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  • ilove it.I haven't beenint watching it that long, only two weeks, but I've follown in love with it.And I think the guy that play's Sam is so cute.He's my favorite character in the show. And I hope this show goes to a second season.Because it is great.

    i love it. I haven\'t beeing watching it that long, only two weeks, but I\'ve followen in love with it. And I think the guy that play\'s Sam is so cute. He\'s my favorite character in the show. And I hope this show goes to a second season. Because it is great.
  • Supernatural is the story of two boys, Dean and Sam Winchester, that must fight against evil forces 22 years later after their mother died, and just as Sam\'s girlfriend, Jessica, happens the same, he accepts his destiny and goes out with Dean in order to

    Supernatural is one of the best TV series that one could imagine, it has fun, it has mystery, it has suspense, it has monsters and diverse creatures, and they are fight by two single men, Dean and Sam Winchester. While Dean is just trying to destroy all ghosts and monsters they encountered, following the orders of his dad, Sam tries desperately to have a normal life, find the creature that killed his mother and Jessica, and just doing all what Dean does not tells him: trying to find dad under his authority.
    The best creature-hunters TV story ever.
  • Great Cast, intriguing story lines, great wardrobe design and the car.. well that’s just hot. Love the sarcasm, well written!

    Great Cast, intriguing story lines, great wardrobe design and the car.. well that’s just hot. Love the sarcasm, well written! Had given up watching TV until this Awsome tv show came along! I live for Monday nights now, cant get enough of this program! It has everything... Hope it never leaves the air!!
  • Two brothers seach for there mothers "supernatural" killer while killing any ghost,demon or monster that gets in there way!

    This show has it all!There's hot guys,action,suspense,horror,an great story lines.The first time I heard about it I thought that it was going to be just another cheesey supernatural show.Boy,was I wrong!You end up really feeling for the characters.There's non-stop action and really scary stories that made me turn on the lights.This show raises the hair on the back of your neck!Supernatural is definatly one of my all-time fafvorite shows!
  • A brilliant program

    What can I say about this program other than its absolutely brilliant.
    Basically it all starts with Sams mother dieing. The 2 boys are raised like warriors and the family hunt evil spirits for a living. Although they kill all the evil spirits that they come across, their main aim is to find and kill the demon that killed their mother and Sams girlfriend.
    I wasnt really a sci~fi fan and am still probably not classed as one, but Supernatural is defenatly turning me around. Until you actually watch an episode I dont think you can really judge the program. I didnt think it looked that good, but now I have to watch an episode a night, lol.
    I rate Supernatural 10 out of 10 and I will recommend it to anyone who hasnt already seen it.
  • The popularity of Supernatural truly shows how interested and fascinated people are with the mythical and unexplained. An excellent show although there are some additions to general legends that are figments of the writers mind.

    Supernatural has been improving right from the very first episode. The show is something new for television and its viewers, something a lot more interesting than the growing trend of reality TV. It's continual twists and difference from one episode to the next is linked very well by the one main objective of the brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester; to find and destroy the thing that killed their mother and Sams girlfriend Jessica.
    An excellent show for the lovers of the mythical, believers of urban legends (because every urban legend has a beginning) and chasers of the unexplained. Great for those who enjoy the likes of the X-Files and The Twilight Zone.
  • I didn't know what to think when I first watched Supernatural, but now I am totaly hooked!

    I am not a huge fan of watching TV shows that are scary, but after watching the first episode of Supernatural I became hooked! It has drama, comedy, hot boys (of course) and great story lines. Every week I can't wait till Supernatural is on, I have to have my weekly dose, otherwise I have been known to have withdrawals! I'm always on the edge of my seat while watching and there hasn't been an episode yet that I haven't liked. Oh and when it comes to the Sam or Dean debate, I am going to have to pick Dean, his just so HOT! XOXO
  • That’s exactly what I thought in the opening scene. It was a perfect way to set up a show.

    This show is one of if not the best show out there right now. Each week grabs you in the first minute and doesn’t let you go until the credits roll. After each episode you find your self counting down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until the next episode airs.

    Each week the show does a great job of mixing up the suspense with humor. In a show that can easer get lost in suspense finds it’s way with funny one lines. You find your self laughing and being scared each week.

    Each episode does a nice job of mixing up the monster/creatures and how the brothers go about destroying them. You never find your self bored when watching an episode since something is always happening to keep you interested.

    The two main characters Jensen and Jared, have such great on screen chemistry you find your self wondering if they really are brothers. Jensen who plays Dean does a god job at being the over protective big brother at the same time making every one laugh with is one liners. While Jared is excellent as the young brother who his searching for answers to the many questions surrounding his life.
  • my life/family summed up into one show supernatural you have to read on!

    ever since charmed ended supernatural has become my new best friend.i never miss an episode,im litterly glued to the tv when its on. the storyline is good but the best bit every week has to be the different obsticales sam and dean have to go trough, its not scary for me at all because, im fascinated by the creppy bits,sometimes i feel sorry for the people,that the spirits, and stuff are after but most of the time its just simply funny,everyone that knows me says im weird, because i like all this stuff but to me its just normal!. hunting gosts, researching myths and legends,traveling to different places never knowing where you\\\'ll end up next or who your going to save? is so exciting to me if only there was people out their that needed saving like that id be there in a shot! of cource dean [jensen ackles]would have to be an important part of that journey sorry sam [jared] dean [jensen] wins my heart every time!
  • this show is reeli good.

    i couldnt wait for this show to start wen i heard it was comin to england. I first heard bout it on this website and it werent showin here yet.
    Jensen ackles is great, and so is Jared Padalecki. They are soo hot!!!

    I've senn Jensen in smallville and Dark Angel and i was glad to see he had his own show.

    I've seen Jared in House of wax too and he was great.

    I think this show is reeli good and the episodes are always different, one of the best things is that i've heard about the spirits or whatever they are before. e.g. the hook man and wendigo and reaper.

    this show is awesome!!

  • 10
    this show got me out of my seat when i watched it. it deserves every award, prize anything in the world. whoever hates it made the wrong call. my favourite character is dean. this is the most scariest tv program ive ever seen and how did the creators make these think of the episodes it deserves a ten for anything
  • Ilove this show it is great. i like the guys that are in it. and i like that fact that they try to get the facts about what they are hunting.

    supernatural rocks keep up the great shows.i love the actor that plays dean.he really keeps the show from being keep up the good work and bring us more new shows.i hope that the wb keeps making great shows like this one. also i would like to see if the wb can start showing reruns of the enterprise.
  • One of the best shows ever!

    I absolutely love Supernatural. It has the most amazing concepts each and every episode. I do have to admit that I only started watching it because I am in love with Jared Padalecki, but, as I started getting into it, I've just gotten hooked. Jensen Ackles is amazing with all the humorous lines, and Jared Padalecki is so serious, and they are just so fun to watch as on-screen brothers.
  • What an incredible ride! This show deserves every award out there for every category, music, actors, writers, directors, crew, etc. I wish it was on more often because I'm hooked! Thank you for the BEST program on television. Thank you!

    I am totally hooked on this show. The actors are superb as is the writing. I really enjoy the humor they throw in even when they are in a tough spot. I enjoyed the tricks they played on each other in last weeks episode. I also enjoyed and appreciated the segment the showed on TV Guide channel with behind the scenes info. Very well done and fun to watch. I hope this show lasts longer than Cheers, MASH and every other show combined. Kudos to the writers for keeping my full attention and to the crew for such great locations and sets. The cast is incredible and believable, not to mention drop dead gorgeous!! :) Thank you for finally giving us a great show on television when there is so little out there. Hopefully someday it will be available on DVD. Keep up the phenomenal work and again thank you soooo much!!!
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  • I love this show.

    It was purely accidental that I even found out about Supernatural, but as I was watching it for the first time, I just kept thinking, this is good stuff. That is, I thought it was an interesting concept, but I was pretty sure it would get old soon. I was entirely wrong, and so many episodes later I find myself hooked (and not just because the actors are hot).
    This show delivers in an odd sort of way (the action and suspense are awesome), and I love that it lets itself focus on character dynamics every once in a while instead of just forcing some through to avoid being labeled shallow. It just has excellent balance all the way through. And sure, there are little things that need to be worked out (as in all shows), but I've gotta say, it's impressive!
    All told, Supernatural is just plain good TV.
    (And there had better be a season two.)
  • brothers who are fulfilling their fathers job of hunting evil creatures/spirits while having fun at the same time. Every episode takes a wrong turn but leads them to their next adventure.

    Always suspenceful. Above and beyond what i would expect out of a series. They would make a killing by making one of their best episodes into a movie. Supernatural is a show i NEVER MISS and i would definitely pay money to go see a 2 hours movie (comercial free=) of them on their biggest adventure/hunt. If you havn't seen this show before, you don't know what your missing. And u shouldnt be missing it.
  • A humorous, action science fiction show that keeps you on the edge of your seat from the beginning to the very blood end(and I do mean bloody).

    Some shows are predicted to be stupid, time wasteful shows and sometimes, they are. Other times, people think they will be worthless, and they tunr out pretty good. But with Supernatural, people predicted it to be a great show from the start, and they were right.

    When Sam was a baby, his mother was killed spontaneously. Their father left soon afterwards, leaving them to inherit the family job - hunting down every demon, ghost, and shadow and kill it. Dean, the elder brother, seeks their father's will while Sam, the younger brother, would rather spen his time tracking down their father's whereabouts.

    Sam is often confused with Dean because he appeared on the program "Gilmore Girls" on the same TV channel, WB, where his name was Dean.

    Ultimately, both brothers want to help their father kill the spirit that killed their mother. Until then, they must complete assaignments given to them by their father and solve "murder mysteries" and "ghost stories" to close in on it. As stated before, the family business - saving people and hunting things.

    Almost every scene of every episode has something to do with how the brothers end up dicovering the enemy and killing it. In one episode, however, the enemy killed himself (Nightmare) and in another, the enemies were only put off until they could escape (Shadows).

    I highly recommend you watch this show. It's mysterious, humorous, bloody, but not too bloody, and full of action.
  • Supernatural is the only show on tv that I watch. The cast is not only gorgeous but talented and share a chemistry that is truly makes you believe they are brothers. Supernatural is a keeper for years to come.

    Supernatural is fun, creepy, exciting and has two of the most handsome and talented actors I've ever seen. It's riveting tv and Thursdays cannot come soon enough and I wish the hour was longer. With tv being such a disappointment, it's such a treat to finally have a show worth our time. I'm grateful each week for the smiles they give me. I hope and pray every day that we have many more seasons of this wonderful show. I hope my opinion as well as so many others matters to the powers that be. Thank you again Jared and Jensen for every smile you bring and for making tv fun again.
  • FINALLY!!!! Something to fill the gap left in my life by the X-Files!!!!!!!

    At last a show that has me glued each week!!!! There's been nothing to compare to the X-Files since it disappeared and SUPERNATURAL does it!!!

    Great thread, great stand alones and great leading guys.

    You aint seen it? GO WATCH IT! And stop another potential classic from being ripped from our screens by suits with no vision!
  • I Freakin LOVE this show!!!!

    I love this show. Im not exactly sure how i started watching it. I think i read a review about it in a magazine, and they thought it was amazing. That magazine doesnt give amazing reviews very often. And they had a picture, and i thought, wow these guys look super familiar. Then I read their names, and I freaked out because i am also a huge Gilmore Girls fan and seeing Jared in another show made me very happy. And i love paranormal stuff. so this show was, like, perfect for me. I also love how every refrance they make in this show is a true refrence. I mean, the writers really have done their research! And there is one more perk- the super hot guys!
  • I love this show!

    From the very first episode I was hooked.The writing is amazing.Not only is it funny but it is also witty and at times very dramatic.I haven't seen an episode that I didn't like.I can't leave out how sexy the leads are, but five minutes in you realize the show is so much more.I really enjoy Dean's one liners and I hope the show sticks around for awhile.
  • Well i think supernatural is one of the best shows on tv! Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are just soooooooooo cute!!!!!!

    My fav episode so far would have to be, the Scare Crow! You see I am from australia so it is only up to the scarecrow episode! I just cant wait to see more.......
    As i was saying before Jared and Jensen are so cute...well hot....well OK.....THERE TOTAL SPUNKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for them!!!!!
  • I think I'm in love!

    This is the best show on TV! I'm absolutely in love with everything about Supernatural - the actors, the plots, the perfect mix of drama and humor, even the monsters! Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki do an amazing job at portraying their characters, and they work wonderfully with each other. Dean and Sam Winchester are very vivid and intriguing characters. Actually, all of the characters are very three-dimensional, even the mysterious father, John. The storyline is so unique. Even though there's plenty of drama and angst, it's not overkill and there is just the right amount of humor to lighten it up a little. I look forward to watching more seasons of Supernatural. I'm hooked!
  • greatness

    I apsolutly LOVE supernatural!
    and both faith and shadow have to be the best eps ever. there have been a couple of misses like bugs or the benders but i still find myslef watching them over and over. specially jensen and jared they make the show rock, i cant imagine anyone else playing the part of dean or sam!
  • I was so excited to watch the next episode until i found out there was a BREAK!!! Then i figured i have to wait a WEEK till the next episode is shown!!!

    I LOVE SUPERNATURAL!!! I always get excited to watch the next episode so far the tv show in my opinion is going gr8 The acting and props and story line is really good :D, the thing i really hate is when there is a break in the tv show like what happned this week one of the episodes were repeated but oh well i still got to see Jensen!! :D Im looking forward to seeing the next episode :)
  • The best new show on the WB.

    The WB did good with this one. Each episode keeps you wanting more. I like the interaction between the characters Sam and Dean. The dialogue between the two is great. I continue to get hooked with each new episode I see and hope that the WB (well the new network that will form with UPN) keeps this show on the air for a long time.
  • Supernatural is about the adventures of brothers Sam & Dean (played by Jared Padelecki & Jensen Ackles) who hunt evil & solve other worldly mysterys, while on a quest to find whatever killed their mother (& Sam's girlfriend). The show mixes humor & wit, w

    This show is amazing. Admittingly, my first reason to watch was for the man candy (both Padelecki & Ackles, yum) but five minutes into the pilot changed that. The show is a weird fusion of the supernatural lore (from Bloody Mary to Hell House) & an insanely spot on (sardonic at times) sense of humor. One of the major draws is the relationship between Dean & Sam. The chemistry between the two actors is amazing (at times they actually seem related).
    Anyway, the show is a hit for a reason, so if you haven't jumped on yet, then you might want to by the time the show is out on dvd.
  • two brothers on a hunt. for the something that killed his mom. and for every creature or ghost they find on their way through america

    this show is for me the best new show this year. it has everything horror, comedy, special effects and a plot that keeps you interesting to the end. i just hope they going to make a second season or more. the sound and the visuals are also a must for everyone
  • Funny banter and great suspense - sometimes a little too repetitive... I do love it though!

    I do really like this show - it is one of my favs. But I do find it a bit repetitive at times. Mainly because each episode is - find a target, fake your way into some information, think you killed it, not quite, nearly die, kill it for good, leave on your next adventure.

    Despite this though there is the underlying speculation as to why the demon is after their family and will they reunite with there dad. Every couple of eps a piece of the puzzle falls into place which is what keeps me watching. Plus it is all round entertaining. I enjoy the banter between the brothers and the chase of each weeks' supernatural being.