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  • The guys

    I originally only watched it on network tv a few times and didn't understand the story line. But watching on Netflix starting with the pilot episode, Boy, did you guys get me! Jensen and Jared are great. They are a couple of young,handsome,strong men who make great hunters! I am watching every episode on netflix starting from the pilot. I look forward to watching when I have extra time. Sometimes I can watch 2 or 3 episodes,but there is not enough time in the day to keep going. I would if I could though! Love you guys! Love the storyline and the writing too. Please get season 8 on netflix asap! I won't watch unless I can do it in episode order.
  • te best....

    Te best No1.....
  • Supernatural should be the number one Show!!

    I have been watching since day 1 and I love it. I can't get enough. It sucks when the episode ends and you have to wait a week for the next!! Then those times when they take a break and show re-runs, I still watch the reruns but am so impatient waiting for the new shows to come back! Every September before it is even out yet I pre-order the box set of the season on dvd!! I love this show!!! Keep the shows coming and many more seasons!! Your number 1 fan!!!

    The ultimate supernatural show!! It has every possible supernatural creature one might think of and even more!! The brothers' relationship also keeps the show going. And what really helps, I think is the really nice chemistry between the actors. It's sad they killed off Bobbie, but at least they brought back Cass!! Love the rock songs!! Love the roadtrips!!! (I think however that after season 5, it has lost it a little bit. I'm still happy that is is renewed for another season though!!!)
  • WARNING CONTAINS SPOILERS - I miss the old Supernatural!

    I miss how it used to be! There used to be more focus on hunting but now it's about the 3 tasks. There's also not as much humour as there used to be.

    Jared and Jensen are still brilliant but it's just not the same anymore!

    Still love Supernatural though, my favourite show by far.
  • i miss the humor

    i've been a supernatural fan from the very beginning and i always loved the humor in most of the episodes.. The show has definetly taken a turn for the serious and i am totally on board with i can help but miss the humor! and the deanismss :)
  • I'm annoyed..

    Kay so Dean and Sam are SUPPOSED to be the main characters but no one appreciates them anymore. Your favorites are supposed to be the ones that where there from the beginning . Not the new ones.
  • Megstiel the hell?

    OMG when Dean said Megstiel I almost went out my head.

    When Meg said she wanted to move furniture I went out my head

    When Cass said he remembered the pizza man I went back into my head and screamed with joy

    Also Dean said you cant spell cass without ass thus ending all arguments about whether to spell his name cas or cass

    I was right all along bitches, last time I checked there was 2 s'es in ass

  • I love this show :)

    Dean & Sam are my favourite I miss Bobby though :(

    Last episode made me cry when Dean prays to Cas for Sammy... This show is part of my life now
  • leave the bum chained to da rock!

    what are your writers scavenging for ideas? old lost in space episodes? give me a have given them a home... gotten rid of the bickering... added hot showers and regular they jump the shark and it's Fonzie time...

  • Amazing

    Love this show and have done from day 1. Am probably more of a fan of the first 4 seasons than anything else, but overall it's pretty freaking amazing. Helps that the two lead actors are good at their job! (and not too bad looking either)
  • BEST show EVER!

    I discovered it on Netflix about 2 months ago. Hubby and I were hooked. We watched all 7 seasons within 3 weeks to a month. Got caught up with 8 online and now watch weekly. BUT, we also started re-watching from season 1 on netflix LOL! Cannot get enough! Great writers and producers - everyone in the background is amazing. I cannot get over the actors and actresses on this show. NEVER have had a bad or half arsed actor! Not once! The stars/cast are alll so beautiful, hot, pretty, hunky, cute, eye-candy. Every minute of this show is a treasure to me and hubby. And I want that car. BAD! I'm trying to sell my 2008 w/only 27359 miles on it so I can afford a 67 Chevy Impala 4 door ;)
  • season 2 episode 11

    i got into supernatural recently and love it,but in episode 11 season 2 when sam is getting sick in the haunted hotel his cast is on the wrong very next scene he is knocking on a door with the cast back on his right one else notice this?

  • Amazing Show

    CW do not dare to put this one of or you will go down
  • I love this show

    I really enjoy watching this show.

    i hope more season to come... been watching this show and its cool !!! keep up the good work cast and crew THUMBS UP
  • Best show on earth!!!

    Been watching Supernatural on Netflix best show ever still waiting for the new episodes to come.

    Seriously this show is the best on TV if you dont think so, your stupid!!!! This show should get more publicized and it always makes me sad that it's not
  • Love This Show Again!!

    Love this show since Jeremy Carver took over actually since the Larping episode its like Supernatural was reborn, so much brotherly love, the focus on Sam and Dean again their relationship and the two of them fighting evil side by side not each other The Men of letters storyline and Henry just brilliant and it brings the show back to being about family All this show used to be before it was buried under the Angel mythology

    Our show and boys have at long last returned
  • Bring old characters back !!

    If you just bring old people like Bobby, for show will be as good as the previous seasons!

    I mean who can imagine SPN without bobby .....
  • Love this show!!!

    I have been catching up on back episodes on TNT every morning for 3 hrs!! If I have things to do at the time the are on I DVR them until I can sit down to watch all 3 episodes!!
  • back to the old days

    back to the days when supernatural makes you skip a beat and their brotherly love back once more... absolutely loved the episode
  • My Favorite....

    Brilliant show indeed.. Loved this show from the very first episode.. and it's still going strong.. Story, Acting, Locales, background score.. everything is just great.. Hope there are more seasons in store...
  • Best Show Ever!!!

    Absolutely loved this show from the first episode, and will be so sad when the series ends. The fact that it's filmed in Vancouver makes it even more awesome.
  • Amazing Show

    This show can last 30-40 seasons, because it deserves it. Scenario and casting is always awesome. At season 7 some aspects of show was wrong, but at season 8 they fixed everything, now we have demons again and man of letters which seems to be very misterious and funny to watch society. Keep up the good work guys, we are with you forever.
  • supernatural is superfantastic!"

    I bought seasons 1-7 at a black Friday sale thinking, I will take a chance on this show. I was hooked from episode 1. I am currently stuck to season 8 eagerly awaiting each episode. Sam and Dean are awesome never want to see their adventures end.
  • Supernatural

    This is the best show ever I now am finally feeling like it is getting back to its roots especially since Amelai and Benny are gone because its the brothers together and they are dependent on each other they always have been and always will be. They have disagreements but isn't that what a family does argue over things that come up. So now they are definitley in a great place because season 8 is getting way better and its doing good!! So people don't miss tonights episode at 9 on January 30th so its going to be a pretty good episode especially with Grandpa Winchester!! This show deserves all season that it can get especially seasons 9 and 10 because its the longest running show in the cw and for it to be a veteran. Also mark pedowitz thinks creatively is in a great place with Arrow being a hit on Wednesdays and further more that its a good shot that season 9 is going to happen which is verly likely!! So let Supernatural run its course to season 10 I feel like that is all the fans want is til season 10 because it would be incredible beating out a lot of other shows and also a reminder that Supernatural won again for best sci fi fantasy tv show again in 2013 so hopefully it will win again in 2014 but this show is the best ever and will always will be!!!! I also know that Jensen and Jared have signed contracts for season 9 and 10 so they are locked in so Pedowitz loves the show always has so its hopefully will get those seasons!! I a feeling in my gut that it will but fingers are still crossed!!! Also its gained back a lot of viewers because they were around in 1 million last year and now they are above 2 million which is really good!
  • what happened to Sam and Dean?>

    I was so excited about rumers that this season Sam and Dean would be doing more of the things they did when their first season opened and just fight random evil. What I was really hoping was that the close knit bond would return. This constant thing with Sam wanting to leave his brother and forget who he is in this life is really detracting from what could be a fantastic storyline. PLEASE you must hear this over and over again. It is time for fences to mend and Sam WANT to be close to his brother again. Everybody knows you can not truely fight eveil unless you hold a uniform front , with deep seeded love and belief ib each other. Demons break families who are fragmented so please lets bring the boys close bond back in the real Fan Laura Bordas
  • on the edge of my seat as always waiting for the next episode. Smiles

    really love the back in time ones was thinking it be fool if Sam or dean pulled a picture rights grandfather out the wallet next week that just be neat-ok reason I'm writing, I saw a few disturbing comments, give them credit were its due, they straight could have stoped making any episodes for us. They didn't an it hurts my feeling I can imagine there's really. They said that it was hard coming back to season 6. Here were at 8 bless there of them an who cares if we dont really like the flash backs of Sam and Amelia . We love Sam an some want yo know wats going on an has happened. (&byw ) to (the 1 who sad and don't even know Amelia ) are you paying attention he was with her for the whole year dean was in purgatory I'm taking that as he knows love all of the episodes an I just do happen to love the newest episodes season 4-7 the most, I appreciate all of you at supernatural thank you all.
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