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  • all good things must come to an end

    Let me start by saying I have invested 11 years into this show. Have truly been hooked since that very first episode what now feels like ions ago. And as much as I have enjoyed the show and watching Jensen & Jared mature their characters and acting abilities I have never felt more sure that its time to come to a close. I actually felt like last season would have been a pretty good ending with sam & dean finally putting away their own needs and finally doing what was best for mankind. Then came season 11 and the darkness and I though okay maybe one more. Now with the reveal that God actually was chuck (which btw I hate for too many reasons to cover in this review) and everyone who has ever meant anything to the brothers being long gone, all our favorite characters (except Garth) are long gone and the feeling that the writers have just, well, run out of road I can only hope that my favorite show next to the walking dead can come to a dignified and well written end before it dies a slow & painful death. And I can always continue to watch the reruns that will undoubtedly run forever. Truth be told I actually enjoy reruns of the early seasons so much more than the later seasons with the exception of that whole Eve fiasco. Here's hoping some writer got fired over that one.