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  • What more to say! Supernatural rules!

    I love this show. Combine spooky situations and hot guys and get a hit. This show is awesome. Every week i can not wait till the next episode comes on. Supernatural is one of my all time favorite shows. This show rules. Every week the episodes keep getting better and better.
  • i think that the show is totally awesome and that it really keeps your attention then entier way through. keeps ya on the edge of your seat

    i love the show! it really is one of those shows that will hold your attention all the way through to the end and leave you drooling for the next one. the actors in it are really awesome too. their acting dont make it seem fake, it makes you feel like you are right there with them in the show. all in all it really is an awesome show and i think anyone who loves horror or scifi will love it!
  • You'll love this if you like to be scared and you'll just love it. Period.

    This show is beyond awesome. It's my all-time favorite show since Buffy and Angel. There is humor, love, and butt-kicking all in one show. Jensen Ackles cast as Dean and Jared Padalecki cast as Sam is just perfect. They do an extraordinary job on their characters. I mean what show could be greater than two brothers with the most different personalites be kicking supernatural butt? Again, it's a completely cool show!
  • Some theories about supernatural.

    Maybe it has already been said in some other reviews or post on the forum, bu i didn't read all of them so i'm gonna tell you what i think about some stuff.

    First i think the whole story is about Sam, he is the only one who seems to have special abilities in the Winchester family, Dean, John and Mary are just human.
    Then Mary Winchester and Jess the two grils who died burning on the ceiling, did it right over Sam.
    Then, in Home, at the very end, Missouri says something like " This boy has so powerful abilities, i don't understand how he couldn't feel his own father" ( which was at Missouri's). So Sam may not be John's son, maybe Mary was seeing an other man ( who could have had some special abilities, or be some kind of wizzard / demon , i don't know), that would explain where his powers come from.

    Well that's not very realistic, but why not.

  • Supernatural covers the stories that we feared as a kid. It is definatly one of my guilty pleasures.

    A great show about two brothers trying to find their dad, and along the way they hunt demons and urban legends. There are so many different storylines they could use for each episode. With each episode they are in a different part of the country, with different characters. The only ones that are in each episode are Dean and Sam (the two brothers) a great family show but it may be a bit much for the little ones.
  • Two brothers follow in the footsteps of thier father who mysteriously disapeard hunting and fighting supernatural beings.

    This series is like watching a mini horror movie each week. The supernatural creatures featured are those that are less known, making the episodes less predictable. Good plot, thrilling, and good looking main characters to boot. The only decent show that has aired on the WB in a long while.
  • Two brothers travel all over chasing weird happenings and creatures all the while hoping to find their father and the thing that killed their mother.

    This show is great! Not only does it take two of the hottest young actors today it uses real life stories to entertain us. I myself was terrified of some of these stories growing up but seeing them played out and "solved" makes them not so scary anymore. I also inserts some emotional moments and some humor between the two brothers and the people they encounter.
  • Two brothers are searching for their father, who has gone missing after hunting whatever killed their mother. Along the way they must fight many deadly creatures and Urban Legends.

    This show is my favorite new series. It is very well directed and the actors are terrific. There are small parts in the show that make me laugh, btu the show is mainly focused on scaring whoever watches it. The two brothers hunting these creatures have gone up against varies things, from killer bugs to Bloody Mary. This show always has me under the covers, and I Never watch it alone. Lucky for me my sister also enjoys this show. We watch it every week its on, I have even seen a couple of episodes more than once. Everyone shoudl watch this show, no regrets will follow.
  • Although from the beginning it seems a new X-Files, this series has some decent things.

    Supernatural it's a good series, don't get me wrong... but it's like seeing again X-Files, with new actors... I mean, the couple as a stars of the shows... they'll search for their father, and I'm pretty sure they won't ifnd him until the last chapter... but here's the twist.

    The stories are always interesting... so far good charachters... good monsters (really good one that chameleon guy).... keep up the good work, I like this show so far.

    I hope that Supernatural take some direction that could take it away from the same path that X-Files took... for example, they could keep bringing strange phenomena every episode, if they keep doing this, they'll be apart from that great series...
  • This show ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!

    ITs been a long time since a show this good has come along. Good storylines, hot guys, suspense, a cool car, who could ask for more??? I don't know if it is like this everywhere, but the show is on twice a week, double the pleasure, even though its usually the same episode. LOVE IT!!
  • I love this show.

    Its so funny the way the two bros'(dean and sam)are always fighting or making funny comments.

    The shows all about dean and sam goin "hunting" all the supernatural things togther while looking for their dad and what killed their mom and sams girlfriend Jess. On their way the brothers protct each other and fight with each other.
  • This is one of the best new shows out that I have seen . Thanks for keeping us intrigued.

    Great new show. I'm hooked already. Hope it lasts. Since Star Trek has gone. I have not been really interested in anything else until now. I really like this show. The suspense is great. never know what will happen. Hollywood got this one right this time. The actors are just right and the plots are out of this mindset.
  • Supernatural is God's gift to Tuesday nights! I was pretty upset at first when I found out that Jensen was going to be leaving "Smallville" I was pretty upset but when I found out about "Supernatural" was airing on the 13th of September I knew it would be

    Supernatural is such an amazing show, similar to Smallville the main characters face things that are completly impossible but the yet seems so raelistic all at the same time. Dean and Sam (played by the very handsome Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki) the both have to deal with solving the mystery of what happened to their mother when they were kids, why did whatever killed thier mother come back to kill Jessica (Sam's girlfriend) and what happened to their father. They come across supernatural phenenomin and help people. By far the best episode was called "Skin" which was about a shapeshifting homicidal maniac who kills anyone who rejects him. It was hot to see two of Dean on the screen at the same time!

  • it's a very interesting show but...

    this show was amazing from its first episode but the problem is that it tells very slowly the story of the brothers and the father. there's always a supernatural problem and then they forget to tell you some sort of clue they find to keep on searching for their father.
    It's true that I have watched only the first 3 episodes. During these days I'll see the rest of them but until this moment arrives that's what I think about the show. It's good and I will keep watching it.
  • Supernatural follows the lives of 2 ghost-hunting brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester. This is a fabulous TV show. Warning: Watch this show with show with the lights on!!

    My friend told me about Supernatural the day after thay aired the pilot. I had heard about it. but for some reason wasn't intrigued. I love horror movies but for some reason, I didn't think this show would be very scary. My friend then said, that this show freaked her out. So I decided to give it a shot.
    Heed my warning, watch this show with the lights on! This show is freaky, especially the Bloody Mary episode! But I love being freaked out like that! It's so, fun! My family doesn't understand why I like it so much, being how they've always known me as the girl who would always pass on horror movies.
    Another reason to watch? JENSEN ACKLES and JARED PADELEKI, 2 of the hottest guys on the planet! WHat is better then watching 2 extremely cute guys search for and defeat ghostly spirits. While it wouldn't hurt for Jensen Ackles to have a few acting lessons, he is the 2nd cutest guy ever (after Patrick Wilson of course!). Jared Padeleki is an amazing actor and not bad looking himself.
    In conclusion, Supernatural is 2005's best new show! In fact, why are you reading my review, you should be watching Supernatural Tuesdays at 8.
  • Very solid new show; this one is going places. Each show brings a new story, but there's also an underlying story arc waiting to be developed. Writing, acting, and effects are all above-average... for television. It's not 24 or Lost, but you

    Supernatural is a very solid new show; this one is going places. Each show brings a new story, but there's also an underlying story arc that looks like it will be well worth waiting for.

    This is a horror show, more or less, and any fan of the old school of horror films will probably be pleased with the results. Dean and Sam hunt demons, a wendigo, and even Bloody Mary. I think it's great that the writers have tapped into the rich urban legends and myths of North America.

    Ackles and Padalecki do a good job with the acting. Naturally the show isn't as intensive in the acting department as, say, Six Feet Under; but that's not the reason to watch it anyway. It's refreshing to see a show that doesn't take itself overly seriously. The actors have a good time with it. Actually, I'd say the acting is much better on Supernatural than in many of the horror flicks of which it is sometimes derivative. The writing is better than a lot of more popular shows. It's pretty spare at times, but there's a no-bones-about-it charm to the dialogue.

    The shows are a bit derivative in terms of effects and visual touches. This detracts from it a little bit, in some cases, and in others, it actually enhances it. The borrowed touches are usually knowingly inserted. You'll notice bits of The Ring at some points; there is a scene that is reminiscent of Carrie; Wendigo reminds me of Ravenous. But people, it's TV. You should be glad that it looks as good as big budget films. The writers seem to realize what they're doing, and it's all in good fun. Check out episode 4 and look for the great gag at the beginning - are you on the set of Lost? I'd say the show pays homage more than anything.

    Doesn't hurt that Ackles and Padalecki are two pretty handsome fellows. And, in true horror fashion, there are plenty of pretty girls to be saved from hellfire, monsters, etc.

    So: good acting, solid writing, above-average effects, and a lot of horror enjoyment. A lot of new shows are trying really hard to change your life, but how about a show that's just fun? Watch it.
  • Supernatural is about two brothers on a mission to find their father, and fight evil along the way. There are many obstacles along the way, and the two brothers, Sam and Dean, must face them together.

    The Pilot was interesting, but it wasn’t…enough. I did enjoy it; it was scary, funny, and my kind of show. It wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. But I gave it another chance-and I’m glad I did. As the show has progressed on, it’s gotten scarier, funnier, and cleverer. There are endless possibilities of things they could use, and the creators have used things, such as the Wendigo (a man that went cannibalistic, and became a creature that is a perfect predator), and have gotten better from there. The show is about two brothers who are hunting down evil things, and have many problems (such as their dad missing) along the way. The brothers are absolutely perfect together. With Sam and his determination, and Dean with his humor, they make a perfect brotherly match. This show is entirely recommended.
  • Great show, great acting, unique idea. Keep up the good work, want to see it last for at least 5 more seasons.

    I have watched all the episodes from this show so far and have yet to be disappointed. I am hoping the intrique between the relationship with the guys and the relationship between the guys and their dad will keep the suspense, but also supply some answers.

    The hunt for their father as well as trying to find the demon that killed their mom and Sam's girlfrien is a great subplot that allows the guys to go on their journey and find urban legends of different parts of the US. One of which might lead to the cause of the murder of the mom and the girlfriend.

    Good show.
  • Decent show with decent actors and a decent plot. The humor is pretty good though. Certainly not up to par with the likes of Buffy and Angel, but it's on its way there.

    Yes, I was a skeptic at first. I didn't actually think this show would catch my attention. After two shows,(yes, two shows whithin the span of 3 months) I started becoming more and more interested in this show. Ok, so it's not exactly as great as Buffy or Angel, but it's too early in the show to say for sure. There are really good brother to brother scenes that involve a lot of humor. I tend to laugh at some scenes, especially during the episode of "The Phantom traveller."

    I think this show is doing great mainly because of the large fanbase of female viewers. Geez, it's always about the how cute the actors/actreses are nowadays. Oh well. What can you do? I on the other hand think that those who love the supernatural and urban legends and any of that scary stuff should definitely give this show a shot.
  • Finally, a show that can almost send chills up my spine. It seems like the writers are hitting every fear and phobia. The direction of the show is changing though.

    Ok, so when I started watching this I thought it was going to be some really cool and creepy version of ghostbusters. Maybe with a little dark comedy influence like Evil Dead thrown in, but each episode seems to be less and less of the good stuff. Its like those crazy religious zealots are trying to make this show into a moral theme (again). Who controls the creative process for the scripts? Barny the purple dinosaur? Come on, I want to see a truly scary show. Give me the good stuff. Throw some blood sprays in every now and then, and be sure and scare the wits out of me. Then this show will truly have a niche. As it stand now, it started out like I wanted, but is now moving toward the boring. Drive here and talk to this person, then drive there and talk to that person, then drive back and find the other person and warn them, but never tell them the truth. NO!!! you can't EVER tell the truth. Then drive really fast to try and save someone, then the last 10 minutes fight something evil and win.
    How about 10 minutes of driving around talking to people and 40 minutes fighthing the evil, and another 10 wiping up the blood and covering their tracks. (Evil Laugh)
  • Seemingly poor plot... watched the pilot; nothing special. But since then; surprisingly enjoyable.

    I\'m only on the 4th episode now, I don\'t even know why I watched the 2nd and 3rd, but i\'m starting to get interested.

    I can\'t see how the original pilot got them a series... oh, we\'re two brothers and our dad\'s missing boo hoo. I think I like the other episodes cos they stop going on about it quite so much.

    Some funny bits and it could go places I guess... Update later...
  • Two brothers searching for their missing father, fighting evil along the way.

    This show is the best new shows this year. Definitly the best show on the WB. Although the content must be made up, it all seems so real that you can really enjoy watching the show without thinking the special effects are terrible or getting in the way of your enjoyment. The characters, Sam and Dean, are so fully developed and the actors are perfectly suited to play them. The drama and action are perfectly mixed, the emotions are just right, and the supporting actors actually act well. This is the best drama /science fiction /fantasy show on TV today.
  • Oh my, oh my, oh my.

    Can I have them ... Please!!!!! Oh honey they have to be the sexiest brothers on television. Not to mention that their lives are never boring that's for sure!! They can come to my town anyday ... well as long as they leave the freaky stuff behind for a day or two. :D
  • Awesome.

    This show is great. It's suspenceful and its got a bit of sarcastic humour in it too. Awesome. Each show, you are kept on the edge of your seat until they kick the evil things ass. It even is a little freaky, which is a good thing, not many shows or movies freak me out. The brothers, Sam and Dean are extremely hot. Both of them. Very good looking. Great Actors of course as well. I would recommend this show to anyone who is looking for a suspenceful, scary show, and is sick of all the CSI and Law and Order crap.
  • This story of two brothers that try to rid the world of all supernatural demons or demonic illusions is a fast-paced sci-fi that is addictive.

    I absolutely just love the show. I can't get enough of these two gorgeous guys. They couldn't have picked a better cast. Jared and Jensen are just hot, hot, hot. What more could you want in a sci-fi thriller that comes on every week. I hope that they stay on for a while. This show is addicting.
  • this is my favorite i love ghost story jensen is a hottie

    jensen ackles is a good actor beside that he is so cuteee and funny i love that way he talks and jokes and also Jared Padalecki they both grew up in texas never missed one of their show.
    jensen and jared wish they make a big movie people would love it
  • Great show. Entertaining from start to finish!

    Good old fashioned horror stuff. Just like it used to be. I hope it keeps up the great ghost stories. I just hope it doesn't get bogged down with any of that X files type conspiracy crap.The stories are fun just the way they are without adding any of that background conspiracy and trust no bull**.
    An enjoyable show from start to finish.
  • Ever since Buffy ended I have been waiting for a good supernatural show to start and Supernatural lives up to my expectations.

    When I first saw the preview for the show I was hooked. The preview gave the image of a show out to not only scare it's viewers, but also add humor and an interesting relationship between two brothers. Dean and Sam grew up hunting monsters, one accepted his role while the other left for college. The show starts out with a flashback towards what happened to their mother twenty years ago and then fast forwards to now.

    Every episode of the show not only brings a new ghost/baddie but also a little more imformation on what happened to the family and the relationship between the brothers and their father. Ackles and Padaleki have great chemistry playing to brothers. The characters play off of each other perfectly. Dean's macho, smark ass comments proves to be the perfect balance for Sam. The humor that plays back and forth between the two brothers and constant referrences to other shows and movies proves to being a lighter side to a show that aims to scare it's viewers.

    Overall the show is probably the best addition to genre since Buffy stepped off the stage. I would recommend this not only to people interested in the genre, but also to people who are interested in two very good looking actors.
  • Another show that deserves a rating of 10

    I never believed that another show could come so close to becoming my number one favourite show and overthrowing Smallville. It hasn't but it's extremely close behind. At first, I was only interested because Jared stars in it. As well as Jensen (even though I love Sam more!). The show is a bit dark - freaky & exciting. It totally freaks me out but I love the suspense. Especially the contrast between the two brothers. Also, the storyline is awesome. Each time, it reveals more about the two. Haha, their sarcastic humour is brilliant! =D
  • What a fantastic show!

    I watched this show just because of the eye candy...Jensen and Jared were just enough to hook me in. I was taping Gilmore Girls and decided to tape it as well. I was the only roommate out of four to start to watch it but 10 minutes in, all three of my roommates and I were all ontop of the futon trying not to seem too ridiciously scared when we were.

    Supernatural is a great TV show all about two brothers. The twists with Urban Legends and Horror Movies are fantastic, their story lines just draw you in and keep you glued to the seat as you try to not cover your eyes. Now its not just Jensen and Jared that keep me pulled in, now its all about Dean and Sam, two brothers trying to find the truth about what really happened to their mother and find their father who disappeared during the Pilot leaving Dean only cooridinates to point the brothers in some direction.

    This show is brilliant, two thumbs way up there for this show. This show keeps you pulled in and wanting more! I swear, it just takes one episode and you're hooked. Now if only they could find out what's going on with Sammy.....