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  • perfect

    supernatural is the greatest series ever! its got everything to keep everyone and anyone so entertained so much action horror even comedy and not to mention so much more with kick ass music and the 2 greatest characters in history not to mention all the other awesome characters, it surely will keep you entertained !
  • Awesomeness!

    I admit that at first I didn't like the series at first, but then I heard that there was an anime based on it so I had to watch I could compare the two. I started from episode one of season one and fell in love!

    The series rocks and Dean is the best hunter ever!
  • Love!!!!

    it's the most amazing show i have ever seen!!!!i'm in love with all the caracters but (as expected) especially with sam and dean <3
  • Just Love It

    I love the show very much...... :-)

    This is my favourite show i have loved it since it first came out i seriously can not get enough of this show every thing about this show is completly perfect I love Dean, Sam, Castiel and Bobby i love this show :)
  • Love the show!

    I wonder if the show is on air in Japan, my home country.

    This show is super! I love the Winchester brothers. Both of the actors from Texas. Yes, Go Texans!
  • All Time Favorite Show!

    I have been hooked since the first episode! I love every character in their own unique way. Has awesome stories, hilarious and surprisingly has some deep moments. People think it is going on too long and should have stopped. However I feel they're doing a great job and should keep going! I highly recommend this show.
  • awesome

    supernatural is the best show ever i love sam and dean
  • Stop Spreading the episodes out.

    Let me just start by saying, I love this show. However, I'm getting sick and tired of the constant mini breaks in the show schedule.

    I'm not even sure why they are doing it, but it feels like who ever is in charge is hacking at the heels of the show. Obviously less people will tune in, and more people will lose sympathy for a show that is not on a regular schedule.

    The fact is that at a certain point you do lose your compassion for the characters.

    Whatever they do in the future, weather it be continuing to an 8th season or killing the show off, I can just hope that they stop with these incessant mini breaks, and I hope that Jensen and Jared do well.

    You are killing a great show by spreading out thei final season like this.
  • This show does suck DavidBush1

  • Why Supernatural is Awesome

    Lots of things happens to you when you are destined to be a hero...In my opinion This show has so much things that's so Superbly made..This series has (Horror/Science Fiction/Supernatural drama/Horror fiction/Action / adventure/Thriller/Black comedy) & a lot about Worlds wisdom & Religious Beliefs...It tell us about a lot..Cant imaging how much information & knowledge's we get just by watching this series..its has the Quantity needed to be the TOP Horror/World Knowledge Series chart....It has already proven that i is deserving to be on the chart... TV.COM TOP 10
  • How can u call yourself a Fan & not admit/be Pissed that Supernatural SUCKS now!

    Ive read a lot of these reviews and I agree with everyone who believes that this show USED to be awesome. I know what it's like to be obsessed with a show and consider yourself a loyal fan and follower. I also know that humans are experts at living in denial and most of you are so loyal that you are blind to the BLATANT fact that this show miserably FAILS to keep the fans interested. And although I did enjoy Sera Gamble's 6th Season; she still just picked up where Kripke left off with the Apocalyptic Battle between good and evil and The Winchester Bros as the main keys to Saving the world! So after that we have to go back to watching the brothers shoveling shit by going back on the road doing these worthless, meaningless missions AND without some of your most beloved characters & no real Formidable Enemy to kill, I might add!??! Wow!

    Come on guys if you were real fans you wouldn't just roll over and hold your tongues. I've written letters and sent emails to the network (I'm sure they've never been read) but the overall simple truth and Fact of the matter is we've seen the best of this show; so let's give it a proper & honorable burial bc it's dead. I hate to give up bc this used to be the highlight of my week, my girls' too. She's not nearly as critical about tv as I am and she hates the 7th season. It became and ABSOLUTE chore to bring ourselves to watch and clear the DVR of these randomly boring episodes. I'd be at home on a Sunday with NoTHING to watch and I'd still resort to ON Demand before watching my recorded episodes of "Supernatural"

  • Supernatural: What it was, What it is now, and what it is as a whole...

    This show like many others indeed starts out slow. Upon further watching you will notice a significant plot change per each season. People will argue that it's too predictable, but I feel part of that comes from following the show. When someone finds a show they like and watches it season after season, they get an idea of how it plays out based on previous seasons. In this case though I would have never guess from watching the first three seasons what would come from the 4th or 5th seasons. Most shows make a solid theme and put twists here and there, but in my opinion adding the whole angel and demon apocalyptic theme was unforeseen and pretty interesting. I felt it really jumped from 3rd seasons plot to the current one, but in a good way. I honestly didn't think they could keep making episodes after season 5. I mean how to you making something bigger than the apocalypse? I think we can all agree season 6 wasn't up to par, but I think it was a far cry from crap. The characters after doing so many seasons together have become friends. Both inside and outside of the show and it really shows when they act now. They play off each other very well and it really helps you get into the show. The first season is really not only you getting to know the show, but for the actors to get to know the show, and each other as well. People generally don't take the time to see such details; they focus more on assumptions and instant gratification. If they are not instantly hooked it's probably not worth their time. As for people bashing this show based on assuming it's geared towards scaring people you really don't understand the concept. First let me say in "general" I think once you hit 13, finding a movie that really scares you becomes much harder. I mean we have all gone to the movies to see the latest slasher film, and how many really come out scared? That's why when a really good one comes out; it's the talk of the town. Dozens of horror movies come out before we see the one that's gets to us. Point being if you're looking to be scared you're expecting too much. Also the show may have started off intending to scare people, but it's become more of a mysterious action thriller with some comical relief. I find that many people like the supernatural, the legendary tales of mythical creatures and Greek and Roman gods, etc. These are the sorts of things used in this show, and I find that implementing these things makes it more of an adventure. I think that many people who are attracted to this show find it expands their imagination. Facts are limited, but imagination is limitless and let's face it imagination is lacking no matter where you go now a days. I feel the only way you could not find some enjoyment out of this show is if you're not into those things, or because you're some type of religious, and or scientific wacko and don't believe in things you can't see. Seasons 1-5 overall I really liked. Season six I enjoyed parts, but season seven I'm really having trouble enjoying. A real fan has to be able to step back and be realistic. This show has gone off the rails and has become very weak in everything that made this show strong. Humor, plot, character attachment, etc. It's sad, but at the same time annoying because if this is truly the last season then it's a disappointing end. Either way I enjoyed this show as a whole.
  • ITS SUPERNATURAL ....................

    One of the best and greatest TV show ever made and they Will never be able to compensate the series if they try by Stupidity to Cancel it due they would lose A large number of viewers the mean while i miss Castiel and Bobby Singer i wish if they will come back ....
  • Supernatural is...well, SUPERNATURAL!

    What will we do without the boys out there...
  • Realy? This show is awsome

    ok, i been watching supernatural for a long time. I love this show. the charecters are awsome. the plot is very intersting and honestly, its my faviorte show. i love this show. it always surprises you and you may think you know is going to happen but your wrong. i love that in a show. now this may seem a little strange to everyone but sam and dean make the show. the drama between the two of them is awsome and dean is halirous. you cant say the show is getting despreate. if you want a example of something getting despreate, look at the call of duty francise, mainly the mw series. call of duty 4 madorn warfare was awsome but mw2 came out and looked like crap. and now mw3? its horrible and unplayable if you ask me. but realy this show is everything you could ever need in a show. it has drama, romance, comidie, suspence and its very unique. not nother show like it. its orignal. my one friend sat down at my house and asked me what im watching and i explained it to him and he was kinda not intersted and he watched it for 5 minutes and he was hooked. awsome show
  • Great Show!

    This show is awesome. I love the wise cracks that Dean says. They always make me laugh, i think this show is awesome because they know how to keep a viewer turned in and interested. I actually look forward to seeing a show which is kind of weird. I have only seen a few episodes but i already like it. There aren't many flaws with this show and i have to agree that its underrated. More people should watch shows like this instead of junk like Gossip Girl, and 92120 and all of that teenage garbage. I wish that Sam and Dean killed them
  • Why Supernatural Is Still The Best Show on TV

    I'm still in love with the boys and here is why:
  • Goodbye supernatural... we had a good run... but i have to let u go

    I'm really depressed about this new season. Though season 6 had its downs it had alot of ups as well, but season 7's stories seem to be mocking the show, mocking the actor's... the next episode has something to do with a cursed shoe that makes ppl dance themself to death, and we havent seen a leviathan for 6 episodes now (I dont count deaths door), other than that i havent had much good to say other than castiel's and bobby's send off episodes. If you knew me, then you would no how upset this makes me, but i can't watch as my favourite show turns to shit. They are trying far too much to make every episode about a comic take on monsters, not to mention they NEVER show any monsters... if they would have followed the leviathan story more and kept cas and bobby i might have continued to watch, and i'll keep checking up on the show to see if it finally picks up, but for now.... i have to let it go...................... : (
  • At this point

    I would like to say that it sucks that there are so many breaks between the episodes. Thats my problem with the show.
  • shut up all of you! I love this show to the's talk about what matters

    I have to ask this. Where is Dean's car? I know that when the leviathans started chasing Dean and Sam they had to hide their identities and so on, but I really don't understand why they keep with those lousy cars..And DEAN DOESN'T EVEN TALK ABOUT HIS "BABY"!!!! What the hell is going on?? "the car" is part of this show and you may say i'm crazy but Dean's car is almost as important to me and to the show environment as Dean and Sam!yes!i mean it! its just as important. i dont think that supernatural is losing the interest, because season 1 was crap for me. not really crap, but the entire dynamic hell/heaven is much better.supernatural makes me very happy and i will watch it 'till i have grey someone explain it to me?pleeease!
  • What the show needs

    First of all as a fan I feel it is my Duty to help here. Sam and Dean are great but seriously we need to get some more companion characters. Ruby was great, and I think she could make a comeback I dont think Jared would be against it. also Dean needs a lovelife as well maybe he could get with an angel just to spice things up. The show is growing stale without. They are going to need help taking on the Leviathan. We already introduced God and Angels with Demons and Lucifer, I'm pretty sure they are still around and maybe we could get them back into the show to help hinder or anything just get them back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • not getting better

    This used to be my all time favorite show. What's better than two sexy brothers getting in trouble with supernatural beings and the law? It had the perfect amount of action with creative ideas. However now the show isn't that good. Sam & Dean don't even hunt really anymore its all about the "apocalypse" and Lucifer. To be frank, i'm over the show.
  • Good Vs. Evil

    Supernatural has a special place in my heart. I have been watching it from the very first episode and haven't missed one since. Of course like any show it has some ups and downs but I believe that the ups last longer then most shows and the downs are few and far between. The show plays on Good and Evil but it does it in a way that can make you laugh and then creep you out in the same scene. All though no show lasts forever, I will watch this special gem until the very end.
  • Watching this show now is hell!

    I think Ii's obvious that this show is tanking, because they know it's the last season, so they are making it as cheap as possible. They killed off the re-occurring characters, probably to save money. They are also probably using discarded old plot ideas from the early seasons, when they mainly did single plot shows, that didn't have much arc content. I think a good comparison is with Highlander. The last season of that show is unwatchable, because of that. Also, the present season is pretty bland, because they are using less special effects, as special effects cost money. Sad. but this is reality television. The only reason this show lasted so long, was mainly because it cost so much to start another series, given the state of the economy.
  • The Best

    There aren't many shows like the supernatural where you got to brothers kicking monster some butt. Basically Dean and Same are hunters, they hunt anything that is normal. They're also well known in heaven and hell and to put it blankly both sides want them bad. In truth they only have each other to watch each other back through the crazy times. This series has it all angels, demons, reaper, mutants, comedy, tear jerker and as far your imagination can go. The episodes are well written and I can always count on the writers to deliver great entertainment each time. This is my best Hunter of the supernatural series tv show.
  • Going Down

    I watched the show from the very beginning and I totally loved it. In my humble opinion, the show started going down when the writers came up with this angelic brother thingy. As in heaven, so on Earth. Yeah, that about killed quite a lot of the atmosphere.

    Didn't care too much about season six, still wondering if I'm ever going to watch season seven.
  • A superb show still going strong in its 7th season

    Few shows make it this far and for good reason; because it is very difficult to write characters and stories that can continue to be engaging for that long. Yet SPN has managed it. Now in its 7th season it is still delivering witty, emotionally gripping, exciting stories. And I am still totally wrapped up in the story of Sam and Dean. Rarely has a show created two such great characters. Even more rare is the fantastic depiction of such a believable relationship between 2 characters.

    Everything about this show; writing, acting, direction, photography etc are top quality. It is an undiscovered gem, but its niche status is part of its charm. It may be on a small network, and only gets a 1/10th of the ratings of 2.5 Men, but boy do those fans who do watch it love it. It inspires a devotion and commitment from its fanbase that bigger shows can only dream of.

    Its creative well has nowhere near run dry. I hope it carries on for 2 or 3 more years.
  • I want Cas so bad back in the show !!!!!


    Castiel, joins the cast and becomes one of the coolest characters I've ever seen on TV.

    Adding Misha Collins to the cast was one of the most ingenious moves they have made to keep the show fresh and now they kill him noooooooooo !!! Oh god, please! I want Cas so bad back in the show :(
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