Season 7 Episode 15

Repo Man

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 2012 on The CW

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  • ahmed saad opinion

    i really like this one as it was like the real old fashion of supernatural as season 2 or 3 they were extremely perfect i give it 10
  • Ben Edlund is the only person that GETS this show!

    In a season plagued with mediocrity to down right terrible. It's good to see that at least one writer on this show still has the balls to write not only a great story but showcase some damn good terror. I loved this episode. Ben not only can write a twisted tale involving exorcism but he also penned a new aspect in demon exorcising. We've seen contless episodes where Sam and Dean mercilessly stab poke prod and beat a meat suit into talking and without hesiatation kill the demon and the poor soul possessed. But here Sam and Dean actually get to talk to the poor soul and ask for his permission to beat him senseless in order to get the demon talking. He agrees and the demon is theirs to abuse. After the exorcism Dean rushes the guy to the hospital and gives him a cover story to explain his injuries. That's facinating and I cannot believe no one has touched upon this until now.

    Plus who also could twist that story and still have it come about as dark and disturbing, yet darkly comedic with the villian being somewhat sympathetic at the same time? Ben Edlund is the only answer. Dabb and Loflin come close they can write good character interactions between the boys, and some of their scary stories are some of the best in the series, but the comedy comes out flat. Yes in my mind he even beats out Kripke. Blasphemis maybe but inmy mind Ben is the superior writer.

    If it wasn't for the twist ended ruined by the 30 sec preview I never would have guessed our boy that was possessed in the prologue, actually had deep feelings about his demon tormentor and wanted his best friend back. Even killing innocent girls and poor dogs that took six weeks to adopt just to bring it back. The episode was further highlighted with dark and very atmospheric surrondings, a lot of shadows, and dark lit rooms, an aspect I think only appears in Ben's penned episodes.

    If it wasn't for an error in continuity that sort of plagues the motive of our killer this episode would have been perfect. In my mind we need a LOT more Supernatural episodes in the same style as Ben Edlund.
  • The Postman refused to tell me the one about the un-stamped letter. He said I wouldn't get it.

    Aaaack! Imagine my distress at being caught in traffic and not being able to catch but the last bit of this episode the night it aired. Finally though I was able to find someone who had Tivo'd it. Yeay!

    To begin with, much appreciation to cast and crew for another wonderful episode.


    The plot was very well written, and the acting, effective. Sam and Dean reopen a case they had worked 4-years prior, only to find that not all is what it seems. A postal worker they had rescued and exorcised a demon from, who seemed like Mr. Nice Guy, is really Mr. Slice N. Dice with a thing for hefty girls. In his nice guy guise he lures Dean to an empty warehouse where he wants to perform a ritual that will allow his long-lost demon (boyfriend?) to reunite with him. In the meantime Sam, with Mark Pellegrino (always fantastic as Lucifer) in tow, thinks he is staking out the next possible victim. Lucifer even helps out with the case a little and for just a sec you think he may be helping just to help ... but we know better, don't we!?! Never can trust those sneaky little devils ...

    There is more, but why spoil all of it? Suffice it to say that it was another superb ride with just the right mix of drama, suspense and even comedy. Oh, as a side note, I will add that as a dog-lover I HATED the dog-part and wish that Jeffrey the postal worker had died a much more gruesome and painful death because of it. :)

    Edit ... The one thing I will add is that contrary to other reviews which mention that demons are 'talent scouts', I believe that THIS demon in particular used people who were inherently evil. That isn't saying they all do. Most of the possessions we've seen are still of innocent people, and that's what made this episode so great - that we weren't expecting this 'nice guy' to be bad.
  • GOOOD MORNING VIETNAAAAM... What a phrase!

    What a great episode.. I usually don't pay any attention to the credits, but looking back now, I see pretty much all of Ben Edlund's episode are on my favorite list and this one is no exception..

    We never saw how a person is after a demon had left him. Well, this time we didn't get to see that, but with a twist we saw a psycho who loved being possessed and sought the return of his master - brilliant and fresh.

    On the other hand, there's Sam who didn't find but his inner demon to help him solve the case and save his brother and now the "hand trick" doesn't work anymore.. Poor Sammy.

    Can't wait to see what's going to happen next..

    Thanks Jared, Jensen and Mark Pellegrino for this amazing episode.. You did amazing job!
  • that's episode was great

    that's was a great episode i really love how supernatural return to the old fashion cases
  • Exorcism

    Four years ago Dean and Sam do a exorcism on a man that was controlled by a demon that killed women. In the present 4 years later the same thing happens, they go to investigate but thing don't look the way it seems. Sam struggles with Lucifer which is some pretty good moments in there. Overall the case is pretty good to look at, like always well written like always.
  • Lucifer is back!

    I traveled the carnival people so so today I saw the eps. No words really good! the mark as lucifer rocks, not to mention that it will be constant in the life of sammy and that laugh in the end gave shiver. It was good to see he was a demon or indirectly, I guess that would demon disobeyed the rule of not crowlely ahahahhaha molesting boys. The idea of flash-back was interesting until that time 'cause they still believed they could stop the apocalypse, Sam and Dean still had that relationship of love and trust, Bobby still alive tava (miss), but in the end was a man possessed serial killer of polecats and that demons can possess but the bad guys. Nora can become a hunter. The hallucinations sam will point out who will be leaving alucianado assutado dean dean why he leads by hospt? crazy to see the prox, but only 16/03!

    kiss cau
  • Repo Man

    Repo Man was a really great episode of Supernatural and I enjoyed watching because Sam and Dean had to deal with a past demon once more, while Sam was secretly dealing with his own. I thought the story line was entertaining and interesting. There was some intrigue and surprise. The best part of the episode were towards the end showing what Sam was really dealing with. I certainly look forward to watching the next episode to see how things progress!!!!!!!!!
  • Loose Ends (Spoilers Ahead)

    First off let me say that Ben Edlund is Supernatural's greatest writing asset, as he has always been masterful at scripting some of the shows funniest and most signature tonal episodes of this show and one of the reasons I keep watching. This week features the return of a four year old case. First, back in the Season 3 timeline still searching for Lilith a Wiccan helped Sam and Dean capture a demon possessing an average guy after the demon had gone on a killing spree inside of the guy's skin. Sam and Dean talk to the guy after the demon let's the guy speak for himself and he says they should do whatever it takes to get it out of him. After beating him senseless the demon gives up his boss and Dean exorcises him back to Hell. They then drop off the man, I think his name was Jeffrey, at the hospital and he promises not to say anything about the demon thing. Jumping forward four years Sam and Dean return and look into a series of killings identical to the demon's streak last time and they suspect it's gotten out of Hell to wreak havoc but it's unlikely it escaped Hell after giving up its superiors to the Winchesters. The brothers go back to the Wiccan who has heard of the resurfacing and is prepared to fight if need be. The brothers then go to visit Jeffrey in a state run mental place after he just adopted a dog and he tells them that he lost his job and started drinking after the incident and told people about the demon. He also tells them that the demon had a list of people that he was going to kill when he inside of him and that the killings are still following that pattern which goes against demon's typical pattern of chaos for its own sake most of the time. While Sam sits in a library keeping an eye on who should be the next victim Dean and Jeffrey go to a hideout that the demon allegedly kept while inside of him. A bloodied man is in the warehouse and Dean is clocked by Jerry, who misses the power of the demon and that he was the one who wanted to kill the women in the first place, not the demon. He wants the power back, and the young beat up guy in the warehouse is in fact the son of the Wiccan who helped them catch the demon in the first place. The Wiccan was blackmailed by Jeffrey into giving him a summoning powerful enough to summon the demon from Hell which Jeffrey does and the demon possesses the Wiccan's son instead of him. Sam figures all of this out when the next supposed target is not apparently in any danger and Dean's phones are off. Also this week Lucifer is back in Sam's head giving him little hints and his hand reminder doesn't banish him as well as it did since he did in fact give Sam some great advice on the case and subconscious things he wouldn't otherwise have and this could mean a very different direction for Sam for the rest of the season. Jeffrey also sacrificed his own new dog, the jerk. The oh-so-conveniently placed Devil's Trap was awfully suspicious but the demon telling Jeffrey that he was done with him and that demons are "talent scouts" to create a new generation of tarnished souls is a great concept that Edlund introduced into the Supernatural mythos. Jeffrey's explanation about all of his victims' having a certain brain pattern that was disgusting was weird but I guess it's supposed to be. It's almost always creepier when Sam and Dean's enemies happen to be human rather than uber-Supernatural it makes them much more vulnerable because they don't expect it as much. The reveal of Jeffrey being the killer all along was masterfully done and didn't really cross my mind before Dean was hit on the head. Dean does away with Jeffrey and the Wiccan expels the demon from her son's body so it all ends well, sort of. Dean plops onto a motel room bed and Sam stays with Lucifer's disturbing imagery. Speaking of which, the image of the people hitting their heads against the library tables was really grotesque and dark to seemingly come out of the nowhere. For a show in it's 7th season it's great that this show still has a few punches it can throw.
  • The Prodigal Returns

    While investigating the return of an old adversary Sam and Dean are led to a survivor who frankly hasn't fared too well.

    As usual for our boys things go from creepy to unsettling to downright Wrong in a matter of 44 mins (give or take) as all the clues (dead bodies) lead them to believe one of their exorcised demons has clawed his way out of hell.

    This is the first time in a long time we get a glimpse of Sam and his struggles against the ghost of Lu still knocking around his brain pan. (I must say, I truly love Mark Pellegrino and the joi de vive with which he plays Lucifer... it's quite inspiring)... anyway... I'm hoping that this new glimpse into Sam's suposedly daily struggles against Lucifer's influence is a foreshadowing of some true and long overdue glory to come for our intrepid brothers!

    Meanwhile, with Sam trying to ignore his clinging-vine while on stake-out, Dean finds himself in the hand of a man who found his calling while in the depth of possession, and now is figured to become a tool to raise the demon back out of hell! With the help of one of the cutest little four legged friends ever! (Dean we're right there with you when he killed the cutest pup on TV... friggin sick s.o.b.)

    Now all things considered this was a totally Sam Centric ep, and up until the last 15 seconds I kinda had thought it was really a bit of a bust, but the grin that crossed my face when Sam's 'tic' could no longer send Lu packing (I'm gonna venture to bet that, as the dearly departed fallen angel put it, "you let me back in") is exactly why he could no longer banish the prideful cherub.

    Once more Supernatural has raised my hopes that there could be some utterly delicious angst in the offing... and once more, I shall hold my breath as long as I can.

    Thanks to Kast and Krew for a thoroughly enjoyable and re-watchable episode!

    Jensen, Jared, (Yeah, Mark too... 'cause you know I have a soft spot for rebels), special love and gratitude guys! What a wonderful way to bring in the weekend!

  • Addictive

    I need my Supernatural fix every week, don`t know what I`ll do t`ill the new episodes. Just gonna afta watch reruns witch are almost as superb to look at again, this week was a total awesome episode with Sam and his conscious playing him.
  • freaking lovin it.

    i already wrote reviews on this show. and just wanted to state again. i freakin love this show.

    i dont care about the leviathans or the main story line. but what i love is seeing this guys get into all kind of crazy situations. love that the devil is back inside sams head. for a second i thought well maybe he is gonna be a new sidekick to sam hahaha. like watson to sherlock. well thats not gonna happen. :) just hope it doesnt get to touchy feely again.

    anyway - with walking dead dissapointing on almost every level....its a good thing i still have a show i can enjoy.

  • Lucy's home

    Last night's episode was great. I'm so used to watching it the day after on my DVR, but last night I watched it while it was on. I caught myself trying to fast-forward through the commercials but to no avail. I too like it when Lucifer "pops" in. Sam had gotten good at realizing what was real and what wasn't thanks to Dean grabbing Sam's hand that was cut and saying "this is real". That's where I like Mark Pelligrino as Lucifer. Also the writers that wrote the character the way they did. Pelligrino makes the character very manipulating, trying to say "see all I do is good, I have a bad rap". All the while having another plan all together. Definitely worth a rewatch a few times over till the new episode in a few weeks.
  • very intense and scary!

    This episode kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. A lot of suspense and a lot of twists. At first i thought it was cool we`re getting to see how a possession affects a person for the years to come. But no, we were seeing an even cooler idea that some demons are "talent scouts" and they unlock the evil potential of humans! Jeffrey was a serial killer who was too timide to act, so the demon possessed him to get him going. Jeffrey seemed so decent and harmless that i was very much surprised by this. It was a cool twist with the Wiccan too, that she was actually helping Jeffrey trap the Winchesters because he had kidnapped her son.

    Another very interesting development was Lucifer tricking Sam into letting him back into his mind. Sam was ignoring Lucifer, so Lucifer tricked Sam into paying attention to him by helping him find and rescue Dean. At the end, Sam could not make Lucifer disappear any more. The scenes between Sam and Lucifer were the best parts for me.

    I must confess in the very beginning i didn`t really like Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer. But he won me over with the way he played the psychological manipulation, pretending to be sympathetic to people. It was a very seductive evil. Now i adore him very much as the Lucifer hallucination. He is a very entertaining evil. He is like a mischievous brat, except also a powerful devil. Mark Pellegrino is superbe in this role.

    It is too bad we will not have a new episode for a few weeks, but at least i can see this one again in the mean time. It is well worth rewatching! There are also extra Supernatural repeats on Thursday nights, so that should tide us over.

  • OMG so scary for sammy

    wow sam now cannot keep lucifer at bay any longer what will he do loved the end sam looked so alone scared and he can't turned to dean for this he can't help only sam can help himself what will happen to our poor sammy on a brighter note Castiel returns welcome back misha collins to the show we've missed you dearly well done to Jared padalecki and jensen ackles awesome performances as always