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  • If the show goes on in the same way the unaired pilot does this will be an amazing tv show. Supernatural is suspenceful, thrilling and a good horror kind of show. It's inspired by shows like X-Files but it looks like something new and fresh on television!

    If the show goes on in the same way the unaired pilot does this will be an amazing tv show. Supernatural is suspenceful, thrilling and a good horror kind of show. It's inspired by shows like X-Files but it looks like something new and fresh on television! The cast is amazing! I Knew Jensen Ackles was very good (In Dark Angel he was wonderful!) but also Jared Padalecky acts really good. I'm looking foward to see all the episodes!
  • Superb - but shame it's got to come to an end...

    This series is compulsive viewing, absolutely fantastic.

    The casting, the special effects, the soundtrack even the car (sorry Kitt, you've found your match).

    However, with the ever escalating size and importance of their foes it has got to come to an end eventually.

    I mean - God and Satan - really!? I cannot picture the next season with anything bigger, and if they tried, lets be honest, it would be a bit pants.

    So here's my advice, leave on a high guys and take a leaf out of the Stargate/Star Trek book - create a spin off or a prequel.

    It might work - you never know - with some new characters and the occasional guest appearance, but with the same writers incorporating their own unique blend of wit and humour.

    Who knows what the future will bring - one things for sure, you'll not be tearing me away from the TV whilst season 5 is on the screen!
  • A Tale Of Two Brothers...

    This show is about two estranged brothers who come together in an effort to find their father. They were raised by their father after their mother died to be hunters, just like him. Sam and Dean's characters are hilarious and the show is witty and fresh. Its something different and never gets old. Sure some episodes weren't as exciting but I doubt any show hasn't had at least one less entertaining episode.

    This show is fun to watch - you get to see all the monsters as well as the ones that are supposedly myths.

    This show is like a breath of fresh air - something different to watch during the week. Its nothing like anything else that I've see and the actors play their characters wonderfully. If you want a great show to get into that wont let you down, check out this one. And if you're in need of a good laugh, Sam and Dean always deliver!
  • Greatest show

    This show is Awesome. I just got my parents watching it. They love it too. My husband is watching this in Korea and me in TX. I am buying the DVD's so I can watch them all again. I hope this show goes on forever. There's no reason to stop it. After the Apocalypse is over, and they can take more than one season to do so, they can just keep driving around and killing monsters. I love watching them kill monsters, even if they have already faced them. I hope it's not going to end anytime soon. I love the fact too that there are only 2 main stars, I don't really have to get to know anyone else. We just get to watch and grow with these boys as they live. Supernatural is the best!!
  • "So: Was it worth it?" - Season 6 Review (Contain Spoilers)

    Okay, let's say it clearly from the top: I was skeptic.

    When show creator Eric Kripke left the show after saying that he fulfilled his plan for the show (over the five past years) I was done. That's it. Game over. Then we all hear the news: Supernatural would be back for a sixth season. What?! What gives? Where the hell "do we go from here?" (TV Homage!) The show ended with the freaking Apocalypse! THE Biblical Apocalypse with the Devil, the four horsemen and Death itself! You don't come back after that of a big finale. I was quite happy with the end (even the fact that Sam appeared in the final seconds of the season didn't bother me at all. It could have been his spirit who said goodbye for all we know). So Supernatural came back. Strangely at first. Sam was weird (Duh! No soul!). The Uncle that we saw few times was brought back to life too (seriously ?!), Corin Nemec -our eternal Parker Lewis- was here too as a cousin (Again: Seriously?) and some other people of the Winchester family that we never hear form...

    Yes at first it was weird, we came back -in the way- to the roots of supernatural (two brothers wandering, killing monsters) but when the main story was supposed to let itself didn't. From a spectator point of view it felt like the new show-runner (Sera Gamble) didn't quite know were to go about the main villain of the season: It's the uncle! No! It's Crowley! No! It's Raphael! No! It's that weird girl named "Eve" who's the "mother of all"! No! (Taking a deep breath) It's Crowley again! (Wait! wasn't he dead?)

    And finally we had to wait the season finale to know it for sure and say: No! It's Castiel! Wait, what? Castiel? The Angel? Yes Sir! And this is (in my opinion) the most interesting thing of the season....well no. IT WILL BE. But we'll have to wait for the next season unfortunately.

    So this season didn't have a main villain (and please don't start me on Eve. "Mother of All" ! Connected to everyone! Creating new creatures! And...died after her first meeting with the Winchester Brother! No: she was a decoy. And not a very interesting one). All in all how do you compete with the Devil as the season's next villain? Well the Supernatural writing staff found the answer: God.

    Hey! But you CAN'T put God as the main villain of a US TV show! No way! So how do you do it? You create your own God. And that's the most important (and interesting) thing about not this season, but the next: How do you fight (and even kill) GOD?

    This I can wait. So: Was it worth it?

    If you asked me that one month ago I would probably have said "Not really". I mean, Yes: it's not like if Supernatural sucked all of a sudden. No, it was still our good all Supernatural some sort of a light version . Without a main storyline it felt kind of empty. But now: I believe in Supernatural. "I want to believe" I might add. Next season looks like a very interesting one and I can't wait for it now that the path is clear. This season was a season of transition. Now let's start with the heavy stuff again.

    I still believe in Supernatural. Would you ?
  • Cause I'm a cowboyyyyyy Dead or Alive!

    Supernatural is a great dark and dramatic and who could forget funny tv-series, jensen ackles as Dean Winchester has a great sense of humuor and bad ass attitude which is more likely to win most of all the fans over his brother Sam Winchester played by jarad padalecki, Sam is the smarter brother and more secretive but is more focused and determend than Dean is and Mischa collins as Castiel who plays and angel is a wild card to the tv-series and plays his character with pure perfection, supernatural has an all star cast and is an all star show = )

    ~favorite male characters: Dean & Sam~ ~favorite female character: Ruby~ ~favorite angel: Archangel Michael,Castiel ~favorite demon: Azazel~ ~favorite villain: Lucifer, The Trickster~ ~favorite weapon: The Colt~ ~favorite episodes: The End, Mystery Spot.~ ~favorite quote: Dean Winchester: "COME ON!"~
  • Wonderful writing, excellent direction, and charismatic well developed characters make this show the best hour television delivers every week. Even at its worst, it stands head and shoulders above the majority of shows.

    It's an emotional roller coaster. This show makes me chuckle, grimace, squirm, flinch, cry out and yell at my tv within the first 10 minutes airing of any given episode. After the whole hour, I'll have laughed out loud a few times and I'll also have wept for the hapless and hopeless. This makes it my only must see tv! Despite exploring some very weighty themes of life, death, sacrifice, and (lately) destiny vs. free will, this show never takes itself too seriously and I happily drink the cool-aid and jump into the back of the 67 Chevy for the ride. Supernatural has an overarching mythos all its own, much of it, of late, drawing from the Old Testament-- albeit loosely-- after all, this IS a television show created for the purposes of entertainment, not proselytizing. I greatly appreciate that although each season has a comprehensive story of its own, which fits within the framework of the overarching series mythos, many- if not most- of the episodes can be enjoyed on their own simply as a "monster of the week" (MOW) feature film. For those who like following the season for the mythos, there is no reason to despair either, as even the MOW episodes will touch on something that progress or further develops the season storyline. The writers do a fantastic job with great lines and in establishing continuity in the Supernatural universe. The actors (Ackles, Beaver, Padalecki, etc.) believably deliver said lines and have a natural chemistry-- most shows can only hope for something half so sincere. GQ looks of the male leads aside, if you are a fan of great writing, direction, and acting, then you shouldn't miss this show.
  • The reason I'm here writing anything at all...

    I have often cited Supernatural as my favourite television show. I got on board with it very early on after being genuinely scared by an advert I saw for it (bearing in mind that I was 13 or 14). This is not what anyone is going to call TV of any great depth. It doesn't have dialogue that is so crisp it makes you want to weep, or action that is so intense that you want to re watch everything you just saw 8000 times over immediately, but it delivers such a combination of everything you need in TV with little effort. The forethought in the overall story line is superb. You seldom see a show that has such a level of mystery to it (Lost I'm looking at you!) that is completely planned out. Eric Kripke knew exactly where he wanted to go with this show from season 1 all the way through 5. There are season long arcs intertwined with episodic arcs intertwined with lifetime long arcs. There are episodes here and there that don't give us an awful lot of plot progression, and the writers strike killed what was probably going to be one of the better arcs of the show's entire run so far. There is a perfect mix of humour with drama and the cast involved has some of the best chemistry that you will see on TV. Considering all of this is coming off of The CW network as well, you might have to consider giving this show 1000/10 just for competing with the real networks. The most recent season, now that the show's creator has left, hasn't been the best, but you can forgive those now in charge for trying to establish some kind of plot following basically the biggest showdown you can ever have on a TV show about bad things aka the devil himself. I'd recommend this show to anyone. I am aware that a major portion of the audience for this show is young females but it's definitely not a show just for girls. In matter of fact I'm surprised that the audience has skewed that way, although it is fairly obvious why it has (find me two better looking people on TV and i'll slap myself in the face). Basically, this is top entertainment and you'll enjoy mostly everything you see.
  • Supernatural is a show about two brothers, Dean and Sam Winchester, who work together to hunt down the "supernatural" to save people. With a breath-taking mixture of pain, suffering, humor, brotherly love and "edge of your seat" suspense, this show

    Excellent story + top of the line actors = the best show ever. I recommend Supernatural to everyone. I finally got the first two seasons and stay up until one in the morning watching them. I just can't get enough of this awesome show. It was torture knowing that I had to wait a whole week to see this fabulous show again after it ended every Thursday night, but now, I can watch it whenever I want. It is nearly impossible to wait until January, when the new episodes come on. Even with all if this being said, I can't even begin trying to put into words how truly amazing Supernatural is. If you are skeptic about whether or not you should watch Supernatural, just try it. Trust me, you won't regret it.
  • I can't think of one other show that can match the writing and acting of Supernatural. Not one episode being bad. The plot twists like the way they brought Dean back from the dead was perfect. Heroes could learn a lot from Supernatural.

    I am a Heroes fan. I was reading an article yesterday on the five ways to fix Heroes and every issue Heroes has Supernatural doesn't. The plot twists are creative, imaginative, and what you would expect from a science fiction type show. Not ridiculous or eye rolling. Perfect balance of humor and drama. After the yellow eyed demon died I thought, well I guess the show is going down hill from here (e.g. Heroes after Save the Cheerleader Save the World 1st Season) and instead a whole new better plot. While I can see the current storyline going on for another season or two I wonder, will it go down hill then? But the writing on this show stands to prove me wrong. Every week I look forward to another episode. Keep it up writers and I will be a devoted fan until the very last episode.
  • Supernatural: What it was, What it is now, and what it is as a whole...

    This show like many others indeed starts out slow. Upon further watching you will notice a significant plot change per each season. People will argue that it's too predictable, but I feel part of that comes from following the show. When someone finds a show they like and watches it season after season, they get an idea of how it plays out based on previous seasons. In this case though I would have never guess from watching the first three seasons what would come from the 4th or 5th seasons. Most shows make a solid theme and put twists here and there, but in my opinion adding the whole angel and demon apocalyptic theme was unforeseen and pretty interesting. I felt it really jumped from 3rd seasons plot to the current one, but in a good way. I honestly didn't think they could keep making episodes after season 5. I mean how to you making something bigger than the apocalypse? I think we can all agree season 6 wasn't up to par, but I think it was a far cry from crap. The characters after doing so many seasons together have become friends. Both inside and outside of the show and it really shows when they act now. They play off each other very well and it really helps you get into the show. The first season is really not only you getting to know the show, but for the actors to get to know the show, and each other as well. People generally don't take the time to see such details; they focus more on assumptions and instant gratification. If they are not instantly hooked it's probably not worth their time. As for people bashing this show based on assuming it's geared towards scaring people you really don't understand the concept. First let me say in "general" I think once you hit 13, finding a movie that really scares you becomes much harder. I mean we have all gone to the movies to see the latest slasher film, and how many really come out scared? That's why when a really good one comes out; it's the talk of the town. Dozens of horror movies come out before we see the one that's gets to us. Point being if you're looking to be scared you're expecting too much. Also the show may have started off intending to scare people, but it's become more of a mysterious action thriller with some comical relief. I find that many people like the supernatural, the legendary tales of mythical creatures and Greek and Roman gods, etc. These are the sorts of things used in this show, and I find that implementing these things makes it more of an adventure. I think that many people who are attracted to this show find it expands their imagination. Facts are limited, but imagination is limitless and let's face it imagination is lacking no matter where you go now a days. I feel the only way you could not find some enjoyment out of this show is if you're not into those things, or because you're some type of religious, and or scientific wacko and don't believe in things you can't see. Seasons 1-5 overall I really liked. Season six I enjoyed parts, but season seven I'm really having trouble enjoying. A real fan has to be able to step back and be realistic. This show has gone off the rails and has become very weak in everything that made this show strong. Humor, plot, character attachment, etc. It's sad, but at the same time annoying because if this is truly the last season then it's a disappointing end. Either way I enjoyed this show as a whole.
  • Winchester Boys ROCK!

    As someone introduced to the show just recently, I can confidently say that SPN is without doubt one of the special ones. There is NO other show on TV that can make you laugh out loud and break you heart all at the same time. Each and every episode is superbly written and produced to perfection, and get better and beter with each season. The actors perform with powerful emotion and uncanny timing that is rare to see, even in the era of reality TV. If you haven't yet been possessed by one of the best shows on TV, Do it NOW!
  • The story of two young brothers who travel the world trying to keep everyone safe and currently, save the world from the release of the devil.

    This is the most amazing show on television! If you haven't seen it, you should definitely give it a chance. It has two of the sexiest men alive and some of the sexiest women too. Some science fiction shows have a terrible plot, but Supernatural doesn't have that problem. Sam and Dean are character that you absolutely fall in love with. The show also knows how to not sink you into a deep dark hole of depression like many shows do. Not every show is extremely intense, and that fact just makes the intense shows even more deep. I love it!
  • In the beginning the show was about two brothers on the road in a black 1967 Chevy Impala listening to classic rock, whilst looking for their dad, hunting all manner of wicked and foul beast along the way

    A simple formula that did eventually work but it didn't happen straight away. The first few episodes, whilst not terrible, it wasn't gripping TV and despite the occasional glimpse of joy the show was hard to hold on to. But midway through season one Supernatural introduced its Demon plot, and slowly but surely the thicker this plot got the better the show felt. By the end of season one the show had me by the balls screaming hell yeah give me some more of that. Season two started and Supernatural instantly hit its prime, and despite a slight wobble during season 3 (Mostly thanks to the writers strike) and the occasional "duff" episode, Supernatural has been a whole heap of fun and joy to follow since.

    The shows prime was also thanks to Jared Padalecki (Sam) and Jensen Ackles (Dean) who by the end of season one started to dwell into their roles. This helped there bond as brothers on the show more believable and as characters more investable. Other notable and very enjoyable performances are also shared by Jeffery Dean Morgan (Introduced in Season 1), Misha Collins (Introduced in Season 4), Rob Benedict (Introduced in Season 4) and Mark Pellegrino (Introduced in Season 5)

    Supernatural can be described like a rock band, at first it looked for its own sense of style and rhythm and despite its initial struggle Supernatural pushed on and found a spark. A spark that would go onto be Supernatural's first album and despite the fact it took a while to get in to, after a few listens you realized what you was listening to screamed out a damn good time and that's exactly what you got from the albums that followed. And despite the occasional sleeper track it always has its classics and is always enjoyed
  • I sure didn't expect much so I was in for a big surprise, on the edge of my seat for 45 minutes.

    One of the best WB pilot I've seen in quite a while. Of course this is no Shakespeare, it's just a spooky show for teenagers, but still what a fun show to watch. Ackles sure did the right thing by leaving that boring Clark Kent show for that one. Plus we're now sure that Dean won't ever come back to Stars Hollow. What a relief.Both actors did a fairly good job on this pilot and there's a real chemistry between them. As brothers they are very different but also very complementary. Another note, related to the cast, that need to be pointed out: the guy playing the brother's father pretty much looks like Jensen Ackles. That's great casting here folks. Makes it more believable.
  • The Best show ever!!!!

    I dont care what people say about this show, it has always been there for me, and has provided me with 7 years for entertainment, so i dont care even if it has deviated from its roots, it is still enjoyable to watch and i keep on watching it!!!!!!!!
  • The best show on T.V.

    Supernatural is the best show on tv right now! Shows like this don't come around often so when they do enjoy them. We live in a world where sadly most shows are stupid reality shows or cop dramas court dramas or WTF prime time game shows. The only break we get are shows like Supernatural who takes us into a world where monsters are real and hunted! This series was only written for 5 seasons but it's overwhelming popularity has it going on 6 and more. Many of us thought and still think season 6 is a bust but I think it's getting better and better. Those of you who havent seen this show because its on the very lame CW network and probably think this show and this network is all boring pretty boy drama are only half right but I say check it out you will be hooked I promise!!!
  • Superdupernatural!

    I absolutely love this show. At first, I wasn't that into it because the main stars were both male, where as I prefer female centred supernatural shows, Buffy, Charmed, etc. But the story idea's are so well thought out. Jensen Ackles is absolutely amazing, a beautiful charismatic actor who portrays Dean perfectly. I adore the Final Destination type gore and horror particularly as the series progresses. Katie Cassidy's Ruby cemented my love for Supernatural. I adored her, absolutely GUTTED when they replaced her. The God/Lucifer story is brilliant, I love the support characters of Castiel and Bobby, this series just gets better and better.
  • A great combination of mystery, mythology, action and humor. But the best part of the show is undoubtedly the interaction between Sam and Dean.

    I'm not at all a fan of horror (it tends to bore and/or depress me) - which is what I often see Supernatural labelled as - so it took me a while to finally give this series a try. But really I see it more as dark contemporary mythic fantasy than horror, now that I have. Typical of horror, there are still ghosts and urban legends and gruesome deaths involved, but there are also demons and vampires and shapeshifters and plenty of other cool mythological creatures. I especially like the fact that it's based on actual folklore rather than made up from scratch. Makes it feel that much more... authentic. Real, in a way. And while I may not like horror, I do love action and humor, which Supernatural is full of as well. Plus I appreciate the fact that even with all the dark stuff going on in the show, it's managed to keep its overall tone and atmosphere fairly light.

    To be perfectly honest though, I watch the show mainly for Sam and Dean's relationship. Their interaction is both very touching and highly amusing, and the guys who play them are very talented actors. The action, fantasy and mystery parts of the show provide for some great entertainment, sure, but it's the Winchester brothers who make Supernatural as involving and addictive as it is - who make me love the show more and more with each new episode and season.
  • The best part is my girl friend and I both watch it together every Thursday night now

    The Best Damn Show To Date!!!

    This show is by far the best Scifi, Horror, Drama ever The show has the characters, the music, and the Supernatural!!! I let the show slip through my fingers the first season because I saw a preview of it and was thinking at the time, finally their coming out with a new Scifi show after so long but it looks like its for the younger audience and I missed the first season of it until they started replaying the whole first season over in late 2006 and I started watching the show and was wrong, I liked it, couldn't get enough of it, I was falling in love! I own the first and second seasons on DVD and watched both two or three times and will own the rest of the seasons, I promise you!!! The best part is my girl friend and I both watch it together every Thursday now I was a little late getting her hooked!!! We've watched both the first and second season on DVD twice and the third and fourth on TV, just waiting for it to come back on Jan 2009!!! My girlfriend will even miss Grey's Anatomy to watch Supernatural!!! I took every Thursday off from work so I could watch it in HD 1080p, It doesn't look the same taped!!!
  • A superb show still going strong in its 7th season

    Few shows make it this far and for good reason; because it is very difficult to write characters and stories that can continue to be engaging for that long. Yet SPN has managed it. Now in its 7th season it is still delivering witty, emotionally gripping, exciting stories. And I am still totally wrapped up in the story of Sam and Dean. Rarely has a show created two such great characters. Even more rare is the fantastic depiction of such a believable relationship between 2 characters.

    Everything about this show; writing, acting, direction, photography etc are top quality. It is an undiscovered gem, but its niche status is part of its charm. It may be on a small network, and only gets a 1/10th of the ratings of 2.5 Men, but boy do those fans who do watch it love it. It inspires a devotion and commitment from its fanbase that bigger shows can only dream of.

    Its creative well has nowhere near run dry. I hope it carries on for 2 or 3 more years.
  • One of the most engaging series of the past 10 years

    The characters are amazing. The show has wit, and after all these episodes, the creative well is far from dry. Awesomely entertaining without fail. The research behind the folklore is great, as well. All of the main characters are able to evoke laughter, sympathy, tension, and excitement. The villains are able to invoke distaste, sometimes hatred! This show is very well done, one I am collecting on DVD.
  • Better Late Than Never

    Thank G-d for mid-season hiatuses (and Sidereel), or I would never have gave this show a chance. For about the past month and a half, I have been enthusiastically watching the show from start to its current episode; sometimes knocking out four episodes in one night (I know, I have no life). Not only are the plot arcs interesting to follow, the dynamic between the two leads (Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki) incredible, the show is down-right frickin' hilarious.
    I like a science fiction/fantasy dramedy that is not so pretentious that it can't make fun of itself. There are references and episodes that blatantly and hilariously give a "wink and nod" to the viewers, that, yeah, sometimes some episodic plots are campy and cheesy. However, these episodes have high production values and are well thought, which adds the quality of the show.

    Supernatural is my new drug.
  • A show about two brothers who fight supernatural things.

    This show is awesome, I wish I watched it from the begginging. I am watching the previous episodes on tnt so thats cool. I am a film major and I do watch for how they make this show, and at most it is very good. I haven't seen too many episodes that totally suck, there have been a few scenes that they could have done better, but yet again I haven't watched a ton of episodes, but it seems like they have gotten better and better with each season instead of getting worse like most other television shows that they show on tv.
  • Love this show best show ever ... here comes season 6 hope this show will last long like 9 10 seasons :D .........................................................

    best show ever supernatural there is nothing left to say its the best show ever en i hope it will last for many more seasons best show ever supernatural there is nothing left to say its the best show ever en i hope it will last for many more seasonsbest show ever supernatural there is nothing left to say its the best show ever en i hope it will last for many more seasons best show ever supernatural there is nothing left to say its the best show ever en i hope it will last for many more seasonsbest show ever supernatural there is nothing left to say its the best show ever en i hope it will last for many more seasons
  • Factors that make Supernatural the best show on T.V.

    Supernatural is the best overall television show currently in production and on the air. I have been a fan since episode 1 "lady in the water" and, despite a few episodes this season that were a little less than the standard, I have loved all that followed. The last episode "Family Remains" was a huge step in the right direction i.e. back to the true story lines that make the show what it is. Besides the exceptional actors, especially Ackles, the story lines are consistantly well written. The show also takes an idea from "Miami Vice"; incorporating popular soundtrack music into the action. Most shows today don't have music as such a part of the experience. Cinematography is also a huge factor in my love of the show. The episode from season 1 about the Wendigo is an excellent example of the shows use of color and camera angle to add suspense and make a more powerful impact on the screen. Hopefully this show will continue to Rock in seasons to come.

    Supernatural is the best series I have ever watched. I am very glad that I made the decision to watch this. Misha, Jensen, and Jared are all brilliant actors. I also love Felicia Day who played Charlie; I was sad to see her go.

    I love all the characters- even the ones that you're not meant to like Meg and Crawley.

    Supernatural is my life.
  • Awesome!

    A brilliant show, even in 2013!
  • An amazing show...Cannot stop watching!!! Pass on the word...

    This is one of the best show ever! I was hooked right away...I love the chemistry between the key characters. In fact, the two brothers are the true essence of this show. They look so connected that sometimes I almost forget they're acting. And what could I say about the soundtrack? It's totally awesome.
    Supernatural is simply the best thing that has happened to television since long time...and now the boys are definitely back!
    I really hope that Sammy could find a way to get Dean out of his deal with Devil...or at least to give him some years more so we can keep watching the show!!!
  • Greek Gods in Supernatural?


    Let me start off by saying that Supernatural is an awesome show! I think that a lot of people would enjoy seeing the appearance of the 12 Olympian Gods (Artemis, Aphrodite, Athena, Demeter, Hera, Ares, Dionysus, Hephaestus, Hermes, Poseidon, Zeus, and Apollo) at some point. The show has been really good about including a wide range of creatures, monsters, and gods from all different customs worldwide (pagan, norse, hindu...etc.) and I think it would be really cool to bring the 12 Olympians into the mix!

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