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  • 2015 year of Supernatural

    I started to watch the show early in 2015 and haven't ceased since. Binged through the seasons, watched way too much SPN Convention clips of those two and infected two dear friends and my brother in this madness. (Very glad I did as SPN and Padalecki's Always keep fighting Campaign helped one of my friends through a very rough patch). I love the whacky stories, the serious ones, the good, the bad and the ugly. The layers of characters, the humor and seriousness in them. So good. I love the lack of cheesy romance. I do appreciate the every now and then episode of Vampire Diaries if I need my fix of sappy romance but I adore that this show never had to fall back on that. That it's a show about guys and their inner workings in a messed up world, with a messed up view on relationships and what they mean to those they love. Gotta love those guys!

    And last but not least: The French Mistake. "It's because we had no other choice!" Case closed!
  • Late to the party...

    Yeah. So we've been living under a rock. Just started watching this series - serious binge watching. Love the not overdone humor, smiles, smirks, and glances that bring the characters to life. Would like Balthazar and Gabriel to come back. We're only on season 7, so we're keeping our fingers crossed. Looking forward to more!! Love this series.

    just saw the bedtime stories episode which I found to be very emotional. lit showed how painful it is to lose a love one. very good show.
  • Best Show- Supernatural

    Out of the tons and tons of shows, supernatural is by far the best out of all. I have been watching for 6 years and hoping for a season 12.
  • Thank God Falicia day died!!!

    I loved Bobby! This show is awesome! Halarious ! And keeps getting better! Except for Charlie UgH ! Falicia Day is SO annoying! Thank God she's dead!

    I dont want it all to come to an end it pisses me off!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It could go on ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,JUST DO IT,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • Watched from the beginning and still watch reruns

    LOVE the innocence that the brothers carry for each other which continues to grow

    Finally glad they made Sam more human last episode who doesn't need to physically release

    Looking forward to every episode on baited breathe

    Excited about this season!

  • Girlfriends and baby hunters

    Hunter girlfriends and babies are needed to add to family!
  • Best show on tv

    Supernatural has come such a long way from it's humble beginnings. I've watched every step of the way and can say this show just gets better each season. Sure, a miss epi here or there, but 11 seasons? Right?? Crazy!

    And season 11 has begun like a drama bomb, with excellent acting on all parts, tight writing and jam packed with so much going on.

    Padalecki's face is heart breaking anymore - and this from a viewer who didn't care for his skills at first! He's become very moving to watch - it's so real now. Kudos JP!! You've def won me over. Ackles; I've always enjoyed. Last season he broke my heart watching his transformations. This season he's the best of both sides IMHO. Castiel - I wish they'd write him STRONG again for Pete's sake! Enough! Love Cass; but I miss his "abilities" and his assuredness. And my personal almost-fave (can't choose just one!) Crowley: this season it seems we will see him back in the saddle, at least enough for me. I also enjoy Rowena, and I'm not normally too keen on the newbies. But she's played to the hilt!

    LOVE this show. What an effort on everyone's part. I just hope they ALL want to continue making this show the hit, the cult hit, the big hit it has become, for a long time.

    Supernatural? You betcha! The best show on your television.
  • Give Cas'sGrace back

    Make him to be able to Zap in and Zap out would ya?? Now the heaven sounds like a zoo up in the clouds and all the angels(Can we even call them that anymore??) are like monkeys with knives..
  • Amazing how Eric Kripke still has IT!

    9.5 easily. Still the best show out there with solid casting and never runs out of:

    1. ideas

    2. magic


    4. Humour

    Testament to the skill of Eric Kripke and his creative team. :D
  • Never gets old!!!#

    So into this show, it is ridiculous!!!!!
  • Season 11 come soon

    I love Supernatural!! I'm so freaking impatient for SEASON 11!!!

    I've enjoyed the show from the start. Supernatural has it all, everything you want in horror, all the creatures of the night, even the unknown for sure.. Based on fact, ficton, superstition, tall tales, heaven and and the your interested in is a must don't give up on a few episodes, watch an entire season.... You will also find in Supernatural - Funny, crazy, crying, even some most of all the entire the cast past and present make a family who stick together even when they didn't want to. Dean, Sam, Castiel, (Bobby, John, Meg, Crowley, Garth and others) they make you want to come back week to Season 1 til the upcoming Season to IT APART OF YOUR WEEK!!!!!! Team Supernaural for all the fun, laughter, scares, and tears...
  • Love Sam and

    I'm so in love with the story and characters, the each season is such a thrill to watch. I just love it.
  • Supernatural Is A Great Show!

    I've watched Supernatural since day 1, and i love every episode! Next The Originals!
  • just wondering???

    why does it seem that just about every character in this show has a cleft chin? any ways love the show . Scooter Squigg.
  • Happy Birthday Cas

    Today (Aug 20) is Misha Collins' birthday. Happy 41st to our favorite complex angel!
  • My secret morning time!

    It is a super show and I love the guysso good at being huntersevery morning I grab my coffee and watch the re-runs because once a week is not enough. There is no shortage of spooks and Angels in these plots and its nice to see the brother take names and kick ass, even with their angel friend.

    It is entertaining and that is what TV should beThanks!
  • Lost interest in the show some seasons ago, just seeing for sake of continuity.

    After the leviatons there is no serious plot in the series.
  • New Episode maybe ?

    Ok, dont get me wrong the big picture episodes are great but a true fan will always like the one off episodes too where sam and dean hunt something and save a family from a terrifying creature.

    i had this idea, whilst being hungover and rewatching some old episodes. Do you remember that episode (season 3 episode 15) ? with the immortal jack the ripper guy??

    i think it would be cool in a episode if that guy somehow got out of the fridge/coffin dean and sam put him a kid or adult was walking around with a metal detector or something).

    Anyway, whn the ripper guy gets out. and starts doing his thing again. he accidentally kills and assimilates a monsters appendage (which give the guy weird abilities) then this starts the ripper guy on a collection spree of monster parts. meanwhile dean and sam try to stop him. (i do realise that the stein family couldve do the same thing but lets say for arguments sake that they were missing some vital information and always thought it too be impossible or something). Sam and Dean would have to use collectivly the weaknesses of many monsters.. could make for a cool episode. what do you think ?

    Email -

    . if this aires all i want is one of those cool thank you or commemorative quotes with my name message after the episode.
  • Get out of my way!

    I loved Dean this episode he went off and when he goes off get the hell out of his way. I hated to see Charlie die, in fact I'm still upset over the producers decision to kill her off, but they needed to justify Deans rage and descent into hell and self-pity and Charlie unfortunately was the fuel to set future events into motion. The King of hell (what can I say) I just adore his character and I'm sorry I love Sam, but a part of me was hoping Crowley would kill him, if only to spice things up. As for Castiel I suppose his death is coming next season, but then again that would signal the end of the show, because he's such a central character. I would like to say that this isn't Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, Or Breaking Bad, the writers don't have to kill off every single fan favorite character to drive the show forward. Just use of bit of ingenuity and you'll figure something out.
  • tired of Dean

    Really? Cas couldn't over power Dean? They need to hurry up and wrap up the mark of cane. But i like that it is Sam trying to save Dean because we see too much of Dean saving Sam. But Dean is becoming an @sshole lately.
  • The Prisoner episode. What happened

    Wait. I thought the bunker was protected by magic and that NO ONE could enter without the key. Abadon traveled through time to find the key because even as a Knight of Hell she could not get in without it. But a Styne could just kick down the door? Huh?

    And how is it that Cas could overpower Demon Dean earlier in the season, but not human Dean? Angel beats demon, right? So why couldn't Cas take on Dean, who wasn't even a demon at the time?

    Love Dean all powered up and that Sam still isn't giving up. Also loved it when Crowley's eyes turned red and showed his true power. Completely disliked the whole kick down the door to the bunker and human beats up an angel thing, though. Don't like discontinuity.
  • supernatural lately

    ive noticed a lot lately that the dialogue has been making the fans seem like idiots, like we cant follow the story, they repeat whats going on in the episodes over and over. this season has really just been like one long episode and im disappointed, ive been watching this show since the pilot and half way through the seaons I was always impressed until now.

  • #Rowena

    She is quickly becoming one of my fav of villian side of things in this series. Crowley still is cool. Rowena is wickedly sexy and fits the role of witch good
  • A star for each season it was good.

    After season 6 viewers are literally dragged to hell episode by episode. I had hopes of seeing this show do something creative like have a brother go completely darkside for 2 or more seasons and be a true monster. Besides flirting with that idea an episode or two, no joy. It has become the Smallville of horror shows. We can't wait for the Americans to start OVA-ing their shows the way the anime guys do so those of us who were invested in the show from the beginning can skip fillers. Literally entire seasons of fillers.
  • amazing show love it

  • WAR OF GODS END TOO FAST ??? :((((

    dear writer ,

    This tv series was bad at battle scene... seriously dude..

    like in season 5 episode 19...


    i'm dissapointed bro... i'm sad..

    this must be the best TV series i ever watch.. but i'm dissapointed after see Gabriel died so fast.. 1 hit and die.. WWWWWWTFFFFF.. no offense but i'm really dissapointed and many more...

    they died so easily..

    war end so fast..

    come on bro...

    do something about all battle scene you write into something spectacular !!

    hope for the best.

    and sorry for bad grammar. :)))
  • It has lost its originality

    Seriously, i could do way much better as a writer during these last seasons! Are you so dumb already??? You have turned the series into a parody of itself. Seasons 1-5 were GREAT, season 6 was mediocre while 7 and 8 were the worst. 9 was somewhat better and it looked like you started to get the hang of it again and now we come to season 10. So far, 200th was the best episode of the season and overall the current season is nothing special and it has incredibly bad writing. Where to start from?

    Crowley: YOU SERIOUSLY CALL THAT "KING OF HELL"? He is a crybaby and he doesn't live up to his title. Find another king of hell or make him a KING.

    Crowley's mother: The most annoying character ever appeared on Supernatural! Every time you see her you want to punch her and she speaks very very annoyingly. Totally a waste of plot, it's a character that should have never been introduced.

    Seriousy? Your main plot for this season is Cain's Mark? Get over it already and move on to something more epic. We have seen countless times Dean and Sam exchanging the "Don't give up, we'll find a way" dialogue. You are going in circles and you are loosing originality, can't you see that?

    Castiel: Are you actually going anywhere with him? Because it seems you have pretty much fucked up the plot involving his character, and it's a shame because it's one of the best characters apart from Dean and Sam.

    It should be fun, it should be interesting, it should have mystery and thrill, it should have drama and emotion, where are all these now? Initially i have given it a score of 9 but know i have really been diappointed during the last seasons and i feel that it's getting worse unless you do something about it.
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