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  • Love this series!

    Love this show! Season 7 was a bit disappointing, but crossing fingers, that in season 8, they find the way back to a good main plot. Supernatural rocks!
  • An amazing show...Cannot stop watching!!! Pass on the word...

    This is one of the best show ever! I was hooked right away...I love the chemistry between the key characters. In fact, the two brothers are the true essence of this show. They look so connected that sometimes I almost forget they're acting. And what could I say about the soundtrack? It's totally awesome.
    Supernatural is simply the best thing that has happened to television since long time...and now the boys are definitely back!
    I really hope that Sammy could find a way to get Dean out of his deal with Devil...or at least to give him some years more so we can keep watching the show!!!
  • One Word: Amazing!

    The best show, regardless of genre period. And, I'm a television enthusiast. Show has many layers(subtexts), besides the supernatural aspect. Watch it, I promise you won't regret it!
  • Supernatural is the Best Show I've Ever Watched

    Honestly I never watched the show until I decided to start it last June, and I powered through all seven seasons in about 3 weeks. It's the best show I've ever watched and it's honestly made such an amazing impact in my life. There is so much you can learn about trust and honesty and family and just wow I can't even begin to truly describe how much the show means to me. Not only that but the actors are all really really hot, I mean seriously dAMN. Misha Collins is a real life angel, amazing in every way, as are really all of the cast members. The show is amazing and I wish it would never end.
  • cant wait

    i cant wait for season 8 i LOVE!!!!! supernatural its the best tv show EVER!!!! cant wait to see how sam finds dean in the new season looking forward to it im counting the days down
  • Heaven vs Hell

    The begining was tough (too many american horror stories) but just when i was going to give up....... the war of heaven versus hell, with a God missing and with good and bad angels. I think the best are the secondary actors (castiel, lucifer, crowley the demon). I hope they go back to the angels vs demons, and the search for God story, i am a bit tired of the leviathan.
  • I literally cannot wait for s8!

    I was disappointed by S6 but S7 was much better and I have high hopes for S8! I reallyhope this is not the last season though..
  • Looking Forward To The Season Premiere!

    I've always enjoyed watching this show and I will do until the very end. Naturally, I'm super excited about the premiere however, I'm not sure whether I want them to drag the 'Dean trapped in purgatory' story line out or not. Does anyone have any thoughts on this or will it be good either way? :)
  • Very Special

    The only tv show I actually sit down and watch in it's timeframe. Supernatural is the greatest slice of entertainment available --anywhere! These characters play their roles like they were born to do them. Great show start to finish, season after season. Premium channels got nothin' in this genre on Supernatural.
  • i love this show fan from greensbro nc

    i have watched from the being i think i is awsome i u guys are awsome and everyone eles i have watched every one i always wanted to meet ya'll and cast,bobby,and everyone eles you people insire meeee!!!!!!!!!!! i love all the seasons cant wait till the 8th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!p.s. thier hot!!

  • Supernatural Season 8: All Hell vs. The Winchesters. This will be FUN!

    I just watched the new trailer for Season 8 (link: ; or on in the "Coming Attractions" section) and I think it's gonna be AMAZING!

    The classic Winchesters-vs.-Demons storyline could finally take the

    general spotlight (for the better in my opinion), especially when Hell is threatened to become a demon prison with no exits!

    We'll just have to wait and see.10 out of 10 always and forever, Supernatural!
  • supernatural

    i swear this is my favorite show!!! the guys are hilarious, sexy , and just awesome...
  • Great show!

    Great variety in episodes, decent dialogue and an all-round good show.

    I have just finished Season 4 - Episode 14 and noticed the use of certain expressions.

    The expression "vic" for "victim" is used by both Sam, Dean, Bobby, the Siren and AFAIK also the doctor. The expression have never before been used in the series, and for all characters to suddenly use it is poor character dialogue. The characters need individuality in language and expressions.

    I hope the series won't get dragged out like X-Files was. David Duchovny saw it coming, and after he left the show was running on fumes, rendering the show an incomplete mess, in my opinion.
  • Hooked!

    Totally hooked on Superatural. Watching Season 5 now, getting caught up for October.

    Question: I've researched the heck out of their pentagram tattoos, and I understand it's for protection from demons, but what does the sun represent? I'm not able to find much about the tattoo as a whole, and what everything means pulled together. Anyone?
  • love this show!

    i've been watching this show since day one, when dean was just starting to hunt on his own and sam was reluctant to go with him. and these boys have gone a long way. this show is getting better and better... i remember the days when the boys' greatest monster was the wendigo and now they defeated scum from purgatory... i'm excited and looking forward to the next season...

    i just noticed that dean has been literally everywhere, from the past to the future, from heaven and hell, and now even in purgatory.... and i was there with him (haha,,,fangirl mode)... thumbs up if you were also there with him :)
  • Love it!

    I started watching this show a couple months ago on Netflix and I got addicted. I LOVE the brother relationship between Sam and Dean, it reminds me a lot of the one between Prue,Piper,Phoebe,and Paige from Charmed(my fav show). Supernatural can get a little scary lol but it's really good. Can't wait for season 8
  • Supersucky

    Oh god... not original.
  • Supernatural!!! Is just super good!

    Dean and Sam have complex personalities. And P.S They're hot!!!

    I personally have a soft corner for dean. He is just crazily amazing!!!

    I feel very bad that season 7 is ova... :( Cant wait 4 8

    Season 6 wasnt d best I agree!

    God I love Dean!

    Im a lover from India!
  • Uninspired Copycat

    If this was a review of the fans it would be much worse. Regardless, Supernatural it much like an overcooked hamburger, it gives you piece of mind that you can't get sick, but there is no flavor or originality. My main point is they stole from the x-files, changed the main theme of the show, to make it seem like something new, but quite frankly the only thing good they stole from x-files is the monster episodes. This show is going downhill fast much the way as x-files did.
  • I Love This Show

    I personally really hated Season 6 but I kept my hopes up for Season 7 and I have to say that I loved Season 7 so much. Now that Sera Gamble is gone, I think the show will go back in the right direction. I think Purgatory was a great twist in the storyline. I can not wait until Season 8.
  • This show Is awesome :D

    Best show i have seen so far :D
  • Review of the entire series

    I liked the suspense, thriller and darkness of the series as well as the development of the two antagonists. However it is getting slightly repetitive with it's selection of enemies.

    I rated it 8 out of 10 because I believe what they are doing with the show is very good! But all the episodes from now on should be a lot more multi-stranded.
  • supernatural

    im new at this but i would like to write something for all the supernatural fans well im one of them i think the supernatural show is the show that i loved the most and got atached to it and now becuase its puting its new season im starting to watch the same drama from the show smallville is the one that contain the same drama for us so i think people should watch supernatural show and the smallville show too and thanks for reading my first post to you all and i wish to be friends with you all so start to coment about what i write
  • Sera Gamble, Questions

    I honestly think that when Sera Gamble signed on to be a writer she screwed up the entire story line. I know she used to be an editor or something but I think that she screwed everything up by the dialogue itself, I understand she is a woman but I think she shouldn't be writing such feminine things for these characters. I'm not meaning to offend anyone here but she made them seem extremely homosexual and cowardly in which they are not. I am expecting Season 8 to be much better since they replaced her. Other then that this is an extremely complex, awesome show that deserves to be recognized. Overall this is my favorite show and I am ecstatic for Season 8. For those of you that have any questions about this show I suggest you visit, it will help you understand more about the characters, the weapons, the monsters, the mythology, plot holes, etc.
  • awesome

    My husband and I really love this show. We even collected all the seasons....We watch all even the replays on demand...My whole clan loves it too. We are looking forward with the next season.. Love love this show....We already missed Dean and Sam on TV
  • Not as good as it should be...

    Like many TV shows about heroes (including the one actually entitled Heroes) this show does not live up to it's own promise. From the lazy literary device of false or clearly ginned-up dilemmas, to the plot holes big enough to drive an Impala through, to the inconsistencies in it's own mythos, Supernatural fails so often to live up to the psomises it makes that it is a very frustrating show to watch.

    Examples of those in reverse order, no one demands that a work of fiction,m especially one of fantasy like this one, be realistic. Realism is boring when it comes to fantasy, scifi, and such. So it doesn't bother me that they talk of over 600 seals when The Book of Revelations only refers to seven, or that they seem to have endless resources for research into ancient myths and legends with no mention of who wrote them and why, or even that they speak of special translations of well-known texts that contain passages no one ever heard of before. If it is true in this milieu then I buy it.

    What bothers me is when the writers violate their own in-system logic. Like for example tha the brothers believe in demons as they hunt them, but not in angels, or that when they come to believe in angels they still speak of Lucifer and God as myths. Wouldn't the existence of one necessitate the existence of the other?

    Or how about plot holes such as the fact that demons are so much more powerful than humans, and yet no group of them have yet managed to take over the world? Never mind the world, how about a small banana republic, or even just a suburban mini-mall? I mean, c'mon, really?

    An how many times is a demon or ghost or other beastie going to jump out at them and the brother stand stunned and watch it devour someone BEFORE they finally move and fight it? Haven't they seen a million of these things before? After all he'd seen could Sam really think that drinking demon blood was a good thing? And what is the world did any angel do to make Dean think they were on the side of humanity, ever?

    I could go on and on but you get my point. Better writing, guys! Quit with the false soap-opera dilemmas, the manufactured plot-twists that have become so predictable (I mean how cheap is it to have a heretofore trusted ally turn on one brother mere seconds before the other brother discovers proof that said ally is nothing of the lazy can a storyteller be?)

    Anyway, I've waxed on, you see where I'm going. Tighten up the story lines, dudes, and quite skating on old tired tropes and templates of the past. Try something truly challenging and give us something fresh that we haven't seen before.
  • One of the most underrated shows with underrated actors.

    This show is severely underrated by everyone but its fans. And it stars two of the most underrated actors in Hollywood. Jared Padalecki has A-list action/drama star written all over him. Same thing for Jensen Ackles. Both catch flack for "over-acting" I've noticed. Funny thing is, people say that without understanding their characters. These guys have a great future ahead of them. And I think this show has plenty of juice left. The only complaint I have ever had about it is the continuation of the angel/heaven/hell story arc. I wish the show could find a place for Misha Collins that doesn't compromise the integrity of the show (a fix-all angel to mop up every mess defeats everything) or seem redundant.
  • WOW Supernatural

    i loved supernatual seasons 1-6 id look forword to it every week but season 7 was so bad.... i hope when season 8 comes out itl be more exciting
  • Most Interesting

    I like how the writers find ideas in the old Catholic Bibles written in the middle ages. The stories of dragons,demons, angels,ghosts, and monsters were retired from current Biblical texts. Monks wrote down what the current urban legend or visit from angel or demon was happening and tried to tie it into a Biblical interest. This TV show tells many of these stories of 1200 years. ago.

    Love this show.

  • addicted to cass sam and dean

    for god sake never end this series............................and especially cass sam and dean ...........they are awesome....................seriously the best characters to this series..................keep going..........

    my best wishes...................
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