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  • EMP Device

    I really like this series and I wish to know where to get the sound of the EMP device that the cast used to detect the ghost.. I want to used it as ringtone
  • hotter than 95% of what passes as tv shows

    will keep watching to the very end. Even the worst episodes of this show are hotter than 95% of the crap on tv right now!
  • Low Cost TV

    I really don't get this show, it's 2 guys in a car, then they are on the phone on close-up shot, they go to random ugly places, and say some stuff that save the world, there is no senario, no special effect, no direction, the picture is bad, i can do that show in a parking lot nearby with 100$.

    The only thing i can see for that show to get more than a 3 in rating is that the two main characters are cute. The power of teenage girls and gay teen.
  • Super-fuck it's perfect.

    this is the most amazing show in the whole entire world. i cant even describe how incredible it is. i've never had such a big connection to a show before, but now thanks to bobby, i do. #teamwinchester #teamsupernatural #spnfamily
  • Great

    Have been a fan since day one, Jensen and Jared are great in this and its thier chemistry and performance that makes this journey one hell of a ride, Drama is amazing, action and a whole lot more.
  • i love this show

    this show is awesome, i love jensen ackles and jared padalecki, and misha collins. they are hot!!!!!
  • Love it

    based on the japanese manga "supernatural" Good story!
  • love the show

    wish our boys would get tight again. they can add some kick ass girls to this show and it would not hurt, just the tease they get serious and hook up, show is over. so, get it back to what it was, what made it a great show and keep adding wierd creeps for them to find and kill, shoot, stab, freeze out, blow up or burn.
  • Best Show!

    I been a fan since day one. The story is great Jensen and Jared are perfect for the role. Glad Cas is back hes funny! Yeah it slowed down a bit sure but i have a feeling its going to catch up because they still have the same writers! I believe they still got it. The president of the CW says it could go for 10 or 11 season its just up to the contracts of Jensen and Jared.
  • Dragging!!

    i absolutely love this show and I think it has one of the most creative scripts ever. But they need to give it a little more structure because I feel lately it's falling apart by a minuscule amount.

    Need a solid grip on the bad guy!
  • Absolutely love Supernatural!!

    First off i have been a fan of supernatural since DAY 1, i have never ever missed an episode. I love watching it and look forward to it coming on TV and it is just plan out amazing, one of the best shows ever to be on CW since Smallville and besides, The Vampire Diaries.. I give it a 10 all the way across the board..
  • My life = Supernatural

    I have been a fan since day one and will always be a Supernatural fan :) ...
  • Loving The Show, But...

    I love Supernatural, but I think that they have gone offroad. I am not a fan of the separation of Sam and Dean, I liked it more when they worked and acted like brothers, yet I still watch. I watch the reruns, but do notice the difference, not feeling the brotherly love.
  • The Best show ever!!!!

    I dont care what people say about this show, it has always been there for me, and has provided me with 7 years for entertainment, so i dont care even if it has deviated from its roots, it is still enjoyable to watch and i keep on watching it!!!!!!!!
  • Brothers.

    I am a big supernatural fan love the show, but I am so over Sams crap. He abandoned his brother for a girl? What is with that. Now Sam is having a cry because Dean is friends with a vampire who god knows how many times saved his life in Purgatory while Sam was off with some girl. This show has always been about how far these two would go for each other, now they are just spitting all over that by saying oh lets just have Sam ditch his brother for no good reason, STOP making Sam the douchebag go back to what it was two brothers fighting together who have some problems but who always have each others back in the end because they're family.
  • Sagging Supernatural

    I used to be an avid fan. I loved the brotherly love thing. Loved the fact that either brother would go through anything including hell to save the other. The writers killed that this season with Sam turning his back on his brother - so that's it for me. Sam's character is so far gone now there is no reason to watch anymore. The writers definately lost the plot these last few seasons and they're losing fans too. Why are the writers so blind? They only see Dean as white hat guy, Sam as Black hat guy and monsters as support characters.
  • I concur.... All good things must come to an end

    I think this should be a last season..... i have been hooked since season 2. It would hurt a lot but i don't see how they can spin this series anymore. Sam has found a girl Dean can retire with Lisa and Ben. Close the story with a good ending

    It used to have that darker spookier edge to it but now..... you know they can pretty much handle anything that they face with ease.. after squaring off against gods, angels, leviathans all types of demons even lucifer.... what more can you throw at them. I think the season should be the last.

    Don't get me wrong i am all so hooked that i will watch it for another 5 seasons the plot was great, Jensen and Jared have been spectacular.
  • Best character development.

    I have to say, of all the series out there, Supernatural is the one with the best characters. I started watching during season 3, thinking it just another teenie spook series, but it really blows your mind! Compare Dean and Sam (I name Dean first, because, though he might not be a great actor outside Supernatural, in this series he is perfect) from the first couple of season to the last two; and in between. It's just great!

    As well, you have to love a show, that doesn't take itself to serious, just think of the episode where the Winchesters landed in "our universe", where they found out, they were just characters in a tv series. Hillarious!

    But I think Supernatural has shot all it's powder, there's not much to give anymore. Dean has died, been to hell, came back. Sam has died, been to hell, came back. Dean has died, been to purgatory, came back. Unless they want to send Sam to purgatory as well, the producers should end this series.

    I will miss it very, very much. But unless Supernatural reverts from a serial to a procedural, I don't see how It can keep being super-awesome... (geez, bad punch)LESS
  • worst show ever . (besides the walking dead) actually they are evenly bad .

    Bobby deserved to die. worst show deadset, my sea urchent munching sea cucumber can come up with a better series. worst show to this day, except the walking dead.

    by the way jack black is the best actor in the world and if he was a character on this show it would make it a great show same if he was introduced to the walking dead.
  • Word of God

    What are the ramifications of the Demon: Word of God on Sam's (largely unmentioned in the last few seasons) demon nature? When Sam and Dean catch up to Kevin and figure out how expel demons for good, will Sam be banished with them? Anyone have thoughts on that? I'm enjoying the possibilities that could lay out.

    But as far as the start of season 8, Sam hitting the dog seems to be have been a traumatic spine removing experience.

    And the reoccurring cast started unfortunately thin, but I'm very fond of Benny, and excited to see Garth reappear.
  • left bleeding for more.

    Finally after a few teases and experimental episodes(although I did appreciate Jensen's direction waking up Jared's acting this year) I am once again addicted to the story of the brothers, blood or by circumstance. Will blood be thicker than Purgatory? Dean shows the same ambivalence as he did season 2 when Ty played the character of Eli- character thread neatly woven in if you have been a fan. It would not make sense if two adult men did not have their own "friends" at some point and developed their own personhoods. Great writing this week! Like a vamp- you left me wanting more!
  • Love, Love, Love the Show!!

    Supernatural is my favorite show!! I call it the Sam & Dean Show. First there was Buffy the Vampire Slayer! Now Supernatural, you guys rock!!
  • Kickass Show

    Love this show the first 5 seasons were amazing. The last few seasons have been a lot weaker then the first 5 seasons, but it is still way better than most of the shows on tv

    the best thing I have ever had the pleasure of watching.

    seriously it's an extremely well made show with amazing characters, good fighting scenes and a great story.

    I recommend it to everyone
  • great show

    a great and innovated show .. hope they dont stop it ...cuz we need this kinda show in this time :)
  • best show ever

    sam winchester , dean winchester and the impala , best show Ever
  • Awsome!!!

    Greatest monster killing show.
  • A great Thrill

    From episode one supernatural is a great ride of thrill,danger and excitement.Supernatural brings those legends and stories we all heard about as kids,werewolves,vampires,ghosts and the other creepy critters of folklore and presents a story with a modern twist.Dean and his often adversarial brother Sam were raised as warriors or as they are called "hunters".They hunt what we would rather continue to think did not exist.What I love about this show is the general connection I have for the characters and at its very core Supernatural is just a classic story about family and those never get old.So if your considering this show and looking at this review to help sway you ,i recommend you give it a try and be prepared for quite a roller coaster.I cried,got mad with Sam and just simply cant get enough.
  • Best Show Ever!

    This is the best show ever!

    What can I say...I'm a fan since this series started in 2005 :D :D :D I've been watching...rewatching..and still rewatching each and every season that came out! Can't get enough of monster kickin' demon bustin' episodes every week :D :D :D :D
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