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  • Get out of my way!

    I loved Dean this episode he went off and when he goes off get the hell out of his way. I hated to see Charlie die, in fact I'm still upset over the producers decision to kill her off, but they needed to justify Deans rage and descent into hell and self-pity and Charlie unfortunately was the fuel to set future events into motion. The King of hell (what can I say) I just adore his character and I'm sorry I love Sam, but a part of me was hoping Crowley would kill him, if only to spice things up. As for Castiel I suppose his death is coming next season, but then again that would signal the end of the show, because he's such a central character. I would like to say that this isn't Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, Or Breaking Bad, the writers don't have to kill off every single fan favorite character to drive the show forward. Just use of bit of ingenuity and you'll figure something out.
  • tired of Dean

    Really? Cas couldn't over power Dean? They need to hurry up and wrap up the mark of cane. But i like that it is Sam trying to save Dean because we see too much of Dean saving Sam. But Dean is becoming an @sshole lately.
  • The Prisoner episode. What happened

    Wait. I thought the bunker was protected by magic and that NO ONE could enter without the key. Abadon traveled through time to find the key because even as a Knight of Hell she could not get in without it. But a Styne could just kick down the door? Huh?

    And how is it that Cas could overpower Demon Dean earlier in the season, but not human Dean? Angel beats demon, right? So why couldn't Cas take on Dean, who wasn't even a demon at the time?

    Love Dean all powered up and that Sam still isn't giving up. Also loved it when Crowley's eyes turned red and showed his true power. Completely disliked the whole kick down the door to the bunker and human beats up an angel thing, though. Don't like discontinuity.
  • supernatural lately

    ive noticed a lot lately that the dialogue has been making the fans seem like idiots, like we cant follow the story, they repeat whats going on in the episodes over and over. this season has really just been like one long episode and im disappointed, ive been watching this show since the pilot and half way through the seaons I was always impressed until now.

  • #Rowena

    She is quickly becoming one of my fav of villian side of things in this series. Crowley still is cool. Rowena is wickedly sexy and fits the role of witch good
  • A star for each season it was good.

    After season 6 viewers are literally dragged to hell episode by episode. I had hopes of seeing this show do something creative like have a brother go completely darkside for 2 or more seasons and be a true monster. Besides flirting with that idea an episode or two, no joy. It has become the Smallville of horror shows. We can't wait for the Americans to start OVA-ing their shows the way the anime guys do so those of us who were invested in the show from the beginning can skip fillers. Literally entire seasons of fillers.
  • amazing show love it

  • WAR OF GODS END TOO FAST ??? :((((

    dear writer ,

    This tv series was bad at battle scene... seriously dude..

    like in season 5 episode 19...


    i'm dissapointed bro... i'm sad..

    this must be the best TV series i ever watch.. but i'm dissapointed after see Gabriel died so fast.. 1 hit and die.. WWWWWWTFFFFF.. no offense but i'm really dissapointed and many more...

    they died so easily..

    war end so fast..

    come on bro...

    do something about all battle scene you write into something spectacular !!

    hope for the best.

    and sorry for bad grammar. :)))
  • It has lost its originality

    Seriously, i could do way much better as a writer during these last seasons! Are you so dumb already??? You have turned the series into a parody of itself. Seasons 1-5 were GREAT, season 6 was mediocre while 7 and 8 were the worst. 9 was somewhat better and it looked like you started to get the hang of it again and now we come to season 10. So far, 200th was the best episode of the season and overall the current season is nothing special and it has incredibly bad writing. Where to start from?

    Crowley: YOU SERIOUSLY CALL THAT "KING OF HELL"? He is a crybaby and he doesn't live up to his title. Find another king of hell or make him a KING.

    Crowley's mother: The most annoying character ever appeared on Supernatural! Every time you see her you want to punch her and she speaks very very annoyingly. Totally a waste of plot, it's a character that should have never been introduced.

    Seriousy? Your main plot for this season is Cain's Mark? Get over it already and move on to something more epic. We have seen countless times Dean and Sam exchanging the "Don't give up, we'll find a way" dialogue. You are going in circles and you are loosing originality, can't you see that?

    Castiel: Are you actually going anywhere with him? Because it seems you have pretty much fucked up the plot involving his character, and it's a shame because it's one of the best characters apart from Dean and Sam.

    It should be fun, it should be interesting, it should have mystery and thrill, it should have drama and emotion, where are all these now? Initially i have given it a score of 9 but know i have really been diappointed during the last seasons and i feel that it's getting worse unless you do something about it.
  • One Hell of a Road Trip

    I remember really looking forward to watching Supernatural when it was first advertised on Australian TV. Unfortunately, the week before it started I got a new job that required me to work nights, so I missed it. Much to my regret, I did not tape it, and by the time I finished up at that job a couple of years later, I had pretty much forgotten about Supernatural.

    About two years after that I came home fairly late from work one night, and while flicking channels came across Supernatural. The particular episode I had happened upon was 'Lucifer's Rising', from season four. Usually I would not have left it on as I hate coming into a series after it has started, but for some reason, this time I did.

    Half an hour later I was hooked. I subsequently went about obtaining copies of all the previous episodes, which I finished watching the day prior to the next episode airing. It was a marathon session of Supernatural. 80 odd episodes in less than a week. Yet when I had finished I still hadn't gotten enough. I couldn't wait for the next episode.

    Six years later and I still hooked.

    For any that have not watched the show before, Supernatural centers around two brothers Sam and Dean Winchester (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles), who as the title of the show somewhat suggest, hunt down, banish, or kill supernatural beings that threaten the mundane among us.

    The boys were raised to be 'hunters' by their father, after he discovers their mother - who died when Sam was still a baby - and Dean about five, was killed by a demon. Although Dean is enthusiastic about the 'family business', Sam wants a normal life, and is at college studying law when the series kicks off.

    However Dean shows up unexpectedly with news their father has gone missing. Sam reluctantly agrees to help him for a few days, but upon his return to college, his girlfriend is killed in the same way as their mother.

    Sam quits college, and he and Dean continue the search for both their father, and the demon responsible for the two deaths.

    Unable at first to find either their father, or the demon, the two brothers continue to hunt down other supernatural creatures. While in the first season these are mainly spirits, ghosts and some minor demons, with each new season the boys become aware of, and battle more powerful creatures of lore.

    Over the next nine years they face all manner of supernatural beings including angels, demons, witches, ghosts, vampires, reapers, demigods and leviathan. They square off against Lucifer. Meet and better Death on more than one occasion (even earning his respect in the process), and they even save the world from the apocalypse.

    Along the way many new characters are introduced, both good and evil. Some become regulars, while others, although memorable, make only one or two appearances. There are also some, such as the previously mentioned - Death, who continue to make the odd appearance from season to season.

    As Sam and Dean's knowledge and experience grow, the lines between good and evil become less black and white. Creatures who they once would have killed, sometimes become necessary allies, and occasionally even friends. They make bargains, some small, but others with far reaching consequences, and they learn more about the parts they personally play in the great scheme of things.

    Even though many of the episodes stand alone, Supernatural is a continuing story, and that may put some new viewers off. However it shouldn't, as the central theme changes from season to season, and enough references are given to explain what is going on at any given time. Of course, if the show hooks you in as it did me, you can always watch previous seasons. Although given that this review is written in the tenth season, you might want to give yourself more than a week!

    The main constant throughout the show though, is Sam and Dean. The series while of course concentrating on the supernatural, also follows the relationship between the two brothers. Although apart from the odd moment, this is done subtly, so that the obvious love the boys feel for each other is not pushed down the viewer's throat.

    However it is a vital part of the show, as although either one would die for the other in an instant, either one will also make deals with far reaching consequences to keep the other alive - or to bring him back from the dead. This is particularly true of Dean, who believes that protecting Sam is his main reason for being.

    Another constant about Supernatural is Dean's car, a black Chevy Impala. Although it does get smashed up from time to time, and even occasionally completely wrecked, it always somehow manages to get repaired, and this too is important. For really, at its heart, Supernatural is basically a story about two brothers on a very long road trip, that just happens to have a lot of nasty creatures involved. And if you're going to go on an almost decade long road trip, you may as well do it in a cool car. 9/10
  • Missing Episode

    Want to know where tuesdays episode is,Tues Feb.24.15?
  • 10 Series of Great tv

    This show just continues to go from strength to strength. Each episode is unique and highly creative. Still a massive favourite.
  • Cain Fight Underwhelming

    After so much hype about how powerful Cain is, how angels can't even stop him and all demons are afraid of get a lousy underwhelming, most boring fight ever. That ended just because his hand was taken out and he couldn't fight anymore without a hand? He throws Dean around the room with his thoughts but kneels before him just cause he loose his hands.

  • katt513

    Crowley looks like your time is nearing the sad to see you go, love to hate u!Oh yeah kill your mom already!
  • To easy to defeat

    Demon Dean ... to easy to defeat. Cain, the baddest demon there is, who can withstand the power of the angels, and pretty much do anything he wants is defeated by a man with a knife. C'mon! Crowley could kill both the Winchesters with a snap of his fingers, but he never does. Now he's listening to his mom to run hell because he's heartbroken over Dean. The storyline so far for Castiel and Crowley this season has been small and pointless. Where are the fun loving, warriors we grew to love? The story is moving along way to slow, and each time a big episode comes along, I feel let down and underwhelmed with the outcome. Now we get to wait another month for a new episode about Dean just holding on, Sam being supportive with no action, Castiel not living up to his potential, Crowley being a baby and frowning, all the while the most annoying voice the show has ever had (his mother) is being manipulative. Which is suppose to be Crowley's job. The best part of the season was when God showed up. I'm hoping the rest of the season picks up the pace, and we're not left with everything happening in the season finale like normal.
  • I Hate Crowley's Mother

    Dear Writers,

    Can you please kill off Crowley's mother in the next episode. She is so annoying and useless. Thats a part that should have never been written in the show.

    Thank you

    . her voice is so annoying.

  • Time to say goodbye?

    I'm finding that this Series which was like my "need to watch - no matter what" 10th series is not that great. I haven't brought all the episodes like I've done in the past. Are the writers bore and is reaching for new ideas, plots, concepts?
  • not very good

    supernatural is'nt my thing....
  • I think the engineer was texting and pulled us onto the wrong spur.

    This show needs to get back on the write (Not a mistake) track. It's gone from an excellent story every week to the gates of hell, then the Castiel show, then the Crowley show, to Medatron and everything in between. Please get back to what made this show work. Things that going bump in the night and making my hair stand on end each week. I was born on Halloween and this show isn't drawing me back anymore.

    It's the first time a show with a continuous plot has managed to keep me a fan for a decade!

    Certainly it has ups and downs and not all seasons were equally entertaining, but the remaining, amazing quartet (J. Padalecki, J. Ackles, M. Collins and M. Sheppard) and the incessant stock of Christian and Pagan lore, urban legends and spooky horror stories has, so far, been enough to guarantee the success of the show.

    Stay on air, we'll stay tuned!
  • Dean is awesome!

    I have watched all 10 seasons of Supernatural and have enjoyed every one! Some are scary and some are comical, but all are entertaining. I also watched Constantine, a series similar but it doesn't hold a candle to Supernatural. There are always going to be demons out there to fight so keep up the good work and please don't take it off the air. Can't wait for Series 10 Episode 10!!!

    Thanks for the entertainment! Jackie
  • Season was ok

    Sadly folks through a good friend of mine,this may be it for SUPERNATURAL,we all saw what happens to Dean,what will Sam do to save Dean one last time as Cass leaves the house,the show needs to end on a great note,it's had a great ride and has lost too many good people on the way,the angels/demons and heaven/hell and the guys will have to try and save the season, one of the brothers will die to save humanity,I asked my friend not to leak too much to me,it will be a rough ride and sad episodes to come but the show doesn't have much left.
  • Is Supernatural as good as fans

    Yes! The writing and storyline continues to amaze me and it never fails to keep me interested. I'll admit, there are A LOT of bad episodes, but what show doesn't have some bad episodes? And since Supernatural has over 200 episodes, there's going to be a bit more. But why all the hate lately? Yeah, the writing isn't perfect, but what show has absolutely everything you've ever wanted? NO SHOW. A show doesn't revolve around what you like and dislike! I read a lot of reviews, and I agree that it can be annoying that the writers haven't explained everything. And I agree that the show can piss me off. But the season (and hopefully the show) isn't close to being done! We still have a lot of episodes left, and we have learned that a lot can happen it just a few episodes... Just don't give up people! We've come this far and a lot of unexplained questions will be answered!!
  • Supernatural or Super-Irritating?

    The last episode aired on 12/9. It's now 12/27. The last episode was as useful to the main story line as a box of fresh Wyoming air. Raise your hand of you completely forgot (and therefore, do not care) about Castiel's vessel and the teen daughter drama. What was the purpose of wasting an entire episode on this drama? After 10 seasons, they are just now getting around to character development? Seriously? To my mind, it's not adding anything to the story line. Rather, it's coming off like they are running out of fresh ideas and have to look backwards to find material rather than looking forward. If they must look backward, there was a whole wardrobe's worth of loose ends left over just from the season where Sam was locked in the box with Michael and Lucifer. Rather than wasting time with developing minor characters and boring us to death with meaningless drama, why not capitalize on loose ends like is Gabriel really gone? Or do Michael and Lucifer somehow get out of their box? Or maybe some more background on the whole Crowley/mommy thing. Maybe they will surprise us like they have done so many times before. Let's hope!
  • Is Season 10 the last Season? (Should it be?)

    Nine episodes that equal to nothing. I fill so frustrated!, I have been following Supernatural for over 10 years and after Season 5 each Season has been a little worse than the previous one.

    I notice the facility the writers have to end people. Hannah was almost going to be Castiel girfriend!, but not (in 5 minutes) she returns the body to the original owner. (Any particular reason?). She could erase the memory from the husband.

    Probably the Series is going to end in one episode and in this episode will take 3 minutes to close the Series. God is going to show up, Castiel is going to be an Archangel, and the two brothers sent directly to something like writers, don't copy my ideas.... :-)

    I am . doctor of theology ! its a pleasure to watch this unusual series. i' call them Sam and Dean i always get names confused, pardon me! I am so proud of them, i know at times the use cussing BUT NEVER DO THEY USE THE LORD'S NAME IN VAIN. VERY PROUD OF THEM!!! LETS NOT FORGET THE WRITER i'm supossing he is a man of God. three cheers for all involved. enjoy every show there is not 1 i dont like, good versus evil my kind of story, everytime i see a show im intrigued. GOD Bless them and everone on series dr. diane . .
  • Season 10 = Season Terrible. Does anyone work FULL TIME at SPN anymore? You are breaking my heart!

    This episode was not what I expected but I did like it, considering the low quality filler episodes we have been given in Season 10 - everything is relative, right? We are at 9 episodes now and I'm still asking myself when is Season 10 going to start. We have had so much filler (and bad filler, at that) that I was hoping for more insight into the MoC and what is ahead for Dean. The preview for upcoming episodes looks like there is so much to come that one has to wonder why does it take sooooooooooooooooo long to get there.

    I don't think the MoC story has been advanced far enough to continue to dance around the issue. I hope the main arc for this season will be presented in the second half of the season at a more even pace for the viewer so we feel like we are watching one cohesive story and not 3 versions of the same show randomly thrown together just to have certain episodes play at a certain time for meeting a milestone. I'm hopeful that the second half of the season will pull it all together and pull me back in.

    I'm also disappointed to see Crowley made a regular on the show and given the weakest story he has had in a long time and the version of hell that we see is such a non-scary place it is irritating. The demons are still not scary enough - where are the red eyes (cross roads demon in All Hell Breaks Loose Pt 2). Sam and Dean used to have a healthy fear of demons, now demons are for comic relief and are treated like the zombies in the Walking another zombie, yawn, stab it in the head - not scared just another day at work

    Note to Carver and Crew - You've got a lot of work to do in the second half of Season 10 because so far this is my least favorite season of the entire series. Fan Fiction was fantastic but the rest feels like a jumbled mess written by a group of people that are not working on the same show.

  • Supoopernatural- worst 3 seasons I've ever watched

    I tried, I really did, I wanted to like it but after season 3 I couldn't keep watching Supernatural is dull and boring. When it tries to be funny, its not when it tries to be scary its lame Its acting is like watching a middle school play and there is no thought that goes into the characters. Now I know fangirls of the show will dislike this because they have an orgasm over the main male character but its not gonna change the fact that this show is in fact the worst show on television right now.
  • Really?

    I'd waste time thinking up a review for this American trash, but then I thought of the minimal amount of effort and talent that appears to be invested in this show, and decided it wasn't worth my time.
  • Let's say so-long to Sam being the lead character

    I've been a devotee of this show since the very beginning and must admit I've always preferred Dean over Sam, but as the years have passed, my dislike of Sam has grown almost to abhorrence. His hypocrisy and fake poor me face has really lost what little shine it once had, it's old and tired. I feel it's time to really let Dean; who has always been the heart of the show, step forth and take his proper place as lead character.
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