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  • Are you serious?

    I have been a die hard fan since season 1. I've lost so many ours of sleep and time on this show, because it has always kept me interested. Even with the boring episodes, I counted on the next episode to reel me in. Basically If an episode was disappointing I knew the next would make up for it. I recently began season 11 episode 19 which involved a young boy discussing his homosexuality. I am a Christian. I have not and will not deny Christ as my lord and Savior. BUT before everyone gets all up in arms about my beliefs, understand that just because I read and believe in the Bible, does not mean I am a bigot. I was okay with the boy admitting his homosexuality. I know I am not the one to judge on anything in this life. So when I began the next episode and saw/heard the reference of GOD being with women along with MEN, I was shocked and appalled. How dare you blaspheme him the way you did. I know love is love. That some women love women and some men love men, but you lost a fan because of that episode. Honestly, if you're going to incorporate God into your show, portraying him as a homosexual is wrong. He didn't impregnate a man to birth his son, it was in fact a woman. I hate to do this but I will no longer be watching this show.