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  • I love Supernatural!!!!!!! It is the best show ever! Dean is sooooo hott!!!

    I watch supernatural every tuesday at nine o'clock!! the show is so freakin awesome anyways to fill you in dean and sam winchester are two brothers searching for there father and hunting down all things supernatural while they search for the demon that killed there mother!!!! But Dean is always the one that gets harmed ec; in faith he gets electrocuted and hos heart stops, in skin the skin the shapeshifter took his looks ( but i don't blame Jensen's the hottest one!!!lol!!) and in scarecrow!! He's like a damsil in distress lol but hes not a girl! so anyway has anyone ever noticed how his headlight for his '67 chevy impalla is supposed to be knocked out yet in some episodes like route 666 you see both of them on!
  • The show is amazing, it is the number two spot in Mexico on cable TV WB.

    Each week most people 18-30 male & female gather around in Mexico to see one of the fastest growing series in Cable Tv. "SUPERNATURAL", its amazing how the series is keeping the suspense each week, we are like 4 episodes behind the US and most of the media reviews are possitive that Supernatural will soon become one of the best shows on TV as for raitings is now number 2 just behind Smallville. Keep up this amazing show!
  • A terrific new show.

    Supernatural just started in Australia and I have watched all 4 episodes so far. It is very creative and well written show with both twists and humour shown in each episode.

    The characers are very well thought out, each having a weakness of some kind, which makes them human. The demons and creatures that they battle are very cool and it's always great to see how they defeat them.

    The main plot of trying to find their mother's and Sam's girlfriend's killer which will be a very good episode for a finale.

    Overall, there are no downsides to the show that I have seen yet and I will probably tryto watch every episode.
  • Don't lose Jensen nor Jared, they work great 2gether. Maybe u could put up some pictures of the car. I hope Warner Brothers know they have a excellent show(Supernatural)on their hands.

    I enjoy learning new facts & fiction.Jensen & Jared. makes the stories more interesting keep up the good work. Warner Brothers-should know that Supernatural is a bonus show.I enjoy watching guys have I know they r real.(not robots) I watch my dad tell the boys not 2 cry,when they got hurt.
  • defenitly a great show very creative and interesting

    great show ,talented writers hot guys excellent stories and only minor inconsistancies. all and all because of the basis for this show is magic/fantasy/legends there is plenty of material and stories to keep it going for many more seasons,veryu vague about their personal lives so plenty of room for revelations in later episodes. only thing shouldn't make episodes where they might die and then play it as such, everybody knows that for a new show you dont want to lose viewers over the death of a main character
  • Good show that has our protagonists delving into differnet supernatural doings every week

    I like this show. One mark of a good show is that you are unaware of time passing. This show fits that bill.

    The brothers are interesting spook hunters who manage to eek out a victory over the poltergiests and other imps that infest their space.

    I hope this one comes back next season.
  • Legs View

    I think This Show rules on so many levels theres the music from THE rock gods of ACDC and many others as well as gripping story lines as well of the ways of killing the monsters, ghosts, ghouls and other worldly evil things and some of the best delivered comedy I`ve seen in a long time. Legs out
  • Will contain spoilersokay people if you want to watch an episode that has you screaming and hiding your head under the pillows in your moms room this would not be the one i choose

    okay people if you want to watch an episode that has you screaming and hiding your head under the pillows in your moms room this would not be the one I choose however if you just want to see jasen ackles haveing hot sex be my guest watch it two three or more times infact if they just would have mad the show all that i would have been fine with it!
  • Brothers Sam and Dean hunt down boogey monsters across America.

    Whatever your flavor of young, American man, Supernatural has you covered. Sam's the good boy with the puppy dog eyes and clear moral vision. He's a recent college grad earmarked for Stanford Law. A one woman man, he's down a marriageable hottie, that is since she fell to the same demon who took his mother when he was just an infant. Dean's the bad boy, with the world weary gaze and the bravado to charge ahead into the moral gray areas. He's looking for a new girl in every town, but he's a reliable brother and a soldier man for his veteran hunter father who never flags when duty calls. Okay, let's accept that pretty people live harrowing lives -- this is the WB.

    Together, these "odd couple" brothers bicker as they search out and fight the bad guys. The human interest dimension of the plot would be staler than it is (and yes, it is) if the two actors investing the roles (Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles) weren't so capable, and if the overplot of their mother's and Sam's fiancée’s murders weren't compelling and suspenseful.

    The series has its saccharine moments, such as when quick and intimate relationships form between our traveling boys and a local, often a pretty young lady, in trouble (let's not forget the one dying of a brain tumor that Dean might have gone straight for if duty hadn't called and her impending death hadn't prevented it). These are offset by a decent episodic dose of good old-fashioned boogey monster butt kicking.

    The brothers Winchester (yes, that's their "real" name) have three weapons with which to take on the baddies: a hot ride (black '67 Impala), a trunk full of rock salt / guns / boogedy gear, and their father John's journal (which records the wherefore and how-to of monster slaying). The show's developed rules of the fantastic, which are supplemented by Dean's experience and Sam's research, give the hunters clear ways of detecting what they're up against and how to handle it. Although the episodes are often the most suspenseful and intentionally humorous when the path to victory is unclear. The brothers improvise when they have to, and their ideas don't always work. In moments of such tension, there's drama and levity -- the best of the show.

    The "monsters" on the show are often creative, too. They spring from legends available in American folklore, both urban and rural. Their rendering and rules are often surprisingly fresh. The scarecrow turns out to be a pagan god devouring a yearly sacrifice with the town elders knowledge (to keep the crops going in a small Indiana town), for example, isn't simply another slasher -- although the episode pays a clear homage to teen slasher flicks, right from the first teen couple's slaying. The shapeshifter has novel abilities to absorb memory and personality; the wendigo is a product of desperate frontier cannibalism; the reaper is trapped by a minister's wife who means to use death to reward the virtuous and punish the sinner.

    Each episode ends with a blast of tunes, really good tunes, that sometimes also transition scenes. The boys haggle over Dean's outdated musical tastes, but the viewers won't when we get Boston and Rush. The music gives a soundtrack to the show's tongue-in-cheek machismo and pretty-boy angst.

    Sure, we could use many fewer significant looks at other characters and, even more often off into the meaningful distance. And, we could use some real connectedness between all these supernatural events and the waking world. Why are the rest of us mundanes all so clueless? Why is there so little need for cover-up? Why hasn't any power risen up to exploit and control these multiple, and nefarious dark powers? Perhaps we'll get more of these developments as the series matures. Let's hope our heroes do the same.
  • There should be more shows like this!

    Since the cancellation of Buffy in 2003, it seems all the shows like it have been cancelled. Angel followed the next season, Tru Calling lasted 1 season, & Firefly didn't even make it that far. Hopefully the networks are starting to see alot of people want these kinds of shows. People want constructed realities, fantasy, supernatural spooky things. Supernatural is that kind of show. It contains all the genres. Drama between the characters, comedy with one-liners, mystery & action with the story, and horror for obvious reasons. This is a great show that is starting to pick up and will hopefully not meet the same fate as others like it.
  • [recensione in italiano]

    Questa serie horror è abbastamza originale e unica nel suo genere. Tuttavia se si esclude l'ottimo episodio pilota questo telefilm ripercorre tutta una serie di urban legends, già viste in numerosi b-movies e che con il tempo non lasciano allo spettatore, nonostante la buona riuscita delle scene, grandi emozioni. I personaggi inoltre sono fin troppo finti, quasi ripescati dagli stessi b-movies. I due fratelli protagonisti sono due bellocci, che non sempre convincono con la loro interpretazione, ma quello che colpisce è che ogni puntata ha una protagonista femminile fin troppo bella per essere reale. Insomma da acchiappa fantasmi i due protagonisti sembrano due acchiappa-modelle... e qui l'interessante inizio rischia di naufragare in un banale show per teenager!
  • 2 brothers who fight evil.

    This show is sooo awsome!!With action,suspence,and drama.I love it!!This is the show I wacth when Charmed is not on.I love its odd twist.And way out there ideas.Who ever invented ths show is so so smart and awsome.I would give it 10 stars out of 10!!I go nuts when it is not on.
  • Supernatural has some of the best storylines!

    Supernatural, is in my opinion, one of the best shows on The Wb. Only one that tops is "in my opinion" is Smallville, but that's only cause i'm a fanatic. Absolutely better than "some" of the long running shows on any channel. Absoultely gonna keep watching this one. Also Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are some of the hottest actors on tv.
  • Supernatural is a great show, Kudos to the WB for picking Jensen and Jared; both are amazing actors with such chemistry. The pilot just blew me away.

    Supernatural is a great show, Kudos to the WB for picking Jensen and Jared; both are amazing actors with such chemistry. The pilot just blew me away. It was thrilling, suspenseful, and original. I hope they keep the show going. I can't wait to see what lies ahead with the father, should prove to be very interesting. Each episode keeps you on the edge of your seat.
  • Sam and Dean Winchester are two brothers whose mother died a supernatural death when they were young causing their father to go on a crusade to find the thing that killed her. When he goes missing, the brothers team up to find him and kill all evil that l

    I absolutely love this show. Both Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are amazing actors and are brilliant in "Supernatural". They are so hot. Their on-screen relationship as brothers is touching and adorable. Jensen is hilarious with his one liners. The show is very interesting as well. I cannot remember any show ever getting me sucked in as quickly as "Supernatural" did.
  • Supernatural roxers mein boxers, it is the 1337 meister.

    Supernatural roxers mein boxers, it is the 1337 meister. I think that the main reason I love this show so much is, because it’s different. You have your soap opera’s, your dramas; etc etc…But Supernatural is one of a kind. With a main storyline about two brothers in search of their missing father who along the way fight evil conspiracy theories about white women and other such what, how can you go wrong. I might just add they director has made a fine choice in regards to actors, Sam played by Jared Padalecki and Dean played by Jensen Ackles, they make the perfect duo.
    Supernatural is one of those shows which makes you want to watch more, and it’s actually suspenseful unlike those crappy sci-fi shows. In any case the main thing is if you haven’t already watched every episode, I strongly suggest you run to a friend’s place who has taped them right now. Or at night time (it will give more effect). Overall Supernatural is a brilliant show, it’s original and, you can’t not watch it because it roxers our boxers.
  • Spooky, campy, creepy, and fun!

    Spooky, campy, creepy, and fun! This show, for those old timers out there, is The Hardy Boys for the 21st century! I really like it and dont miss it if I can help it. The WB, and next season WB/UPN, have brought back a little bit of Buffy and Angel to TV! I applaude them and hope it makes it another season!
  • This show has become my favorite and only gets better.

    When I first saw the previews for the show, I thought, “Ok, it looks scary but good” but was partially skeptical on whether it would be a good show and partially eager to see the pilot. After seeing the pilot, I instantly thought that the show was really good and interesting. It really gets you involved with what is happening. It is based on urban legends and myths and has two hot guys as the lead characters. What more can you ask for? The legends and myths are ones that most of us know and have read/heard/talked about. Not only that but they somehow manage to tie in the search for their father and the murderer of their mom and Jessica. This show has definitely become my favorite shows. I am obsessed with this show. And it keeps getting better as the show progresses.
  • supernatural is one of the most hottest shows i mean hott guys hot show!

    i love supernatural i mean hot guys, hot show every tuesday at 9:00 i sit and watch the awsome show! and it is not just me that i know all of my friends and family pretty much watch the show and they live all over canada so thats pretty cool! i fist wanted to see the show when i saw the prieview and i love horror movies i love the actors in it so i was pretty happy!
  • I love this show it orginality and outstanding cast.

    I think the show is based on our fears as we grew up about all those things we new were out there just could not explain. I can't wait to see the next show. We are always up and ready to go when the show comes on my entire house gets up and we sit down and we watch. Since day 1 this show has been awesome and i hope it stays around for years.
  • Wow, what can I say…

    Ok so I have only seen the first episode as that’s the only one that has been aired in the UK, but I have to admit that I am hooked. The actors pull of the characters well making you believe that they are actually them while making it mildly funny. What a way to end the pilot I might add, it just gives you a taste of what is to come and lets you imagination run riot, will this happen, maybe that, oh what about this. You just what to know more before you are allowed.

    I will defiantly be tuning in to the next episode and the ones after that.
  • its worth it just for jense and jared!

    i've only seen the first two eps but this show is def a new favourite. though i think the supernatural storylines are a little dry the relationship, personality and looks of the brothers make up for that. but seriously why is dean saying bitch so much? he does realize he's a man right?
    anyway, its great to see them back on our screens and have jense play a character taht he plays so well (like he did alec though alec never said bitch).
    i must admit i still refer to them as alec and dean, which is confusing since well dean isnt dean and alec is dean. gosh im getting a headache!

    watch supernatural!!!
  • I Have to say This a classic as Er and friends.

    I have to say this is one show in the beginning looked alright but when my friends said you have to see it they meant it So now Im hooked I look forward to see it every week.I also like the fine preformance of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. This is a classic show thats all Ill say.
  • I started out watching Supernatural by watching Gilmore Girls. And I’m sorry to say that the Gilmore’s have lost their place as “my show” poor girls.

    I watched Supernatural for the first time by accident. I was watching Gilmore Girls on Tuesday and I was just too lazy to change the channel. I had seen the promos for the pilot but I didn’t care, I had my show. So I watched ‘Wendigo’ with no expectations what so ever. I started out, barley paying attention, but the handsome actors Jensen Ackles as Dean and Jared Padelecki as Sam made me open my eyes as they delivered very contrasting, emotional, and convincing performances. Dean, in particular could melt an ice berg with a single look. Then the very Hitchcock feel of the episode kept me on the edge of my couch, literally. I didn’t get the privilege of seeing the Wendigo, the man turned cannibalistic monster until the end, when Dean shoots, and kills it with a flare gun. And I screamed out loud. I’m not one that talks to the movies, but I was constantly yelling at my T.V. “Sam watch out! Dean! No, it got Dean!” and so on. Once the fight scene was over and the baddie was in ashes on the ground I let out an audible sigh of relief. That night I went to bed, and left the hall light on for the first time since I was six. So I ran back to Supernatural the next Tuesday and was not disappointed. I was immediately drawn into the storyline of the two very different brothers, Dean, the soldier, the warrior, and the strong one, who will do anything for his brother and is desperately afraid of being abandoned again, Sam, the baby of the family, the college boy, and the depressed reluctant hero with haunted dreams that plague him constantly, how the two boys relate, and their quest for their father. At first I was worried about the limited mobility of the plot line because, no matter how long they stretch out his disappearance the brothers can’t search for their father for that long. Yet, as the episodes continued it was clear that both brothers had a purpose in something much larger then finding their father, and each one left me spell-bound on my couch begging the writers for more. I grew to loath the absent tee father figure John Winchester that seems to be the cause of the entire mess that the boys are caught up in. I started to blame him for everything that came between the brothers and the emotions that torture them that they would never admit to. However, when I do see John I can’t help but see a haggard shell of a man who is overcome by an old hurt and is too frightened of something we don’t yet know about to provide some much needed solace to his boys. He becomes more relatable, I still hate him, but I began to understand why he continues to avoid his sons. I watched every episode as often as I could and once I got DVR I was afraid I’d never leave the couch again. I began to come up with theories and speculate about the fate of the Winchesters, it is a lot of fun to try and guess where the writers will take the show next because no matter how creative or insightful you are, or how many of your friends are convinced that that is what is going to happen you are ultimately, dead wrong. You’re wrong because there is something bigger following around the ’67 Impala, something that we can only catch glimpses of in the rear-view mirror. They let you know enough so that you think you know just what is going to happen, and then they twist it so that it connects with some plot point you have yet to see. Normally the WB isn’t the most intelligent of networks, and I’m not saying Supernatural is brilliant, but it defiantly keeps you guessing. I eventually did see the pilot and kicked myself for missing it the first time, it blew me away. Now, I’m a bona-fide SNerd, and if you give this show a chance, you will be too.
  • Surprisingly great

    Made me jump, made me think, made me cringe, made me laugh, and i've no doubt that in the future it will make me cry.

    Excellent show, with everything included. Jensen Ackles plays the cocky Dean who just made me chuckle with the flipant behaviour of his character. Sam (Jared) is the tortured soul.

    The white woman made me jump when she went through Sam's car, and, like that unexpected moment, this show is sure to be an unexpected hit.

    I thought it would be a rip off of a show like Buffy or the X Files. Boy was i wrong.

  • I love it it's great!!!!!!

    To Brothers go hunting the supernatural after there mother died (22 years before) and fater resently goes missing. This show is great. It goes though Urban lengend which rock. LoL
    I need 20 more worlds. Supernatural is a great show with a great story line thing

    Devils angel here 666 .
  • Excellent. OMG! I am so going to watch the second one. One of the best shows i've seen.

    At the very start it was semi fluffy but when you see all the things in the babys room stop and the lights start to flicker you just knew that the scary factor was going up.
    I loved the special effects they were amazing.
    I loved the music they used in this episode. ACDC rocked and managed to help set the feeling that they were hitting the road to find their father.
    I liked the little references made about other shows and the whole "Jim, Jack and Jose" thing.
    The part with the Woman in White in Dean's car managed to scare me. Same as it did when Sam drove the car into the house. The kids standing at the top of the stairs then they grab hands creeped me out.Overall an excellent start to a series.
  • Supernatural is an upgrade of the X-files show, which I was also a fan of, and I have seen every episode of this show and am really looking forward to future episodes.

    Supernatural is the bomb!! I have to watch it every week in which I tape so I can fast forward thru the commercials. I absolutely LOVE!!!this show. Its right up my alley because I'm open minded when it comes to ghosts and stuff like that (but leave me out of gory). I totally give this show a 10-10-10-10-10!!!!!!!
  • Summer in NSW. Mostly hot, this year has been hot, but also overcast for many days now. Tuned in to watch Supernatural's pilot episode.

    I never imagined Supernatural would surpass my expectations of it, I thought it would be mildly entertaining, but I was so mistaken cause it scared the hell out of me which is a good thing. I hope every episode isn't as scary though, cause I am not sure how much of that I could take. Thank god it's just a weekly show. I thought the two guys in it were good. I was glad Jensen Eckles played a better character than the one in Days of our Lives. He was by my judgement wasted in that role. This year looks like one of the best ever for TV shows.
  • A *good* show? The jury's still out. Do I *like* this show? Heck yeah!

    I can't figure out why I like Supernatural so much, but I know that I do. It's not a particularly original show, since it borrows heavily from urban legends and other shows. They use the same effects over and over: things moving in that "not quite right" way, moving too fast, etc. The actors aren't bad but they aren't fantastic, either.

    I *think* that I like Supernatural because it's just sorta... enjoyable fluff. It's just like eating Cool Whip right out of the bowl. I don't mean "fluff" in a bad way. I enjoy it enough that I watch it *every* *single* *week* without exception. It's a younger, hipper, lighter X-Files and I love it.
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