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  • Fan From Pakistan this is how awesome any show can be

    most awesome show ever .my 1st tv show to watch so I can never hate it acting is great from the start i liked every season including season 7.
  • Going down?

    This is my first review that I've done on and I feel like expressing my opinions about the current state of this show.

    I remember the days when I really loved this show. Everything was new and I didnt get the impression of that this show had too many filler episodes which is what I hate about a lot of TV-Shows.

    I love TV-Shows that has a good story and always sticks with the main plot. Even if the show airs 50% less episodes I'm fine with that since a TV-Show doesnt wear out just as easy.

    If you compare the current Supernatural to a TV-Show such as Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones. You can tell that it's more quality in those since they dont have these filler episodes and you dont get tired from it.

    So my main point is that Supernatural is deffo going downhills compared to other shows. I'm forcing myself to watch Supernatural since I'm hoping that the show will get better.

    I'm fully aware of that it's hard to satisfy every viewer but I do know that the writers are not doing a splendid job in my opinion and I could come up with something better. There's nothing epic nor intressting going on with the characters that are in this show.
  • Awesome Show!

    Loved this show from the moment, I found it. I've watched every season and it just keeps giving the best to the audience. Jared and Jenson are phenomenal actors! And, they work well with each other. I don't cry that easily but they can get me to tears in some of the shows. Guys you Rock! The writing is creative and keeps us engaged and suspenseful. The entire cast is always the BEST! This show always hires great actors. And the lighting, graphics, ALL associated with the show are experts and always produce for us the fans. The best part is that everyone seems to be enjoying themselves and they allow us to share in the fun, too! It's as if, they are saying:" Hey, come with us for a fun ride!" OK, I'm with you.

    Thanks to all associated with the show for giving us great entertainment!
  • WTF are u guys playing at

    are you trying to lose your entire fan base ..... cos your going the right way about it how many freaking delays have there been this season its getting beyond a joke now and ya know what i doubt im the only one whos gonna stop watching if there are any more delays seriously watch a ep wait a month watch an ep waith a month then u have the nerve to say it will air on this date then come up with some BS excuse why it didnt sort it out FFS

    Loved it from the very first episode, have EVERY season and will continue to watch it till the very end!

    Dean is my favourite but I have to say both Dean and Sam soo suit being brothers

    Best show ever!!!
  • Supernatural <3 Best Show on Earth

    I have been watching this show from the very beginning and I absolutely love it! I love everyone that was ever on the show! I give a special shout out to ALL the people that were ever on the show because the show would never be a show without any of you, and thats what makes everyone on the show so special to me! I love Jensen, Jared, Misha, Jim, Mark, Richard, Ty, and many more, just for the fact that they are amazing! EVERYONE of on the show is amazing! I wish I could meet the in person, because the ALL the actors that were ever in Supernatural inspired me to be who I am now! They inspired me to just be me and not try to be anyone else! The writers and producers are awesome too! I want to thank them for picking the best car in the world! A 1967, Chevrolet, 4-door, Hard-top, Impala was one of the touches in the show that makes me love it even more! I have about 4 of those cars fully restored and I absolutely adore them! I wish I could meet everyone that was ever on Supernatural, and/or was in the crew of the show, because they are the people I look up to the most! They are the reason I decided to take a stand when people were bullying my friends and most of the time me, They are the ones that I look to for advice when I need help getting through hard times in my life! Cast and Crew of Supernatural I LOVE YOU!!! SUPERNATURAL has changed my life in more ways then I can count!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

  • The Supernatural of Criminal Minds

    I've recently been writing reviews episode by episode mid way of season 9 and decided to take a stab of writing a review of the show as a whole. Taking a look at below reviews, I feel like I'm in the minority that liked the horror aspect of Supernatural (aka seasons 1-3). With me, the main plot of Supernatural died with season 5. Beyond all of that, the show continues to exist to cater to its fans. It's a good thing and bad thing at the same time.

    It's good for me and all the other fans that don't want Supernatural to end. It's bad because the plot isn't as solid as it had been from seasons 3-5. Back in season 3, Hell had been a fascinating concept. Same goes with demons at crossroads making deals with humans. Ruby was a great antagonist and Sam wasn't filled with as much angst. And Dean? Just looking after his brother and killing the bad guys with a 'devil may care' attitude.

    The focus wasn't so much on these large plots that seem to drag on for miles only to bring more plots and then stop a great potential arc. I loved seasons 3-5.

    But in all honesty, I loved seasons 1-2 even more. I loved the fact that the heroes were brothers and humans and hunters. I loved that they drove a Chevy Impala not just because it was a cool looking car but because it held memories of their dad and family. I loved that the episodes focused more on the victims. I loved that they had given that horror movie atmosphere.

    Supernatural was a fantastic idea from the get go. It's like the Stargate franchise. You can pretty much tell any story you want, run any plot you want. From running from the police that have no idea what's really out there to meeting the Mother of all things to Gods in mythology. There's just an endless stream of ideas. I really hope to see at least season 10 before they end this show.
  • Amazing Show

    I can honestly say that this show is one of the best I've ever watched. The actors are all phenomenal, and the story really keeps you on your toes! I hope the show never ends.
  • LOVE DEAN <3

    best tivi series i have ever watched ... just knew about Supernatural for 2 months but i watched all the seasons now... hope it will continue to season 10 and more.... my favourite actor is Dean Winchester.... he is such a good man... dont really like Sam.... but i dont know why Dean is taking too much care of him... not fair for Dean, and in this season 9... Sam is hurting Dean's feeling alot....

    ... and the Episodes about the GHOSTFACER TEAM is all crap... they shouldnt let them be in the show...
  • just the best of the best

    the best show ever since season 1 in 2005 and it's already the season 9 hope to have a season 10 and more :)
  • Just Supernatural

    Just SuperNatural
  • I Love Supernatural

    Supernatural is the best show ever. It combines aspects of mythology, philosophy, suspense, drama, satire, and comedy to deliver a sense of happiness and joy to all of its viewers. Between the infinite plot lines that can be created and recycled from in the series, Supernatural can deliver some of the greatest shows as it continues to grow!
  • Let's take a look at the past...

    When Sam and Dean were on the road, we had so much adventure and mystery packed into every episode, and we didn't know what the day had in store. Now that they've settled down and have been working on the angels for what, six seasons? We don't get that mystery anymore. They don't have Bobby to send them on trips anymore, and now they don't really have Garth, so they sit around in their cave and try to do something about this angel situation. I'm sorry, I just don't know what's going on anymore. I would re watch, but I'm bored with it! They're tying to hard to keep it exciting, so they're adding more drama. Drama is the problem. We've seen this all before. Sam and Dean get in a fight. Sam and Dean may not get back together. Sam and Dean make up. And Kevin coming back as a ghost? Doesn't that remind you of someone? Bobby?? I'm tired. I could use a nice funny fluff episode, but even those are boring now!

    The characters have changed, and that's a great thing to see, but they've become too alike. There's no contrast anymore. It used to be that Dean was the tough hot one, and Sam was the cute sweet one. Dean didn't show his emotions, and Sam always did. Now they're both a sort of weird mix? It's hard to enjoy it when you've seen it all before, but better. I say BURN DOWN the bunker, hurry up and get rid of this old angel plot, start again with some old fashioned vamps and ghost/demon possessions, and hit the road again looking for trouble to sort out. We can throw in some drama here and there, but enough of these "surprising" twists. It's just a big chain of heartfelt repetition. I just want to see Sam and Dean driving to a new case with a wendigo in Alabama, laughing and listening to some Metallica. Is that so much to ask?

    When plot lines were fresh and the characters dynamic, I use to look forward to each new episode. Now, scripts are handed off to a string of writers that seem to be working formulas cast from previous seasons, and the the actors have lost their incentive to show even the slightest enthusiasm for roles that have become caricatures. The sloppiness of these plot lines (Who was the third captive? How did Mrs. Tran get all dressed up, after so much time in a stink-hole?) do not leave the audience curious; just disgusted.

    It's time to burn these bones and move on, Mr. Kripke.
  • I think its time to say goodbye!

    I was never much of a fan of this show but then I decided to give it a go and started watching. Season after season my interest grew and I kept watching and then comes season 8 and now season 9. Now I am tired of watching the same crap over and over again. They have made episodes about ghosts, vampires, werewolves, demons, angles, arc angels, death, Lilith, Lucifer, heaven, hell, Purgatory and every possible supernatural they can think of. They even threw God out of the heaven. I dont think there is anything left to give it a twist. How many times, they will cheat death and in how many ways? In my opinion, the show should end being the 9th season as its final or if they have already renewed for another year, then the next season should be the season finale. Because its better to end the show when people moved from loving the show to liking the show. CW if you guys read comments, I hope you will consider wrapping it up and move on. Time to say goodbye to Sam, Dean and Supernatural!
  • Love this show No Matter What!!

    See I actually like the whole thing with the Angels and Demons. Maybe because I am kinda obsessed with anything to do with Religions, Western religion, and any "re-interpretation" of it. For example what they did with the story of Cane and Abel. I Like when they use actual true "Mythos" from our real reality and put a twist on it. I like seeing how demons and angels act, as it has always peeked my interest how demons and angels would act if thrown into human form and such, if they actually existed meaning?? I like to see how they keep to western religion as well as others telling's and as said "Mythos" from all humans history, but Re-Interpret it into stories that fit the show and their "Supernatural

    Either way, I love this show, even when Its been not as good, I still loved the show and would not want it to ever be cancelled And I disagree with most loving the 1st two seasons the most. I understand what you mean, they were definitely a bit different that the others, but they were boring to me. I found myself never being able to pay attention to most of those episodes, and it is still the same when watch them repeated on TNT I Feel that Season 3, Season 4 and season 5 were the best!!! I do agree that the writers will probably never be able to top those seasons and all, and that they keep trying to, but I still love it, and either way I would be very sad if this show ended. I know eventually it will. But I hope not any time soon! I will always watch and love this show no matter what!!
  • its lacking now

    i hate the whole angel and demons fighting thing. fed up of it. i havent watched the new season yet and not sure i will. i only like the cases in them or fillers. they need to add more supernatural stuff and please do away with the angels amd demons stuff. maybe use greek gods instead or something... add more mythical creatures and ghosts maybe and bring back bobby :D.

  • ups and downs

    i love this show so much but in the most recent seasons, i feel like the novelty of the show has worn off, i miss how sam & dean were in the earlier seasons and i feel like they don't have any ambition i almost forget that the angels fell! i also think that they killed off too many characters that really make the show; ash, bobby, kevin, ellen, their own half brother adam! he would have really stirred up the show if they kept him! and garth is practically dead to them hahah, but otherwise its always, always worth watching and im still intrigued by it.
  • Stop at season 5

    The show was one coherent story from one writer (the main idea, I mean) up until season 5. Then they had nothing more to say, so each season tries to recreate a sense of what was great about the fifth one, I guess, but then falls flat.

    Each main villain/challenge resolves in no real consequences and the patterns are always the same: brother A almost dies or dies doing something heroic, brother B does something broderline despicable to save him, then they spend the entire season hiding it from each other, each episode hinting at it, until it is revealed. Then they don't speak for a while, then they make up but still don't trust each other. Until the world is almost destroyed, that's when they make up. Then someone does something extreme to save the situation. Rinse and repeat.

    Still, the actors have charisma and the mythology is interesting. If you are looking for an actual story with original ideas that goes somewhere, don't watch this. But if you want to grow fond of some characters and watch them do their thing week after week, get on board. Each episode generally has an interesting plot and you can get accustomed to the cool things about the world they built.
  • My favorite

    Need more of Supernatural...
  • Best. show. ever

    Supernatural is far by, the best series I ave ever watched. Extremely well acted, breath taking story line and it teaches a few things: Love, friendship and loyalty.

    For sure worth watching... I'm going to be so sad when the show ends, lol!

    Supernatural is the best series I have ever watched. I am very glad that I made the decision to watch this. Misha, Jensen, and Jared are all brilliant actors. I also love Felicia Day who played Charlie; I was sad to see her go.

    I love all the characters- even the ones that you're not meant to like Meg and Crawley.

    Supernatural is my life.
  • Spoilers.....

    so in case anyone else hasn't noticed, on imdb's supernatural season 9 says the next episode will have Gabriel back!!!!
  • The greatest thing ever made!

    This is the best tv show ever! Definitely worth watching.
  • Awesome!

    A brilliant show, even in 2013!
  • Greatest TV show ever.

    I absolutely love Supernatural. I could sit all day and binge-watch the first 5 seasons if there was enough time in the day and my mortgage could somehow pay itself.

    Seasons 1 through 5 are the best. Things go downhill after that. Season 6 wasn't too bad, just not great. Season 7 was just awful. The Levithan were a joke and never materialized as something to be more terrified of than demons or monsters. Season 8 wasn't great, it was rehash of Season 4's story line with the blind double-cross/didn't see it coming climax at the end.

    There are, of course, sprinkled throughout each season a gem here and there, but nothing like the earlier seasons, where most every episode was brilliant with a bad one here or there (Route 666, Bugs).

    Simply put, its the greatest TV show I've ever watched. I will MAKE my kids watch this.
  • No Doggy DO-DO here!

    What a great episode. Rather than appearing to be a filler episode this was a lovely reminder that Dean and Sam are hunters after all! Jensen Ackles acting being a dog was hilarious and worked superbly. The story worked straight forwardly and well. The killer was the ending with Sam starting to realise not all is right and Dean realising Zack maybe getting too comfortable in Sams meat suit!
  • Best Show on Television

    An all-time must watch
  • Bromance and witches

    I have been a steady viewer of Supernatural ever since it first came on the air. Now I feel old telling people that I remember the first episode when it was fresh. I mostly tuned in since Jensen Ackles is one of my favs and I loved him in the way to shortlived Dark Angel. No one delivers badboy quips quite the way he does.

    But I stayed for the solid writing and easygoing storytelling bringing me along a not to serious and not to easy road. I do feel the show hast lost some of its drive and I am quite concerned as to how they are going to salvage the world and the show after some really (in the long run) boring seasons. I miss the simple ghosts and time traveling episodes, can we get them back? Oh and please give the boys some love interest or in the least some sex interests. Dean is not a masturbating perv but a damn magnet for hot chicks and that should be written in there. And Sam needs something to live for before his depression drags not only him and the show down but me with it.
  • Oz spin off

    I would love to see a spin off of supernatural in oz with Felicia Day.
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