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  • Good show in a downward spiral.

    What happened to this show? It used to have atmosphere and witty dialogue, now it's just unbearable to watch. All Sam and Dean do is ride around and talk. They talk about their feelings, relationship, they break up and make up.. it's like watching a soap opera. The only thing worse is Dean giving his monologues, in this dark, forced voice of his. Boooring.

    Plus the story arc got out of hand. I preferred the stand alone episodes, dealing with one specific issue. Now we have angels, the devil, the end of days.. but the budget can't handle a story of this magnitude. So what we see feels fake. You can only laugh at how seriously the main characters take themselves in this kind of setting. And what's with the pathetic attempt at humor? The world is ending and Dean takes an angel out for hookers? Come on!
  • Not very interesting.

    I don't think I care much for show that is like many others that have the same elements of certain things. I haven't watched very many episodes because I can't seem to get into it. It isn't a bad show, just not one of my favorites. My theory is once you watch this show, you either keep watching or just become neutral. What I like about the show is the action, but that gets overshadowed by the stale acting and predictable storylines. Overall, I would say this show is average, but it isn't the worst show on television. It just isn't my show. Thank you.
  • they show up.. meet a family.. bad stuff starts starts to believe sam and dean.... the ordinary family becomes aware of supernatural stuff sam and dean bust out some first they dont win..then they win..bad guys die. the end.

    out of all the episodes that ive seen, which would be all of them, I would have to say that this episode was an utter waste of film. It was very unoriginal, over acted by everyone besides dean and sam, and the directing and story line was a complete step backwards and disastrous. if someone were to watch this episode, never having seen one before it, they would be turned off to the idea of every watching the show again.

    i hope to god that no one ever makes a show even close to this ever again. my god have mercy on those who enjoyed it.
  • Teeny bopper show

    I bought season 1 when it came out and i thought it will be good. To my my suprise, it was not. It was only 1 episode named "Asylum" of the 22 episodes. I gave up watching this teeny bopper show after watching all the 21 poor episodes, which i think lacked, suspense, good story, acting and so on. If more episodes was like Asylum, i think it would`ve been better.

    I will not see a episode of this show anymore. I heard this show was influenced by The X-Files. I only thing that alike was them going around solving crimes and helping people.
    I think this show deserves my rating 1.5 Abysmal.
  • The fans say: "Best TV Show ever! Amazing acting! Incredible! Best thing since sliced bread!" The reality: No it isn't...

    Before I start this review, I would like to make it clear that I usually like shows dealing with supernatural/occult/horror elements ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Charmed" are two of my all-time favourite shows, and I've recently come to love "Masters of Horror"). But I strongly dislike "Supernatural." I find the show dull, boring, and not scary. In order to garner a fair opinion of it, I watched 16 or so full episodes and several clips from the internet (mainly due to being a fan of Jensen Ackles) from all three seasons but I still found the show insufferable.

    The attempts at creepiness/scary come across as completely ineffective to me, which is bad considering it's supposed to be a scary show. I even tried watching one or two episodes late at night, with lights off, etc. to put me in a scary mood but no such luck. However, the aforementioned "Masters of Horror" continues to scare me and creep me out successfully, despite the fact that it is a TV show and not a big-budget movie.

    The show also lacks originality. It's simply covering the same ground that we've seen in several other shows/movies, but with practically no added flair or difference. I have seen episodes that blatantly rip off imagery and situations from movies like "The Ring" and "The Exorcist". Even though the show attempts to come across as a gritty, real-world portrayal of cliché horror scenarios, it doesn't succeed. Actually, it seems that every shot of every episode is darkened and graded to the point where every episode looks the same. The following quote from an review covers this point better: 'The uniformly shadowy lighting which is exactly the same in every shot whether it's day or night is annoying and contrived...' For the most part, the writing is average, and you may find that even some die-hard fans agree the dialogue is a little crappy at times. The 'Brotherly banter' between Sam and Dean gets annoying after a while, as does constant use of the word "Dude" and yelling each others' names whenever they are in trouble. As mentioned, the plots lack originality, especially when urban legends and old myths are adapted. I also find the brothers quite unlike-able, which isn't really a good thing as they are the only main characters. I find them annoying, too overly macho/hero-like, and at times, a pair of idiots who seem like they don't know what they're doing.

    Now, to what I feel are the show's only two good points: 1 - Production values. For a TV show on the CW network, they're pretty good. The special effects are decent for the most part, as are (some) of the sets.

    2 - Jensen Ackles. I may be a little biased being a fan of his, but despite his good looks and age (i.e. the young, pretty-boy cliche), he is a very good actor, and in the time I watched the show, rarely saw faults in his performances despite the fact his character Dean is a bit of a cliché.

    On that note, Jared Padalecki's acting leaves a lot to be desired, and at times is downright cringe-worthy. I have also seen him in "House of Wax" and "New York Minute" and have yet to see him turn in a good performance. In "Supernatural" he sways between wooden acting and over-acting (especially in argument/emotional scenes or when his character turned evil for an episode). If it weren't for his height, looks and the fact he won some 'Claim to Fame Contest' he would be out of work. Also, I'm rarely impressed with the guest stars. What shocks me is the amount of comments you will find on both this message board and around the net that Jared and Jensen's acting is 'brilliant' and 'amazing.' To be blunt, it's not. It has sometimes lead me to wonder if these people are delusional, or blind to talent...

    Overall, I find the "Supernatural" is pretty bad and fails to succeed where other shows of similar genres have, both past and present ("Heroes", "Medium", "Ghost Whisperer", "Buffy", "Charmed", "Angel", "Tru Calling", "X-Files", etc.). It seems to me that despite the fact the deny it, the majority of the fans are distracted by the good looks of the two lead actors, and ignore the actual quality of the show. Eye candy alone does not make a good TV show.

    If you want to give the show a chance, fair enough. But please don't be blinded by the die-hard fans who seem to think it's the 'best TV show' on at the moment. It really isn't.
  • It WAS good.

    If I wrote this review 2-3 years ago, it would've been a 9 or a 10. If I wrote this review today without having ever seen the first few seasons, I would probably give it a 3.

    I really got pulled in the first couple of seasons, but now I feel like the writers are doing anything to drag it out. I remember in the beginning of the series, it was a lot darker, and I was actually a little creeped out. Now, it's predictable and somewhat campy. Hate to say it since I was such a big fan in the beginning, but I think it's about time they end this series.

    With that being said, a 5 will have to do since I enjoyed the beginning. Unfortunately, Supernatural is on its way down (like Smallville, except Smallville could've been canned seasons ago!)
  • How can this show still be running?

    I remember watching this show first season a couple of years ago. I managed to watch five episodes and then gave up. The plot is not interesting, the acting is terrible and the effects are really, really bad. But somehow people seem to like it but I can't see why :s
  • Not as good as it's made out to be.

    I recently started to watch this show as I've been trying to get into a new series. I've only seen the first season, but it's enough to make a judgment about the pacing and style of the show. The two brothers and their relationship dynamic gets old fast. There seems to be no variety or serious character development in either of them, as if this show was made for 12 year old girls. In every episode they discuss the same thing, have the same expressions on their face and are simply not interesting. It's also not believable - I just can't take them seriously as 'ghost hunters'. Which brings me to the cases. While some of them are unique and well thought out, most of them are already solved within the first 2 minutes of the show. With just the intro blurb you know a.) what did it (vaguely), b.) how it did it and c.) who the victim was. Where is the fun or excitement in that? Why exactly do I want to watch a show where they hand everything to you on a silver platter within 2 minutes, and spend the rest of the time watching these two fools solve what I already know? It's not enjoyable in any sense. Besides these two major flaws, the show isn't bad. The set design and effects are great, and so are some of the cases. I also love that it's horror, which you don't really see in any TV shows. On the other hand it just makes it that much more disappointing. 5/10
  • worst show ever . (besides the walking dead) actually they are evenly bad .

    Bobby deserved to die. worst show deadset, my sea urchent munching sea cucumber can come up with a better series. worst show to this day, except the walking dead.

    by the way jack black is the best actor in the world and if he was a character on this show it would make it a great show same if he was introduced to the walking dead.
  • Basically its zombie town of the beloved. Zombies living normal lives until they hit their expiry date. We later come to find out the Death has risen them, to basically send Bobby a message. Stop helping...or else! A lot of character deleopment of

    Its ok, but the whole Bobby issue should have been resolved a whole season ago. This episode just made me become impatient. I get that Bobby is scarred, and now he is questioning whether to help the boys or not. But the wife thing is getting old fast. Death is coming and were getting to see him up close and personal!! So it is clear that he will play apart in this story line. Wonder who's next on the list of the apostiles we'll see next. Can't wait for this whole story to get started. And to see what is coming next.
  • Lame

    This has to be one of lamest, dullest excuses for a 'horror' show since...I don't know, I don't really remember a worse show of this type...and I've been around for a long, long time. About the only interesting thing about it is the obvious suggestions that the 2 brothers might also be lovers. I can't believe one of the X-File creators was involved in any way in this tripe. The shows are always predictable and not a bit 'scary'. Take the episode with Tracy H. for example. I knew she was a 'ghost' in the 1st 5 minutes. Didn't you? This is really 'Ghostbusters' without the humor, and that's not saying much as that was such a lame excuse for a movie as well.
  • Sam and Dean Winchester are two brothers who are following their father's legacy of exploring the paranormal.

    I really liked this series at the start. I thought of it as a fictitious version of Ghost Hunters, but halfway through the second season, they started directly battling demons and devils, and things started getting a bit more far-fetched. If I wanted an erroneos depiction of the paranormal, I'd switch on Sci-Fi Channel. The show is just not as good as it used to be. I'd really prefer it if the show was restored to what it used to be with a bit more reality and a better depiction of the supernatural than this waste of plots about battling the devil.
  • Very pretty characters, but very repetative show. See the first episode, you've seen the whole season.

    They find a haunted house, they kill the ghost/s, one of them finds a potential girlfriend, but they have to leave her behind. ... repeat for next episode and the next.....

    The whole searching for their father story line and referring to the past makes it more interesting, but it's still no where near it for me.
    ... and I'm someone who's in to supernatural stuff!!!
  • Supernatural is about two brothers who fight ghosts, goblins and other supernatural things.

    It's unnerving just how many people love this show, or to put it in better terms, it really shows how dumbed-down society has become. Very little in Supernatural is original, and the writing often resorts to cheap, hackneyed tricks to cram intriguing circumstances into the time slot. The characters aren't flat, but their stories are rather dull; the situations the brothers get themselves into are silly and the writing simply doesn't work most of the time. Plot development is typically finished with a pathetic whimper, repeat a previous point...very little in Supernatural is original. In one episode, viewers are reminded of the movie Groundhog Day. In another, they're reminded of every cheesy monster scene they've seen in so many bad 1980s horror flicks. Because the show has such a great following, I continued watching past the point I probably should have. I watched two full seasons, and still couldn't find much to support its ever-growing popularity. For those who like it, good for you. If something works for you, I say keep with it. However, Supernatural just doesn't measure up to top TV series out there.
  • What is happening to this show?

    I think Supernatural has now outrun its natural show-cycle. The first two seasons were the best, with admittedly some good episodes in season three (albeit few and far between), but this new on-going story arc of Sam turning more and more to his demon powers? I hated that sub-plot anyway and this now seems to be leading to a Dean v Sam climatic battle in which one will have to kill the other for either good or evil to endure. I much preferred it when they were off fighting the bad guys without this ridiculous idea of Sam being 'the boy king' of the demon-world. The idea that because of a few drops of demon blood he is now some super-charged pseudo-demon more powerful than any other is just a step too far for this show.

    Dean being rescued from hell by an angel is certainly an interesting concept, especially since in season two he wavered a little in his belief that there were no such beings but was never quite convinced. Why he wasn't convinced considering they constantly use holy water is a mystery! Personally, I would like the show to focus more on Dean's character development this season, rather than Sam's descent in to evil, as I think he's under-used as an actor, tending just to provide funny quips or be involved in the fight-scenes.

    I hope this show starts to pick up the story-lines and moves away from the 'Sam is about to be king of all evil' arc as (if this is the final season) it deserves to go out on a high note. I would hate it to be about Dean killing Sam to stop evil from triumphing.
  • Low Cost TV

    I really don't get this show, it's 2 guys in a car, then they are on the phone on close-up shot, they go to random ugly places, and say some stuff that save the world, there is no senario, no special effect, no direction, the picture is bad, i can do that show in a parking lot nearby with 100$.

    The only thing i can see for that show to get more than a 3 in rating is that the two main characters are cute. The power of teenage girls and gay teen.
  • Good show awesome concepts but begining to lag

    I just wanna say I must be one of the biggest supernatural fans of all time !!

    However what is going on why is the storyline going so so slowly Season one got me going and getting every episode I could get.

    Season two peeked my interest and I just loved it Sam being evil dean going to hell was awesome.

    but now all I seem to be doing is waiting and waiting to see what is going to happen and nothing really does they give u a taste and then you wait some more.

    I think the show needs to kick it up a notch and I think it will be the best 'supernatural' show on the planet!

    I dont want this show to end and I hope it will go on forever.
  • A tale about two brothers raised to not fear the monster under the bed but to take to them with a shotgun.

    Imagine that all the stories you heard as a kid about monsters under the bed and evil creatures of the night are real and the only ones between us and them are the winchester brothers.Raised in a family of hunters and trained to confront the darkness this show makes a habit of not taking itself seriously as it constantly makes fun of popular culture .At times the show can be a bore and a bit shallow but i guess with two guys riding around in a car its to be expected.Overal its action packed and a personal fav.
  • Good show but was better before

    I don't know why but after the 1st season finished I couldn't wait for a season 2 but I started to watch it and for me it got boring. Don't get me wrong there were some good episodes but not enough. I know most people wont agree with me but this is my opinion it has just been getting more boring. All the excitement is gone and its not scary one bit and now it has a crap storyline that Sam is going to become evil which I think is very stupid. I haven't seen all the episodes but I think I have seen enough.
  • Plot needed some work...

    I liked the classic monster movie feel. I wasn't crazy bout the whole show being in black and white, but it ain't that big a deal. I also enjoyed the fact that it was a light hearted episode, but the plot was too easy to guess. I knew from this site that it was about a shapeshifter shifting into classic movie monsters, but I guessed it was the other bartender as soon as they zoomed in on the napkin she used to blot her lipstick at the beginning of the show. I usually don't guess the bad guy that quickly... That bein said, I love this series, me and my brother watch it every Thursday night. I liked the whole set up of the plot, but it ruined the big reveal in regards to the identity of the shapeshifter. I know they had to show the napkin so that Sam would be able to figure everything out in enough time to save Dean, but it just felt too forced to me...although, maybe they did it that way to give it even more of that classic monster movie feel. In any case, it was a good show, but it wasn't up to the usual Supernatural standard.
  • Waited all this time to have Sam get his soul back, only to see it gone again...

    In the 5 plus years I've been an avid fan of this show, I've never come across an episode I would call boring... until now. Finally Sam gets his soul back, then we get an episode wherein Sam has no soul... okay, I know, in flashback only, but most of the show was in flashback. I was also glad to see Samuel gone, and yet he was back almost in full force in the episode, so that also adds to the boring aspect. I don't even think the bad guy of the week was interesting. You kill me, so I kill you... ho hum.

    But wait! Sam has scratched the wall! It's starting to break or leak or whatever it is that it's going to do, and he's going to experience/remember the hell he went through in, well, hell. This should be exciting! No, wait. Didn't we get that already with Dean? He didn't scratch a wall, but we were led to believe he didn't remember his time in hell and slowly we were let in that he did... than we/he dealt with all the hell he went through (which I thought was excellently done and I'm in no way complaining about that). But it's been done. Let's get back to the killing of monsters and taking out the big boss.

    Of course, I knew we were going to see some form of Sam's souless year, and of course we're going to see the wall come crumbling down, I just hope they can get more creative. Kudos to: Jared for acting (sort of)
  • Uninspired Copycat

    If this was a review of the fans it would be much worse. Regardless, Supernatural it much like an overcooked hamburger, it gives you piece of mind that you can't get sick, but there is no flavor or originality. My main point is they stole from the x-files, changed the main theme of the show, to make it seem like something new, but quite frankly the only thing good they stole from x-files is the monster episodes. This show is going downhill fast much the way as x-files did.
  • Casting disaster

    Well, I could only stand five episodes before I had to give it up. If Jensen Ackles hadn't been in it, I probably would still watch it. The casting must have been done by a 40+ woman who has watched too much Days of our Lives. Jensen Ackles is still a terrible actor, for those who wonder. His soap opera acting stands out even more against the more credible actors in this show. The basic concept is pretty good, reminding me of late X-files episodes. Some effort apparently went into the making of this show. I was mildly interested in the continuing storyline as well, but Jensen Ackles soon destroyed any interest I ever had or would have in this show. Back to soaps for you, sonny!
  • First Sci-Fi Fever! Jutsu! LOL, just kidding!

    Sci-Fi! Who doesn't like sci-fi? Well, to anyone who dislikes it, simply ignore the following review program. This show shouldn't actually be classified as "Sci-Fi". It should instead be classified as "Horror". Why do I say this? Well, from what I've seen of it (And I HAVE seen it), there are a lot of dead (Or should I say undead) monsters and wraiths (Spirits) trying to wreck havoc on the world. Uh...I don't watch this show anymore and yes it DOES need a little patching-to. And that's all I wrote! Well, except for the fact that this show is not for young kids or even young teens...Sorry people, but it's just too scary for me.
  • Eric Kripke was right, show should have ended at 5 seasons. Too many unanswered questions.

    So far this season there has only been one good episode - Weekend at Bobby's - the rest have been lame and not in keeping with the last 5 seasons. Between Castiel telling Dean that his problems come first, to the constant push about Sam, COME ON!!!! Back in season 5, famine touch Dean and said that he was dead inside, even Sam has made mention of Dean not being all back, but it's never been explored further. I mean, the hype for this season was to be focused more on Dean and yet, it's all about Sam yet again. Move on already! Get back to the winning formula that made the show a must see, cause right now, it's a must miss.
  • Superntural has decent stories and good acting but fals to deliver scares or solid entertainment as a thriller.

    Supernatural perked my interest after i viewed the Keanu Reeves film Constantine which like Supernatural had a lot of paranormal elements to it. The previews had been very scary and very interesting so i was very excited to see the pilot when it aired. Unfortunatly my expectations were pretty far from met by the shows quality but i still managed to appreciate certain elements of the show. Supernatural has very interesting and unique storylines that generally follow a good pace with the series itself but a lot of the time the annoying thing about the show is that the attempts to be scary fail damn near every time.

    The make up effects i feel are cheesy and noticable i don't find them realistic or scary which is what the show is intending it to be. I've seen one to many episodes i was unsatisfied with be it the ending, content, twist, or effects but the worst episode of them all is the bug infestation. The odd time Supernatural does hit the nail right on the head as the episode which examined Bloody Mary turned out to be not only terrifying but with a fantastic back and front story to go with it. Supernatural has a lot of potential especially with Jensen Ackles and House Of Wax star Jared Padelecki leading the cast but somehow near every episode is flawed and falls short.

    Supernatural is alright for younger teens fascinated with mythology or scary stories because in a lot of ways it's Are You Afraid Of The Dark for teenagers and while most younger teens will enjoy it, older teens will find it predictable and scare-less. Supernatural doesn't exactly fit in nicely with Smallville either which is another problem going from an adreneline fueled super hero show to a creepy thriller doesn't exactly work. If paired with say the new series Reaper or at it's runtime Buffy The Vampire Slayer it would seem more fitting but CW's schedule says differant. Overall Supernatural isn't as good as it appears to be in previews. The stories are at times good, the acting is solid, but the scares aren't there and neither is the entertainment. It is clearly another CW show that is semi rushed and tries to take the form of pasy hits like Buffy and Angel. It will more than likely be disappointing but is perfect for it's target group of younger teens/preteens.
  • Two brothers on the road to hell...and back.

    When the first demon showed up in season 1 and was exorcised, I didn't like the new twist. From then on it was kind of obvious with all the hell-loose demons, but the show was still very good. But angels and god, come on - must everything perfectly supernatural always turn into a religious nut-case, no matter how the actors act out their own confusion?
    Is this the only story line open? Not an apocalypse again...etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc needed to fill up word count
  • Supersucky

    Oh god... not original.
  • Watching this show now is hell!

    I think Ii's obvious that this show is tanking, because they know it's the last season, so they are making it as cheap as possible. They killed off the re-occurring characters, probably to save money. They are also probably using discarded old plot ideas from the early seasons, when they mainly did single plot shows, that didn't have much arc content. I think a good comparison is with Highlander. The last season of that show is unwatchable, because of that. Also, the present season is pretty bland, because they are using less special effects, as special effects cost money. Sad. but this is reality television. The only reason this show lasted so long, was mainly because it cost so much to start another series, given the state of the economy.
  • Perdicted ratings coming down on the third season of Supernatural.

    I beleive Supernatural is a fast up hill show that will soon descend just as quickly. This coming year\\\'s new season will prove their accreditation. You will see and mark my words, the shows ratings will start to fall. If it should remarkably stand on. It won\\\'t last as long as its counter parts of the past have. Like other Mythology type shows have from Twentith Century. This series is a breath of fresh air to alot of people. But for some it\\\'s drawn and lenghty in its plots. It\\\'s almost like another \\\'Lost\\\' type show. They just go on and on about the missing and gain no way of finding the missing parties. Time will tell.
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