Season 8 Episode 16

Remember the Titans

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 27, 2013 on The CW

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  • Go and Tell it on the Mountain

    While this episode of Supernatural was otherwise formulaic and boring in parts I was impressed that the writers delved deeper into more fallen and forgotten ancient gods. The brothers thinking a typical zombie case turns out to be Prometheus was an obvious curve-ball for anyone who knows about Greek mythology and saw the bird eating his intestines. The guy goes by Shane and had somehow managed to break out of the mountain Zeus had him trapped in presumably with the help of Artemis although never explicitly stated. The real twist came when it turned out that Shane had a son by a woman who had saved him from the mountain that died every day too it upped the stakes much higher. It was good to see Shane fighting to lift the curse of his son, Oliver, rather than trying to save his own skin it made him much more likable. Regardless, them wanting to take out Zeus was one of their more crazy ideas to ever be hatched to lift the kid's curse. The Men of Letters library got some mileage out of itself and found a summoning spell written by an ancient hunter whose journal the Men of Letters had translated. Once they had Zeus in the trap though I knew he would get out somehow, as soon as Dean walked away I figured either the kid or the mother would break it to get Zeus to lift Oliver's curse. Artemis having shown up earlier and Sam deducing that she was in love with Prometheus was a little too much guess work on Sam's part but I'll buy it because of the actress' reaction to just how true all of it was. It was a huge risk since she could've snapped Sam and Dean whenever she wanted. Zeus was the weakest part of the episode for me. While it was cool to see his lightning power at work, his overacting (which is typical of baddies in this show) fell flat. And he said, "I'm just getting started" which is a total cliche TWICE within the same three minute span. Then Artemis firing her bow at her Daddy and then Prometheus being used as target practice and then driving the arrow through to Zeus too was really obvious. It was like the last part of Live Free or Die Hard, without Bruce Willis so not as enjoyable. Seeing someone as big and powerful as Zeus, even if people don't worship him as much as they used to, getting killed like a punk like that was really pathetic and un-amusing. While the mythology was cool them duking it out with Zeus should've crackled more. However, Artemis does whisk his body away so he may still be alive and be out for Winchester blood once he's on his feet, who knows? Sam should only doubt the blood in his mouth and him hiding it from Dean not his overall motivation after only two episodes of being sure and finally convincing Dean that he should be the one to do it. That seems like back-peddling writing wise to me. Not the worst episode but the presence of more Gods and Zeus should've been better, especially when they have done gods so well in the past as seen in Season 5's "Hammer of the But based on the preview next month back to the season arc and we will see Castiel, who has been missing way too long, and possibly the Angel Tablet getting found and deciphered too.