Season 7 Episode 15

Repo Man

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 2012 on The CW

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  • Ben Edlund is the only person that GETS this show!

    In a season plagued with mediocrity to down right terrible. It's good to see that at least one writer on this show still has the balls to write not only a great story but showcase some damn good terror. I loved this episode. Ben not only can write a twisted tale involving exorcism but he also penned a new aspect in demon exorcising. We've seen contless episodes where Sam and Dean mercilessly stab poke prod and beat a meat suit into talking and without hesiatation kill the demon and the poor soul possessed. But here Sam and Dean actually get to talk to the poor soul and ask for his permission to beat him senseless in order to get the demon talking. He agrees and the demon is theirs to abuse. After the exorcism Dean rushes the guy to the hospital and gives him a cover story to explain his injuries. That's facinating and I cannot believe no one has touched upon this until now.

    Plus who also could twist that story and still have it come about as dark and disturbing, yet darkly comedic with the villian being somewhat sympathetic at the same time? Ben Edlund is the only answer. Dabb and Loflin come close they can write good character interactions between the boys, and some of their scary stories are some of the best in the series, but the comedy comes out flat. Yes in my mind he even beats out Kripke. Blasphemis maybe but inmy mind Ben is the superior writer.

    If it wasn't for the twist ended ruined by the 30 sec preview I never would have guessed our boy that was possessed in the prologue, actually had deep feelings about his demon tormentor and wanted his best friend back. Even killing innocent girls and poor dogs that took six weeks to adopt just to bring it back. The episode was further highlighted with dark and very atmospheric surrondings, a lot of shadows, and dark lit rooms, an aspect I think only appears in Ben's penned episodes.

    If it wasn't for an error in continuity that sort of plagues the motive of our killer this episode would have been perfect. In my mind we need a LOT more Supernatural episodes in the same style as Ben Edlund.