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  • I Freakin LOVE this show!!!!

    I love this show. Im not exactly sure how i started watching it. I think i read a review about it in a magazine, and they thought it was amazing. That magazine doesnt give amazing reviews very often. And they had a picture, and i thought, wow these guys look super familiar. Then I read their names, and I freaked out because i am also a huge Gilmore Girls fan and seeing Jared in another show made me very happy. And i love paranormal stuff. so this show was, like, perfect for me. I also love how every refrance they make in this show is a true refrence. I mean, the writers really have done their research! And there is one more perk- the super hot guys!
  • I love this show!

    From the very first episode I was hooked.The writing is amazing.Not only is it funny but it is also witty and at times very dramatic.I haven't seen an episode that I didn't like.I can't leave out how sexy the leads are, but five minutes in you realize the show is so much more.I really enjoy Dean's one liners and I hope the show sticks around for awhile.
  • Well i think supernatural is one of the best shows on tv! Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are just soooooooooo cute!!!!!!

    My fav episode so far would have to be, the Scare Crow! You see I am from australia so it is only up to the scarecrow episode! I just cant wait to see more.......
    As i was saying before Jared and Jensen are so cute...well hot....well OK.....THERE TOTAL SPUNKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for them!!!!!
  • I think I'm in love!

    This is the best show on TV! I'm absolutely in love with everything about Supernatural - the actors, the plots, the perfect mix of drama and humor, even the monsters! Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki do an amazing job at portraying their characters, and they work wonderfully with each other. Dean and Sam Winchester are very vivid and intriguing characters. Actually, all of the characters are very three-dimensional, even the mysterious father, John. The storyline is so unique. Even though there's plenty of drama and angst, it's not overkill and there is just the right amount of humor to lighten it up a little. I look forward to watching more seasons of Supernatural. I'm hooked!
  • greatness

    I apsolutly LOVE supernatural!
    and both faith and shadow have to be the best eps ever. there have been a couple of misses like bugs or the benders but i still find myslef watching them over and over. specially jensen and jared they make the show rock, i cant imagine anyone else playing the part of dean or sam!
  • I was so excited to watch the next episode until i found out there was a BREAK!!! Then i figured i have to wait a WEEK till the next episode is shown!!!

    I LOVE SUPERNATURAL!!! I always get excited to watch the next episode so far the tv show in my opinion is going gr8 The acting and props and story line is really good :D, the thing i really hate is when there is a break in the tv show like what happned this week one of the episodes were repeated but oh well i still got to see Jensen!! :D Im looking forward to seeing the next episode :)
  • The best new show on the WB.

    The WB did good with this one. Each episode keeps you wanting more. I like the interaction between the characters Sam and Dean. The dialogue between the two is great. I continue to get hooked with each new episode I see and hope that the WB (well the new network that will form with UPN) keeps this show on the air for a long time.
  • Supernatural is about the adventures of brothers Sam & Dean (played by Jared Padelecki & Jensen Ackles) who hunt evil & solve other worldly mysterys, while on a quest to find whatever killed their mother (& Sam's girlfriend). The show mixes humor & wit, w

    This show is amazing. Admittingly, my first reason to watch was for the man candy (both Padelecki & Ackles, yum) but five minutes into the pilot changed that. The show is a weird fusion of the supernatural lore (from Bloody Mary to Hell House) & an insanely spot on (sardonic at times) sense of humor. One of the major draws is the relationship between Dean & Sam. The chemistry between the two actors is amazing (at times they actually seem related).
    Anyway, the show is a hit for a reason, so if you haven't jumped on yet, then you might want to by the time the show is out on dvd.
  • two brothers on a hunt. for the something that killed his mom. and for every creature or ghost they find on their way through america

    this show is for me the best new show this year. it has everything horror, comedy, special effects and a plot that keeps you interesting to the end. i just hope they going to make a second season or more. the sound and the visuals are also a must for everyone
  • Funny banter and great suspense - sometimes a little too repetitive... I do love it though!

    I do really like this show - it is one of my favs. But I do find it a bit repetitive at times. Mainly because each episode is - find a target, fake your way into some information, think you killed it, not quite, nearly die, kill it for good, leave on your next adventure.

    Despite this though there is the underlying speculation as to why the demon is after their family and will they reunite with there dad. Every couple of eps a piece of the puzzle falls into place which is what keeps me watching. Plus it is all round entertaining. I enjoy the banter between the brothers and the chase of each weeks' supernatural being.
  • This show will stand the test time of time. This isn't a guilty pleasure. This show has it all -- drama, suspense, horror, sex appeal and action. Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are definitely the right combination of this show and hopfully the sky's th

    This show is a perfect ten in my book! Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are the two reasons why this show is a runaway hit. And hopefully these two will have more exposure than any other WB stars! I'll be looking forward for the season finale and see some action!
  • Two brothers go on a road trip hunting ghosts, following the footsteps of their father.

    Great show! It's both exciting and scary. (And of course it doesn't hurt that the main characters are two hot guys). The storyline throughout the serie leaves you wanting more, but each individual show also has a great plot, usually based on some ghoststory or myth. This show definitely goes on my top 3 list.
  • This the best (supernatural) show on television.

    When I seen this show on the commercials, I thought it was going to be one of the dumbest showes ever. But I was wrong. When I sat down to see an entire episode I was amazed. It had everything I wanted in a spooky, funny, horror show. Now I can't wait to buy the fist season on DVD when it comes out. I love it even more because Sam has telekenetic powers now. All I'm saying is that people shouldn't judge a show before they seen, I know I did. So I give Supernatural a perfect 10. Brandman out. One.
  • fun show

    i first seen this how advertised on the internet and thought id like to see it,so when it came to itv in england i made sure id catch it. i really enjoyed the pilot and found the two brothers sam and dean very likable characters. the show is fun to watch and some times informative. catch it if you can.
  • Take a look at the main page.

    I can't believe how totally addicted I am to this show! When it began I rolled my eyes and figured I'd watch until it's inevitable cancellation. But as I watched... WOW! This show is really good! The acting, the writing, the casting... it's all come together to create an awesome show!
  • El mejor show de la epoca

    creo que era hora de que a alguien se le ocurriera este tipo de serie ya que si mas no recuerdo hace muchos años existia o habia un show que se llamaba Twin Peak's y pues la vdd nos se si era por la edad porque en ese entonces era pequeño pues la vdd daba miedo y pues creo qeu supernatural a superado las espectativas del publico y mejor aun la de los criticos ya que episodio con episodio la produccion trata de ir cambiandole a la trama claro sin perder la escensia que la carateriza.

    p.d. en una de los episodios para ser exactos el de Scarecrow en una de las escenas dean y un sacerdote sale una de las camaras con las cuales estan filmando reo que deberian de poner un poco mas de antencion al trabajo que realizan
  • Hoo I like Supernatural.

    I like superatural it is not that scared. I

    thought the bug episode was the scared of all the

    episode so far in the show. Sam is my favoirte

    charcter in the show and Dean is my second

    favorite charcter. The guy Sam is played by

    Jensen Ackles is so hot and he is so funny and

    sweet.I watch it evrytime it's on the televion

    and I don't want it to change on thursday because

    I have to record it everyweek.
  • This show is spooky and funny. It has all the things you would want in this kind of show. I just want to know where they get their money from lol.

    The show is funny and scary and informative. It has all the elements I like in a show like this this and wow is Dean hot or what? His brother isn't bad either but not my type lol. Yep Dean is definately eye candy and he has a great car too. I just overall enjoy the show.
  • Great show with a big future!

    Really makes you realise how many urban legends there are out there! Keeps you on the edge of your seat. Plus, great casting and i love the car! Suspense, Cute Guys, Great Car, Freaky Themes... Who could ask for anything else? Well, except maybe that they could come to Sydney?!
  • Great stories and hot guys. Need I say more.

    I love show involving the supernatural. My favorite show when I was just a toddler was Dark Shadows. This is what I call a thriller. I don\'t like any of the slasher type movies. I would rather watch this type of story. I still never miss Charmed. I have the complete Angel series on DVD and now Supernatural is in my current top five favorite shows to watch.
  • It is by far the best show.

    Ever since my best friend started watching supernatural she LOVED it. She could NOT miss one show.She has like an obsessive compulsive disorder. I never used to like it, (but i NEVER watched it), and she told me to watch ONE show then judge, so i watched it and i couldnt leave it. It\'s the best show .No one I know hates it.They think it\'s the best show.It\'s amazing.IT causes you to be in suspense and you become so EXCITED evry Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. As soon as i come back from school i finish ALL my hoemwork and wait 10 minutes before jsut incase i miss a minute!!
  • hot!!!

    i am a fan of supernatural ,this show is the best of the best,i have never seen something like that, this show have evething is soooo cool and scary , i like jared padalecki and jensen ackles they are really hot , sexy and funny ..oh my god...i love it
  • Good for background entertainment, otherwise please don't expect too much ...

    The best way to describe this show is probably by saying that it is not bad to have it as background entertainment a.k.a. playing on TV while you are doing something else. Other than that you will probably lose interest in it really fast. While the pilot still seemed promising, the following episodes were lacking excitement and thrill. Partially, some solutions seemed too easy, other times it was just not scary at all. The cast also doesn’t seem perfect. It is more likely that they were chosen in order to attract some teenagers to the show. Especially Jared Padalecki who plays Sam Winchester on the show. He just doesn’t fit for the character at all. He seems too well-behaved and hardly gives the impression that he is really tough as he is supposed to be. But I guess most teenagers won't care ...
  • One of the best shows around.

    Supernatural tells the story of two brothers Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) who are travelling the country looking for their missing father, and killing every evil monster, ghost and demon they can along the way. Well written, and superbly acted with two very talented lead actors, not to mention just plain gorgeous, make for compelling viewing. And these boys deal with everything from phantasms to ghosts, the Hook Man to Bloody Mary and shape-shifters to Indian burial grounds. The relationship between the two brothers continues to grow as the series moves forward which is rather heartening to see.

    While often quite gross or creepy, this show is a worthwhile alternative for those who are missing their Buffy or X-files.
  • An easy plot, and old folk tail creatues [Vampires, Bloody Mary, and the Hook Man] bring this show to its peak on the entertainment cycle. In other words, Tuesday nights couldn\'t come any faster!

    I find this show is not so much a guilty pleasure, but something I NEED to watch, or else I\'ll DIE!...Not to be too...clingy. In other words, this show is probably one of the greatest thing that\'s happened in my generation. Not only does it bring frightenning folk tale creatures to life, each episode is better than the last. The back story, and the ongoing search for their father makes you feel like if you miss an episode, you\'ll miss a chunk of important information. I know, all the girls watch it because the guys are \"hot\", but from a guy\'s view, scary + free to watch = pop some popcorn! I really love this show, and I think anyone could start watching it without getting lost in the plot [and besides, it\'s the easiest plot to follow: Someone dies, Dean and Sam go to town to investigate, they meet a girl, someone close to the girl dies, they investigate to the point where the creature comes after them, one brother saves the opther brother, and the girl gets ditched]. Sounds like my kind of footage!
  • *****! Love it!

    It's got everything to stay around for a LONG while, going from the plot, to the supernatural element, to every little other detail. Those 2 (Jensen and Jared) have awesome chemistry and it's so easy to see it onscreen in the relationship between the two brothers. Even with the constant spooky element, I’m laughing throughout most of the show just watching those 2 have a go at each other at every possible opportunity.
  • The "New" Charmed.

    Great show. It interacts with our world, since we have Urban Legends(Hookman,Bloody Mary,Women in white). The story line is fresh, and original. I have to say as a fan of the "Charmed" series, that this is an alternate to Charmed(which has been losing its touch). A Must watch in my book!
  • All the shows that i watched are the most funny that i have every seen.\"(looking at pictures of the family\'s victims) Dean: I\'ll say it again. Demons I get, people are crazy!\" that was the most funny thing i very did hear. *laughs until tears s

    The Benders are the most sicken family ever!! i love Jensen \"Dean\" and Jared \"Sam\" they make a hilarious pair on the screen. when season one comes out on dvd i will be the first one in my family to watch it. he he I LOVE SUPERNATURAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it so rox. the thing that sux though Dean nearly dies in a eariler episode. and i was all like, \"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\"
  • This series has it all!!

    Supernatural, a series about two brothers Sam and Dean that had a meeting with the bizarre and death, after a misterious thing (later revealed to be a demon) killed their mother when they were really young, their father became an exterminator and teached them both what they needed to learn. After some issues they decide to continue the trip and mission their father began.
    this series has excellent plot themes, great actors, cool effects and a mistery to find out about. Sam and Dean are great ghost-busters and catch every single damned spirit thet gets in their way.
    Fully recomended for everyone that likes all that stuff!!!!!
  • Love it! Love it! Love it!

    So fab!!! I love this show and i really hope it continues to do well. Even though Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles don't look alike the chemistry between them on set is ace! The humour is brilliant, sometimes im rolling around its that funny. Scary as hell sometimes though, especially in Bloody Mary! And to finish, who could wish for two hotter actors than the ones in this show. Go guys!!