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  • My Favorite....

    Brilliant show indeed.. Loved this show from the very first episode.. and it's still going strong.. Story, Acting, Locales, background score.. everything is just great.. Hope there are more seasons in store...
  • Best Show Ever!!!

    Absolutely loved this show from the first episode, and will be so sad when the series ends. The fact that it's filmed in Vancouver makes it even more awesome.
  • Amazing Show

    This show can last 30-40 seasons, because it deserves it. Scenario and casting is always awesome. At season 7 some aspects of show was wrong, but at season 8 they fixed everything, now we have demons again and man of letters which seems to be very misterious and funny to watch society. Keep up the good work guys, we are with you forever.
  • supernatural is superfantastic!"

    I bought seasons 1-7 at a black Friday sale thinking, I will take a chance on this show. I was hooked from episode 1. I am currently stuck to season 8 eagerly awaiting each episode. Sam and Dean are awesome never want to see their adventures end.
  • Supernatural

    This is the best show ever I now am finally feeling like it is getting back to its roots especially since Amelai and Benny are gone because its the brothers together and they are dependent on each other they always have been and always will be. They have disagreements but isn't that what a family does argue over things that come up. So now they are definitley in a great place because season 8 is getting way better and its doing good!! So people don't miss tonights episode at 9 on January 30th so its going to be a pretty good episode especially with Grandpa Winchester!! This show deserves all season that it can get especially seasons 9 and 10 because its the longest running show in the cw and for it to be a veteran. Also mark pedowitz thinks creatively is in a great place with Arrow being a hit on Wednesdays and further more that its a good shot that season 9 is going to happen which is verly likely!! So let Supernatural run its course to season 10 I feel like that is all the fans want is til season 10 because it would be incredible beating out a lot of other shows and also a reminder that Supernatural won again for best sci fi fantasy tv show again in 2013 so hopefully it will win again in 2014 but this show is the best ever and will always will be!!!! I also know that Jensen and Jared have signed contracts for season 9 and 10 so they are locked in so Pedowitz loves the show always has so its hopefully will get those seasons!! I a feeling in my gut that it will but fingers are still crossed!!! Also its gained back a lot of viewers because they were around in 1 million last year and now they are above 2 million which is really good!
  • what happened to Sam and Dean?>

    I was so excited about rumers that this season Sam and Dean would be doing more of the things they did when their first season opened and just fight random evil. What I was really hoping was that the close knit bond would return. This constant thing with Sam wanting to leave his brother and forget who he is in this life is really detracting from what could be a fantastic storyline. PLEASE you must hear this over and over again. It is time for fences to mend and Sam WANT to be close to his brother again. Everybody knows you can not truely fight eveil unless you hold a uniform front , with deep seeded love and belief ib each other. Demons break families who are fragmented so please lets bring the boys close bond back in the real Fan Laura Bordas
  • on the edge of my seat as always waiting for the next episode. Smiles

    really love the back in time ones was thinking it be fool if Sam or dean pulled a picture rights grandfather out the wallet next week that just be neat-ok reason I'm writing, I saw a few disturbing comments, give them credit were its due, they straight could have stoped making any episodes for us. They didn't an it hurts my feeling I can imagine there's really. They said that it was hard coming back to season 6. Here were at 8 bless there of them an who cares if we dont really like the flash backs of Sam and Amelia . We love Sam an some want yo know wats going on an has happened. (&byw ) to (the 1 who sad and don't even know Amelia ) are you paying attention he was with her for the whole year dean was in purgatory I'm taking that as he knows love all of the episodes an I just do happen to love the newest episodes season 4-7 the most, I appreciate all of you at supernatural thank you all.
  • Where is this all leading?

    I thought this was a great episode of Supernatural. We got to see Castiel in action again but what has happened to him in heaven and where he is headed is definitely up in the air. Apparently he has been mind controlled by those in heaven. Then there was the despicable Crowley and he learned some new information concerning angels. And of course Sam and Dean's continuing saga played out in an interesting way. I had been concerned earlier this season that they were setting the show up for a final ending with Sam going off with his lady but this threw those thoughts to the wind. Now I'm not sure what the longer term plan is but it was nice in the end to see the brothers back together again. A very interesting story and continuation of the saga.
  • Andrea


    I just love this show!
  • Supernatural: It's a guilty pleasure

    I am a sucker for fun shows, and this one fits the bill. I love the dialogue, the brotherly love, the banter, the jokes. The writers, the directors, the crew, the editors, the actors--all of these guys must be having the time of their lives with this series, and it shows. I would love to be on this team. Pretty much, when I turn the show on, I'm enjoying myself. And that doesn't happen often with the series I come across. Good job, guys! Continue on!
  • Just love it

    NeedI say more :-)

  • Suuuuuuupppppppppbbbb show Ssuuper just love It..

    great of myths.. a lots of fun and fantastic time Dean I like watched each and every show of this series and cant forget ....
  • I just love this show!

    I watch this show from the start and i enjoy every minute that i spend with Winchesters,Crowley,Cass,Angels,Demonds, Bobby(I missed you so much man), Garth,John(Missed you too) and others, all of them. I wish this show never ends and we can watch it forever. This show is one of the greatest shows. Best day is the Supernatural-day!
  • I adore this show!

    The best TV Show EVER!
  • The best part is my girl friend and I both watch it together every Thursday night now

    The Best Damn Show To Date!!!

    This show is by far the best Scifi, Horror, Drama ever The show has the characters, the music, and the Supernatural!!! I let the show slip through my fingers the first season because I saw a preview of it and was thinking at the time, finally their coming out with a new Scifi show after so long but it looks like its for the younger audience and I missed the first season of it until they started replaying the whole first season over in late 2006 and I started watching the show and was wrong, I liked it, couldn't get enough of it, I was falling in love! I own the first and second seasons on DVD and watched both two or three times and will own the rest of the seasons, I promise you!!! The best part is my girl friend and I both watch it together every Thursday now I was a little late getting her hooked!!! We've watched both the first and second season on DVD twice and the third and fourth on TV, just waiting for it to come back on Jan 2009!!! My girlfriend will even miss Grey's Anatomy to watch Supernatural!!! I took every Thursday off from work so I could watch it in HD 1080p, It doesn't look the same taped!!!
  • LOVE this show

    <3 This is a incredible show love miss u bobby :(
  • This show kicks ass big fan!

    Very addictive watching.. keeps you watching so hard to stop!
  • EMP Device

    I really like this series and I wish to know where to get the sound of the EMP device that the cast used to detect the ghost.. I want to used it as ringtone
  • hotter than 95% of what passes as tv shows

    will keep watching to the very end. Even the worst episodes of this show are hotter than 95% of the crap on tv right now!
  • Low Cost TV

    I really don't get this show, it's 2 guys in a car, then they are on the phone on close-up shot, they go to random ugly places, and say some stuff that save the world, there is no senario, no special effect, no direction, the picture is bad, i can do that show in a parking lot nearby with 100$.

    The only thing i can see for that show to get more than a 3 in rating is that the two main characters are cute. The power of teenage girls and gay teen.
  • Super-fuck it's perfect.

    this is the most amazing show in the whole entire world. i cant even describe how incredible it is. i've never had such a big connection to a show before, but now thanks to bobby, i do. #teamwinchester #teamsupernatural #spnfamily
  • Great

    Have been a fan since day one, Jensen and Jared are great in this and its thier chemistry and performance that makes this journey one hell of a ride, Drama is amazing, action and a whole lot more.
  • i love this show

    this show is awesome, i love jensen ackles and jared padalecki, and misha collins. they are hot!!!!!
  • Love it

    based on the japanese manga "supernatural" Good story!
  • love the show

    wish our boys would get tight again. they can add some kick ass girls to this show and it would not hurt, just the tease they get serious and hook up, show is over. so, get it back to what it was, what made it a great show and keep adding wierd creeps for them to find and kill, shoot, stab, freeze out, blow up or burn.
  • Best Show!

    I been a fan since day one. The story is great Jensen and Jared are perfect for the role. Glad Cas is back hes funny! Yeah it slowed down a bit sure but i have a feeling its going to catch up because they still have the same writers! I believe they still got it. The president of the CW says it could go for 10 or 11 season its just up to the contracts of Jensen and Jared.
  • Dragging!!

    i absolutely love this show and I think it has one of the most creative scripts ever. But they need to give it a little more structure because I feel lately it's falling apart by a minuscule amount.

    Need a solid grip on the bad guy!
  • Absolutely love Supernatural!!

    First off i have been a fan of supernatural since DAY 1, i have never ever missed an episode. I love watching it and look forward to it coming on TV and it is just plan out amazing, one of the best shows ever to be on CW since Smallville and besides, The Vampire Diaries.. I give it a 10 all the way across the board..
  • My life = Supernatural

    I have been a fan since day one and will always be a Supernatural fan :) ...
  • Loving The Show, But...

    I love Supernatural, but I think that they have gone offroad. I am not a fan of the separation of Sam and Dean, I liked it more when they worked and acted like brothers, yet I still watch. I watch the reruns, but do notice the difference, not feeling the brotherly love.
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