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Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 15, 2007 on The CW

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  • On of the best episodes

    How perfect is this episode! A proper horror movie with a scary monster, quite creepy house, dark forest, and a reasonable plot. Plus one of my favourite songs. And don't forget a twist at the end!

    Loved Tricia Helfer as a guest star! Finally not a usual dumb chick that hangs out with the Winchesters, but a truly gorgeous woman who can act and who plays an interesting character!
  • A vast improvement over "Tall Tales."

    In fact, "Tall Tales" would have been more appropriate for the Thursday before April Fool's Day! But, this episode more-than-compensated me for last month's disappointment. For one thing, the brothers are back to kicking urban-legend butt and taking names! In this case, Jonas Greeley's. And, even better; the surprise twist doesn't become obvious too early in the episode. I, myself, didn't spot it until the thirty-five minute mark! The only reason I don't give this a perfect ten, however?
    Dean still sounds like he did, in "Tall Tales." Like he's reverting to his first-season self. Namely, Mr. Shoot-First-And-Let-Sammy-Ask-The-Questions. Not such a good thing, if done too often. Although, I concede that it will probably come in _quite_ handy in next week's episode!
  • Couldn't have I said I saw this coming.

    By now we're all accustomed to the Supernatural formula that we immediately appreciate the first episode that breaks the trend and does its own thing. Here we see none of the investigating but all of the action of the case. Although a unique beginning indeed, much of the meat of the episode felt, generic. Nothing exciting, nothing out of the ordinary, extraordinary, or...supernatural. That is until we hit the twist and the end of the case where we're thrown into a "The Sixth Sense" loop. In a quick montage we see a series of events that actually mean something else then we originally thought it to be. And boy what a read it is. Great ending, great frikkin twist.
  • Another filler-ish episode, with a good twist ending

    It seems there's been a string of filler episodes lately, but ones that are written and acted very well. With this episode, Sam and Dean chase after a spirit that is reenacting its death with people who travel along the same freeway.

    One thing I've always liked about the show is the way they take hunts and make them fit the brothers' situations. For instance, it's known that Sam has always held some sentiment towards the spirits, especially since sometimes, the things that they do aren't because they're evil; it's just because evil things have happened to them. This idea is brought up again and again throughout the episode since the hunt has to do with it

    All of this stuff leads up to the twist, which was excellent. It threw me for a loop and certainly did a good job in changing everything up. Supernatural is nice because they don't do cliffhangers at the end of EVERY episode (like 24.. as much as I love that show, they rely on the cliffhanger quite a lot). When they do use them, or do use twists, they're done in a way that just makes you say "Wow!" out loud

    Overall, a very good episode. I just want to see more of the yellow eyed demon.. Call me a sucker for Supernatural mythology plotlines, but I just want to see what happens.
  • Great episode

    Sam and Dean are driving down the highway when they see a lady on the road and stop for her. They learn that she was in an accident and when she woke up her husband was missing. Sam and Dean go in search of her husband with her and learn and the farmer they swerved to miss haunts this bit of road and figure that she is the next victim.

    Sam and Dean go in search of the farmers house and learn that he is buried in the woods. Sam and Dean hunt for the grave to salt and burn the bones and they somehow figure out that that lady that is looking for her husband is also a spirit.

    They take her to her husband but he is remarried now and at frist she doesn't understand, then it all comes back to her. Every year on the day that they died (the lady and the farmer) they recreate the scene but with some twists. She ends up accepting what happened and crosses over by herself...
  • Brilliant!

    Supernatural Season 2 Episode 16 Road Kill
    Sam and Dean help a woman named Molly who had a car accident. She claims she saw a farmer in the middle of the road, and when she woke up neither her husband or the farmer were there.

    Road Kill is one of the best episodes in season 2, and probably the whole show. The episode was stunning, full of drama and suspense. This episode was so good. Two 10 episodes in a row (the other one being the next one, Heart).
    The episode reminded me alot of the 6th sense. I loved that movie, and I love this episode.
    This is a great episode. High recomendations to anyone who wants to see it.
  • One of the most touching Supernatural episode, thanks to the brilliant Tricia Helfer.

    I've recently watched "Roadkill" for the second time and I'm glad to see that, much like its inspiration, "The Sixth Sense", it holds up extremely well even when one already knows the surprising twist at the end.

    This is the second episode directed by Charles Beeson (the first one being "Playthings", 2x11), and he confirms himself like a very talented director, with a keen eye for suspense and a perfect hand for fear. "Roadkill" is eerie and creepy: from the foggy woods to the tumbledown cabin; from the rain-washed, solitary streets to the dusty interiors, the episode oozes tension and suspense, and the fluid camera movements orchestrated by Beeson are the perfect icing on the cake.

    Add to this an extraordinary performance by Tricia Helfer, who is not only believable as Molly McNamara but also a perfect fit in the Supernatural cast, and a very solid performance by Jensen and Jared, and you'll have the perfect recipe for one of the most touching episodes ever!

    That's it, when you add the final ingredient: the clever, emotionally intense and morally challenging script by Raelle Tucker, a writer we all miss on the show.
  • A mysterious man distracts drivers on a lonely highway

    To me "Roadkill" is one of the best episodes in Season two. It starts out as a filler episode, and admittedly stays one at first sight, but it also adds something philosophically to the main storyline. It's one of the few episodes where it is questioned what Sam and Dean are actually killing. It bothered me in season one that the brother's opponents always literally were monsters who deserved to be slaughtered brutally, no matter if the persons behind the ghosts for example were right and just. Here the writers attempt to explain and show that there's another side as well. I really liked that. Although the twist is no real twist (I wasn't surprised, Sam gives away too much with the "they only see what they want" line) the end was very emotional and touching. And the "is there a heaven" conflict between Sam and Dean is revived, which is retrospectively interesting regarding the latest course of the season
  • The Winchester brothers confront the spirit of a farmer, and stumble upon a woman (played by BSG's Tricia Helfer).

    This was an especially good episode. It was a break from the "Sam's destiny, and yellow-eyed demon" theme of the season. There was the usual Winchester-brother-banter, and I kinda liked Dean's "doesn't play well with others" attitude. Could be because he knew the twist, but it is also Dean. And speaking of the twist- what a twist it was! I didn't see it coming (if they left clues, I missed 'em). On the whole, I really enjoyed the episode. It had some humor, suspense and even a bit of a tearjerker moment at the end (no tears on my part though). Definitely a Season 2 highlight.
  • A surprising ending.

    I loved this episode so much, because it seems like just another filler episode, a demon haunting a road, but how they put it all together in the end like that, is just simply amazing. You think she is just some lonely girl who lost her husband but at the end, your like what? I love how they did all the flashbacks on how they pieced it together on finding out she is a ghost as well. She finally accepts it, and it turns out there is such thing as good spirits which is amazing how they did it first time in Supernatural. Perfect episode!
  • "I see dead people …"

    "The Sixth Sense" anyone?
    I'm not a big fan of movies in general but The Sixth Sense was one movie I enjoyed and it was great seeing this new take on that used idea. Very well done, this is only the second stand-alone in the entire series that I liked based on the story itself, not what it meant for the brothers or their reaction to it. The guest star as Molly (sorry don't know her name) was phenomenal, one of the most remarkable guest performances on the show. The plot was very interesting and it was well constructed, twisty and surprising. It was a fascinating new setup, seeing the story from the victim-turns-out-to-be-the-monster point of view.

    Ironically, the one thing I didn't really like was the brothers' reaction to the case! Sam was way overdramatic in many scenes, notably the one he shares with Molly over the Greelys' photo album, and Dean was overly apathetic, I mean sure we know he hates everything supernatural but still his reaction to Sam's request to bury Greely's wife was out of character, throughout the episode he seemed a little whiny and irritating … which is a first!

    It's a great episode story-wise, one that I don't fast forward through the Winchester-less scenes. Very enjoyable.
  • Good twist at the end.

    So during this episode the boys hunt a ghost who was killed on a highway. The only problem is that they don't know where his body is burried so... how can they burn the bones? Well eventually after some time they mange to and everything seems fine. When they boys take the woman they rescued home she thanks them... then is shocked to learn that her husband is with another woman. The boys inform her that she is also a ghost and died that night along with the ghost. She is in huge shock..but realises that she has to move on.

    Overall i thought that this episode was really good and had a nice twist. A different style of story.
  • Sam and Dean stop to help a frighten woman on the high way who is being chased by a ghost. Only they know something she doesn't, and it's more then just the usual hunter stuff.

    Wow this was a really fantastic episode. The twist at the end really got me. I wasn't' expecting it at all. This is one of the most creative episodes they've produced so far. It's a lot different from the others. I guess I'm just really impressed by the layout. Everything happens and then a series of flashbacks at the end put everything together. Okay, so it's been done before in other shows and movies, but it's new for Supernatural, so I'm happy.

    Favorite Funny Moments/Quotes
    Dean: You're like a walking encyclopedia of weirdness
    Sam: Yeah, I know...

    Molly: Thank God!
    Dean: Call me Dean.

    Dean: Follow the creepy brick road.
  • Awesome episode!! Loved it!!

    I love this episode. It was different, but in a good way. I loved every minute of it. I think it was very well written. One reason that I like it so much was the ending. I didn't expect for it to end the way it did. I liked the twist at the end. Another thing that I liked about this episode was Sam and Dean's point of views on why spirits are haunting something. I loved Dean's comment about Sam being an encyclopedia of weird information. I thought that was funny. Also the comment about Sam being Haley Joel Osment. I can't wait till the next episode. I loved this episode. I love this season so far. It's awesome!! I can't wait to see more.
  • a favorite

    For me this was one of the creepiest episodes I've ever watched from the series. Mainly because for almost the entire episode we had no idea what was going on or what was about to happen since we were watching it through the victim's perspective, which never happened. I loved the way the episode was structured, for that reason it made it more interesting:following Molly and finishing of with her "crossing over". A bit to 'Ghost Whisperer' for my taste, bit it was something different. I'd have to say this is one of my favorite episodes, not only was it the most mysterious but it was also rather touching (the ending). I enjoyed the 'stuck in the road' story line, including the 'hung wife' part. All a part of what kept this episode so mind-blowing.Best part was how a ghost was being haunted by a ghost. Classic.
  • A must see episode, again and again.

    This episode was very well done. There is a nice twist which makes this different than other Supernatural episodes, but the quality of the acting and story make this one to watch again and share with others that haven't watched any Supernatural shows to give them an excellent idea of the level this show is on.
    This is one of those rare episodes where you can connect with the characters as well as get a sympathetic view into the difficulty of transition from this life to the next is on both the living and the dead. The contrast in personality between Sammy (compassionate, considerate, thoughtful) and Dean (macho, businesslike, blunt) is very clear here and it is pure pleasure seeing how both styles are able to resonate effectively with Molly to help her understand her situation and how to move on.
  • Sam and Dean help a woman escape a ghost while she tries to find her husband. Molly McNamara was in a car accident and is now being hunted by a ghost.



    Spoilers – Seriously, watch the episode before reading this….

    Molly is played by Tricia Helfer of Battlestar Galactica fame, but this a major departure from Number Six. She was really impressive in this episode, and I think seeing her in a role so different to what I normally see her playing really illustrates what a great actress she is. She becomes the part and that is great to see.

    This is one of those episodes that you are going to want to watch twice. There is a twist that I figured out towards the end of the episode, before the reveal. The second watching of the episode, knowing what the twist is, makes the acting even better than the first time around. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki work off of each other so well. These guys are one of the biggest reasons to watch the series as they play off of each so fantastically that even when the plot is weak, they are a joy to watch. When the plot is fantastic, such as in this episode, watching them interact is even more fun. This ability to really come across as incredibly close is shown in this episode as they communicate with slight and subtle facial expressions from the beginning of the episode. The episode was great the first time around, but the second time around is even more impressive.

    This comes off as a straight forward ghost story and in a lot of ways it is. However, what Sam and Dean know from the beginning is that molly is also a ghost. Molly is unaware of the fact that the accident in the beginning of the episode actually killed her and the ghost that is after her now. Sam and Dean are perfectly well aware of the fact that she is a ghost, but they help her anyway. They even try to get her away from the area, but that doesn't work as the ghost makes sure they can't leave.

    Throughout the episode Sam deals with Molly and tries to comfort her as best he can. Sam's ability to see the supernatural elements in his life as sometimes good and sometimes evil is played in sharp contrast to Dean's viewpoint of wanting to kill them all. This episode is great because the job is no longer black and white. Dean comes to like Molly even though he really doesn't want to.

    This is another episode that had me in tears by the end. Molly was so sympathetic and you really feel bad for her. For me, the wanting to make sure her husband is ok and her hanging on for him really rang true to me. How hard would it be to leave your husband? You understand her desire to want to say goodbye to him, but Sam and Dean step in. Sam asks her what would she say? He tells her that her husband already knows that she is sorry and that she loves him. Dean says that if she goes to talk to him she is going to freak him out, probably for life.

    This is a unique and well written episode and one of my favorites of season 2. Full of the excitement you expect from Supernatural, including the trademark rock salt shotgun usage. I like the background of Sam and Dean doing the legwork on the case all shown in a quick flashback. You know how they go about figuring out the ghosts and what is going on with the ghosts well enough that the flashback illustrates how they knew Molly was a ghost without going through all of the steps as they did. This episode has great writing, great acting, and fantastic action.
  • What, no Cylon wise-cracks?

    Well, being the avid Battlestar Galactica fan that I am and knowing how SN episodes typically abound with pop-culture references, I was rather disappointed that the writers couldn't find a way to work in a nod to BSG. Other than that, though, this week's episode was great!

    I enjoyed the dichotomy between Sam being generally sympathetic for the plight of trapped souls as opposed to Dean's view of them all just being another job, especially given the Haley Joel Osment parallel. I also really liked how the Sixth Sense tie-in was two-fold, encompassing the awesome twist at the end, where everything was not as it seemed with the person they were helping out.

    The brothers' portrayal was exceptionally good in this episode with regard to the Great Unknown and crossing over, remembering the fact that both their parents as well as Sam's girlfriend have a;ready themselves made that journey, and their reactions reflected the way in which each of them felt about their loved ones' passings, with Sam becoming contemplative while Dean became more withdrawn and focused on the hunt.

    All-in-all, another solid addition to an already great season. Keep up the stellar work, SN production team!
  • I liked the idea of all the twists and turns.

    Well... This was a very twisty epsisode! I remember the Australian promo for Roadkill, and it was going on and on about all the twists, and one massive twist at the end! I agree that there were a few twists, but the promo took it a little too far. So maybe it is Network Ten's fault that I didn't enjoy it as much as I could have. I enjoyed it the first time I watched it, but after watching it a few more times, it got a little boring. It was set at night time, which is ok, but if it is night time for most of the episode, then I think it is just too dark. Apart from that, I very much enjoyed this episodes story line. It was quite special and I think Raelle Tucker did a great job.
  • A stange car accident leads to the investigation of Highway 99.

    David and his wife Molly are heading down highway 99 when they crash into a tree. Molly wakes up and discovers her husband is missing. She chases after a farmer and he turns around and he is severely cut up. He is a spirit that was killed in a car crash.

    Meanwhile back in Dean and Sams car they are trying to investigate a spirit haunting the highway that was killed 15 years ago. They almost run over Molly who is running scared because of the farmer.

    It doesn't come clear what is happening to all of them. All we know that they need to find out where the farmers body is so they can kill his spirit. Dean finally gets the spirit killed in the nick of time.

    Their story isn't even close to over yet though. Molly wants to know where her husband is now. When they start talking about him behind her back she grows to think that he is dead. When the real truth that she died in the same car crash as the farmer. That was over 15 years ago. she hasn't learned to let go of the past so this is what she does on the anniversary of the crash.

    Dean and Sam get her to realize that she needs to let go of this and move on. She is afraid to know where she is going after this. She walks towards to light and she drifts away. Dean and Sam wonder that same question.

    This was one episode where i thought that after they had killed the spirit of the farmer that this story would be done and told. That was hardly the case. When i saw David in the house with another i was like really he is cheating on her while she is in the crash. What a Dumbhead. lol but then they say that she is really dead and she haunts the same street as well. This is one of my favorite episodes now. I can't wait to see the end of the season and see how that turned out.
  • Sam and Dean investigate a strange road haunting.

    I liked this episode because it was different from all of the other ones. It told us what they were doing AFTER they had done it, which was a twist. I liked the fact that the ghost didn't really know she was a ghost and Sam was trying to convince her that she needed to let go and she didn't get that. The acting was great. I think Jared and Jensen did exceptionally well with that episode. The end product was really great and it was another great installment to Supernatural Season 2. Great job on this episode everybody! It was great!
  • Two weeks after February 6th (just around my birthday, interesting enough...) the most beautiful roadkill in the world comes back to life in a most amazingly scripted and performed episode.

    The other reviews make me laugh, because they are, more or less, either exactly what I myself thought/think, or just what I thought I would see reading them. As soon as the Boys showed up in the trailer, I know that there was a grin on my face because I knew that the format had been changed up. "In medias res" – I don't know if this is still the viewpoint, but I know that a lot of Modernist literature utilizes the same concept ("in medias res" being Latin for "in the middle of the situation," as compared to "ab initio" for "from the beginning. I remembered that all from high school. Impressed? ;) hehe). Think of Catch-22, or Heart of Darkness, or...I'm trying to think of other examples. Anyway. In his memoir of the field, On Writing, Stephen King talks about the difficulty of using "in medias res" because of needing to find the balance between flashback background exposition and not resembling Wayne's World with the "doodoodoo" screen blurring.

    Well, now that I think about it…every story is "in medias res," since none starts at the beginning of time, and most don't go through someone's whole life (with the exception of Russian literature BOZHE MOJ they don't like to leave anything to the imagination...). Supernatural began in medias res, since the family breakup had already occurred... Anyway, my point is that while I had no idea what the twist would be, I could tell that the format, not just the shooting style, was different, and that made me quite the excitable poppet.

    Honest to goodness, I didn't know what the twist was going to be (QUITE unlike the 6th Sense, which was spoiled for me by a radio DJ. The jerk.). It was certainly exhilarating, but I definitely think this episode will age well; it, like most good entertainment, doesn't lose its creative spark even when you know the ending. And unlike some opinions I read below, I loved the first forty-five minutes. In addition to the in medias res storytelling, you could tell there was something going on both from the recap and from the philosophical discourse between Sam and Molly. The modus operandi usually is, although Sam seems to have forgotten when he yelled at Dean for his bluntness, something along the lines of "There are ghosts you are in danger we will kill them break."

    Speaking of the recap, I completely forgot about the whole storyline of Bloodlust when I wrote my "revelation" theorem that Supernatural = Evil, Good = Human. Here I was thinking it was rather apocryphal. It obviously has kinks in it, but in terms of the overarching worldview it works (since the whole reason I wrote it was because of the lack of Things that are Groovy) so I'll just put it aside for now. "There are more things on heaven and earth, Horatio..." Hamlet is rather apropos for this episode, is it not? Thematically, at least. I can see some similarities between Molly and Ophelia.

    Tricia Helfer was wonderful in her role; what I said before about how this episode will be enjoyable even knowing the twist is mainly due to her performance. It was interesting for me to note that, given how beautiful Tricia is, how often she seemed too thin, pulled apart. I'm assuming at least a bit of that had to do with makeup, and was intentional, as she's a ghost. Oops, I spoiled it. Hehe. You're rather a fool if you're reading the reviews before watching the episode and hoping not to get spoiled, though. Hehe...I just accidentally managed to hit shift+a and then delete…what magical keystrokes those magic, that is. Nearly had a heart attack. Shift+z is just as beautiful, though. Anyway, I have gotten sufficiently distracted enough for one review. I was talking about the formula and Bloodlust – I'm sure that Kripke et al, The Powers that Be at Supernatural, assumed that the audience would have, like me, forgotten about the theme of "Bloodlust" and need a gentle reminder that el que no es humano isn't all bad. Also, I'm sure they wanted another chance for Dean to be all gung-ho and shoot-first-ask-questions-later, even though he's seen how bad that can be, and even though he's already proved that he is not going to be able to shoot to kill in Sam's case even if he knew it would either be kill Sam or kill himself. This episode, while awesome and a "stand-alone" in its own right, also reminds us of that whole theme and topic – I just noticed that this is episode 216. This makes me a scared panda. Or, as my syntax and semantics professor said when we studied this phrase, "the excrement will strike the cooling unit."

    We've had a couple episodes dealing with highways, or about travel in general – "Pilot," "Phantom Traveler," "Route 666," "Roadkill," etc. Kripke himself has always said that he conceives of the series as one long road trip cross country. The final episode of Supernatural (I'm a big fan of TV shows going out with dignity, at a planned time, and not just going and going because networks keep greenlighting them even though they've "jumped the shark.") should be on the road, don't you think? The English Major in me just thought, "Yes! And the Boys should lose to the ghost!" …Not so much. Sit back and chill out, please, dear sir. I'd like them to be able to walk into the proverbial sunset, myself... Anyway, I think that thematically it would work out well for the last episode to be based on something on the road, and it would also make sense statistically – the sheer amount of time they spend en route between jobs means that they should have some problems on the road sooner or later.
  • Roadkill, what a great stand alone episode! A wonderfully spooky, genuinely scary old fashioned ghost story with an interesting emotional twist.

    Loved Roadkill, it was a great stand alone episode! Even though Roadkill stayed away from the major storyline of the Yellow Eyed Demon I totally enjoyed it.

    It is great how the writers can change it up every now and then, over the past 3 weeks we have had the super intense, brilliant!! Born Under a Bad Sign then the hilarious, quirky Tall Tales and now Roadkill, a wonderfully spooky, genuinely scary old fashioned ghost story with an interesting emotional twist.

    Greely's spirit was not a disappointment, all that tortured pain and anger wrapped in a truly creepy, merciless villian. Loved it! Loved the way the writers kept the twist a secret giving us little hints along the way (even though I knew the twist from a spoiler clip I had seen a couple of months ago I still enjoyed it).
    Turning the story around showing us how Dean and Sam solved the case using flashbacks was a really nice change from the usual format.

    Sam was (of course) wonderfully sensitive to Mollys situation and Dean, well he was his usual no nonsense, get the job done self, (she is after all a Supernatural being and as such what he has been taught to hunt and distrust) but you could see he was affected by her plight as well.

    The tension was sustained well throughout the ep., with Dean helping us out by breaking the tension, briefly, when it was getting a little too much.
    e.g. when Molly was being tortured he bursts in and shoots Greely, Molly says "thank God" and Deans expression when he replies "just call me Dean"I laughed out loud at that! God he is cute! Mollys realisation about her husband and herself is beautifully handled, so sad and I loved the way she moved on at the end it was beautiful, I had tears in my eyes. Tricia Helfer was wonderful in her guest role (totally different from her role in Battlestar Galactica)

    Yep I will definitely put this ep in my favourites as well as being one of the scariest!

    Also the whole normal, good person dying and possibly becoming a vengeful violent spirit after death took me back to Deans dilemna in 'In my time of Dying'

    Can't wait for next weeks episode now, I think I will need a whole box of tissues with that one!
    I really feel sorry for people who haven't discovered Supernatural yet, they are missing out on something very special! Love this show so much! :D Love Dean even more! :D
  • Dean and Sam go ghost-hunting again, this time trying to take out a farmer that haunts a highway, coming again every 15 years to punish people for his death. A very surprising twist ending.

    I'll be honest with you, for the first 45 minutes of this episode, I hated it. It was basically the most clichéd and generic storyline you can get with a show that's about ghost-hunting. The whole someone-dies-on-a-highway-and-is-mad-about-it storyline has been used to death. But the ending twist made this entire episode worthwhile. I enjoyed also how they wrapped it up, it was very...Quentin Tarantino-ish. Tell the middle and end of the story first, and then go back and fill in the beginning. This episode had some of the best writing I've seen on Supernatural since the very beginning. The acting was superb too, from Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, as well as the girl that played Molly. This proved to me time and again why I watch Supernatural. It brings something new to the table with each episode. You'd think that after you watched it for a couple of seasons, they would run out of spirits to hunt...but it's the ability of the writers to take a clichéd story like this one and make it into something completely different that makes Supernatural special. Can't wait to finish out this season, and for season three!
  • Didn't see that coming

    Wow, this was a great episode. I didn't expect that to happen. Just so you know I will be refering to what happened so if you haven't seen it look away now.

    Ok, so the episode starts with a young couple driving along a road and they hit a man and crash into a tree. Cut to the woman, Molly waking up, finding her husband gone and she is being chased by the man who she hit.

    She then runs into Sam and Dean who are looking to kill this ghost and she tags along with them.

    I didn't expect Molly to be a ghost and I never saw it coming. But looking back afterwards, it's obvious that Sam and Dean already knew when they met her, I mean Sam keeps telling her about ghosts and how they need to move on. It should have been obvious. I also like Dean's reaction to her. He really doesn't care because she's a ghost.

    I liked this episode. Can't wait for the next one.
  • Amazingly smart..

    I absolutely loved this episode. The twist at the end was very un-expected, though it would have been if I didn't read about it ahead on the internet :P. But I still managed to enjoy it. I live in Australia so this was our most recent episode. I still love the show and hopefully me and my Dad can expect some more good, well written episodes in the future to come. If anyone else here lvies in Australiam feel free to message me. Though I may be one of the very few Aussies on this site. Thank you America, this show makes TV worth watching!
  • Delightfully Unexpected

    This episode could have been your ‘save’ the damsel in distress from bad ghost, except for one tiny detail.

    The damsel in distress WAS a ghost. I loved it. While we all know Dean isn’t a big fan of anything supernatural, it was great to see him let Sam lead in how they ‘take care’ of Molly. The snark was there but the compassion Sam showed Molly was captivating in retrospect.

    I watched the show again, with a deeper appreciation of what was occurring knowing that one ghost had to be destroyed but the other could be ‘saved’ Sam style.

    I hope to see more delightful stories like this in the future.
  • Sam and Dean literally drive right into the middle of a Supernatural encounter while driving to their next mission... Or do they?

    This episode has one of the most creative plots in the series and confirms that Supernatural is even better than their first season, with a few secrets withheld by Sam and Dean that affect their plot quite a lot.

    I was wondering why Sam was acting much more, as Dean said in the last episode, pansy than usual in relating to the spirits and the fact that Molly was one makes a lot of sense, as does the revelation that Molly also created the main spirit by accidentally killing the man 15 years ago, and why the other spirit wanted to cause Molly more pain than his other victims.

    The twist reveals a lot and is a teriffic end to an entertaining episode.
  • Super-mega-awesome twist!

    Just watching this episode for a second time gives me goosebumps at the twist! I can't say I saw it coming, even what I thought was way off. While this episode started off like many Supernatural episodes, it branched off from the moment Molly's car disappeared. What happened? Who is chasing her? Why are they chasing her? All of which could have easily been answered like any other Supernatural episode and would have been like any other Supernatural episode. The one and only thing that set this episode apart from every other episode was that our damsel was also haunting the highway. The shock discovery that she is dead is just a literal *snap* that made this episode one of the best Supernaturals ever!
  • Talk about a twist... didn't see that one coming.

    The entire time I'm watching the episode I'm wondering why Dean is being so mean to this lady. I know Dean can be sarcastic but he can also be sympathetic and I could not for the life of me figure out why he treating Molly so weirdly, but she was a ghost... go figure. This episode was reminiscent of The Sixth Sense. I know the writers say they watch thriller and horror movies for ideas and I can't help but think they looked to that movie for this episode. I really enjoyed this episode I liked Dean's bluntness and I liked Sam's explanation to Molly at the end, it was sweet. Also it showed that all ghosts are vindictive, which should go along way for Dean.
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