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  • dead ending: fans really don't matter.. Crowley;s dismiss

    Had heard Crowley's death was suggested one way by Mark Sheppard, but because agreements couldn't be reached between all involved, you literally used the "stab in the back". As you know, Crowley had gained a following. The ending Mark suggested would have held viewers to the next installment knowing that even with cast changes the writing would remain spot on, meaningful and "hooked" for the next program. Scene should be classed under the true title: fans really don't matter. For the viewer,whatever political issues went on behind the scenes should have been left there. If this happened now after a major player left, what more tepid writing can be expected for the coming season.
  • Long live the Winchesters

    I know the show has reached to it's maturity level and should end may be in 1 or 2 seasons but still it doesn't feels right and I don't want this show to end. NEVER.. this is the best show I have ever watched and probably can watch again and again.
  • Greatest show of the century

    Series simply has and explains everything, religious, biblical, pagan, fairy tales, methologies, gods, demons, angels, anything existing or imaginary, the writer of the series knows what he's doing. Whomever you are, you may believe in one of the above subjects, but honestly after season 11 I didn't know how cld he top that untill I figured, supernatural simply reflects today's times and will keep on moving forward with today's time. Since 2002 till today, I watched full 12 seasons in about 3 month time and got my mind blown simply cz the series kinda reads my mind. You got my full support, Keep up the good work...
  • Am I the only one that can't stand this show?

    Granted I've only seen one episode but I have no desire to see any more. The writing is corny, the actors are cheesy & unbelievable (the fake accents are pretty bad) and the story line is way too far fetched for me. I don't know, maybe I'm just spoiled by Game of Thrones.
  • Full Course Meal

    I compare Supernatural to a full course, five star meal.

    Seasons 1 to 5 - full course, five star meal.

    After 12 years all that's left is desert which are Jared and Jensen.
  • Good.

    Nice show creative
  • Good

    creative storyline
  • Good but potential to be great

    C'mon is getting stupidly redundant. Also understand started as b grade so not having the funds to make the monsters/demons more real and or interesting but what's the excuse on season 12? "The Memory Remains" is a prime know the writer isn't exactly a Joss Wheaton but idk how he doesn't see these basic problems or care enough to fix#superdisappointed. Do love Sam&Dean and their true life stories. Good actors.
  • Seasoon 11

    The Boys are back in town, well Nebraska actually as the season starts. Same good ole boys, same muscle car, sinister evils, cheesy music, arsenal of weapons, working class wardrobe, tacky taste in food, brotherly banter, villains and good guys, essentially business as usual. Dean catches Sammy wetting his wick and congratulates him on finally losing his cherry. The rock 'em sock 'em slug fests make it hard to believe nothing gets broken or no one suffers severe concussions. I still wonder how they avoid speeding tickets.

    The script writers managed to work the legend of Lizzie Borden into the storyline.


    Is prayer a supernatural shopping list and do we expect God to use divine drones to deliver? Just how actively involved is god in the day to day operation of his universe or did he set the principles in motion and then sit back to let nature take its course. Is God removed from his creation or does he inhabit every part of it. Did he in fact have a hand in the big bang?

    Is man god's greatest creation of his worst mistake? If Putin and Trump push their respective buttons releasing global Armageddon would God intervene? Given a crucifixion how effective has God's interference in human affairs been in the past?

    Some might call it blasphemy but the TV Series Supernatural assumes that god abandoned Heaven and chaos ensued. Of course the show has angels, demons, the king of hell, and Lucifer in a cage. God is above concepts of good and evil, right and wrong. He does not have a soul. He puts in an appearance as Chuck who inhabits a night club while he writes his autobiography. His scribe criticizes his writing style but offends God when he calls him a coward. How an omnipotent being could experience cowardice begs the question.

    The show does not have a monopoly on anthropomorphizing God, George Burns anyone? Man has long created god in his own imaged. Nor is evil personified a new concept. I may not believe in angels, ghosts, haunted houses, demon possession, but it fun to suspend disbelief and sit back and watch how the show confronts its issues. That the two main characters dress like hicks, guzzle beer, eat junk food, listen to crappy music while tooling around in a muscle car loaded with an arsenal is all part of the fun. How they avoid speeding tickets, get away with the arsenal, dig up graves, engage in brawls that rival ultimate battle royals, impersonate the FBI....

    In the end the show is grounded by the love that exists between these two brothers. Amusing that Dean's little baby brother towers over him, and that Sammy is the nerd who specializes in high tech but we've seen hi with his shirt off though the show doesn't specialize in beefcake. And after 11 seasons Dean got to tease Sam about losing his virginity.

    Spoiler Alert

    In the end love conquers all though the idea that God could die.... The season ends with a cliff-hanger involving the brothers though I feel confident that the producers are not going to kill off either of their leads. But it does set us up for the plotlines for next season
  • Time for a MOVIE

    Since this show is not on a pay station now would be the time to do a movie actually 5 years ago would have been better monsters movies were the it thing. I still see a big audience for a R rated supernatural were they can show the blood and also a little nudity for the grown ups. We have not had a good monster movie in awhile with the built in fan base all well over 18 now it would be stupid not to consider making this while you still have the original cast and writers. If not some where down the line someone else will make it and you can bet that either the casting stinks or the writing maybe both pull the trigger before you end up with something like that sad MacGyver remake or worse ! How many great books have you seen butchered on the big screen this show has the ability to be a huge hit and I for one will buy the first ticket. Just a thought
  • Must watch

    Hooked the whole way through. Very creative story line with many strong and interesting characters. Some weird and wonderful creatures and a sense of horror to by far one of the best to shows I've seen as it's pretty much all you can ask for. Cool fight scenes, amazing story, amazing characters that you will love and just all in all fantastic. Everyone should watch!
  • Are you serious?

    I have been a die hard fan since season 1. I've lost so many ours of sleep and time on this show, because it has always kept me interested. Even with the boring episodes, I counted on the next episode to reel me in. Basically If an episode was disappointing I knew the next would make up for it. I recently began season 11 episode 19 which involved a young boy discussing his homosexuality. I am a Christian. I have not and will not deny Christ as my lord and Savior. BUT before everyone gets all up in arms about my beliefs, understand that just because I read and believe in the Bible, does not mean I am a bigot. I was okay with the boy admitting his homosexuality. I know I am not the one to judge on anything in this life. So when I began the next episode and saw/heard the reference of GOD being with women along with MEN, I was shocked and appalled. How dare you blaspheme him the way you did. I know love is love. That some women love women and some men love men, but you lost a fan because of that episode. Honestly, if you're going to incorporate God into your show, portraying him as a homosexual is wrong. He didn't impregnate a man to birth his son, it was in fact a woman. I hate to do this but I will no longer be watching this show.
  • Season 10 episode 4

    I dont understand why the winchesters continue to let kate run off on her own when she is just a child why havent they called garth so she can join her pack and have others to keep her straight. She could live a some what normal life with a family rather than running the streets
  • dogma

    i love this show i have been here since the beginning and i will be here till its end it has been an emotional roller coaster a lot of laughs and a few sad goodbyes but you never know what will happen especially when it comes to this shows take on dogmatic law to go along with all the creepy crawly things that go bump in the night i wish this show could go on forever but as we know all good things must come to an end
  • I wanted to kill myself.

    I thought that Jacob Sartorius was the fastest way to get cancer. And then I saw the pilot episode of this mother fucking bull shit that should jump off a bus and into a shit hole called KYS Centeral. I would call the directors terrosists but this show is anything but the bomb. If I did I would die a happy man cause this thing makes me want to vote for Donald trump and
  • Bring back forgotten viewers

    I happened upon this show five years after it premiered, and I was hooked! Loved this show; it was right up my alley and fit my personality. It was a pleasant break from my busy life. I did not agree with all the religious dogma and ideologies but I dealt with and accepted differing opinions of the show. Then when the pressure of incorporating homosexual references into my favorite shows took root, it soured me. I have not watched this show for about a year. Little innuendos, dark humor and light gay references were ok with me but when a show starts to jam homosexual life styles down my throat, that is when I say enough! I do not hate gay people; I just do not agree with their life styles and equally as much, do not want to see it on my favorite shows! Dean is not gay and that is final. Losing me as a viewer will not hurt your ratings but I had to register and comment just to feel better and let you know what I see going very wrong. If you want to promote homosexuality, produce a show surrounded, saturated and properly advertised so people like myself can know beforehand what the genre is before getting hooked. I miss the show but not enough to watch again!
  • supernatural, forever.

    I started watching the 1st season of the series on dvd around the same time season 9 was airing. I was a bit apprehensive at first cause I thought there is just too much testosterone in the show and I was right but I loved it! I watched the whole 8 seasons on dvd before season 9 ended on tv. I am hooked!

    The writing is consistently good, great even at times. the show rarely makes mistakes in their direction. the angel and the devil is a welcome addition to the series. I would be really disappointed if the show ends but when it does I hope it ends with a bang!

    CW has some really great shows. I am actually amazed at how good their shows are directed. this is definitely their best one.
  • S11, why it shouldve been more!!!

    I tottaly grew up watching Dean and Sam growing in the Series of Supernatural through all the seasons until the latest eleventh one, wich i unfortunately Hated!!! because of the last 4 episodes when the almighty God shows up, i dont hate it becuz im a satanist, no ! on the contrary i believe in God but the thing is, considering how the character was Hidden during some seasons and sam and dean went thru alot of things becuz Creation practically went crazy cuz GOD wasnt around. While that we saw the power of all the Angels, Demons, Witches and whatnot, and even when ArchAngels would appear the ground would Shake.

    But when they showed God? they practically made a fool out of that character, God the creator of all Things, would spend his time watching TV eating chinese food?! God had Girlfriends? Thats Bullsh#,

    Plus They didnt even show half of his power, he was injured and helped around by humans?, i dont even know what happened in the End of the season, and Dont Care anyways!!! i stopped watching it from the chapter 21... i am really really sad about this!!! becuz i really looked up to the writer of that series, BUT I THINK IT COULD HAVE BEEN MORE!!!

  • god wtf

    realy like this show hope it keeps on going,its the only cw show that is not about teen drama

    but they should look out they dont get to nerdy or comedy like

    i mean the intrudocing god thing if god like to play gitar and showers and make nerdy jokes wtf....
  • all good things must come to an end

    Let me start by saying I have invested 11 years into this show. Have truly been hooked since that very first episode what now feels like ions ago. And as much as I have enjoyed the show and watching Jensen & Jared mature their characters and acting abilities I have never felt more sure that its time to come to a close. I actually felt like last season would have been a pretty good ending with sam & dean finally putting away their own needs and finally doing what was best for mankind. Then came season 11 and the darkness and I though okay maybe one more. Now with the reveal that God actually was chuck (which btw I hate for too many reasons to cover in this review) and everyone who has ever meant anything to the brothers being long gone, all our favorite characters (except Garth) are long gone and the feeling that the writers have just, well, run out of road I can only hope that my favorite show next to the walking dead can come to a dignified and well written end before it dies a slow & painful death. And I can always continue to watch the reruns that will undoubtedly run forever. Truth be told I actually enjoy reruns of the early seasons so much more than the later seasons with the exception of that whole Eve fiasco. Here's hoping some writer got fired over that one.
  • God (Chuck) Being Revealed

    So I'm watching the episode of Supernatural where God is revealed. I really don't like it, for various reasons. First of, he should never have been revealed, his mystery added a certain feeling of enigma to the show. His exposure kind of put a stagnant halt to the show's anticipation. Because now there can not be anybody stronger or more wise revealed since they already showed God. And I don't like the way he was revealed in a bar. Because now the writers are being bias because they're staying that God allows the consumption of alcohol, well what about the Muslim viewers that are watching the show? And somebody else should've played the character of God, not one from a prior episode. And I don't like the way they added like a personality trait to God, he was saying like "dude" and other stuff. Idk man I really dislike it, I believe the writers could have done a much better job. But maybe that's just me
  • Horay for a great show cant wait for season 12

    I enjoy the show and think the actors are great. I have every season . Now I only have one concern,my heart is solid with my belief and trust in God. No danger of season 11 causing me a problem in my soul, also its makeblieve. But of our children that watches anything. They are easily swayed to believe false hoods. those who have parents that make sure they know whats right and wrong,real and make believe. Great all don't/ I pray God keeps His hand on all that sees these episodes and keeps them ok. like I say I like shows that are fantasy and like this show. thank you

    I love this show, it had its ups and downs, but it can still keep things interesting, and the cast its great, great actors, the chemistry is there... has tension, makes me laugh.... even the less important episodes are good, and even the musical episode was great.... so thumbs up for cast and crew and keep up the hard work!!
  • Meet the Winchesters

    Across the 11 seasons of Supernatural, the thing which keeps me bonded to the show is the camaraderie and bromance between Sam and Dean. I think this show very gleefully helps us understand the onus of relationships.
  • Awesome show, new fan

    I started watching this show a few months ago on Netflix. I had given the first season a try when the show first came out years ago, but I gave up after a few episodes. For me, the first season is still probably my least favorite. It's not bad. It just didn't make me fall in love with it. But from season two on, it's a fabulous show. The dynamic between the brothers, and then between the brothers and some of the regular guest stars is just superb. The show is all about family and they stick with that theme throughout and I think it's what has been the ingredient for success. It's gritty, and fast paced but also heartfelt and sincere. This is true of classics like Buffy the vampire slayer. I believe this show will go down in history as one of the best shows ever. Well acted, well written. Perfect
  • The song right below guys :D

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  • My Favorite show...

    Although I am hitting 50 this year I have been a faithful viewer of this show. I love this show and I am amazed that the writers keep the material relevant. The actors have great chemistry and they make me laugh. I even watch re runs if I have the opportunity. I have my husband hooked as well and he is ten years older, along with my son who is 24. So this show has great appeal to many for many of my friends, contemporaries watch it as well. I wish them continued success and appreciate all of the crew and writers that work hard to make this my favorite show. Well done...
  • favorite show ever

    love this show

    never disappoint you guys
  • "Win"chesters

    Best show ever
  • THis is my first post... nothing cool just yet... just my take on some of the show

    I've been watching Supernatural since it's inaugural year - back in 2005... I was 25. I've basically grown and matured the same exact age right between the two brothers, as Dean is born 79 and Sam in 83... & myself in 80. It's been truly great to go through all the stuff that they have, with them as a viewer, and to hear them say things and crack jokes and make references in which me and my own friends used to do, and STILL do, to this day - regarding pop culture that we grew up with. It's unbelievable the similarities between my friends and I, and those two and our entire generation.

    Anyhow, the show is definitely my favorite on television right now. Before it started, I used to watch Smallville and I stuck with THAT until IT ended in 2011, but it got really tedious, and the plots just got cheesier and cheesier. Still I am a faithful viewer, & I like to stick with what I began to enjoy a lot and will stick through it till the end, no matter how bad it gets.

    I too, agree with what others say about the show, just haven't actually put them into words like that. It doesn't have to go all cheesy with it's romantic sub-plots... the show is super-realistic for a fantasy and "supernatural" themed show... it's gritty, it's got tough language and all the characters battle their own demons, and it doesn't make it so that your like "ah c'mon man, just get over it already" - you are truly with them. People actually die... not EVERYONE gets saved, and I don't mean just characters who show up in one episode, I'm talking about established characters on the show... sometimes prominently featured ones, who are part of an entire season (or in some cases, a whole lot more).

    There's so much that I could say about this show, here, but there truly isn't enough room to put it all in... I've come up with my own "fan-fiction" --- but typically it stays inside my head, as mostly everyone from the beginning of watching . has done with THEIR favorite shows (and what they believe should, could or might happen in future episodes and plotlines). The writers have not ceased to amaze me, and I'm the type that will spin about 50 different scenarios in my head before I catch the next episode... yet still, 4/5 times, it will NOT be what I've thought (& just about every other show I've liked, I have been right typically... well 4/5 times).

    For now, I'm just hoping that they'll keep it going for at least another season (and I'm sure I'll say the same next year) --- but truly, where do you go after you have had Lucifer (the Devil)/ The Angel of Death (Death) KILLED... and now, eventually GOD... and then his freakin' SISTER, who is older than even he is, and basically the same type of omniscient, omnipresent force. where the hell do you go after all that??? I personally think that Lucifer is DEFINITELY going to be killed off (maybe resurrected in future seasons or whatever... and that when GOd finally DOES make his for it.... it's going to be CHUCK. (THIS is actually what I really wanted to say here). This is my theory, & I'll try and make it brief. Chuck was a profit before... once profits die off, new ones appear (hence Kevin Tran) - then all those other filler profits. Now, at the end of what APPEARED to be the last season (S-5) - CHuck was literally talking to US... breaking the 4th Wall... the only character to do that in this series so far. He freakin disappeared at the end of the episode and season. Now, he suddenly returns in the 200th episode... "ok, real quick... to us, sam and dean are fictional characters who are THE MEN... but to the people of their own universe (barring angels, demons, death and god... and other hunters).. no one really knows them... but chuck writes all about them... he has VISIONS (which is another key). He is the story teller (GOd is OUR story teller). Now, when kevin appeared and became a profit... sure, he was able to READ the word of GOD... and that's what I believe all the other profits were going to be able to do as well (barring the false profit 'whore of Babylon')... Kevin has never (to my knowledge) shown that he was able to see what happens next as chuck did, before him - literally being able to tell the Winchester boys anything that was going to happen in the near future, and he did this on a fairly regular basis, when he was on the show.... Kevin never ONCE did this... To ME.. Chuck Shirly will wind up being GOD.... I have one issue with that point... which was that Metatron, when Castiel asked him about was he like?" - Castiel. "Who... God??" replies Metatron. "GRUFF... LARGER THAN LIFE... BIT of a SEXIST". Each of these traits couldn't be further from the truth when it comes to CHUCK... he is NONE of the above. However.. in the case of GOD, in stories of this scope... typically the most powerful people or beings are always the ones least expected... often hiding behind a false facad - to come off the exact opposite of what they truly are... (Example... Clark Kent/Superman... better one (in this context: Yoda).

    So, that's my opinion... when God finally DOES reveal himself, he will be CHUCK. Also, I HAVE to believe that when he finally DOES show up, he is going to be someone that we the fans already know. I truly don't see them just introducing some unknown actor, or someone foreign to the series, as GOD. We won't care as much... I mean, we will be excited to finally meet the Supernatural universes GOD, finally... but if it's not a character who has already been in the show at some point, and had at LEAST a bit of impact on things, we won't really be able to relate quite as well.

    Thank you if you read all of that... I know it was a WHOLE lot... I've never EVER once posted anything about this show, so it sorta had to all come out again.