Season 8 Episode 23


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 15, 2013 on The CW
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    Supernatural Season 8 Finale Review: It's Raining Angels

    "Sacrifice" wasn't a flawless finale, but it was close.

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    Using the tablet half in his possession, Crowley prepares to make his final move in the grand game against Heaven. Only Dean, Sam, and Kevin can stop him. Meanwhile, Castiel and Metatron join forces and try to stop Naomi's scheme.

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    • This Episode is incorrect.

      This is SEASON 8, Episode 23. NOT Season 9 as marked. Please move it.
    • jumped more than the shark

      So this show has become a joke. To use the death of one of the brothers as a reason not to shut the gates of hell is ridiculous. There has been so many death and resurrections that death in this show is meaningless. A season long arc and they end it like that pathetic.
    • Heroes lol

      I'm done believing that Sam and especially Dean are "heroes".

      It seems that 'the great threat' that they save us from each season is either a consequence of their actions or inaction.

      Season 1/2 -They could have killed Azazel before he opened the Hell gate but they chose to save their father and thus the demon instead.

      Season 3/4/5 -The whole activating the Apocalypse thing, Dean becoming a torturer in Hell thus breaking the first seal of Lucifer's cage (Dean was in Hell in the first place because of crossroad demon deal) and Sam breaking the last seal by killing Lilith.

      Season 6/7 -The whole not even trying to killing Castiel however and wherever they could, IIRC the only time they actually tried to kill him was AFTER he absorbed the Purgatory souls/Leviathans and it was a bonkers Sam that tried. Dean was still doing his whole 'talk to him' shtick.

      Season 8 -Must give some credit to Sam for initially wanting to sacrifice his life seal hell up but in the end he wussed out and yielded to Dean's weak sauce bromance laced argument.

      Dean chose Sam over literally wining the war against demons (in seconds) for like ever and all of the tens of thousands, maybe millions of people that would have been victims in some way.

      Sam and Dean are arrogant, self absorbed douche bags with hero complexes -if they didn't have the nuts to finish the trials no matter what, they should have just handed the job to another hunter who did.

      A true hero would be someone who trails Winchesters and co, waits for them to mostly clean up their current mess and then charges in -killing Sam, Dean and Castiel before they cause the next cataclysm.moreless
    • Cliffhangers and heroes

      I have a different take from MaryAnn's on the motivations of the brothers at the end of season 8's cliffhanger. I don't believe that Sam had so little regard for his own life or that Dean didn't mean any of the awful things he said to Sam over the years, especially the suggestions about what sins Sam should ask to be forgiven for during confession. At the beginning of the season during the first trial, Sam told Dean he wanted to close the gates of hell and live, whereas Dean was ready to commit suicide right then. I think as Sam progressed in the trials, he felt his body weaken as his soul was strengthen and purified, and maybe he realized that in order to finish the job he would have to sacrifice his life. He made the conscious choice to do whatever was necessary, not because he had low self esteem but because he needed to become a hero, and heroes are willing to risk their lives for others. When Dean discovered the consequences of the final trial and was trying to stop Sam from completing the conversion of Crowley, he was desperate and willing to say anything. He stopped being the flippant, bullying older brother; and as he did when Sam was hallucinating Lucifer in season 7's "Hello, Cruel World," Dean became the strong, calm voice of reason he knew he had to be to save his brother's life. He said, "I didn't mean I think what he meant was he didn't realize the impact of his words over the years; he was sorry he made Sam feel guilty to the point of self-sacrifice, and he needed Sam to believe that. It apparently worked, but Sam's body was still deteriorating.

      I'm worried about Crowley in season 9. I predict he will either seek revenge for what almost happened to him, or he'll go nuts or both. And the fallen angels? What a socio-economic disaster that could be! Metatron is evil, of course; maybe not "Evil" evil but twisted bizarre, kinda creepy bad. He could be fun.

    • Excellent episode

      I am not sure why this episode has such a low user rating. 8.4 - really? I thought this was a great episode. Certainly better than any episode from Season 7 and better than most from Season 8.

      Sam and Dean's big brother/little brother conflict explodes in a fabulous scene between the brothers. No matter what he does, Sam feels he will never live up to Dean's expectations despite having saved the world, and Dean can't give up the control and responsibility of being a big brother while repeatedly putting Sam before everyone else. They are both right which is what makes this relationship so fascinating to watch. Jensen and Jared always give great performances, but the scene at the end was extraordinary and has become one of my favorites. In fact, I think Jared Padalecki has been at his best during the "trials" - he has really stepped it up in the last half of Season 8.

      Mark Sheppard, as the nearly-cured Crowley, was wonderful, as well, (how will this effect him next season?) and the falling angels were a beautiful sight that has left me on the edge of my seat. Can't wait for Season 9!moreless
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    • QUOTES (11)

      • Crowley: I want the demon tablet. The whole demon tablet.
        Dean: Fine, but then the angel tablet comes to us.
        Crowley: On what grounds?
        Dean: On the grounds that you're a douche-bag, and no douche-bag should have that much power.

      • Castiel: What was He like?
        Metatron: Who? Oh, God. Pretty much like you'd expect. Larger-than-life, gruff, a bit of a sexist. But fair--eminently fair.

      • Crowley: Hello, boys. What's that old expression? Success has many fathers. Failure is a Winchester. Where's the stone?
        Dean: You show us yours and we'll show you ours.
        Crowley: Really, Dean? I'm trying to conduct a professional negotiation here, and you want to talk dangly bits? The stone.

      • Dwight: Help you gents?
        Castiel: Yes. Would you say that you're looking for, uh, partner in crime? Or, uh, someone who's into "nurse role-playing" and light domination?
        Dwight: Brother, it's 10 a.m. on a Tuesday.
        Metatron: We'll have two drafts, please.
        Dwight: Coming up. (walks away)
        Metatron: You're not the most subtle tool in the shed, are you?

      • Dean: Anything? You were gone long enough.
        Castiel: No. there was one female, but...
        Dean: What?
        Castiel: I don't think she was female.

      • Castiel: You really think it's wise to be drinking on the job?
        Dean: What show you've been watching?

      • Dean: (seeing a delivery woman flirt with two men) This is like the first five minutes of every porno I've ever seen.

      • Abaddon: Hello, boys.
        Crowley: That's my line.

      • Abaddon: Do you know what I find the most shocking about time traveling through a closet and winding up in the year 2013? Someone thought it was a good idea to make you the King of Hell.

      • Crowley: Are you joking? I just saved your life.
        Sam: Hah. Seriously?
        Crowley: Seriously, me seriously? We just shared a foxhole, you and I. We fought the Tet Offensive, outrun the Rape of Nanking. Together! And still you're going to do me like this? Ahh! Ah. Band of Brothers? The Pacific? None of this means anything to you? All those motels, you never one watched HBO? Not once? Girls? You're my Marnie, Moose. And--and Hannah, she just... she needs to be loved. She deserves it. Don't we all? You? Me? We deserve to be loved, I deserve to be loved! I just want to be loved.

      • Dean: Hold on. You seriously think that? Because none of it--none of it--is true. Listen, man, I know we've had our disagreements. Okay, I know I've said some junk that's set you back on your heels. But Sam... come on. I killed Benny to save you. I'm willing to let this bastard and all the sons of bitches that killed Mom walk because of you. Don't you dare think that there is anything, past or present, that I would put in front of you. It has never been like that, never. I need you to see that. I'm begging you.
        Sam: How do I stop?
        Dean: Just let it go.
        Sam: I can't. It's in me, Dean, you don't know what it feels like.
        Dean: Hey, listen. We will figure it out, okay? Just like we always do.

    • NOTES (3)

    • ALLUSIONS (5)

      • Dean: E.T. goes home.
        Referencing the 1982 s.f. movie E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, which features a small brownish alien stranded on Earth who befriends a boy, Eliot. The movie then chronicles E.T.'s attempts to communicate with his people and get home despite interference by the U.S. government. E.T. repeatedly says "E.T. go home" when trying to work out a way to return to his home planet.

      • Crowley: Band of Brothers?
        Referencing the HBO 10-part 11-hour 2001 TV mini-series set in the European theater of World War II. The mini-series explored the exploits of Easy Company from the beginning of the war to the end.

      • Crowley: The Pacific?
        Referencing the 10-hour 2010 HBO mini-series which was a bookend to Band of Brothers, and focused on three Marines serving in different regiments of the 1st Marine Division during World War II.

      • Crowley: Girls?
        Referencing the HBO television series premiering 2012 starring Lena Dunham and focusing on the lives of a group of twenty-somethings living in New York, including their sex lives. Many of the storylines are based on Dunham's real-life experiences.

      • Kevin: Magic cards. Skyrim.
        Referencing first the collectible card game first released in 1993, where players buy packs of cards and make decks, and then complete against other players who have done the same. Skyrim is a RPG video game released in 2011, where players create and personalize a character and take them through a first-person open world game.