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  • amaaazing

    love this show!! nothing to fault
  • For future episodes/seasons

    If you ever try to make some episode with gargoyles or something similar, please don't make them in human form, like you did with dragons in 6th season and change some things...

    1)If the angels are in heaven they should have visible wings AT LEAST THERE

    2)Demons should be in their demonic-monstrous-real form when they are in hell

    The hellhounds are OK, invisible in reality, can be seen through holy fire...

    Those are the things I suggest you should do for the higher rating
  • Absolutely amazing

    This show is the best thing there ever was, i love the comedy the horror and the journey it takes you through. Dean (Jensen ackles) is my favorite character, hes unafraid of everything, is the coolest guy and is extremely hot. Im glad i watched this show and I dont regret it one bit. I LOVE IT SO MUCH
  • awesome

    i love every thing about the spn keep it up and for ever on love
  • Still the best show

    After 9 Seasons: still the best show, best story, best actors, best humor, awsome music accompaniment. Absolutely brilliant. Dean / Jensen Ackles - there is just one word: perfect! Pain, doubt, loyalty, development - no one is as believable as Jenson Ackles. He does what it takes. ;)

    After 9 seasons i can definetly say that i love this show. After season 18 i will write a new Review :)
  • Best Show

    Jensen Ackles IS THE BEST <3 <3

    Jensen Ackles and Jared Padel.. Padelek..... watevs.. ROCK!!!!! need i say more????
  • Slenderman

    I think there needs to be a slenderman episode

    This is as best as it can get. TV can't provide anything better than this.... PLEASE keep the seasons coming... I just can't wait for the 10th season !!! Please don't stop bringing out the seasons ever. I just don't want this to end !!!!
  • Season 9

    When does Season 9 come out in Canada???
  • I love them all but..........

    I love this show and all the characters that have been introduced, miss Bobby. Is there a chance

    He will come back
  • amazing show

    I've watched this show since season 1 episode 1. I hope it never ends. Season 9 ended with a huge bang and I loved every episode. Can't wait for the season 10. I just want to watch it lol
  • Such a great show!

    Next season is gonna rock! I loved the finale!
  • Mother fucking best show in the UNIVERSE!

    I'm so hyperactive rite can't wait for the next season. would sell my life to watch this show again!
  • Supernatural ROCKS!

    I just seen the season finale on the CW and I think it was great! I have watched this show from the beginning and have enjoyed every bit of it! :) I sincerely hope that the directors and cast make a season 10 and more.
  • Everyone must Watch

    Okay so I just saw the season 9 finale. I can honestly say that this show is and always will be the best show of all time. If anyone would like to try and top it go ahead but seriously this show rocks!! Although some people may say this show is "craptastic" when I first showed it to them I would always say that you need to watch all of the seasons to truly understand this show. It is more than just demons and angels. It's about how family and friends are important in a world that goes bad and how family should not end in blood. Can't wait for season 10,11, and beyond!! Keep up the good work! Oh and WATCH THIS SHOW IF YOU HAVENT YET!
  • Watch

    Watch Supernatural Season 9, Episode 23 @ bit. ly/1tdaGZV
  • This season is right there with the last, it needs more heart into it! It is almost at the end because of numbers

    Hey get fresh writers bring those brutal bloody fights because now a days is everything so predictable if not you should think about ending it in two more seasons and let this guys continue with their careers.

    About the questions they have in this page about bringing back characters, Do Not resurrect any of the old characters, you should think harder resolve why GOd let the building bring him back into a new character not on any old characters. I firmly think you need new season to almost get to god and the last season Cast and Dean should die freeing God and SAm live happily ever after with the human Ruby the black hair one not the blond. This is a free consultation. Surprise me!

  • Prequel that should have been!!!

    "Penny Dreadful" Whimsically, I say... This is what Supernatural should have done as a "spin-off"... they had all the pedigree but obviously lacked the flair (guts (pun intended)) and imagination of writers and producers of Penny Dreadful... like the Angles of Castiel's 'once army' I can feel myself changing allegiance...
  • I hope they wake up from a dream next season...

    And realize that this season was a bad dream, because this show is starting to suck. I've loved this show from the beginning but they really need to shake this show up. First Sam gets a great power in which he is flirting with danger, then Dean gets it, then Sam gets it - how many times do we need to ride this train. This latest season has been one big joke about itself. I can take a few clever episodes like that, but this is getting old fast. Booger has proven to hardly be a worthy big bad.

    I hope the writers start planning for the end of this show to go out with a fiery bang instead of limp like a wet noodle. If this season is any compass, I think they are going the "wet noodle" route.

    I say start planning the final 2 seasons now. I want the Apocalypse. Hell on Earth. Demons, Vampires, Changelings, Werewolves, and everything else roaming the Earth freely and a slaughtered Human population fighting back... Sam and Dean leading the last desperate charge. And God finally making an appearance in the last Season.
  • we love this show!!

    love it! and the boys, sam dean , so many years

    I' m waiting for next season too, we'll miss you allthe summer...

    thanks guys, for all the stories!
  • Subparnatural

    This show should have ended with the original main plot. I can't even recall an episode this season that I enjoyed watching, and Bloodlines was the episode where I decided to skim through episode reviews first, and watch the corresponding episode only if it's contributing to the main plot.

    If by any chance this season ends with the angels back in heaven, there is no way in hell I am going to watch the new season(s).
  • Bloodlines what show was this??

    I'm A Superfan, I'm Not Even Embarrassed To Say It. But I'm at The End Of My Rope Here. This Last Episode May Have Been My Last New Episode. What Show Was It In, Because It ClearlY Wasn't SPN. I Literally Hit Pause And Info On My Remote Twice To Make Sure I Was Not Watching Some Crap Teen Drama. I Hated The Stylized Angst, The Ridiculous Characters ( All Rich, Gorgeous Young People) And Complete Lack Of Realism. This, On The Heels Of Yet ANOTHER Filler Vampire Episode.

  • A Bad Attempt for a Spin-off

    I was unimpressed with the episode entitled "Bloodlines". I never got into that "vampire vs werewolf" series. It seems that there were some new creatures mentioned, . djinns. I thought that a djinn was the same as a genie! I normal save episodes of Supernatural, but this time I deleted it.
  • bad hour

    Bad and the rating system keeps trying to have me rate it a 10 when I rated it a 1---I love SPN but this wasn't it. Here's hoping it goes down in flames
  • Thumbs down on bloodline

    I agree with lots of review here. I LOVE supernatural and often don't mind the 'filler' episodes if there's a character in there that we love - like S9e19 - But E20? Seriously!! Apart from the fact that there was very little Sam and Dean, the link to the 'theme' of this season was horrible. The boys also seemed to be guests watching from the sidelines. Hope next week sees more of the boys doing their thing and starts bringing together the theme which seems to have been lost in the wilderness.
  • Bloodlines episode is NOT what I signed up for...

    Bloodlines episode sucked, and I won't be watching the spin-off. There is probably 10 vampire series on now. I don't watch them either. If the writers pull another episode like tonight's again next week, guess what, I won't be watching the show anymore. Total waste of my time.
  • A look back

    I actually really liked this. I don't know, reminds me of all the ordinary monsters and human problems which started off the Winchesters. It's nice to have a look back, without all this confusing angel demon stress
  • Entertaining on all levels

    I really hope this show has a long and healthy life. Its easily one of the best and the ONLY show on TV that I actually go out of my way to watch. Just when I think they have run out of ideas they come up with new and entertaining episodes. Its funny, tense, action packed and I can't imagine life without it now.
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