire explanation. We know God in the Supernatral universe is the most powerful being in the entire landscape of the show, therefore how do the Greek Gods fit in this plan? Since there was no clay forming the first man and woman or if it was it wasnt explained either it could be said that it wasnt Prometheus who did so. So what's the point of them? Were they used by god to end the reign of the Titans with promise of being peacekeepers of certain territories much like the other gods of other ancient religions that we've seen so far, but after centuries of war over different religious beliefs turning these trusted peacekeepers mad with power did God finally end the reign of these gods? Or were they just different beings in disquise as Gods? The show ignores this and now some of the most powerful creations in all of myth are relegated as cannon fodder. Such a pitiful end for a race of beings that had just as much impact in shaping the modern world.

    The rest of the show was your typical formulaic outing that writer Loflin is known for, he writes some good melodrama though without a strong macguffin or one that's not properly told the episode felt like it dragged a bit. About that Macguffin, well Prometheus once freed from the mountain knocked some boots with a girl, died during, and then self ressurrected and left. 9 months later she gave birth to his son, well his son happened to carry a very similar trait he dies everyday, like Kenny from South Park (a joke that actually had me in but now here's where the episode hits another road block.

    You see when it comes to a kid cursed to die just because his father was Prometheus, it is gonna bring up some issues in the post Newtown world. How can you have a kid die over and over without backlash? Well the truth is you cant. We've seen so much happen in this show but actual dead kids, or kids in real peril since the first and maybe third season and after that tragedy it's not gonna happen anytime soon or ever. So when an episode that features a main plot about a dying kid or one who dies over and over again I'm sorry but put him in real danger show him die once or twice on screen so the audience can actually see the agony this child suffers everyday, or else let's not write these kinds of plots. Besides dead kid ghosts, possessed kids, and manipulating changelings, that any kid story now becomes well boring because we know in the end that despite these kids peril they all end up alive and harm free in the end.
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