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  • A worthless piece of trash containing no talent actors and a bad story.

    This show is an absolute joke as it is poorly acted by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. They have no talent between them. Their physical beauty is non-existent meaning that they are both butt ugly! Then there is the unoriginal storyline that is about as unoriginal as its actors! This sad excuse for a show is doomed from the start.
  • I wanted to kill myself.

    I thought that Jacob Sartorius was the fastest way to get cancer. And then I saw the pilot episode of this mother fucking bull shit that should jump off a bus and into a shit hole called KYS Centeral. I would call the directors terrosists but this show is anything but the bomb. If I did I would die a happy man cause this thing makes me want to vote for Donald trump and
  • Bring back forgotten viewers

    I happened upon this show five years after it premiered, and I was hooked! Loved this show; it was right up my alley and fit my personality. It was a pleasant break from my busy life. I did not agree with all the religious dogma and ideologies but I dealt with and accepted differing opinions of the show. Then when the pressure of incorporating homosexual references into my favorite shows took root, it soured me. I have not watched this show for about a year. Little innuendos, dark humor and light gay references were ok with me but when a show starts to jam homosexual life styles down my throat, that is when I say enough! I do not hate gay people; I just do not agree with their life styles and equally as much, do not want to see it on my favorite shows! Dean is not gay and that is final. Losing me as a viewer will not hurt your ratings but I had to register and comment just to feel better and let you know what I see going very wrong. If you want to promote homosexuality, produce a show surrounded, saturated and properly advertised so people like myself can know beforehand what the genre is before getting hooked. I miss the show but not enough to watch again!
  • S11, why it shouldve been more!!!

    I tottaly grew up watching Dean and Sam growing in the Series of Supernatural through all the seasons until the latest eleventh one, wich i unfortunately Hated!!! because of the last 4 episodes when the almighty God shows up, i dont hate it becuz im a satanist, no ! on the contrary i believe in God but the thing is, considering how the character was Hidden during some seasons and sam and dean went thru alot of things becuz Creation practically went crazy cuz GOD wasnt around. While that we saw the power of all the Angels, Demons, Witches and whatnot, and even when ArchAngels would appear the ground would Shake.

    But when they showed God? they practically made a fool out of that character, God the creator of all Things, would spend his time watching TV eating chinese food?! God had Girlfriends? Thats Bullsh#,

    Plus They didnt even show half of his power, he was injured and helped around by humans?, i dont even know what happened in the End of the season, and Dont Care anyways!!! i stopped watching it from the chapter 21... i am really really sad about this!!! becuz i really looked up to the writer of that series, BUT I THINK IT COULD HAVE BEEN MORE!!!

  • Missing Episode

    Want to know where tuesdays episode is,Tues Feb.24.15?
  • Cain Fight Underwhelming

    After so much hype about how powerful Cain is, how angels can't even stop him and all demons are afraid of get a lousy underwhelming, most boring fight ever. That ended just because his hand was taken out and he couldn't fight anymore without a hand? He throws Dean around the room with his thoughts but kneels before him just cause he loose his hands.

  • Supoopernatural- worst 3 seasons I've ever watched

    I tried, I really did, I wanted to like it but after season 3 I couldn't keep watching Supernatural is dull and boring. When it tries to be funny, its not when it tries to be scary its lame Its acting is like watching a middle school play and there is no thought that goes into the characters. Now I know fangirls of the show will dislike this because they have an orgasm over the main male character but its not gonna change the fact that this show is in fact the worst show on television right now.
  • Really?

    I'd waste time thinking up a review for this American trash, but then I thought of the minimal amount of effort and talent that appears to be invested in this show, and decided it wasn't worth my time.
  • ask jeeves

    I found the comment regarding the "hare lip" very offensive. My sister was one of triplets born three months premature. Due to not being born at full term she was born with a cleft lip and pallet ( which by the way is the correct term for the birth defect). Now, I have watched your show for 10 years and I am so ashamed the writers and producers that they would allow this to be in the show. Why would you teach people to judge others on something they were born with and can not control. SHAME ON YOU!!!
  • A Bad Attempt for a Spin-off

    I was unimpressed with the episode entitled "Bloodlines". I never got into that "vampire vs werewolf" series. It seems that there were some new creatures mentioned, . djinns. I thought that a djinn was the same as a genie! I normal save episodes of Supernatural, but this time I deleted it.
  • bad hour

    Bad and the rating system keeps trying to have me rate it a 10 when I rated it a 1---I love SPN but this wasn't it. Here's hoping it goes down in flames
  • Bloodlines episode is NOT what I signed up for...

    Bloodlines episode sucked, and I won't be watching the spin-off. There is probably 10 vampire series on now. I don't watch them either. If the writers pull another episode like tonight's again next week, guess what, I won't be watching the show anymore. Total waste of my time.
  • WTF are u guys playing at

    are you trying to lose your entire fan base ..... cos your going the right way about it how many freaking delays have there been this season its getting beyond a joke now and ya know what i doubt im the only one whos gonna stop watching if there are any more delays seriously watch a ep wait a month watch an ep waith a month then u have the nerve to say it will air on this date then come up with some BS excuse why it didnt sort it out FFS
  • leave the bum chained to da rock!

    what are your writers scavenging for ideas? old lost in space episodes? give me a have given them a home... gotten rid of the bickering... added hot showers and regular they jump the shark and it's Fonzie time...

  • Low Cost TV

    I really don't get this show, it's 2 guys in a car, then they are on the phone on close-up shot, they go to random ugly places, and say some stuff that save the world, there is no senario, no special effect, no direction, the picture is bad, i can do that show in a parking lot nearby with 100$.

    The only thing i can see for that show to get more than a 3 in rating is that the two main characters are cute. The power of teenage girls and gay teen.
  • worst show ever . (besides the walking dead) actually they are evenly bad .

    Bobby deserved to die. worst show deadset, my sea urchent munching sea cucumber can come up with a better series. worst show to this day, except the walking dead.

    by the way jack black is the best actor in the world and if he was a character on this show it would make it a great show same if he was introduced to the walking dead.
  • Supersucky

    Oh god... not original.
  • Watching this show now is hell!

    I think Ii's obvious that this show is tanking, because they know it's the last season, so they are making it as cheap as possible. They killed off the re-occurring characters, probably to save money. They are also probably using discarded old plot ideas from the early seasons, when they mainly did single plot shows, that didn't have much arc content. I think a good comparison is with Highlander. The last season of that show is unwatchable, because of that. Also, the present season is pretty bland, because they are using less special effects, as special effects cost money. Sad. but this is reality television. The only reason this show lasted so long, was mainly because it cost so much to start another series, given the state of the economy.
  • How can this show still be running?

    I remember watching this show first season a couple of years ago. I managed to watch five episodes and then gave up. The plot is not interesting, the acting is terrible and the effects are really, really bad. But somehow people seem to like it but I can't see why :s
  • Supernatural is a wonderful series, completely underrated by those critics who repute themselves too "high-brow "to watch such a show.


    I believe that Supernatural is one of the most underrated shows on tv, with talented actors and a great wealth of compelling story-lines.

    It certainly doesn't get the attention or the number of viewers that it deserves, which is a great pity for many people don't know what they are missing!

    I discovered this show very recently and it blew me away.

    I hope that it can improve it's ratings and continue for many more seasons.

  • Season 6 - Episode 1 broke my Heart :(

    First thing I would like to say... Downvote me to your heart's content but you and I know the truth, and the truth is ugly as ugly can be :(

    I watched all 5 seasons for over a dozen times and every episode felt like nothing but pure euphoria.

    I know a lot of people said "season 6 is going to be worst Supernatural season ever" but I dismissed this as just bulls-hit and knew with all certainty Supernatural would never, ever, ever lose its absolutely stunning story and constant action.

    I almost went crazy from all the waiting and then finally the first episode arrived...

    It started off beautifully I was hoping for the "Carry On Wayward Son - Kansas" song just to embed well and true that Supernatural is back in all its fury, but it didn't happen. I continued to watch with eager anticipation what will happen and hoped everything would be slowly unveiled and explained, but that did not happen.

    All in all what had happened was this... nothing... thats right nothing happened. What do you mean by nothing? Well my good sir its as if none of anything had happened from the previous season and we, the audience, should ignore the previous season entirely. What did we get with this episode? Dean running around chasing a monster, Sam popped up as if nothing had happened (think of it like your brother/sister you thought were dead for a year came back knocking on your door and asking you if you wanted to go watch a movie in the cinema), and the rest can be easily guessed ... they beat the monsters and that's it.

    Supernatural R.I.P.
  • they show up.. meet a family.. bad stuff starts starts to believe sam and dean.... the ordinary family becomes aware of supernatural stuff sam and dean bust out some first they dont win..then they win..bad guys die. the end.

    out of all the episodes that ive seen, which would be all of them, I would have to say that this episode was an utter waste of film. It was very unoriginal, over acted by everyone besides dean and sam, and the directing and story line was a complete step backwards and disastrous. if someone were to watch this episode, never having seen one before it, they would be turned off to the idea of every watching the show again.

    i hope to god that no one ever makes a show even close to this ever again. my god have mercy on those who enjoyed it.
  • More like \"stupor-natural\".

    I hate this show. What's the flippin' point about it? Oh. That's right. The point is to annoy the **** out of me. Seriously. Why show this when they can show something better? Put a tin can man with a paperball pal on the tube & i'd watch it. It'd be a whole lot better than this crap.
  • A show about two brothers who are hunting the super natural together.

    I have to admit, I really did not want to like this show. I did not want to add another show to my schedule or anything either. However when this show appeared free on iTunes, I had to get it. I watched it and find it interesting, intriguing, and I have to add it to my list of shows to watch. Not only does it include to delicious men, Jared and Jensen, it has suspense and drama. I love shows similar to this such as Smallville, and I find it funny the Jensen Ackles was on Smallville in Season 3 as Lana's boyfriend, then went on to be in this show. I do enjoy this show and it is as I said above "My New Best Friend."
    I have completely changed my mind!!!! I saw another episode and I died on the inside, it stunk.
  • i didn't like it at all!!

    As I said, I didn't like it at all.
    If you like the kind of shows that go with supernatural things, you will like this one, but I don't.
    I prefer, the kind of orange county.
    Anyway, I wont watch the second episode, i am not going to d/l it.
    I hope you think I am right.
  • Teeny bopper show

    I bought season 1 when it came out and i thought it will be good. To my my suprise, it was not. It was only 1 episode named "Asylum" of the 22 episodes. I gave up watching this teeny bopper show after watching all the 21 poor episodes, which i think lacked, suspense, good story, acting and so on. If more episodes was like Asylum, i think it would`ve been better.

    I will not see a episode of this show anymore. I heard this show was influenced by The X-Files. I only thing that alike was them going around solving crimes and helping people.
    I think this show deserves my rating 1.5 Abysmal.
  • Casting disaster

    Well, I could only stand five episodes before I had to give it up. If Jensen Ackles hadn't been in it, I probably would still watch it. The casting must have been done by a 40+ woman who has watched too much Days of our Lives. Jensen Ackles is still a terrible actor, for those who wonder. His soap opera acting stands out even more against the more credible actors in this show. The basic concept is pretty good, reminding me of late X-files episodes. Some effort apparently went into the making of this show. I was mildly interested in the continuing storyline as well, but Jensen Ackles soon destroyed any interest I ever had or would have in this show. Back to soaps for you, sonny!
  • Are you serious?

    I have been a die hard fan since season 1. I've lost so many ours of sleep and time on this show, because it has always kept me interested. Even with the boring episodes, I counted on the next episode to reel me in. Basically If an episode was disappointing I knew the next would make up for it. I recently began season 11 episode 19 which involved a young boy discussing his homosexuality. I am a Christian. I have not and will not deny Christ as my lord and Savior. BUT before everyone gets all up in arms about my beliefs, understand that just because I read and believe in the Bible, does not mean I am a bigot. I was okay with the boy admitting his homosexuality. I know I am not the one to judge on anything in this life. So when I began the next episode and saw/heard the reference of GOD being with women along with MEN, I was shocked and appalled. How dare you blaspheme him the way you did. I know love is love. That some women love women and some men love men, but you lost a fan because of that episode. Honestly, if you're going to incorporate God into your show, portraying him as a homosexual is wrong. He didn't impregnate a man to birth his son, it was in fact a woman. I hate to do this but I will no longer be watching this show.
  • Bloodlines what show was this??

    I'm A Superfan, I'm Not Even Embarrassed To Say It. But I'm at The End Of My Rope Here. This Last Episode May Have Been My Last New Episode. What Show Was It In, Because It ClearlY Wasn't SPN. I Literally Hit Pause And Info On My Remote Twice To Make Sure I Was Not Watching Some Crap Teen Drama. I Hated The Stylized Angst, The Ridiculous Characters ( All Rich, Gorgeous Young People) And Complete Lack Of Realism. This, On The Heels Of Yet ANOTHER Filler Vampire Episode.

  • Thumbs down on bloodline

    I agree with lots of review here. I LOVE supernatural and often don't mind the 'filler' episodes if there's a character in there that we love - like S9e19 - But E20? Seriously!! Apart from the fact that there was very little Sam and Dean, the link to the 'theme' of this season was horrible. The boys also seemed to be guests watching from the sidelines. Hope next week sees more of the boys doing their thing and starts bringing together the theme which seems to have been lost in the wilderness.
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