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  • season 9?

    Will there be a season 9 and when is it coming out. I have seen all of the seasons and episodes and I have watched them waiting and hoping for a 9th season and a 10th.
  • Best show ever made

    This is my favorite show ever.

    Seriously, the best show ive ever seen. Miss Bobby though!!
  • There from the start

    I have watched supernatural ever since the first episode aired in Aus. Loved the first five seasons (especially the introduction of Cas), tolerated the next two seasons (didn't love the whole leviathan thing, although the references to exploding d*cks were kind of funny) and thoroughly enjoyed super returning to form in season 8. Epic season finale btw. Can't wait for season 9! America will get it well before we do so make sure you upload it quickly! Love my super boys :)
  • Gr8 Story

    It's an amazing story.. Concept is just awesome. I watched all eight seasons in just 15 can't wait for the next season
  • SuperNatural!!! <3

    I just started watching this show just this summer in June from the beginning, and I have got to say that I am hooked! Once you start watching 1 episode, you just gottah know more of what happens next that you watch the next one. I am currently on season 7 and I'm so excited to watch the recent season soon! :) CW needs to keep this show going, cause it hooks you from the start! Love the actors too! :) Jensen brings in the funny and Jared brings in the seriousness a great balance. :)
  • The Perfect Show

    In Supernatural the characters live in a world where absolutely anything is possible and they are always willing to die or trade their soul at the crossroads for one another. The viewers connect because a lot of us have had a friendship or relationship as codependent as Sam and Dean and enjoyed every minute of it. There's also the action, adventure and shirtless muscular bad ass guys who drive a muscle car. Women love Sam because he's gorgeous, in great shape and sensitive. Women love Dean because he is dripping with masculinity, bold and confident. Then there's Bobby, a man full of knowledge and common sense, but not afraid to get his hands dirty. Castiel perhaps one of the most interesting of characters women find adorable and men are amused by his naivety. With endless possibilities excellent writers and an all around great crew this show can keep going and the fans will keep clinging to it waiting for the next episode.
  • LOVIN' IT!!

    I started watching Supernatural in S3 last few never thought to watch from starting, but still enjoyed and loved it as loved dean ;D

    But last year, my sis asked me to watch from the starting, i did, I WAS MISSING OUT SO MUCH!!

    Now i've done masters at it ;D
  • Supernatural is a fun adventure...

    A friend of mine loaned me all her DVD's for the show and I watched my first episode two months ago. I was initially expecting it to be some kind of chick-centric show but there was enough bro-laughs to have a good time and I watched the entire run of the show within a few months. The first few seasons were great however the later seasons with their overly long, over-arching plots with a seasonally emotional Sam were a little... annoying. Fortunately we had some great accompanying characters like Castiel, Bobby, Crowley, to balance out the annoying Sam moments and once you get a season under you're belt you're in it for the long haul.

    great show! love sam.
  • Best tv show about the Supernatural

    The first 2 season with Sam and Dean's father was more about hunting the a while more 'story' came in really liked season 3(the end!!)and season 4(the first episode!)Season 5 was less and 6 was I think that the seasons 1-4 we're still have to see 7 and hope the show won't dissapoint me,but I don't think a Supernatural do I love the brothers!
  • A Supernatural Stan.

    I love this show! It always deliver. Dean(Jensen) and Sam (Jared) are a perfect actors for this never get tired of watching .
  • Picked it

    I like what happening becuase I picked a long time ago about Bobby coming back as a ghost and being there to help out - and about Catsiel also being back-up (and the clean-up of his mess). To me it made sense and hangs together - so for those nay-sayers ot those who poopoo because they don't see the plot-arc and character development- how come I got it right? I don't think as mrlondon says that things are tired and don't hang together - this episode advanced the plot and bought the elements together (didn't predict Meg tho and I really, really don't trust her and her glib comment about the danger of Crowley).

    Season eight is "God-finding time" because they have reached the top of the rung vis a vis opponents, basically run out of most of their "help" and the series is coming toward its natural conclusion; of course this wound not be in the best interests of the "King of Hell" and as such we can expecta a "return" almost full circle to "boys vs demons" of the good old days.
  • Greatest series ever

    This show is the most entertaining of them all. The blend of action, horror and some humour makes this show one of the best to date. One of the few series i want to keep going for as long as possible :D
  • Love this show!!

    I enjoy the suspense and drama of the show! The battle of Good vs Evil. And two brothers Dean and Sam trying to save the world ,1 demon or more at a time. Sometimes with the help of others. Each week the stories and the characters, keep me coming back for more!!! I can't wait for Oct when it comes back on!!
  • Bone Chilling

    By far, one of the best seasons ever. (We NEED more fans though).

    That being 9 should kick A@#!!! I believe Abaddon is definitely here to stay. After all, we are talking about one of Satan's chosen. Crowleys' gonna get his ars handed to him.

    Also, a huge oversight most viewers seem to forget is when Sam traveled to Hell, via Purgatory, he never sealed the door between the two. He left portal wide open with a vacuum being sucked into Hell. (Not I'll be willing to bet we see a lot of escapees from both realms into ours. Perhaps even Benny.

    No matter say "Give me more!"
  • I suck at titles: Supernatural

    Television was and continues to be my third parent. I grew up with television and I have seen the stupidity and brilliance that have come out of people's minds when they try to get a successful tv show. Supernatural is a work of art. I have never come across a show that has made me cry as much as this show has. I relate all to well with Sam and Dean Winchester who are the main characters. The connection I have made with these characters even though I have just started watching the show a year ago is something that has never happened to me before. The angels, the demons, the faults within all of the characters in this show is perfection and something that everyone can relate to. Beauty is this. This show is different, the actors amazing. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki should get all the awards but let us not forget other vital characters like Misha Collins and Jim Beaver who take on the role of Castiel and Bobby Singer, respectively. Especially Misha who was supposed to stay on the show for 3 episodes but has continued on for 5 years. Supernatural is also able to transition from dramatic episodes like All Hell Breaks Loose to comedic ones like Changing Channels and The French Mistake. Watch this show but warning you might not come out the same.
  • Great show all the time

    Demon and God and human wow....

    sri lankan boys and girls loving it ..........
  • Good show

    Is it finished? I didn't see the last episode.
  • .

    This is by far my favourite show. I love the relationship between the characters.
  • Wait for next season

    Can't wait for the next season.
  • Best show ever

    I love Supernatural , it is the only Tv show i have ever watched because i don't like TV. GUYS KEEP UP THE GOOD STUFF:)
  • very good this series

    I am Brazilian, and here in Brazil everyone cheered
  • Sam has demon

    What demon? From where?
  • Sam' s Blood Never Pure!

    Sam has demon blood in him, so even if he confesses.... His blood is not pure!

    Sacrifice is anti-climatic thought something bigger was gonna happen for the final episode...
  • when's the next season?

    maybe next season is about looking for God and it's Dean's turn to do the trials. hate crowley. can't wait for the next season.
  • Arrrrgh

    Hate waiting for the next season!!!

    The angels have fallen!
  • about John Wincehster

    i Think that John Winchester should be GOD. Sam was "bad" angel (lucifer) who was expelled from heaven Dean was good one (Michael) little daddy solider John should be a GOD,that would be a perfect ending of this awsome Tv series!...
  • angel killing bullets

    I agree, they had the demon super trap dungeon, and they just place a very dangerous demon in a chair and left alone, that is no way the Winchester bros will act, this was a poor decision in the script writing to have release Avidon, that seems to be as dangerous as lilith.

    Avidon seems to be against Crowley, and that can lead to a great episode, and in the other side is seems that heaven's angels are no longer a match to demons, no more demons scare from angels, like the first 2 episodes when Castiel was introduced to the show.

    even lilith run ascared of an Archangel protecting the prophet, and by the way, the angel swords, are a weapon only to be used by angels, untouchable by demons, as just any other weapon. Big mistake by the writers.

    Crowley melted an angel sword, and have bullets made of this metal, so that now is by far better than the Colt pistol, why the winchesters didn't came to figure this idea?

    Writers should follow the old episodes, and make sense in the follow-up...

  • Lack of imagination from?!

    Is that me or last Arrow and Supernatural's episodes have the same title??? :D!
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