Season 5 Episode 11

Sam, Interrupted

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 21, 2010 on The CW

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  • Coming hot on the heels of a game-changing juggernaut like 'Abandon All Hope...', in which all manner of colossal events took place, including the summary execution of a few well-loved characters, 'Sam, Interrupted' feels a little too lightweight.

    Coming hot on the heels of a game-changing juggernaut like 'Abandon All Hope...', in which all manner of colossal events took place, including the summary execution of a few well-loved characters, 'Sam, Interrupted' feels a little too lightweight. Inevitably, a stand alone was always going to pale in comparison to a mythology-heavy piece so Dabb and Loflin really needed to up their game with this one and sadly, it seems that they decided to rest on their laurels instead.

    The central concept - that Sam and Dean infiltrate a psych ward by telling everyone the truth about their lives - is a nice enough idea but it feels rather reminiscent of season two's 'Fulsom Prison Blues', especially given that, again, we have a guy on the inside providing the brothers with the tip-off. The villain, meanwhile, is moderately intriguing, yes, but there's nothing that sets it apart from the myriad other duplicitous beasties in the show's history. The wraith feels like just another throwaway bad guy, wrapped up in a fairly bog-standard narrative. The teleology certainly doesn't challenge: Sam and Dean arrive, ingratiate themselves, experience the dastardly goings-on, work everything out, target the wrong individual, realise who the right one is, do a bit of killing and then have an emotional realisation before bedtime. Ordinarily, this formula is sugar-coated with intriguing minutiae, sparkling dialogue or a challenging representational format but sadly, there's little of any of these here. Instead, we have a fairly perfunctory reveal (it's quite clear that the psychiatrist is not the perpetrator so the list of candidates is rather short) and similar denouement as the wraith's downfall effectively proves to be that she talks too much... just like every other rubbish villain in history.

    Of course, 'Sam, Interrupted' isn't bad per se, it's just a little underwhelming. For an episode whose moniker contains the name of one of the central cast, it seems rather lacking in exploration of his psychological ennui. If this is supposed to be a treatise on Sam's inherent rage, his penchant to lash out, then it doesn't exactly do a very good job. The issue is addressed, along with Dean's avoidance tendencies, but no resolution is forthcoming. This would be fine, in itself, if the episode did a little more with the concept other than bring it up simply because of the perceived importance of character conflict. It feels like psychoanalysis for psychoanalysis's sake and, as a result, it struggles to resonate with the viewer. This impacts somewhat on the quality of the episode. Sure, there are a smattering of nice scenes - most notably the comedic elements as Sam is forced into a drugged state and the pair have to endure the suppositories - and the plot maintains a fairly steady level of momentum, but the abrupt and seemingly unnecessary nature of the introspective elements detracts somewhat from these positives.

    'Sam, Interrupted' is one of the weakest Supernatural episodes in some time. It's largely a victim of its own chronological positioning, but the episode also feels more like a surface-scratching season one hour than a component of the complex, involved year five. It isn't bad, as such, and it certainly contains enough good to elevate the show above most other programmes on TV, but Dabb and Loflin are capable of so much more.
  • I can't believe this episode is rated so low! I thought it was awesome!

    I guess some people may just be annoyed by the avoidance of the Lucifer/Michael/Armageddon story arc, but I thought this episode was a funny, compelling exploration of Dean and Sam's respective psyches. Also, I was in suspense the whole time, never figuring out who the wraith was until it was revealed at the end. I loved how the boys had to battle with their own hallucinations in order to vanquish the wraith. Lastly, since it was another hunter that requested their help, it seemed more plausible to me that the boys would take a detour from their primary objective than if this had just been another random job. Overall, an excellent episode that I think deserves a higher rating!
  • Quite the jump from the last episode. And not a very good one at that.

    I am torn on this episode. I really wanted to like it, and did, for the most part. As a stand-alone episode it was great, the storyline was nice, it was hilariously entertaining at times and although predictable, the twist made for a nice little ending. But as a follow-up to the awesomeness that is episode 10 of this season, it just fell flat. Now, I've come to terms with the whole "Alright, we've had a very dramatic, angsty episode, now we better turn down the drama and crank up the laughs", that the Supernatural writers seem to be so fond of, but this just did not work for me. The friggin' APOCALYPSE does not wait for the boys to muck about in a mental hospital. And, personally, I would've wanted to see some more of the aftermath of episode 10. So as a whole, this episode didn't do it for me. We've reached a point in the series where the main storyline is too important to just be taken off the poster for a few episodes. Just saying.
  • The Wraith.

    The brothers have lost it apparently. The brothers admit themselves to a mental hospital for a case, they find out they are dealing with a Wraith. The unexpected part is that they end up going crazy, and it makes them think that they are going insane because of the stress. The fact that the brothers accomplished this mission with Martin, while they were going insane was crazy. The suspect kept you guessing till the end. Was it him? Was it her? You didn't know until the very end, which is what I love about this show. A great comeback episode, that took a break from the Apocalypse for a while.
  • Too many funny moments to count! This episode explores Sam and Dean's characters in an entertaining and in depth way that we haven't quite seen yet.

    From Sam bopping Dean on the nose and telling him he loves him, to the doctor observing that Dean and Sam's relationship is dangerously co-dependant, to Sam lashing out and fighting the air, to the brothers getting admitted to an insane asylum just by telling the doctor what they've been up to lately, this episode is entertaining from start to finish. A great, old school Supernatural episode with good laughs and a simple hunt that still explores the brothers and their emotions. I loved it.
    Plus, anytime we get to see one of the characters (e.g Castiel, Sam) drunk or without their inhibitions (Dean in Yellow Fever), it's a treat.
  • A good filler episode but not what I was hoping for.

    All in all it was an okay episode, though it wasn't what I was expecting after the clifhanger ending of Abandon All Hope with Lucifer raising Death. I expected to find out more about Death and Lucifers plans with him, how Death looks like, what he can besides the obvious, if Sam and Dean know a way to stop him. I mean it looked pretty important to Lucifer to raise Death so you would have thought that what he'd be able to do would be pretty bad and hard to get around or that they'd at least make a mention of what Death has done since he was raised but there was nothing of that this episode.

    It seems that SPN does this a lot. They build a person or event up to this amazing ground breaking thing that will destroy and change everything but in the end it doesn't do much. I mean what has happened since Sam started drinking demon blood and using his powers besides the black eyes? He didn't turn into a demon and his personality didn't change into some sot of evil killer or something.
    And what has Lucifer really done since he was released? Nothing except find his temporary host to posses until he gets Sam and he raised death but he hasn't done what they made me think he would do: kill thousanths of humans, maybe take on the angels those sort of things. And especially now we know that the body he has won't hold him forever I would have thought he would have sped things up a little you know? but maybe he is just waiting for Sam to say yes to him in six months and then he'll start hell on earth, I don't know. It just looked like the angels were pretty adamant on not releasing Lucifer and to act fast if he was but it seems that they got all the time in the world since Lucifer isn't doing much anyway.

    Despite my disapointment that there was nothing about the previous episode in this one, it still was an entertaining episode with great moments like Dean with the "PUDING!" in the morgue, that one had me cracking up as much as Sam on drugs but Sam is always funny when he's on something whether it be alcohol or drugs and though I missed Cas in this episode Sam describing him and their entire situation to the shrink was hilarious "No no, his name is Castiel he wears a trench coat."

    I don't know if anyone else noticed this but the decors really reminded me of previous episodes. With the whole hospital seting and clothes very much like the ones in the tricksters TV land hospital in Changing Chanels. And who else got a flashback to Bobbys demon proof room in which they locked Sam up in When The Levee breaks, when Sam was in that isolation room this episode, especially when they zoomed out with Sam chained to the bed, it was almost exactly like the scene when Sam hallucinates that Azazel is torturing him in When The Levee Breaks. To be honest it didn't really bother me all that much but it was still weird to see such similar scenes.

    Overal Sam Interrupted was a good though not terribly so episode that has the disadvantage of being the first after a long hiatus and being a filler episode. But I have to admit that with this show I don't mind filler episodes that much since they're usually pretty good and make up for no real plot development with interesting(though not acurate with this one I believe) monsters, good acting and clasic SPN jokes. It didn't blow my mind or have me on the edge of my seat like Abandon All Hope did but it was still an entertaining episode and if nothing else I'm just glad to have SPN back on my TV I misses it this past weeks.
  • Sam and Dean are back and they enter a hospital for the mentally impaired. Most of these people were functioning types with delusional cases or bi-polar disorders. Something is slowly killing the patients and the workers think they are all delusional.

    I was a little disappointed about this episode in a few ways. First, it did not continue the apocalyptic subject matter left over from the cliffhanger when we last saw the boys. Second, we've been having a great deal of rain and the signal on my DISH Network went out with about fifteen minutes left in the episode so I got a little bit of a disjointed story as far as the whole of the episode was concerned. On the positive side it was a great personality play on the part of the boys. Also a vision of what could be in their future or any hunters for that matter if they survive the apocalypse. Haven't the boys faced a Wraith before or maybe they thought it was a Wraith and it turned out to be something else? I'm not sure. If anyone remembers please send me a PM so I can check the other episode out! This creature was nothing like the other one.

    It was very clever how the creature brought out some delusions in each of Sam and Deans psyches. The doctor,
    Michelle Harrison as Dr. Erica Cartwright, Dean was seeing was a trip! When she started in on the list of things he and Sam had done you had to know something was fishy. I do wonder why he saw the one doctor as the Wraith and then the real one (the nurse) later on. Sam really lost it for a minute. Of course we've seen this behavior before. If you had been through what he has you could be ready to lose it at any minute as well.

    Even though they were in a mental institution there was some great humorous moments in this episode. Sam looking at the Doctor when he said, "There are no monsters." Dean's referral to One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest. And of course no review would be complete without "Pudding"! Really Dean! "Crazy works in here."

    I really enjoyed Jon Gries as Martin Creaser, the former hunter friend of the boys father and Lara Gilchrist as Nurse Foreman(The Wraith).

    A fun and entertaining episode that really was basically filler for the big showdown with Lucifer, The Angels, and Death coming up in the season. Where was Castiel by the way? Thanks for reading...
  • A triumphant return

    After the disastrous events of the previous episode (and a nice-sized winter hiatus), I wouldn't have blamed the writers for dialing things back a bit. Not back to the overabundance of comedic episodes that marred the first half of the season, but some measure of respite would have been understandable. Thankfully, the writers went with something with more punch than punchline.

    I've said it many times: the strength of "Supernatural" is the attention spent on character psychology. The writers understand that character is king, and that characters can be complicated under stress. Some may call this the "emo" approach, but I think it's the smart approach. Tailor the plot to serve the purpose of exploring the characters, and in many respects, the characters will tell you where the story is going to go.

    Under their current circumstances, the Brothers Winchester have to be honest with themselves about their weaknesses. Michael and Lucifer want to use them to carry out their grand conflict, in accordance with God's apparent plan, and both sides are going to try to force the issue by preying on Sam and Dean's vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, especially in Dean's case, the brothers have a bit of a problem communicating on that level.

    In this case, it's not about presenting a strong macho front. The best offense is a good defense. Whatever avoidance tactics are needed will depend on where and how they think the enemy will come at them. Dean needs to see that his exhaustion and growing hopelessness, never mind his guilt complex, is eventually going to tear him apart. As his hallucinatory hot doctor said, there's only so long that a person can drive themselves at such a harrowing pace with such an impossible goal. The burden is just too much to handle. If Dean ever gives in, it will be because he just can't fight anymore.

    Sam, on the other hand, is driven by rage and resentment. His guilt is largely a symptom of rage towards himself, at his inability to prevent his own weakness. It's the kind of anger that has the potential to get out of control and overwhelm his judgment. And for better or worse, Sam's ability to resist Lucifer is absolutely dependent on his ability to control his emotions. If Sam is pushed hard enough, to the point where he is no longer rational, then he could offer himself to Lucifer in a fit of nihilistic rage.

    I also like the fact that the writers are not letting Sam off the hook in terms of Ruby and his choices in the fourth season. Ruby may have been one hell of a manipulater, pushing all of Sam's buttons, but on a fundamental level, Sam knew what he was doing. Demon blood may be addictive, which made it easier for Sam to be influenced, but Sam was still responsible for his own actions. Tying that into his anger is a nice touch.

    The setting of the episode was perfectly designed to explore all of these issues. The Wraith was an interesting creature on its own, with a requisitely nasty way of dispatching its victims. It was a nice comedic touch for Sam and Dean to use their actual life as a basis for their "delusions", and it was even better that the Wraith pointed out how it completely undermined their mission! (And the ladies of the psych ward, delusions and Wraith-disguises included, were gorgeous!)

    Perhaps the best aspect of the episode was the very end. To a certain extent, it could have been interpreted as a resolution of sorts. But in the end, it's really just an acknowledgment that they have issues, and they just don't know how to resolve them without losing it. Dean's solution to Sam's anger management issues is essentially his own psychosis! After all, the point of Dean's subplot was to highlight how his inability to manage the extent of his burdens is slowly destroying him!

    And because we know that Dean isn't going to fix his problem, and we know that Dean's approach only delays the inevitable, we also know that it's just throwing a bandage over Sam's issues. In other words, the end effect of the episode is to show the audience how the Brothers Winchester are most vulnerable, and that they have no idea how to fix it. And that is quite a nasty bit of foreshadowing.

    And that makes sense. This is the mid-point of the season, so the writers are knee-deep in the complication phase. If the Brothers Winchester are going to get their act together, it's not going to happen for quite some time. There's still a long way to go before the end of the season.
  • What could have been a strong psychological and character exploration episode turns out to just be some pop psychology.

    This episode was a major disappointment. It could have been used to reveal so much, explore their past and relationships – instead it's just a monster hunt with a pretty cool backdrop. I did enjoy the hospital stuff but it's all surface with no depth to it. It's pretty weak actually – it didn't do anything properly – exploring the characters, creating a really cool monster or a challenging hunt.

    It's easy to get them committed, all he has to do is tell the truth! "His name is Castiel, he wears a trenchcoat."

    The shrink is pretty good – Dean and Sam are definitely co-dependent. Sam does have anger issues but instead of exploring that, it's only mentioned in passing.

    Martin's painting clowns, he's definitely crazy. Eventually a Hunter will meet something that could destroy him mentally instead of physically, too much horror.

    Interesting note on the filming technique – they haven't used this gritty dark look since season 1.

    This was good but what could have been used to explore the characters and work on character development was just an excuse for the boys to play crazy and revealed nothing we didn't already figured out for ourselves.
  • Those Crazy Winchesters!

    Sam, Interrupted-The brothers must go undercover as patients at a mental hospital to get at a monster, but soon discover they have some mental issues of their own to deal with.

    After a lengthy hiatus, Supernatural returns for what could be it's last run of episodes of the series. "Sam, Interrupted" isn't the action packed or emotionally charged episode of Supernatural, but it has enough thrills and chills to be very entertaining throughout. I mean that scene where Dean and Sam are both explaining the whole apocalypse threat to the psych ward doctor is another unforgivable comdey scene for the series. As well as when Dean drops his pants and says "pudding" and Sam being drugged up so much he flicks Dean's nose, adding a "boop!" at the end. We also get some great guest stars with Jon Gries as Martin Creaser and Juan Riedinger as Ted. One thing I always loved about Supernatural is that it's almost never predictable. I at first you think Ted will play a role throughout the episode when he's the only patient with information Dean and Sam, yet he dies very soon after. As when it came to who the Wraith might be, I obviously though it was Dean's doctor or Wendy, who kept kissing Dean and Sam. But Dean's doctor actually turned out to be an hallucination of the Wraith and Wendy was another one of the Wraith's victims. The nurse was actually the last person on my list, surprisely. But what I really enjoyed about the episode going into the brothers' psyche and watching Dean and Sam loses their minds was well performed by Jensen and Jared. But the whole development about Sam's anger seemed a bit much. Of all the brother talks that Dean and Sam have at the end of the episode, the talk about Sam's anger seemed unnecessary and I agree with Dean that it wasn't the time to talk about it. While I do feel for Sam, his anger issues are the least of his problems compared to the horror the apocalypse they are facing. So go see a shrink....or wait he did, oh well, get over it Sam, I'm sure you'll be fine. "Sam, Interrupted" was fun filler episode with some good scares and mind-tripping moments, but let's get back to the meat of the seasons: Lucifer/Demons vs. the Winchesters vs. the Angels.
  • Alright episode, just horrible timing story wise.

    Sam and Dean as crazy's? Wow, I never thought I would see the day. Hilarious really, especially the part when Dean drops his pants to cover up what him and Sam were really doing. At first they just pretend to be crazy, but interestingly enough, they actually start to go crazy. One question I have to ask is, what on earth happened between this episode and the last? Weren't Sam and Dean with the devil when he unleashed Death himself? Why are they not dealing with that? Anyways, back to the episode at hand, overall I enjoyed this episode, but it really took a turn in the opposite direction from where we were left off. Sometimes that's a good thing, but seeing as we waited some time with the suspense of last episode, it was kind of like a slap in the face to get a random episode that avoids everything that happened in the last episode. Good episode for a filler, but horribly timed. If this episode was aired earlier, I might have liked it more.
  • Welcome back, supernatural.

    I was hoping after the hellatus this episode would be good and I was not disappointed. This episode not only allowed us to see how outsiders would view Sam and Dean's lives as hunters but also their relationship as brothers. The storyline also allowed the viewers to see how both Winchesters are feeling about the apocalypse and everything that has happened since the beginning of the apocalypse.

    The writers of this episode did an excellent job keeping the identity of the wraith hidden. Just when I thought I had figured out who it was I was wrong. At the end of the episode, I was still wondering where they are going with Sam having problems with rage. Hopefully that will be explored more in future episodes.
  • The boys are back for the baltle!

    Hey dude it's been while don't you!

    I'm so missing the nigth by supernatural, oh my the amazing eps!

    First: All after "all abndone hope" you see the boys again in the actcion, that's really interesting to see how boys to fellings about jo and ellen' death. dean like always hiden his felleing and sam is more ferious about evereything, it' s really scare because more and more reprees angry brings sam to lucifer side!

    Ssecond : however the eps is sacared there's so many moments hilarus. Dean is playing like Dr° lecter ahaahhahaha so funny. And the consiencs by dean is the best part.

    third: the hunter's friend by jonh is cool, so the boys could be one day becomes, like him?

    Four: the end is good, one more time dean brings sam to reality and explan so important their jobs!

    That's a great time!

    kiss cau!
  • Supernatural is back.. well, sort of.

    After such a superb midseason finale, I was a little disappointed with this episode. It felt like just another filler episode so that the story of Lucifer could get dragged out until the finale. I'm not saying it was a bad episode or anything, but compared to some of the earlier ones, it certainly wasn't the greatest.

    The humor was full throttle in this episode, with Dean and Sam getting themselves committed to a mental institution in order to investigate a woman's suicide. They believe something supernatural was the cause, while everyone else thinks differently. And just how do they get committed? By telling the truth, of course. They tell the warden about all the stuff they've done the last four seasons, which to any normal person would sound insane. So they're committed and slowly try to figure out what's going on. However, they start going crazy in the process due to whatever it is that's haunting the asylum.

    There were some really funny parts in this episode. The pinnacle had to be the point where Dean pulled down his pants and yelled "Pudding!" to explain why him and Sam were in the morgue. Just an all around strange moment, but fitting perfect with Dean's character. Sam and Dean's relationship continues to drive the show, but this episode just felt like a way to drag out the story.
  • A classic Hunt with lots of brother moments. What more could we ask for. (Maybe more Castiel, but still.)

    This episode was a return to the basic formula. We had the monster of the week, lots of interaction between Sam and Dean and lots of Supernatural humour. (The pudding moment being hilariuos and yet cringingly painful to watch.) It was nice to have more backstory to John Winchester and to explore more about the hunters world. It seems that hunting does not lead to a peaceful retirement.

    The character development was nice but poor Sam and Dean. Will they ever cattch a break?

    All in all I thourougly enjoyed this episode and found found it a much needed break from the apocalypse. ( Much as I love the storyline.) Bring on next week.
  • what won't our beloved boys do to save people and hunt things? ... let's just say Dean brings new meaning to the word Pudding! (gonna be a new catchphrase...) but well worth it!

    I rarely give any ep a 10, but this one was an example of nearly perfectly realized potential on the part of the writers and our boys. Jared and Jensen pulled it out this ep and let the angsty goodness flow for their adoring fans... and this is why we love them so! --

    Loved seeing a wraith storyline! Thanks guys! And very well done! What a wonderful way to handicap the boys before the big showdown, I do however wonder what Sam's revelation will mean to the final conflict and how it'll be applied, either way I'm anxious to see how it's all executed. The boys make their way into an insane asylum to help an old friend of their dad's, a hunter who's lost his mojo, (is this a hint of what could lay in the boys' future? or that or most hunters? we don't know but it's possible and just another acknowledgment that no hunter goes unscathed in the end.)

    Things start to go from bad to worse (the snap of latex was never so funny as when coupled with the expressions on the boys' faces) when Sam and Dean fall under the spell of the mythical harbinger of death and start flipping their hinges. Truths are touched on, fears are given berth in the boys' brains and we're given a glimpse behind the veil of their personal psyche's and left stewing in our own fear juices to boot! This is an ep to watch over and over and over, to burn a hole in your dvd's over as I will most certainly do. Absolutely spell binding! A beautifully executed example of what is possible with the right actors, storyline, and production team. Welcome back Kast and Krew, you were sorely missed. And as always special love to Jensen and Jared. Thanks boys.
  • Welcome Back Sooper!

    Wow I have missed this show. And after a bleak but terrific finish back in November, I couldn't wait to catch up with the boys. In true to form, Dean is living in a state of denial over Jo and Ellen's death. He did it before with John. It seems its the only way he can keep going. The whole Lucifer thing was mentioned; my only grip, as usual, is that back in November we saw him raise death... now nothing. I guess he's decided to take some more time off with his old pal death untill episode 16. But despite that, this was a superb episode. As usual, Supernatural has no trouble exploring the deep and very real issues that drive its charactors and never fails to pull it off. Of course Sam and Dean have issues; we've seen it before. But just about keeping themselves sane; now that's new. Interesting twist on the Wrath; I guessed it was the female doctor pretty soon on, but it making them crazy I didn't see at all. Another thing Supernatural is good at; making you think you know all the answers then throwing in a twist. For example I had no idea Dean's doctor friend wasn't real. Brilliant writing. Also good to see another hunter, this one a crazy dude. We never found out why he was crazy. I guess they either want us to keep guessing or will reveal it later on. Either way I'd be happy. All in all, a very good welcome back for my favourite show, for what could be its final year. I'm still in two minds their; on one hand the planned story does end this year but on the other I don't think I'm ready to see such a brilliant show go off the air. They could easily leave it open for another story to begin. Buffy did it succesfully every year. Then again, I'm sure whatever is decided, Kricpe will pull out all the stops to give us some amazing Supernatural this year. Roll on!
  • One word: PUDDING!

    What can I say? It is so, SO good to have Supernatural back after that painfully long wait. Sam and Dean checking themselves into a mental hospital and admitting their realities was so funny, considering it was all true...yet when they actually said it aloud like that to the doctor it did sound a little cookoo! (We still love the Winchesters no matter what). After the doctor decided they had a plausible case, it was down to business, hunting down a monster. I found it sad to watch when Sam and Dean began to go crazy, because we were lead to believe that they were actually losing their mind, as there was no mention that the wrath caused it. Considering they have been hunting practically all their lives it was no wonder crazy was catching up to them. All I can say is thank god they're not actually a few fries short of a happymeal ;) To Sam high (yet stoned?) on drugs and Dean's "PUDDING!" idea, this episode made me laugh so much. Did I mention how much I missed Supernatural? :)
  • Supernatural made a crazy awesome return. Yes, the horribly bad pun is intended. Moving on.

    I loved watching Dean and Sam tell the truth to a doctor to get themselves admitted to the loony bin. I laughed. Sam's expression when the nurse wanted him to drop his pants was great. Dean's pudding thing awesome. Anyway, the episode did a nice job of reminding us that Sam has a lot of anger. Anger that he hasn't addressed over the years. Of course, Dean's response is to bury it. I don't necessarily agree with that but then he is Dean and I am me. Sam should take the time to figure out where that anger comes from it is bound to be important. I am not saying that he stops hunting to figure it out. I just think it would be a good idea for him to give it some thought. I laughed at Dr. Erika reading Dean's diagnosis. Narcissitic, ha, Dean's just incredibly good looking (handsome, sexy etc) and he knows it. Side note: didn't the boys just look nummy? I thought so. Going right along here because the looks are not what I should be talking about. Overall, awesome episode. I am so extremely happy the 2 Supernatural free months are over. Until, next week or my next review whichever comes first.
  • Classic Supernatural

    I was worried about the rather cliche mental hospital theme but the scene with Dean admitting Sam alleviated my fears. The chemistry between them is one of the best on television, rivaling James Roday-Dule Hill on Psych or Zach Braff-Donald Faison on Scrubs.
    This episode was an excellent look into their mental state via the backdrop of the hospital. In addition to the admittance scene, the scene in the morgue with Deans "pudding" dance was hilarious, followed by a funny one-liner where he asks one of the patients, a former hunter, if his drawings are "original Gacey's." Although I've been a big Supernatural fan from the beginning and probably have a two-point bias when I give it my score, this episode was a much needed break from the ongoing apocalypse plot line, especially after the intense mid-season finale. We get a chance to see the characters in a new way as the slowly descend into insanity, which wasn't something I expected to happen. Seeing one of the things they hunt screw with their heads so much was a different approach and made for a good, interesting episode.
    I love this show because it manages to stay interesting and there's a good mix between monster-of-the-week episodes and the epic, ongoing plot.
  • Sam and Dean in a mental hospital very funny.

    This episode is extremely funny. When Sam is all drugged up after attacking the doctor. When Dean is in the morgue and the nurse comes in and is like "what are you doing here" and Dean drops his pants and yells "Pudding!". So funny, but the episode is about patients who are dying in a medical asylum. Sam and Dean come in answer to a phone call from one of John's friends. It turns out that a Wraith is killing patients and making them more crazy. I have to say one of my favorite characters is Wendy. A crazy/hot chick who randomly kisses people. I love that. Overall Great Episode. Really Funny. Pudding!
  • wow can I say wow sam and dean in a mental hosital after there dad's frind called them it was a wrath dean was right at the end to tell sam to bury his anger it is the only way to move on wonder what will happen in the next few months until the season end

    wow can I say wow jared and Jensen another great performance supernaral came back with a bang what will our boys face next in the coming months until season five's final and were hoping for season six and it looks promising since jared and jensen have one more year in their contract will see what happens this year hopefully as season five is nearing ending that they will announce season six since season three was cut short due to writers strike we should have a season six to make up for that were close to supernatural's one hundredth episode can't believe supernatural turns one hundred
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