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  • My favorite

    Need more of Supernatural...
  • Best. show. ever

    Supernatural is far by, the best series I ave ever watched. Extremely well acted, breath taking story line and it teaches a few things: Love, friendship and loyalty.

    For sure worth watching... I'm going to be so sad when the show ends, lol!

    Supernatural is the best series I have ever watched. I am very glad that I made the decision to watch this. Misha, Jensen, and Jared are all brilliant actors. I also love Felicia Day who played Charlie; I was sad to see her go.

    I love all the characters- even the ones that you're not meant to like Meg and Crawley.

    Supernatural is my life.
  • Spoilers.....

    so in case anyone else hasn't noticed, on imdb's supernatural season 9 says the next episode will have Gabriel back!!!!
  • The greatest thing ever made!

    This is the best tv show ever! Definitely worth watching.
  • Awesome!

    A brilliant show, even in 2013!
  • Greatest TV show ever.

    I absolutely love Supernatural. I could sit all day and binge-watch the first 5 seasons if there was enough time in the day and my mortgage could somehow pay itself.

    Seasons 1 through 5 are the best. Things go downhill after that. Season 6 wasn't too bad, just not great. Season 7 was just awful. The Levithan were a joke and never materialized as something to be more terrified of than demons or monsters. Season 8 wasn't great, it was rehash of Season 4's story line with the blind double-cross/didn't see it coming climax at the end.

    There are, of course, sprinkled throughout each season a gem here and there, but nothing like the earlier seasons, where most every episode was brilliant with a bad one here or there (Route 666, Bugs).

    Simply put, its the greatest TV show I've ever watched. I will MAKE my kids watch this.
  • No Doggy DO-DO here!

    What a great episode. Rather than appearing to be a filler episode this was a lovely reminder that Dean and Sam are hunters after all! Jensen Ackles acting being a dog was hilarious and worked superbly. The story worked straight forwardly and well. The killer was the ending with Sam starting to realise not all is right and Dean realising Zack maybe getting too comfortable in Sams meat suit!
  • Best Show on Television

    An all-time must watch
  • Bromance and witches

    I have been a steady viewer of Supernatural ever since it first came on the air. Now I feel old telling people that I remember the first episode when it was fresh. I mostly tuned in since Jensen Ackles is one of my favs and I loved him in the way to shortlived Dark Angel. No one delivers badboy quips quite the way he does.

    But I stayed for the solid writing and easygoing storytelling bringing me along a not to serious and not to easy road. I do feel the show hast lost some of its drive and I am quite concerned as to how they are going to salvage the world and the show after some really (in the long run) boring seasons. I miss the simple ghosts and time traveling episodes, can we get them back? Oh and please give the boys some love interest or in the least some sex interests. Dean is not a masturbating perv but a damn magnet for hot chicks and that should be written in there. And Sam needs something to live for before his depression drags not only him and the show down but me with it.
  • Oz spin off

    I would love to see a spin off of supernatural in oz with Felicia Day.
  • Awesome Supernatural show online from anywhere!

    We love Supernatural one of the longest running series of modern times! Excellent show from The CW network and we watch it all online from anywhere in the world!
  • Supernatural! The Best!

    Love it! the storyline! the comic stuff! and Especially! "Carry On My Wayword Son" :)

    Sam, Dean ,Castiel, Bobby, John , Mary, Garth,!

    Assbutt! :P
  • Theres no charge for Awesomeness...

    The Best TV Show ever.....
  • Badass-ness

    Supernatural has everything a good horror needs. Comedy and dead stuff!
  • supernatural

    I loved spn especially season 1-5

    but now i dont like it that much


    SUPERNATURAL kicks ass and is the best show out by far. The Winchesters are amazin, and they keep killin it.....

  • undoubtedly ... the best show everrrrrrrrrrrr

    I started on friday season 1 ep. 1 ... that following friday was on season 6 ep. 13.

    The most addictive show, these dudes and the writers deliver. Jared & Jensen .. you guys seriously rock; in and out of the show.
  • Seriously amazing show!

    When I started watching Supernatural I was slightly sceptical at first because I never was into horror or angels and demons and that kind of stuff. But all it took was three episodes to get me hooked and I ended up watching all 8 seasons in less than a month. I agree in some episodes the storyline gets a little bland but over all the show never fails to deliver.
  • Was a great show

    It was one of the best TV Series since the last decade... But ever the since the main story line ended after Season 5, they just couldnt pull up a powerful storyline to keep everyone intrigued... But still worth the wait for Season 9...
  • Best tv show ever

    This show is amazing and no other show will ever replace supernatural!
  • Interesting Series

    I like the show for the fact that the writers always try to please and satisfy us fans accordingly. I like the show cos it's something interesting. The first few episodes were kinda once I continued watching it, gotta say, I just can't stop. Again it has it's low time, when the story line was kinda bland and it seems boring at times. However, I would say once the angel Castiel was introduced it's got interesting again with demons and all. For me, I like Castiel most cos he is an angel and everything about Castiel is mesmerising. It just got me chilled and wonder how cool it would be if I could have my own Cas. I mean the angel who would always come when you call. Gotta say, I'm in love with Cas the angel.
  • could be better.

    I love this show, I have every season on dvd, but this last season was just kinda eh. I think they're running out of ideas for the show, and what was the point of getting rid of Bobby? I read from an Interview he and he said he didn't want to leave the show. So why get rid of him? Get back to before. I like the Angels in it but this shit with Crowley is just getting old.
  • Ghost, Monsters, Demons, Name it!!

    As a kid, i always scared of I just wanna hunt down everyone one of them 'Ghosts, Monsters, Demons, Name rip them off supernatural!!! Always a way out!!!!
  • season 9?

    Will there be a season 9 and when is it coming out. I have seen all of the seasons and episodes and I have watched them waiting and hoping for a 9th season and a 10th.
  • Best show ever made

    This is my favorite show ever.

    Seriously, the best show ive ever seen. Miss Bobby though!!
  • There from the start

    I have watched supernatural ever since the first episode aired in Aus. Loved the first five seasons (especially the introduction of Cas), tolerated the next two seasons (didn't love the whole leviathan thing, although the references to exploding d*cks were kind of funny) and thoroughly enjoyed super returning to form in season 8. Epic season finale btw. Can't wait for season 9! America will get it well before we do so make sure you upload it quickly! Love my super boys :)
  • Gr8 Story

    It's an amazing story.. Concept is just awesome. I watched all eight seasons in just 15 can't wait for the next season
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