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  • Finally! Something different, that works...

    There's been many supernatural shows, and there are many supernatural shows. But shows like Charmed just don't work anymore. And I was glad when I first saw an episode of this series. It was [i]finally[/i] a supernatural/sci-fi show that I enjoyed. With a fresh cast as well.

    I think Jensen Ackles, and Jared Padalecki are great in the roles they've been casted for. They're fresh, as they haven't previously done a lot, and they're good. Can't get much better of a combination.

    I'll definately be tuning in again, especially if the WB can keep up with what it's doing right now.

    I recommend at least checking this show out and give it a chance.
  • I absolutely love this show! I never enjoyed being scared so much. Jared is sooo HOT! He definately makes the show.

    One word: FANTASTIC I absolutely love this show! I never thought i would enjoy being scared so much. Jared is sooo HOT! He definately makes the show. Each episode gets better and better. I love how Sam is so good at getting information out of people. Everything he does is so cute.
  • "The Ring" meets the cast of "The O.C." Pretty-faced cast plus atmosphere equals campfire story success.

    I'm not such a small-screen buff that I have seen every series out there, but as far as I'm aware, horror-suspense is woefully underrepresented as a genre. "Supernatural" is a decent entry, perfectly timed to pick up the current high interest in fantasy. Fans of Buffy or Smallville may like this one, although it's certainly heavier on the chills than either of those, and the death count is more in line with CSI, with at least one corpse per show.

    The cinematography is well above par—the colors are rich, and the angles just the sort that make for keeping watchers on edge. According to TV canon, the cast is typically of above-average attractiveness, and while not outstandingly committed to their roles, certainly have their moments, as do the scripts.

    Also greatly enjoyable are the mythological and urban legend aspects of the show. Not being a paranormal expert, I have little idea of how accurately said legends are portrayed, but in any case, I get a great deal of pleasure from these weekly yarns. The experience of watching "Supernatural" is akin to sharing ghost stories around a campfire in the dark, and just as pleasurable.
  • Perfect i have been following the show since it came out i love it!!!

    Perfect i have been following the show since it came out i love it!!! so far its my fav show...if you want to know all my theroies on how it will all end let me no they are awsome and i am almost sure that they are accurate!I love this Show
  • GREAT! GREAT! GREAT!.From a week to week,this Supernatural show keep countinuing it's "supernatural" that already made me fall in love with this show.

    GREAT! GREAT! GREAT!.From a week to week,this Supernatural show keep countinuing it's "supernatural" that already made me fall in love with this show.And I think this week's show is the greatest.I felt like watching five a star movie.Great from the beginning until the climate,felt like I forgot to breathe at one point.But this week's show made me confused coz thier mum is a fire spirit.I wonder who'd killed Jessica,Sam's girlfriend.If I not mistaken,the one who'd killed Jessica also use the same way as what had happened to thier mum??? can anybody out there help me figure it out as I can wait till the next show.But I think they should keep the mystery to make the others curiuos and want to know badly more the next episode.Keep up agood work.!!!
  • This is by far one of the best hours on Tuesday night!

    I love any good horror type flick, and I especially love the paranromal! So when I saw they combined the two..I was thrilled!

    Now, let me say that with an average rating of 8.8, you can not go wrong! I'm a VERY good judge of what show will do well and what show won't. The minute I watched this show, I knew it would be a big hit.

    The show is all about Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) who are brothers. Their mother was killed mysteriously when they were only children, left to be raised by their father (who hunts supernatural things that go bump in the night.) Dean came back for Sams help on a case involving their dad and after Sam's girlfriend Jessica is killed, they vow to hunt everything and anything supernaturally weird while they try to find their father. Each week you learn something more about each character, and, the mystery with their father deepens.

    Also with every episode is a new "urban legeand" that they face. It keeps you on the edge of your seat, and the show is very well made. Yes girls the eye candy isn't bad either, but this show is so much more than just eye candy. It's the horror genere at it's best. Watch it because it's an awesome show, not because you think the actors are "yummy." If you do, you can't truely appreciate the show for it's true merits, the writing, acting and filming.

    So sit down and prepare to be grossed out, scared to death and suspenseful for 1 hour every Tuesday night!

    If you'd like to find out more and watch clips of the show, visit my website. or
  • Perfect! I love this show so much it makes my heart race so much its like its oing the 1800m dash for the whole 60 mins. and up!

    I love this show so much it makes my heart race so much its like its doing the 1800m dash for the whole 60 mins. and up! Besides Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are both sexy and talented. I perfer Jensens character more though. Whenever I watch it it's like I never blink so I don't miss any of it. I love how they take regular urban legends and forklore from everydays ghost stories and make them into 60 minutes of terror.I don't even have to watch a horror movie to get scared now. It has a amazing twist to every episode!
  • I love this show. It\\\'s scary but not at the same time. It\\\\\\\'s one of the only scary shows on t.v, thats why I like it, now I don\\\'t have to go to the movies just to get a thrill, I can get one at home.

    This is a brilliant show. I love the whole story line to it, and I love the fact that every once in a while they throw in a joke or two. I m a little confused though, but I think Jared padalecki and Jensen akles are perfect as brothers. Its definately one of my favorites.
  • Supernatural is a rollercoaster ride from start to finish.

    Supernatural is Fantastic. It a fun spookfest like the haunted house at Disneyland. It has a creepier feel to it than buffy, it also pulls me, the viewer, into a suspension of disbelief more so than any other horror/drama I\'ve ever seen for a tv series. The shows play well off of urban legends and ghost stories. It makes the show that much more freaky. Great actors, the two brothers, they work seamlessly together. The characters have depth and vulnerabilities that draw the viewer in, connecting with them on an emotional level as well as a bit of comedy thrown in for good measure. Keep the shows coming, I'm hooked. The Best, A+++. My only complaint is its not long enough.
  • Must See TV..

    To tell you the truth this is a great show. It even scared my little couisin the first time he saw it. It even catches me offguard somethimes. This show makes me even think of going out and researching the mysteries all around us and makes me want to go out and fight some monsters to. I really hope this show can go on for a long time and have great succes. Cause from all the new shows that just started I find this one is one of the best and said in a few words just: "Must See TV"
  • fantastic start to a new series

    I could imagine seeing this episode on the big screen. This has me hooked cannot wait for more episodes. I can see Warners are pumping the funds into this project as a huge DVD seller.

    A tragedy strikes this family twice for the brother to be re-united & on a mission to find out what happened to their mother & girlfriend & searching for their father on this crusade.

    I was glued from beginning to end & even jumping in fright, which quite stunned & pleasantly surprised me.

    Am excited about this new show, hoping it will be a stayer!
  • This show is alright and can be eerily scary at times, makes for a good show, X-Files-ish.

    This shows not bad. As long as the story progresses in the right directions and they make the right choices for episodes and demons and such it should stay on the air. It's the only real WB or UPN, whatever, show that I watch.

    I've only seen the first 5. The Pilot was my favorite so far, followed by the Bloody Mary, the other 3 i've seen weren't that great at all, but they were decent, like the show. I plan on watching the next 4 after 109 airs.

    If the show continues to be decent and have some cool episodes now and then, I'll keep tuning in. I hope they can come up with some really scary ones, I thought they did a preety good job with that one.
  • Supernatural episode "Bugs"/ silly show with sillier ending

    I've tried watching this show. I will watch almost anything sci-fi/fantasy/horror, even if it insults my intelligence. With the ending of this particular episode I've decided to give up on the show; there are too many clones or wanna-bees of the Lost ilk for me to watch a series that is getting worse, not better. How the hell did it go from midnight to dawn in 15 minutes?!!! They were supposed to be in Oklahoma not some other planet with a very fast rotation. This ending didn't insult your intelligence, it slapped it in the face. Even Nightstalker has had better endings and I wasn't expecting that much considering the title.
    This is just my frustrated opinion; I don't want any fans of the show coming after me. :)
  • I for one find this to be the best new show of the 2005-2006 season. The two brothers are great characters. There's a fantastic dynamic to the show, having individual episodes instead of large story arcs, to introduce us, and keep us interested.

    Jared Padalecki (played Dean on Gilmore Girls) plays Sam Winchester, the younger brother who wanted to get away from his only family: his older brother Dean (played by Jensen Ackles) and his father John. But when their father disappears, Dean comes by and convinces Sam to help him find him. Afterwards, Sam returns back only for his girlfriend to be killed by the same thing that killed their mother. He then decides to join his brother on a demon-hunting road trip, in hopes of finding their dad, while destroying the evil forces on the way.

    The first eight episodes alone featured known legends such as 'The Woman in White,' 'Bloody Mary,' and 'Hook Man,' and also had demon posessions (in which the exorcism was performed on a plane), a water spirit, the Wendigo, a shape-shifter, and a bunch of creepy crawlers. Mixes of familiar camp-fire stories interweaved with great writing.

    The show is truly fantastic enough, I watch it when first-aired, while taping, and watch it during its Sunday night encore. This is one show that I will definitely want the DVD for (hopefully, if Warner does what they do with other shows, will be out by this time next year).

    There's a reason that this is the WB's top rated new show, and in the top 5 in general.
  • This is the best new show of the fall!

    I just love this show! Since the first eppie, there hasnt been ONE boring eppie. I mean it! I couldnt belive how good this show just is! The actors do such a great job, its unbeliveable. Like I said in the summary, this is the best new show of the fall, last year it was Desperate Housewives and this year it is Supernatural. I thought that the Pilot was BRILLANT and it episodes couldnt get ANY better, but I was wrong. Each eppie it impresses me even more. I dont know how I am going to wait over the summer for the new season, I just might DIE! This really is my best new friend!
  • OMG

    omg!!!! this is one of the most scariest shows ever!!!!!!!!

    My brother loves smallville but is totlly scared by supernatural he was so scared that my mom had to stay in his room till he fell asleep cuz he had nitemares. afterone eapisode !!!! I can watch it week after week after week and not have one nightmare about it

    it is the best show ever!!!!!!
  • Its about 2 brothers who hope into their car and fight supernatural beings. Anyone from a shapeshifter to bloodymary to the hookman. Their mom was killed by a supernatural being when they were little and after Sam's girlfriend was killed the same way and

    I give Supernatural a respectful 9.5!!!! It has a flare to it. They fight anything from a demon on a plane, bloody mary, to the classical hook man>remember I know What You Did Last Summer? Did I mention it also has Jensen Ackled and Jarod Padelecki in it. Not that I watch the show just for the guys, but it doesnt hurt the show to have 2 hotties in it!!!!! Overall the show is good and I love to watch it.
  • this show is under your head scary!!!

    this show is sooo scary!!!!!!! the first time i watched it i was soo scared!! i had to hide under the covers until it got to a commerical!! my heart was beating soo fast!!! now i still do watch it without the covers on my head. it is one of the best movies found!!!
  • A show of two hot brothers that go around the world battling "things". I think its wonderful!!! The concept, the acting, the story...everything is great!! I love this show better than I love my dad! This show is funny, and it keeps u talkin for days after

    I think Supernatural is the kind of show the WB needs. Its not overfunny and it doesnt tackle the daily issues we face. It goes on the side we often do not know of. The other side, as I like to call it. This show is up with Gilmore Girls.
  • This show is one of the better shows that just came out. It's soo out there that is good!

    I love this show!!! I havent see all the episodes, but I like the show....It is very different! It even has like a different coloring to it..which I didnt like at first but now I do.

    This show is also really scary...I kind of feel stupid because I have to watch something funny after it now I can get to sleep. I get really scared but I dont know why.

    To make up something like that is soo cool! It is soo out there and I didnt think I would like it but I do. It is very creative and just new. I know there is Charmed which is kind of like Supernatural but Supernatural is different... in a good way.

    Soo I would like to give this show two thumb all the way up!!!!!!!!
  • Old subject fresh look

    Urban legends have been done over and over but this show takes a different angle on it. I find that this show is very suspenceful and gripping. The acting is terrific and the exchange amoungst the actors is very smooth. The show is not horribly graphic which is nice. It's just enough to keep you interested and watch and not have to turn your head away. If you are the type of person which doesn't like to watch gore.
  • This is why I watch TV every Sunday!

    Alright, I absoulutly love this show. The actors are superb and the stories are very, very interesting.I really like the way they interact and how they deal with the problems that they come into. If only I could watch both House and Supernatural on Tuesdays. Since House only comes on Tues. I watch Supernatural on Sundays. I watched the pilot on the internet and afterwards I was hooked and amazed, I thought it was going to be a copy-cat os Buffy or X-Files. Hopefully the WB Exutives will let it keep on for at least five seasons. If this does, I will die a happy man.
  • I love this show!

    This is one good show, it has two elements I am most interested in: The unknown and hot guys. Just when I had given up on being into any tv shows, other than the run of the mill reality shows that have taken over the boob tube, this show comes along! Now, as long as it lasts, I shall be happy!
  • Awesome new show!!

    I simply like the show and can\'t wait till the next episodes come out.

    It\'s entertaining, thrilling, funny at times, the right combination for me.

    The show is simply quality tv and could be the new x-files and when the creators develop the charakters more, it would even rock more.

    Two thumps up.
  • Great show with great hotties!

    I was sad when Padelecki left Gilmore Girls but was happy to see his return to the WB in Supernatural.
    This show is great...scary plots and twists that leave me paranoid when it is over.
    Going from one place to another is great because there is a different cast every episode.
  • Oh wait now I do, and therefore can give it a better review.

    I have recently upgraded my rating for this show by 5 percentage points because I always questioned why they never go look for their father instead of all these other legends.

    Okay, maybe I am slow and everyone else got it, but in case you are still lagging behind: Dean and Sam are looking for their father, if he is even still alive, who would still be on the loose looking for these supernatural things. So when Dean and Sam hear something possibly supernatural, they check it out.

    What would give this show a 90 plus rating: If Dean and Sam actually run into a non-supernatural instance, but decide to stick around and help out anyways. I know it stalls them in finding their father, but this show could get very repetitive, very fast if the writers are not careful.

    But so far, this is a riveting show that finally gives me the horror-thriller movie in one hour that I so desperately crave. And kudos on no real credits in the beginning, very ala Lost. I think some shows are better without any corny music.
  • best scifi since xfiles

    this is so far my favorite sci fi show ever. this is the best acting ive seen since jensen ackles was on Dark Angel. but jensen is much better, in my opinion, when he is in a nice fight. but of course what hot actor isnt. but anyways, this show is the scariest show since the x-files. however no aliens. thats good on their part. i love urban legends and i always have. this will be the best show ever, my personal prediction.
  • Supernatural is a good show, but it could be a little better.

    There have been so many supernatural shows out there lately that I hardly thought it seemed a good idea to bring another one to light. However, I was proven wrong when I watched the pilot of this show. I must admit that it is far better than Buffy ever was; which really isn't that hard considering Buffy was the worst supernatural show to rear its ugly head.

    Supernatural holds an almost unearthly grip on my imagination. I am a thriller/horror fan from way back. I believe I saw my first thriller when I was about 3 years old and I have been in love with them ever since. My older sister and I always watched the creepy, other world movies together, mainly because I was the only one that would watch them with her. She is also a fan of freaky shows, but not as much as I am.

    The point of my little spiel there was to get the idea across that I love supernatural oriented shows; however, since I have been watching them for over 15 years, there is rarely something that shocks/scares/terrifies/haunts/jilts me. In fact, I find most horror movies now and the earlier horror movies to be nothing more than funny, desperate attempts at scaring the audience. I have heard or read just about every story you could possibly dream of about eerie unexplained things and I must say that I would love to find a new one that would shock the hell out of me. Alas, I cannot find that. I did however find Supernatural.

    While Supernatural does not shock, scare, terrify, haunt, or jilt me out of comfort, it does keep me entertained. I enjoy watching and hearing about the writer's versions of the urban legends and I love to watch the actors interpret that onto screen.
    While Supernatural’s themes aren’t all that new, they add a somewhat new twist to overly used plots and ideas. I admit that the plots of all the episodes have been used before, but they haven't always been portrayed the same way and I look forward to seeing how the many other "tales of the supernatural" are interpreted. Supernatural, if nothing else, deserves a chance to shock me, and you too. I doubt it will happen, but there is always that possibility.

  • Brillian! Funny, scary, jummy

    This show is defenetly one of my favorite show these days. Funny, scary, jummy it has everything a good ghost story should have. Supernatural is somewhere between X-files and a teenage drama show like One Tree Hill. The episodes are defenetly scary and I don't recomend watching them home alone in the dark but they are also warming and funny. Dean and Sam are also not bad looking :) I see this show going on for at least 3 seasons and I know for sure that I will be watching every single on of them. Check it out ! !
  • Keeps me in my seat from beginning to end. Great new show!

    I missed the series premier of this show. In fact this past week was the first time I've seen it. Great show! I really enjoyed it. I will be watching this show every week. It keeps my attention from beginning to end. I'm looking forward to more interesting scary episodes.