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  • A paranormal roadtrip with two ghost-hunting brothers in search of their lost father. Read on for a recap and review of the pilot episode.

    Supernatural stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles as brothers Sam and Dean Winchester. Twenty years ago their mother Mary was killed under mysterious circumstanes. Their father John found her dead in baby Sam's room, pinned to the ceiling and bleeding. Suddenly, her body burst into flames and took the whole house with it. John escaped with his sons Dean and Sam.
    Skip forward to the present day. Sam Winchester is a college student on his way to law school. He lives with his beautiful and loving girlfriend, Jessica. One night his older brother Dean pays him an unexpected visit. He tells Sam their father has gone missing on a "hunting trip". This is code for the family business--ghost hunting. Sam and Dean were raised traveling around the country destroying evil spirits. Sam wants desperately to escape this past and have a normal life. Dean however convinces Sam that their father is in grave peril and they must find him together. Sam agrees to this one hunt, and they leave for their father's last known location, a town called Jericho.
    There have been a string of disappearances along a country highway in the area over the last few years. All the victims have been male, but with no other discernable connection. After a bit of investigating, the brothers learn of a local legend of a woman who died along the road and who's spirit still haunts it. They find the name of the woman, Constance Welch, and that she commited suicide on a bridge on the road. Traveling there they encounter the spirit, who make their own car attack them and run them off the bridge. The brother barely escape, and resume looking for their father. They find his hotel room, which is covered in occult notes about the case. They learn from the notes that the spirit is called a "Woman in White", an archetypal spirit of a woman who killed her kids and committed suicide after leaning that her husband was unfaithful. Now she haunts the roads looking for unfaithful men to kill.
    Leaving the hotel room, Dean is picked up by the local sheriff. He manages to warn his brother, who escapes. The sheriff believes Dean and his brother and father are responsible for the disappearances. He shows Dean his father's journal, which contains a mysterious message to Dean. Dean escapes the sheriff's office when his brother phones in a fake 911 call. His brother Sam is then abducted by the spirit, who takes him back to the house where she killed her children and tries to kill him. Dean rescues him, and the woman's spirit is trapped within the house by the spirits of her children.
    Dean tells Sam that their father left a message that he is headed for a ghost town in Arizona. Sam refuses to follow his father any farther and wants to resume his normal life. Dean reluctantly takes him home. There Sam finds his girlfriend Jessica has met the exact same fate as his mother; she is bleeding and pinned to the ceiling and then bursts into flames. Dean comes back and rescues Sam. This convinces Sam to recommit himself to the hunt, to find his father and the thing that killed his mother and Jessica.

    Overall, this series has promise. It is highly derivative of other series. Namely the X-Files (which gets a fun reference during the episode) and Kolchak The Night Stalker (which is going to be the main competition for this show in the fall). Its tough to say if this show will make it. The main selling point is also its main problem. There are only two main characters. While both Padelecki and Ackles do excellent jobs, its hard to say if they will be enough to drive this show. The ghost in the first episode wasn't at all original. I have a feeling the rest will be equally as standard horror stereotypes. Also, we get very little clues into what happened to their mother. A few more clues might have been enough to hook the viewers and make them want to come back and find out the conclusion. But there wasn't enough in this episode to get you drawn into the ongoing plot. Overall, the acting is good but it is not terribly original. If The Nightstalker turns out to be a better series, expect Supernatural to suffer quickly.
  • If the show goes on in the same way the unaired pilot does this will be an amazing tv show. Supernatural is suspenceful, thrilling and a good horror kind of show. It's inspired by shows like X-Files but it looks like something new and fresh on television!

    If the show goes on in the same way the unaired pilot does this will be an amazing tv show. Supernatural is suspenceful, thrilling and a good horror kind of show. It's inspired by shows like X-Files but it looks like something new and fresh on television! The cast is amazing! I Knew Jensen Ackles was very good (In Dark Angel he was wonderful!) but also Jared Padalecky acts really good. I'm looking foward to see all the episodes!
  • This episode did it's job extremely well - setting up the premise, introducing the two main characters and a little of their histories and motivations, and I like the idea of using inspiration for their encounters from Urban legend and folklore across sma

    Wow, the pilot was actually much better than I was expecting it to be. Both Padalecki and Ackles gave good performances, with Padalecki underplaying well to Ackle's cocky, slightly arrogant older sibling.

    It was clear that there wasn't a huge budget, but veteran director David Nutter shot the episode extremely well, using a variety of oft-used camera tricks and effects (though in an effective and sometimes chilling way).

    This episode did it's job extremely well - setting up the premise, introducing the two main characters and a little of their histories and motivations, and I like the idea of using inspiration for their encounters from Urban legend and folklore across smalltown America.

    All that needs to happen now is for the show to maintain a strong quality of writing and directing, and use the opportunity of a season order to build on the arc and flesh out the show a little more. But the foundations are already there.

    One I'll definitely be watching this Fall..
  • This is an interesting new X-Files meets the OC, meets Buffy type show from the WB which is being positioned after the Gilmore Girls... good luck with that.

    Supernatural Pilot Review
    By Rick Kelvington

    This is an interesting new X-Files meets the OC, meets Buffy type show from the WB which is being positioned after the Gilmore Girls, the show stars Rory’s former deflowerer play by Jared Padalecki who plays Sam Winchester the younger brother of Dean Winchester played by Jensen Ackles of Smallville fame.

    Within the first ten minutes of the show we see the baby version of Sam react as his mother is immolated on the ceiling of his nursery, while his father saves him and his older brother. Only to be whisked ahead in time about18 years in the very next scene where we see Sam at college pretty well adjusted, with an OC type hottie girlfriend and probably going to get a full ride next year into law school. When older brother Dean shows up and wants him to come away from all this to find his missing father. On a personal side note, if your famous for playing a character like say… oh I don’t know, DEAN from Gilmore Girls, then either your character should be called Dean or no one of the main cast should have that name. In the end of the pilot he even refers to his brother as Dean-uh or perhaps Dana. This is too damn confusing is ALWAYS going to take people of of the story. You HEAR That Faith Ford? “Hope & Faith” my ass.

    We find out that the boys have had their share of ghost hunting Buffy-esque missions in the past and Sam is renascent to go look for his Papa because he’s got a big interview next Monday and can’t miss it. After the promise this will only be a weekend hunt, the boys pull out an arsenal that would make homeland security jump up and take notice and they decide to go and try and save good old dad. Now I have to admit, while we all love our Dad’s, I can see me leaving the bed of a wicked hot college girl in the middle of the night to go ghost hunting, not matter how much fondness I have for Pops.

    We cut to Jerico, California, where we learn once again that no good deed goes unpunished, and you can NEVER EVER pick up a hot hitchhiker without paying a stiff penalty. This time in the form of having your guts spayed against the inside windows (that’s windows plural) of your car.

    In the next few scenes we see the boys work on their angst of their collective childhood drama, impersonate federal officers, illegally check out a crime scene and use phony credit cards to buy gas and treats. Not the most promising start for someone who wants to go to law school. Plus the car we saw particulate brain matter scatter in a very Grassy Knoll-esque fashion the night before is perfectly clean and free of any evidence of a struggle, this all seems to climax with a ghostly game of cat and mouse involving a car and bridge and a very depressed ghost who lost her children in an “accident”, we soon find out there is more to this ashen hitchhiker than meets the metaphysical plane, and the hunt is on to find and the boys are on the case to take care of this situation once and for all. A lot of this pilot could have been set in Sunnydale, and plays out very much like a fairly good episode of Buffy.

    Steve Railsback from “The Stuntman” and “X-Files” fame plays the grieving husband to the woman in white, his part is short but memorable, if the rest of the series populates itself with such great actors it could be a saving grace.

    The climax, or near climax comes with car crashing, ghost humping and a few borrowed elements from the “Ringu” and “Dark Water” films. Soon the case is solved and we are ready to go back to live a normal life. Unfortunately, when Sam gets home we find his girlfriend is about to end up just like his Mom did in the opening minutes and this leaves him free to go ghost hunting with his wacky brother, James Dean like brother. Oh did I mention his character’s name is Dean?.

    I have to admit this was not one of my favorite pilots that was picked up this year, but it does have some small potential, the boys seem to travel around with way too much impunity, escaping from police custody, doing some very bad boy like things, and there seems to be no legal consequences from having your girlfriend get burned to death on the ceiling of your apartment. Perhaps some Hollywood celebrity types were technical consultants on this one. Overall I would rate this as a possible half season run, I can’t imagine the same people who tune in to see the Gilmore charm and intellect are going to find this Buffy want-a-be anything but lacking.
  • There's an X-Files feel to the pilot and while the premise isn't bad and the leads are convincing as brothers; the show needs some fine-tuning.

    I've always liked both Jenson Ackles and Jared Padelecki - so putting 'Supernatural' on my list of new shows to catch this season was a no-brainer. This brotherly ghost hunting team is hot - but is the show?

    The opening scenes are eerie and violent enough to set up some serious childhood trauma for both the leads while setting up the driving backstory of the show. The mood and settings are appropriately dark, but there is nothing here that we haven't already seen in shows like Buffy, Angel or the X-Files. However, with two amiable leads, the mysterious and tragic death of a loved one, a missing father and a 'ghost-of-the-week' - the show has potential. While the pilot lacks originality, there's no reason why it can't do pretty well - lack of originality certainly has not hurt the three versions each of CSI and Law and Order.

    That being said, the show does need some fine-tuning and hopefully, successive episodes will iron out the kinks. Overall, I found the pilot fairly entertaining and it would be nice if the show gets a full run, if only for the fact that I'd love to see both Ackles and Padalecki on my TV screen every week. ;)
  • This show looks like it's going to be a fun ride and this pilot is much better than it's ABC rival Night Stalker.

    Jensen Ackles (aka: Alec/Dark Angel; Jason Teague/Smallville) and Jared Padalecki (aka Dean/Gilmore Girls) star in Supernatural brought to us by McG and The WB. Thanks to the internet, I have had a chance to see the unaired pilot and I have to say I thought it was a pretty good ride.

    The premise of the show: Sam (Padalecki) and Dean (Ackles) have had a very unusual upbringing. When Sam was just a baby his mother was killed by…something supernatural (creative title no?). And they were brought up by their father to fight all matters of the weird (ghosts, weres, etc) as they search for what killed their mother. In this episode, their Dad has been AWOL for a couple of weeks and Dean comes to Sam, who’s in college studying to be a lawyer, for help. They head to a town where men have been disappearing on a particular road where a woman in white has been seen.

    I don’t want to give away all the plot points. It was fun and I’ll watch it a few more times before the show actually starts. I didn’t examine the plot very hard, because hey, it’s a show about the supernatural. I’m not going to nitpick too much about getting from A to C, OK? The pilot was directed by David Nutter who has done some amazing television episodes. In fact Nutter filmed the pilot episode of Roswell, which I thought was one of the best pilots ever shot for TV (I didn’t say the show was stellar, just that episode). He’s also done episodes of Dark Angel, X-Files, West Wing, ER and Without a Trace.

    The music in this pilot was spot on. McG shows always have fabulous music (I loved the music in Fastlane and I enjoy most of what’s in The O.C.) The dialogue was snappy and I enjoyed the verbal sparring between Sam and Dean. The whole thing was just very slick and easy to sit back and enjoy. So, if you have some time this fall on Tuesday’s at 9:00 (Veronica Mars’ old spot) then join the fun. I think this show will be a treat.
  • One of the best pilots of the season by far.

    I'd been tracking this show ever since I first heard about it, back when The WB was developing its pilots. I thought it sounded good, but probably would be kind of lame or comedic, like "Charmed". The more I read about it, though, the more excited I got, and I was thrilled when the network announced that it was on their fall schedule. I was able to get my hands on a copy of it after a while, and settled back to watch it. I was extremely impressed and thought it was the best pilot I'd seen in a while.

    The basic plot of the show is that these two brothers, played by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, are searching for their missing father and hunting down evil on the way. One must admit that sounds corny, but the show's execution is very well done and it completely sells. While obviously inspired by the recent onslaught of horror movies, "Supernatural" manages to be original and a great ride for 45 minutes or so. It is excellent in everything from writing, acting, atmosphere, casting, and everything else you can imagine.

    Horror fans will definitely want to check this show out. While other shows claim to be scary or whatever, we all know none of them are, but "Superatural" definitely has a few jumps, scares, and shocks to deliver, which is more than one can say for several of the new "horror" movies that have been coming out recently.

    Let's hope that viewers find this show and stick with it, because it certainly deserves a long life like "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "The X-Files".
  • We find it creepy, scary, funny at times and interesting.

    I watched the pilot with my niece and we liked it a lot. We find it creepy, scary, funny at times and interesting. I thought Jensen and Jared were very good in their roles.

    I didn\'t like the ending but not because I thought it was badly done but because it was very appropriate for the show, just feel bad about it without trying to give too much away.

    Looking forward to seeing more episodes.
  • Two brothers witness something bad and them and their father decide its their job to make the bad things go away.

    I like the premise of this also and i think its a breath of fresh air with all the reality tv shows thats cropping up now a days. We need more drama/horror/action shows just to fill that void, if movies can be diverse so can television. So heres to hoping its around longer then a few episodes!
  • does exactly what it should as a pilot episode.

    the pilot is a good episode. sets up the main characters, their mission, and establishes their motivations. this show has a lot of potential. hopefully it can avoid the WB pitfalls of devolving into mere soap opera and compete with the multitude of supernaturally themed television shows this year...

    looks like joss whedon was ahead of his time; now everybody is doing some kind of ghost hunting, demon fighting, magical thingamabob. hopefully this show will take a more evolved direction and not end up on the dustheap of television history.
  • This has the fresh new look and feel that the WB needs. It's not a complete clone. It may take a few things from other series, but what show doesn't. Everything is based on something else.

    The Show:
    If the pilot is anything like the rest of the season this show will definitely be a cult hit. Starting from when Dean and Sam were young children to when they are 22 and 26 with a missing father. This show becomes an adventure to find dad. And the searching plot sure has a lot of potential especially when you add on myths and ledgends on the way.

    The Acting:
    Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki play their roles perfectly, I still can't believe they play brothers. They compliment each others characteristics. From the tone of their voices to their stance both actors got it down pretty well. I think Jensen could do a little better though, it seems he takes each role with the same attitude.

    The Special Effects:
    These effects are pretty good for just a TV show pilot. They were all placed in the show seemlessly. I couldn't believe that they weren't real. The fire was a bit awkward but well-done. The ghost effect is great, it was effective and bloody scary.

    The Overview:
    One of the most compelling pilots I've seen yet, it's nothing like anything that has been on tv in the last 5 years. It'll be the next WB hit for sure and will have a long life ahead.
  • Trite and contrived. It's been done before...and better. The actors do well with what they are given...but even they are not enough to make me watch another episode.

    The actors do a fine job with what they are given but they seem to be the only positives. In short? It's all been done. And the cheesy needless curse words are ridiculous. Dean says "bitch" like 20 times. Writers: I know you're trying to stay hip, fresh, and cool but guess what? Intelligence is "in" (have you seen the ratings for CSI?). It's ok to increase the vocabulary past a 3rd grade level. Also the whole "pentagram is good luck" bologna. We loved The X Files because it actually sounded believable. This show could have longevity if:
    a) The writing was better. Can you please stop insulting our intellect and give us something to sink our teeth into?
    b) Originality is key. The whole woman in white has been done death. Hope we don't have more of the same to look forward to.
    c) Less 90210/OC and more Gilmore Girls whit thrown in
    d) Raise the bar and we will follow
  • While looking through the pilots this season, there where many that attracted my attention, but "supernatural" was one of the best written, acted, and produced pilots I've seen in a long time.

    Following two brothers from a brokenhome, supernatural is about them coming to terms with the way they where raised, and getting rid of all the things that go bump in the night, while tracking down not only their father, but the thing that killed their mother.

    For a pilot, this one is extremly well produced. The two focal cast members click asap, and the intense fast-paced writing really helps everything come together. Eventhough it is ovious that this is the WB's answer to a Buffy replacement that plays alot like "x-files" for a teen audience. I can really tell with enough time to grow and the write advertising, this could easily go on to be one of the WB's classic hits.
  • Two brothers go on the road to avenge their mother and track down all kinds of evil stuff. With no real means of support, they step outside the law when they have to. Small-scale theft, lies and gunfire go a long way when it comes to fighting evil.

    Great new tv series hopefully! A mixed of x-files and today's shows. I'm into that urban legends stuff and folk tales of ghosts and evil spirits; and I hope they would use that concept as much as possible as the series progress. I really liked the pilot and hopefully won’t be the last.
  • Great show!

    Whoa! I just watched this show on's free preview thing. Pretty crazy. I didn't even expect it to be that good. I only wanted to watch the first 15 minutes, but I couldn't peel my eyes away. Hopefully it will be around for awhile. Can't wait until next week!
  • With best Visual Effects, fast paced story line, and talented actors. Supernatural is the best new series of fall 2005.

    WB is right about this series, it is one of a kind. After watching the pilot on Yahoo. One thing is very clear that it is definitely different from Buffy and X-files. I was skeptical in the beginning, but as you watch the whole pilot, it stands out from all the other shows of its kind.

    Jensen is looking very confident and comfartable in his role. He is doing full Justice to his character by playing a very cool guy that gives the tense atmosphere of the show a very nice and light tone. The chemistry between two brothers is quite natural and believable. Jared is playing the role of younger brother,the modest one who gives the show a perfect combination of Yin & Yang.

    Many scences are very scary. I will love to watch it every week
  • Pretty good show and worth watching.

    This is a pretty good x-files-esque program I think that I can get on board with. One of the coolest things about this show isn't the spooky creatures that jump out at you, or the classic witty dialoge between the characters that makes the WB as great as it is... I actually thought that the coolest thing was the fact that it gives the viewer a notice before the show begins to turn off the lights in the room to enhance the viewing experience. Just for giggles, I decided to heed the heads up, and I'll tell you what, I was creeped out from beginning to end. I highly recommend catching at least one episode and deciding for yourself if it's a show for you.
  • The X-files, Charmed,Buffy and all the other shows like that combined.

    This show by far is one that I will not miss a week of. I thought I was watching a DVD as suspensefull as it was, it has been a long time since a TV show made me feel like that.
    It made me jump and also gave me the chills at almost every part of the movie. I will positively be telling people about this.
    I know that it airs again in two days and I cant wait to see the pilot again.
  • I love this show. The pilot was awesome. I have a good feeling about this series

    I really enjoyed the pilot ep. The plot is very good and the acting is awesome. I knew I was going to like this show just by watching the previews. This show sucked me in from the first scene. If you missed the Pilot ep it comes on again on Thursday at 9:00pm. Or you can watch it online at Its a great spooky show!
  • Good new show. cant wait to catch the full season!

    Loved the pilot episode. I like the backstory the topic the theme. the actors. I hope this will be a big hit for the WB so they keep it around for a while.

    I liked jason on Smallville but I didnt really think that he fit in. now he has a show which is a great fit for him and I hope it turns out well.
  • X-Files for fans of Urban Legends and Ghost Stories, this show is definitely not for kids, as it'll surely keep them up at night. Has great potential. Please read my full review for more details, and be sure to vote if you agree or not :)

    I had fairly high expectations for this show. Working in TV, I learned of it early on, and then WB has been plastering ads on tv, radio and signage everywhere. Most recently in Rollingstone there was a pullout that when opened, had audio promoting the show (a cool, unique marketing gimmick).

    That being said, I thought the pilot episode was pretty decent, but the success of the show will rely on the direction it takes, which as of now isn't entirely clear.

    The obvious comparison everyone is making is to X-Files, and for good reason. If you were an X-Files fan, you'll probably like Supernatural...but then again, maybe you'll just think it's the same old thing without the wonderful Mulder and Scully duo we grew to know and love (btw, "Mulder and Scully" are jokingly mentioned in the show, so the writers are not hiding where their influences lie).

    But it's not only because of the "supernatural stories" that make it similar to X-Files, but also because of the way it's laid out. In X-Files we had the overall story arc of alien life (and the role of humans in that), but each episode could be watched as a separate entity due to there usually being one-episode mysteries to be solved. You could miss an episode, or watch them out of order, and not be lost (unlike the show Lost). In Supernatural you have the overall story of the brothers' quest to find out "what" killed their mother, but then in each episode you'll have them encountering some urban legend (the writers have said that the stories are based on real-life urban legends and ghost stories).

    I for one hope they focus on the individual stories (and this is why I have questions about the direction of the show). I thought the "overall" arc was fairly stupid. They opened up with this sequence that used WAY too much CGI and was just not very believable, even if you are a believer of the supernatural. On the flipside, I thought the individual storyline about the "woman in white" was great, and even if you don't believe in ghosts, you could get more of a sense of realism in that than with the possessed-on-a-ceiling-bursting-in-flames occurrences. That being said, although I should have seen it coming a mile away, somehow I didn't expect the ending of the pilot...maybe I was just so engrossed by the "woman in white" storyline that I completely forgot about the other stuff (I'm trying not to write too much spoiler-info).

    So in conclusion, I think the individual stories is what's going to make or break the show. I have no doubt that along the way there will be some similar storylines to an X-Files episode, or maybe even Tales From the Crypt, but with a new cast, better cgi, and hopefully some twists or new insight the writers provide, it won't seem all that unoriginal.

    If we don't see too much more "possessed-on-a-ceiling-bursting-in-flames"-type of stuff, then I think this show will be great. Apart from that part, the cgi was top-notch...the ghost was great, especially in the "fight" sequence where she "transforms." The acting was fairly decent, and the writing was exceptional.

    I think it's in a tough time period, but I know I'll definitely be tuning in each week. It's going up against House on Fox, which is a great show, My Name is Earl and The Office on NBC, the former of which is getting rave reviews, Amazing Race on CBS, which always has a decent following, Commander-in-Chief on ABC, which I think looks like one of the worst fall shows (gina davis looks horid, what the hell happened??), and Sex, Love and Secrets on UPN, which I don't think will do very well against all the competition and with a weak lead-in. But if you crave some "horror stories" there's no where else to turn...on any night.
  • I thought the show was great. I'm not sure that the time slot is the best for this show. If WB gives it a fair shake, then I think there is a good chance of this show making it a full season.

    I thought the pilot had a lot of potential. You were just kind of plunked down in the middle of something and have many questions. I feel the pilot did a good job of answering those questions and raising still more. I'm looking forward to seeing what other urban legands and folk lure tales show up in this series.
  • I didn't think Supernatural was going to be good, I WAS TERRIBLY TERRIBLY MISTAKEN! This new show is awesome! It is done in the footsteps of the horror/sci-fi shows that came before it on the WB, and it SUCCEEDS! If you liked Angel or Buffy, check this ou

    I didn't have high expectations for Supernatural. To be honest I was just excited to be able to stare at Jensen Ackles for an hour. I loved him on Dark Angel, and was too busy watching LOST to catch him on Smallville. Jared Padalecki I really knew nothing of. I don't pay enough attention to the teeny-bopper crap. If they weren't on Dawson's Creek they are after my time.

    With that said, Supernatural opens up on a disturbing scene, a family's life being torn apart. A family going up in smoke. Literally. Sam (Padalecki) and Dean (Ackles) are the surviving sons of a 'supernatual' house fire. The house starts on fire after mom is attacked by someone or something. Dad rescues the boys, and from that moment on, it's on.

    Dad raises the boys to be 'hunters.' These hunters appear to be like a male version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (only without the super powers) with a bit of Kolchalk and Mulder mixed in for good measure. They hunt the unnatural the supernatural, the things people don't believe are out there. The things that go bump in the night, the things stories and myths and urban legends are made of. Dad's goal: find what killed mom.

    Sam just wants to be normal. He went to college, scored a 174 on his LASTs and has big plans to go to law school. He has the pretty, perfect, busty blonde girlfriend who is very supportive. You already know this will not end well.

    Dean has embraced the life his father gave them. He is now a hunter, drives a muscle car and still owns cassette tapes. But he's tough, he's street smart, and he's a wise-ass. You know he's gonna break hearts along the way,c os he's a lone-ranger sort of guy.

    Dean goes to Sam for help. Dad didn't come home from his latest hunting trip. Sam might not want to be apart of the family legacy, but it's his dad, and Dean needs his help. So they go. You can probably guess the rest.

    The show seems like it has a great mix of 'creature of the week' and lengthy arc. This is a formula I haven't seen on the WB since the untimely demise of Angel. Two good looking guys setting out accross the USA to find their dad and figure out what killed mom (and busty perfect girlfriend, cos she goes the way of mom by the end of episode 1), along the way helping some small towns get rid of their beasties.

    I hope that the writers and producers have enough sense to keep this in the Buffy/X-Files arena and to not accidentally fall into some Dawson's creek like crap. They have a lot of possibility to explore rural myth and american folk-lore while also exploring the relationship between brothers, and their bond to their father. I also hope that they are not afraid to occasionally give them a beastie, who isn't really evil at all, but who can become an ally. If Joss Whedon taught us all anything, he taught us this: the demons among us can teach us more about our own humanity, and the people we can strive to be.

    I hope you will take the time to watch Supernatural. The pilot episode will be re-aired this Thursday (check your local listings). It is worth watching. And follow the WB's advise, this show IS best viewed in the dark.
  • Thank God, Finally a decent paranormal show!! Goodbye to Buffy, Angel and Charmed.

    If you hated Buffy, Angel and /or Charmed give Supernatural a try.

    To me those other shows were so culty and immature. Supernatural gives off an aire of maturity and that I didn't get from the other paranormal shows that the WB has proffered. The Special effects were decently done and the music tracks don't as of yet seem to be the normal WB rhetoric. The show was laced with quality Metal tunes that really energized the entire viewing experience. Props to the "Frog" on the music selection.

    You could tell near the end that the writers struggled a little with how to end the pilot but I forsee the upcoming shows to straighten themselves out and really settle into a great season without to much trouble.

    I do see this as an X-Files replacement where the brothers back story will constantly be the search for the father or for the entity that killed their mother. Supernatural is such a broad term that it really opens up the possibilities for the writers to not just get stuck doing all the same old ghost stories from a different angle.

    Check it out its worth a least a few viewings to see if you like it.
  • Two brothers whose mother died when they were young of supernatural forces/spirits...22 years later their father goes missing during his hunt for the spirit/ force that killed his wife. Then go searching for him only to encounter more bad things...

    I love this show....Its looks scary I know but just watch it and you wont regret it. I watched it thinking it wont be that good well it proved me wrong. This show is really cool. It is like a "page turner" I cant wait for the next episode and the coming season.I mean who wouldn't want to watch this... Two brothers who were trained when they were young to battle forces/spirits that may lead to their mom's myterious spirt/force that killed her...The two brothers are brought back together when their father goes missing on one of his "hunts" the two bros follow his "tracks" /clues only to find more bad forces/spirits....WOW I can't wait for the next episode! This is so a 10!
  • I was optimistic when watching the pilot of this show. My hopes were further raised when the show suggested I turn off all my lights before watching. Unfortunately, Supernatural failed all of my expectations.

    I was optimistic when watching the pilot of this show. My hopes were further raised when the show suggested I turn off all my lights before watching. Unfortunately, Supernatural failed all of my expectations. I was hoping for an interesting and frightening show. Instead I was presented with a bland, glib, and boring one.
    The scares were nonexistent. Of course in the show's defense: it is difficult for anything to scare you at 7 at night.
    The characters inspire little more than apathy from this viewer. Dean, played by Jared Padalecki, is immediately unlikable. The main character Sam, played slightly more sympathetically by Jensen Ackles, is predictable and boring. The interaction between the brothers is hindered by the glib script.
    Overall the show seems to hope to be another "Buffy" or "Angel". Unfortunately, it is panning out to be nothing more than a lukewarm clone.
  • Two brothers hunt creepy crawlers

    This show scared me and not in a bad way. Or rather a good way. What I mean is, it was very suspenseful. A firery baddie kills their mother, when they are children and thier father become determined to find the thing that did it. In the mean time, he hunted other creepy crawlers.
    Younger brother dean is grown and wants no part of it. Older brother Sam convinses his brother to help them find thier dad.
    The ending was not unepected but it scard the bejesus out of me.
  • I sure didn't expect much so I was in for a big surprise, on the edge of my seat for 45 minutes.

    One of the best WB pilot I've seen in quite a while. Of course this is no Shakespeare, it's just a spooky show for teenagers, but still what a fun show to watch. Ackles sure did the right thing by leaving that boring Clark Kent show for that one. Plus we're now sure that Dean won't ever come back to Stars Hollow. What a relief.Both actors did a fairly good job on this pilot and there's a real chemistry between them. As brothers they are very different but also very complementary. Another note, related to the cast, that need to be pointed out: the guy playing the brother's father pretty much looks like Jensen Ackles. That's great casting here folks. Makes it more believable.
  • great thriller

    i am a big fan of shows like Danny Phantom. I decided to watch this, mainly because there was nothing else on. anyway i was hooked. Its a great thriller for any horror movie freak. my favorite part was when Sammy, i think ran over the ghost and later Dean shot at her. I made me laugh because you cant really do that to a ghost.
    Good show must watch
  • I love it! Mystery mixed with supsence and the actors are funny at times to! Can't get any better!

    I think this show is kind of like Smallville, which is also an amazing show. You don't know what to expect, and the actors.. are HOTT! hehe! Sorry had to be said.. I think if the actors are fairly well known people will atleast give the show a chance! If theres not even one known actor.. most people, won't even take a look! Thats my opinion! But anyways.. I think it's awesome, the name of the show definetly suits what the shows about! Which a lot of shows.. well.. they don't! But I've only seen one episode like the rest of you. So will see!.. So far so good!
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