Season 9 Episode 8

Rock and a Hard Place

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 26, 2013 on The CW

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  • A little boring and predictable

    Not one of the better episodes. A little boring and predictable.
  • Loved Dean sleeping around

    Brilliant. Bring back the boys that love girls, fighting evil and being brothers. I loved this episode. Although we didnt get shirtless Dean I still loved that he was being a guy who likes girls and this is normal, good story to tell.
  • nice

    very good love it
  • enjoyed this ep, but...

    While this season has been ok, the way the last season ended with all the angels falling to earth, it gave such high hopes, but they really have taken that anywhere. The writers had a good chance to return it to the level of the first four, maybe five seasons, but so far, all i can say is, at least it is a better season than the cheesy, not scary,leviathons.
  • Another Great Ep

    I enjoyed A Rock and a Hard Place. Maybe not as much as Bad Boys, but I felt it was well-written, especially Sam and Dean and their relationship. It felt like old school Supernatural, something I've sorely missed (and will be sorry to see fall by the wayside when the angels return next week sigh). It was wonderful to see Sheriff Mills again--I love her relationship with Sam. She seems to genuinely care for both boys, and that's something they badly need.

    The end was completely heartbreaking--I wish I could say I was surprised that Ezekiel isn't really a good guy, but he's an angel, so I guess it's to be expected. I can't wait til he's gone and Sam is back 100%, even tho I'm dreading the fight and recriminations when Sam finds out what Dean did. I really hope he understands why Dean felt he had to, and can forgive him for it.
  • a bit disappointed..

    Last episode was good as I said before. This was an "eh". To be honest I'm getting bored of humanoid monsters like angels and demons. What happened to monster "monster"? Like the scarecrow in season 1 acting as a Pagan God or the bugs in that plague episode or the Striga? Come on, Supernatural writers. If we're going back to regular hunts for a while, give us some of that at least. The summary of the episode read better than the actual episode. This wasn't terrifying at all. I miss the horror movie atmosphere of Supernatural. I just do.
  • The episode where nothing happens

    Oh dear, Supernatural. What the heck was that?

    Don't do this to me guys. I don't want to be complaining about you every week. Supernatural is one of the very few shows on the box where I don't have to dig hard to find a good point in a bad episode. It usually delivers and usually maintains a certain standard, even in its lesser episodes. When I write a review, I'm usually raving about it. But something is happening this year. It's something that happened back in the early days of 2012, where we had no Bobby, no (interesting... hint hint!!!!) Cass, not even any Leviathans and no Crowley. I'm getting bored. In days gone by, watching a new episode of Supernatural was an absolute MUST. Yesterday I damn well almost forgot it had been on.

    So... let's see. Evil Pagan God doing something... evil. Check.

    Dean sleeps with a hot blonde. Check.

    The show almost kills off yet another strong female character. Check.

    The crappy female characters in the show in general. Check.

    No advancement on the arc. Check.

    This episode was all the weaknesses of Supernatural rolled into one. But even those could be forgiven if, urm, anything actually happened. For about 30 minutes, you'd be forgiven for nodding off. The Dean and Sam are virgins thing gets old very quickly, and in all honesty, that blonde girl who was supposed to be heading the chastity brigade was just a ridiculous character. I mean, seriously. Who actually didn't think Dean would bed her? And who, actually, cared?

    At the end of every episode, Dean toys with the idea of telling Sam about Zeek. And it continues not to happen. Which is good, as it is really leading up to all hell breaking loose when he finds out. Next week sounds promising before they go off for winter hiatus, which gives them some time to sort out a few of season 9's issues. Fingers remain crossed they do.

    Crappy episode. You can do better, guys.
  • this episode was bad-so were the others-need to pick up.

    this season wev not seen a good episode so far,atleast there was in season 8
  • This episode was a dissapoinment.

    I liked Vesta, she was cool and Lindy Booth was perfect in the role. And Sheriff Mills, she can come back as often as she wants. And her and Sam were very lovely to watch together.

    But the Dean & Suzie story line was so lame and predicable. And them spitting on yet another deity was just disrespectful and borderline offensive.

    Why was there no men in the Chastity group? Just so they can show us what a ladies man Dean is? Yeah, after last episode that was a real great character development right there. Jensen Ackles could make a living of narrating erotica audio books. But we all know it. I don't need to see Dean revert into sleazy douche-bag just because some writers fear people might perceive him as anything but heterosexual.

    And honestly? The story with Zeke and Sam is dragging. It was a wonderful piece of acting from both Jared and Lindy Booth but I want that one to be over and soon. I'm not really looking forward to the backlash and angst but the story needs to move forward.
  • Classic Dean

    This Episode really did not go anywhere. Just another case of the week, but I missed an episode in which Dean actually got to have some fun and be the old sleezy self. Also it was not about being slutty... as Sam said he was just taking an item off his bucket list! The only real development is that it clearly shows that Dean is fed up with keeping the Zek secret and that this cannot go on any longer. Indeed Sheriff Mills is great to have around. I hope they can bring her back more often, I half expected her to hook up with Sam! One thing that has really been bugging me of late is Sam's sudden incompetence. Basically if Zeke were not saving him one way or another he would have died every episode... he used to be hard to kill!! I give this episode an 8 just based on Deans scene in the Chastity group meeting. @carly-hope, there were guys in the Chastity group, two of them had been captured though for breaking their vows.
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