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Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 15, 2013 on The CW

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  • This Episode is incorrect.

    This is SEASON 8, Episode 23. NOT Season 9 as marked. Please move it.
  • jumped more than the shark

    So this show has become a joke. To use the death of one of the brothers as a reason not to shut the gates of hell is ridiculous. There has been so many death and resurrections that death in this show is meaningless. A season long arc and they end it like that pathetic.
  • Heroes lol

    I'm done believing that Sam and especially Dean are "heroes".

    It seems that 'the great threat' that they save us from each season is either a consequence of their actions or inaction.

    Season 1/2 -They could have killed Azazel before he opened the Hell gate but they chose to save their father and thus the demon instead.

    Season 3/4/5 -The whole activating the Apocalypse thing, Dean becoming a torturer in Hell thus breaking the first seal of Lucifer's cage (Dean was in Hell in the first place because of crossroad demon deal) and Sam breaking the last seal by killing Lilith.

    Season 6/7 -The whole not even trying to killing Castiel however and wherever they could, IIRC the only time they actually tried to kill him was AFTER he absorbed the Purgatory souls/Leviathans and it was a bonkers Sam that tried. Dean was still doing his whole 'talk to him' shtick.

    Season 8 -Must give some credit to Sam for initially wanting to sacrifice his life seal hell up but in the end he wussed out and yielded to Dean's weak sauce bromance laced argument.

    Dean chose Sam over literally wining the war against demons (in seconds) for like ever and all of the tens of thousands, maybe millions of people that would have been victims in some way.

    Sam and Dean are arrogant, self absorbed douche bags with hero complexes -if they didn't have the nuts to finish the trials no matter what, they should have just handed the job to another hunter who did.

    A true hero would be someone who trails Winchesters and co, waits for them to mostly clean up their current mess and then charges in -killing Sam, Dean and Castiel before they cause the next cataclysm.
  • Cliffhangers and heroes

    I have a different take from MaryAnn's on the motivations of the brothers at the end of season 8's cliffhanger. I don't believe that Sam had so little regard for his own life or that Dean didn't mean any of the awful things he said to Sam over the years, especially the suggestions about what sins Sam should ask to be forgiven for during confession. At the beginning of the season during the first trial, Sam told Dean he wanted to close the gates of hell and live, whereas Dean was ready to commit suicide right then. I think as Sam progressed in the trials, he felt his body weaken as his soul was strengthen and purified, and maybe he realized that in order to finish the job he would have to sacrifice his life. He made the conscious choice to do whatever was necessary, not because he had low self esteem but because he needed to become a hero, and heroes are willing to risk their lives for others. When Dean discovered the consequences of the final trial and was trying to stop Sam from completing the conversion of Crowley, he was desperate and willing to say anything. He stopped being the flippant, bullying older brother; and as he did when Sam was hallucinating Lucifer in season 7's "Hello, Cruel World," Dean became the strong, calm voice of reason he knew he had to be to save his brother's life. He said, "I didn't mean I think what he meant was he didn't realize the impact of his words over the years; he was sorry he made Sam feel guilty to the point of self-sacrifice, and he needed Sam to believe that. It apparently worked, but Sam's body was still deteriorating.

    I'm worried about Crowley in season 9. I predict he will either seek revenge for what almost happened to him, or he'll go nuts or both. And the fallen angels? What a socio-economic disaster that could be! Metatron is evil, of course; maybe not "Evil" evil but twisted bizarre, kinda creepy bad. He could be fun.

  • Excellent episode

    I am not sure why this episode has such a low user rating. 8.4 - really? I thought this was a great episode. Certainly better than any episode from Season 7 and better than most from Season 8.

    Sam and Dean's big brother/little brother conflict explodes in a fabulous scene between the brothers. No matter what he does, Sam feels he will never live up to Dean's expectations despite having saved the world, and Dean can't give up the control and responsibility of being a big brother while repeatedly putting Sam before everyone else. They are both right which is what makes this relationship so fascinating to watch. Jensen and Jared always give great performances, but the scene at the end was extraordinary and has become one of my favorites. In fact, I think Jared Padalecki has been at his best during the "trials" - he has really stepped it up in the last half of Season 8.

    Mark Sheppard, as the nearly-cured Crowley, was wonderful, as well, (how will this effect him next season?) and the falling angels were a beautiful sight that has left me on the edge of my seat. Can't wait for Season 9!
  • season 8

    This finale of season was awesome and I can't wait for season 8. But i want Benny comeback.
  • Please help sam or dean

    I know your busy sam and dean but you have to help The Vampire Diaries Elena! She is loving with a Vampire

  • amazing Cliffhanger

    Season 7 was an allright season. but season 8 really stepped it up. It brought out a lot of emotions and still made the show badass. Especially Sams confession to dean about not being good enough to him.
  • What a season finale!

    And I thought they couldn't get any better. This episode really was on full burner the entire hour. Dean and Sam capturing Crowley and then Sam preparing him to become human. And Crowley's reactions to that, his fear of it, and after thinking he was going to be rescued, his succumbing to the reality of it were great. And then off goes Dean with Castiel to save Metatron but that whole side story gets completely twisted around which I didn't foresee at all. There were of course other minor details like Kevin and Naomi in this episode but the primary story line was Castiel and Crowley. And then of course was the ending with the angels falling from heaven. Just wow, can't wait to see where this goes next season.
  • Jareds Emmyworthy Performance and Sam's Confession and POV

    Finallly, I could sign in I already tried and tried and failed and failed like our Sam Winchester -portrayed by the very special Mr. Jared Padalecki) -trying to do the right thing and trying to save his brother again and again and again.

    I still have not the words to say how I feel about this special scene and also before the scenes with Mark Shepperd as Crowley! Its was acting by its finest and I am really in AWE of this outstanding performance from both, Jared and Mark

    Now coming to THE scene, the best scene of the entire series, honest to god words spoken by Sam and Dean.

    Of course Sam needed a voice about his inner a long time ago and I waited for it first patiently then I got unpatient (adding here the fact how the Sam didn't look for Dean was handled) and then I got disappointed to a point that I wanted to wait till the finale to decide whether to watch S9 or not. But JC gave Sam a voice -FINALLY-and it was long overdue long long time and Jared layed Sam's bare and beautiful soul right there before our feet. Dare one to stomp on it now!

    The scenes with Crowley and Sam were already really intense and heartbreaking, I'll say now I was shocked and disappointed to hear from Dean again Sam Winchesters sin (s), and I didn't like the fact Dean went off with the angel who can't do good on his own! But in the end it all made up with that speech and that crucial scene between the brothers in the church.

    Those minutes balanced the whole season 8 out for me and I hope HOPE the writers take this huge momentum and carry it over to S9, because I sooooo want to see the continued brother moments and I want to be witness of the brothers strong connection and WiTH much Sam insight. This is half of the series and it was missed so damn much! It raised the bar of the series to a much higher level!

    And I still don't have the right words to express what I felt witnessing Sam in such a raw, honest, devastated moment- the brother scene made up for me all the other OOC issues. Can tptb hold on to this higher bar now?
  • Excellent finale and performance from Jared

    This finale was heartbreaking to watch with the outstanding performance from Jared , the place he put Sam in was so painful to watch but necessary. At some point the audience had to see the internal Sam rather than the voiceless character we had been getting. I am not the biggest angel fan but have to admit the angels falling was amazing to watch . Crowley and Sam were anotheer highlight and hope Mark is back inext season at some point. But it was the brothers that were at the heart of the finale and the vunerable , broken Sam was long over due.
  • Best Season Finale of Supernatural yet!!

    I throughly enjoyed this episode. I loved the interaction between the brother for sure. Jared and Jensen were at the top of their craft,and Jared went above and beyond in his portrayal of broken younger brother just trying to do the right thing. The interaction between them and Crowely was especially amazing. I cant wait to find out just how Crowely is affected by almost being cured. I was completely shocked that metatron turned out to be a bad guy. I do hope we'll see more of him in S9. It was just amazing deserving of an emmy for sure.
  • Amazing Brothers Winchester Finale Finally!

    Minus the boring angel stuff and the bizarre editiing that was just irritating to say the least this finale was a 10/10 for sure. Lets get this out of the way first, the editing of the Castiel storyline between the Winchesters was ridiculous and choppy and unnecessary. Not sure why Dean went off with Castiel to do nothing when the whole 8 years had been building to this moment of locking away the demons but fanservice is what it is right. That was bad writing imo. But take all that out which was just the Castiel stuff this finale rocked. The boys really cared for each other and the last speech between the brothers was one of the best in 8 years of Supernatural. EPIC! The boys rocked it and look what can happen when you are low the leads of the show to show what Supernatural is about. They both sold it like no one else could. Hopefully this set up a great season 9 where the boys are back and whether they have brotherly ups and downs its Winchesters vs everyone else!
  • Phemonenal Season Finale!

    This is one of the strongest, most intense finales in Supernatural history! Jared Padalecki gave the performance of his life, and most definitely deserves an EMMY. Season 8 was awesome all the way around as well. :)
  • SPN Sacrifice was Outstanding

    One of the best season finales on TV ever, and I'm very picky about my TV. 10 all the way!
  • One of best Season Finales ever!

    I loved Sacrifice! I believe it was one of the best SPN finales we've ever had second only to Swan Song. Special kudos to Mark Sheppard for his brilliant performance as a demon-painfully-being-turned-human. Even more so to Jared Padalecki who gave, as some have quoted, "the performance of a lifetime". Jared was amazing throughout the episode but especially in the last 10 min. did he truly shine as a tortured soul only wanting redemption for his sins, and forgivness from his brother Dean. On the whole it was a remarkable episode. A 10 for sure!
  • Possibly my favorite finale yet

    Alright, so if you know me you know it could have used a little less Castiel :P BUT if I ignore the angels, this was basically the perfect ep. Mark Sheppard was amazing as always--not only as Crowley, but also as the perfect foil for Sam. Jared knocked it out of the park in this ep--his suffering, self doubt and need for Dean's approval were just heartbreaking. And speech to Sam at the end made me want to stand up and cheer (I may have actually done so, but don't tell anyone). He said exactly what Sam needed to hear--that there is NO ONE more important to him than Sam. Never has been, never will be.

    Of course the majority of us already knew that--but Sam needs a little reminding every once in awhile. I loved the very end, with Dean all but carrying Sam out to the car, watching the meteors (I'm ignoring, the angels, remember) falling around them--huge shout out to the VFX team for that, it was gorgeous!

    Kevin and Abaddon were great as well--I'm a little sad that the fantastic actress playing Abaddon might not be back, but I am looking forward to seeing the character again next season.

    Now I just need for Sam to tell Dean how important he is to Sam, and my happiness will be nearly complete :)
  • Sacrifice was Perfect

    The season finale of Supernatural was just incredible. The performances of Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, and Mark Sheppard were nothing short of stellar. The episode reaffirmed what we"be known all along - that NOTHING and NO ONE is more important to Dean than his brother Sam. So much love for this episode.
  • Oh my God this was epic

    Oh my God. That's all I can say. This was the BEST Supernatural episode ever. We got humour (God bless Crowley), sentiment and tragedy. The final scene was just epic, my eyes were wide with shock. But they can't, they just CAN'T let us wait all these months like that! This is just awful!


    I was sure Sam was going to go through it all, and die like he always do, but for once it was a surprise that the season ended with both WInchesters alive.

    And what will happen to Castiel ? Can he bring back his essence now that he is human?


    I can't wait to see season 9! And I'm still in shock!
  • Sacrifice? Nothing was sacrificed!

    This is the best season finale I have seen for a long time.

    Superb stuff!

    And what a cliffhanger. Only Supernatural seems to be able to do this. I really did not see the Metatron twist coming at all. However, when it did come it made perfect sense. Is Crowley cured? Possibly not because Sam is not dead. Is Crowley now a work-a-day demon possibly "yes". So he will want get his crown back from Abaddon? Abaddon will be a great queen of hell. Kevin restarts the Man of Letters Line in the Hunters Lair? And all those angry, hacked off fallen Angels on Earth!

    It is fantastic to see the brothers bond stronger than ever. The Winchesters will be kicking butt!

    I can't wait to see what Season 9 brings!

  • All's Hell that Ends

    All my doubts about Supernatural's uneven-ness overall for Season 8 slipped away in this excellent send-off of a season finale that promises much more to come in Season 9. To start off the capturing of Crowley was brilliant since the brothers are no longer pulling punches and they even had me thinking that Sheriff Mills was going to buy the farm for a minute there. The demon handcuffs were a nice touch, much like Crowley's melted-down-angel-sword-shooting-gun from a few episodes back. The wacky inventions add a nice bit of novelty to the show that it hasn't had in a little while as they bind Crowley to a chair and prepare to save him via the third trial formula the father had made as they discovered last week. Simultaneously, Metatron and Castiel continue the Angel Tablet 2nd trial by having to retrieve Cupid's arrow and staking out a high priority target that is meant to fall in love very soon. Naomi appears and takes Metatron from Castiel while he goes to Dean for help, who tells him to shove it. Sam agrees that Dean should go help Cass with the Angel trials and saving Metatron while he tackles the third trial solo. He purifies his blood by praying for forgiveness for all of his sins. Dean's list of suggestions along with a thing he did in 6th grade was great once Sam pointed out that that had in fact been Dean and not him. But Sam commences to inject Crowley with his purified blood as he hands go all glowy and the blood doesn't seem to take at first. Crowley bites into him unexpectedly and while Sam is out Crowley sends an SOS out to anyone listening on the magic channel to come and save their King. Abaddon shows up and flings Sam through a window but the great twist is that Abaddon isn't there to save Crowley but instead to threaten him to give up the Throne and make her the Queen of Hell since she is a Knight of Lucifer's. This little political act along with her line about 2013 being especially wacky because of Crowley ever getting to be King of Hell in the first place made Sam lighting her on fire and smoking away that much more unexpected. Crowley actually begins to break down as he becomes more human and mentions several HBO programs (good to know that the King of Hell is a cable junkie) and says that he's just like Hannah on Girls and just deserves to be loved. It was very effective to see Mark Shepard flex his acting muscles beyond the gruff Scotsman we've grown to love, and act in such a way that I haven't seen since Battlestar Galactica. Dean and Castiel continue to wait for Cupid, who delivers the love via a man to the target who is also a man, a surprise that comes off as light and actually surprisingly not-***phobic like this show can come off of at times when people questions the brothers relationship. Cupid is told by Cass and Dean about the trials and gives over the arrow which appears interestingly as a tattoo on her hand (symbolism works for me) when Naomi (who had been torturing Metatron and getting into his head) tells Cass and Dean that Metatron's Heaven trials are just lies that will tear Heaven apart, not seal angels in like he thinks. Naomi is a great part of this season who fit into the angel bureaucracy really well and it was sad to see her get ganked by Metatron and not deal with the fallout. But her line to Castiel about her being willing to listen if he wanted back into Heaven's good graces. But Castiel goes to Heaven, sure that Metatron hadn't lied and finds Naomi dead and is tied up by Metatron who steals his Grace (his angel essence) to complete a spell similar to how God threw Lucifer out of Heaven but only for all angels (not sure if he's included or if he wants to be the new God) but he asks Castiel to tell him his story when he died since he's now mortal and to tell him his story. Metatron's betrayal had me fooled, although Cass should know better and if often impulsive to not heed the advise of those around him as we saw in Season 6 when fighting the Heavenly Civil War. But he's now without power, and as a new series regular once again he can be a true part of the Winchester band once again but without Heavenly mojo to work. Metatron casts the spell and the angels begin to fall. Naomi had also told Dean that if Sam finished the trials he would die and face the ultimate sacrifice for closing Hell forever. Dean arrives at the very last minute and the two have a great scene of how Sam thinks he has always let Dean down whenever he had the chance and the impossibility of living with that and it shows that we can go for 8 years and the writers can still pack an emotional punch in a scene like this. And the difficult of just giving up the trials with how much of a focus this season had put on them. What happens to Crowley? Will he stay close to human or go back to being the troublesome King of Hell? Honestly I was ready for him to go away in a blaze of glory since he has lost his luster since he came on the scene in Season 5 and this would be a great way for Crowley to exit and serve a larger purpose. Sam though doesn't seem to be able to just give up the trials though as he begins to face bodily complications after not finishing the third one and they watch the angels fall in a glorious spectacle unlike this show has ever depicted before. This was a much better ending than Season 7 and will not require a ludicrous time jump to show a flashback to a thing with Sam I don't really care about. Final thought question: With all of the angels having fallen does that mean that these new Earthbound angels will need vessels to live or are their heavenly bodies simply mortal, and since Cass was already vessel ridden at the time it makes sense that he would just have a mortal life so where's the regular Jimmy that we once met back in Season Four? These are questions that Season 9 should definitely consider addressing. Cass has also fallen and Metatron is a new baddie but whether he is the solo Season 9 baddie would be surprising and the brothers will likely have to deal with him as the New God basically as well as another external threat as per usual. Kevin will continue to be in the picture after his wonderful "duty" scene with Cass to decipher the demon tablet. Abaddon is still out there, Meg is now dead, but the Alpha Vampire (who played such a big role last season and promised to return) didn't pop up once here so I really hope they tie him up next year as well. But Season 8 had some strong installments, much more than Season 7, and while none were the French Mistake they were great. To name some of my favorites to buy this DVD set when it comes out are: 1) As Time Goes By, 2)Everybody Hates Hitler, 3)Bitten, 4)Trial and Error, and finally this episode are the top five for this season. But hopefully Season 9 will keep the balls they have in the air going as the Winchesters have no shortage of baddies to stop and whole lot of sleep to not get when Supernatural returns in the Fall.
  • it was ok for me

    I have to say I haven't been overly impressed with this season. The show for me lost a lot of what it was about. Seasons 1-7 just had a different feel then season 8 which feels like a totally new animal in its self. Do not get me wrong out of seasons 1-7, I think 7 was the least but I still liked it better then 8. As to this episode I thought Crowley's capture was to easy and not well thought out, I mean come on he lets dean get close and just fling a cuff on him. Also when the angels first came on the scene they were in garrisons just following orders from there superiors. Now suddenly a machine with tools is used to control them, I mean come on! Ill keep watching to see what happens, since I have watched since season 1.
  • Incredible!

    Best Supernatural episode, shattered we have to wait until next season, I was glued to my seat!

    the whole episode was awesome. it gave me chills 3 times! when Sam says to Crowley ''You are the 3rd trial'' , when Crowley cries and makes his speech and when the angels start falling. Angels falling left me chills for hours. I loved this episode more than any other in the history of supernatural!

  • I found an angel on my backyard!!!

    Can't wait for the next awsome season... Even though I thing they are dragging it long long way, I like it every time!!!

    almost can't believe how awesome this ep was! it's like Eric Kirpke returned for one episode. for two seasons, i've had a steady decline of interest with this show. it lost its touch after season 5. but this episode was a sobering slap telling us "we can still take your breath away".
  • Redemption

    This has been an overall great season compared to how things were back seasons 6 and 7. As always it ended on a remarkable cliff hanger that leaves me wanting to know what is to come in season 9. the visual effects at the end of the episode were stunningly beautiful. on a side note I know that the season 7 story line wasn't that great but the leviathans concept was a great idea for a whole new set of monsters in the supernatural universe, hopefully we can have a good stand alone episode next season involving them. This season was a great start for the 3 season plan that the lead show runner Jeremy Carver has in store for supernatural. I can't wait for the fall, keep up the great work .
  • Dragging it out

    Good episode yes. But it's turning into a broke back mountain story now. It's dragging on and on for to long now. Finding it boring. Sorry guys you had a great show but really?!
  • And then they fell..

    First of all, what an amazing episode!

    I haven't been this excited since the season 5 finale. It's gonna be a long, long (did I mention long?) summer..

    This show has evolved so much over the years, it started out as a seemingly simple 'monster of the week' show and look at it now, all grown up.

    My thoughts about 'Sacrifice' are all over the place, I still have some processing to do I think.

    First of all, Jared my man, you made me cry. And believe me, that almost never happens.

    That talk Sam had with Dean at the end of the episode, when Sam finally opens up about the fact that he let Dean down so many times and that he's afraid Dean will turn his back again the moment he is gonna make a mistake.. My poor heart.. That was phenomenal acting. The emotion, the words, everything.

    Next thing on my list, poor Cas! He is just way too good for this world. Being manipulated.. Again!

    I had my doubts about Metatron, didn't trust him at all when he brought up the Angel tablet and that they had to shut down Heaven together.

    Alarmbells were going of in my head. it was all way too easy! Why couldn't Cas see that?

    I think he still felt so much regret about the damage he caused up in Heaven that he just wanted to make it right so badly his faith blinded him from the truth.

    I am just very curious what will happen to him next season now that he's lost his wings. I hope he joins Sam and Dean, I've always loved the 3 of them together and I've missed that a bit the last couple of seasons.

    Crowley!! Thank God (oh wait, God had nothing to do with it since he left the building) he didn't get completely cured, although I am still wondering about that. We just can't be sure until the next season starts, but I think it was a close call. Sam would have died otherwise.

    O wait.. Sam..

    It is an understatement to say that he wasn't doing very well so I'm not sure what will happen to him.

    Will he be ok? I mean, he didn't complete the trials, so there must be some 'after effect'.

    I don't believe someone can simply start these trials and don't finish them without any consequences.

    No, it never works that way, especially (as we all know) not with Sam.

    The way the Angels fell in the end, that was an amazing piece of CGI, I was really impressed.

    I don't know how big the shows budget is but they always manage to make it look real, I am never dissapointed when it comes to special effects (except with the Leviathans but hey, that whole storyline sucked big time).

    For me, this show is right on track again, had some doubts during season 6/7, but I think they've managed to take control and they gave us one hell of a season. I hope season 9 (and hopefully 10) will live up to my expectations, but if they continue this way I have no doubt about it.

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