Season 7 Episode 8

Season 7, Time for a Wedding!

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 11, 2011 on The CW

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    I loved this episode,because it was so unusual
  • Sam gets "lovejacked" by the most pathetic, annoying and vomit inducing character in creation.


    The only saving grace (and the only reason this ep didn't get a 2) was pretty much due to the last five minutes in which we learned why the boys haven't been running into a whole lot of demons lately.

    Turns out Crowley was a wee bit insulted by Dick and kinda really wants the boys to take those smug leviathans out of the game. (I can completely understand... after all, don't we all choose the devil we know over the one we don't?).

    Other than that... I will say at least Dean tried to be supportive. I'm a little surprised he didn't try investigating a little harder though. It was just really poorly written.

    As always Jensen and Jared, special love to you both and apologies to you both on behalf of writers everywhere.

  • the bride is comeing....


    In my summary: I like when the eps are comic, I loved the tall tales, as well as the eps dean of a thousand deaths. Many people may have felt kind of eps to complete the season, but the big hook for me and it was clear at the end that Dean does not know what else to do, after all his father trained him to look after your brother and now he realizes that their mission is over and he has a purpose in life, or at least will have to find a will or living a life that is not yours. returning the particular liked to see the back of the blonde version beck ahahha, well she made the dream of every samgirl marry sam, great feat girl. How the demons, like everything has a supernatural reason for being, they withdrew by order of the king of hell for the boys end up with an unusual enemy (leviatans) who knows a possible alliance. Oh yeah what the hell was Bobby doing in Oregon, but garth made ​​me remember the good time of our bad-ass ash, want to see him again playing with the boys.
    ha yeah I loved seeing the dean ahaahhaa a strip club, he followed the advice to the letter of ellen and sam call the camping of Hippo was hilarious. Oops, the opening was fantastic with the exploding cake
    Well the next eps think will please the Greeks, Trojans and Bahia hahahha.

    kiss cau!

  • 'Til Humor Does Us part


    Season 7, Time For A Wedding-When Sam teams up with a familiar face, Dean is forced to team up with a laid-back hunter, Garth, and ends up working at cross purposes to his brother.

    With a season so far that has a disappointing arc and a so-so run of episodes, "Season 7, Time For A Wedding" is kinda refreshing. Sure, we've seen plenty of Crossroads demon plot before but thanks mostly because of two charming guest stars, this episode is . One being DJ Qualls (Road Trip, Hustle and Flow) and Emily Perkins returns as the hilariously obsessed Supernatural fan Becky Rosen. Both characters steal the spotlight from the brothers this week and the episode is all better for it. Considering how tedious the brothers' current issues are, it's nice to see them mostly separate for one episode, having to deal with the humorous shenanigans of their temporary partners this episode. Becky is one of those hopelessly romantic geeks who can't help but love. Sure turning Sam into her love slave was wrong but throughout the episode, you can't help but still feel bad for her considering she was the laughingstock in high school and doesn't seem to have much of a life. Emily Perkins just shines in this role and I love every minute of when she's on screen, especially her tweeting nearly every moment she has with Sam. I also loved Dean's reaction to Sam's sudden marriage.

    Speaking of Dean, he had his own problems to deal with when patterned up with Garth. DJ Qualls is pretty much known for playing these kinds of roles but he does it so well. He's the perfect goofball to Dean's straight man/tough guy act. I especially loved his line about saving day just in time to get home for America's Got Talent! lol Another great appearance was from Crowley....whose now sporting a beard! You gotta love his whole speech about Hell having integrity and saying it's better than Wall Street. Overall, I was very pleased with this one. Some great, genuine humor and character interaction. Now if they can make those Leviathans interesting again, this season would be in good shape.

  • Some fun insanity with an interesting case file thrown in.


    I guess whether you like this episode depends a lot on whether or not you think Becky is funny. I do, I like both the character and the concept of a meta character, so I was really tickled by the whole thing. Almost all the comments I've seen on Twitter also loved the episode, so I guess I'm not alone.

    Let me start by saying there's no way they are trying to "wean us off Sam and Dean" and replace them with Becky and Garth. Supernatural cannot exist without Sam and Dean: they know that as well as we do.

    They're just giving Jensen and Jared a bit of a breather. The boys work 14-20 hour days with very short weekends because Fridays always turn into what they call "Fraturdays" on the Supernatural set. When there are only two leads on a one-hour show, the schedule is grueling, and the boys have been at it for seven years now. It's not unusual for shows, especially in the later years, to deliberately write scripts that give the actors a lighter workload once in a while. Doctor Who even has regular "Doctor-light" episodes in which the Doctor makes no more than a cameo. So no need to worry, Becky and Garth will never be more than recurring characters. (Actually, we've probably seen the last of Becky, the way they ended it. Sam made it pretty clear he didn't want to see her again.)

    I liked how they took Becky's crush on Sam and turned it not only into an episode-long joke, but also into a cool case file. As I have said before, I love the detective work that goes into solving supernatural mysteries, and I love it when the mystery gradually unfolds and I don't know what's really going on until the end. This certainly fit the bill. I didn't figure out it was a cheating crossroads demon with an accomplice until the red eyes were revealed. The fact it was the accomplice doing the killing threw me off the scent as he didn't seem to have any connection to Guy. It seemed like Guy was working alone and was maybe a witch, as he was dealing love potion--which turned out just to be the bait to lure Becky in for the deal. And I loved Dean and Garth figuring out it was the domineering wife who made a deal, and not the CEO.

    I agree it seemed as though Garth was being introduced to us a new recurring character, rather than being used as a one-off guest star. Everyone I saw tweeting about it were clamoring for more Garth, and DJ Qualls (the actor) and Jim Michaels (executive producer) both hinted we might be seeing more of him. I think that was the point, to leave us wanting more. And when Dean said "you don't suck" and Garth answered "that's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me" I didn't want that to be the last we ever saw of him. He's adorable.

  • Sam gets married?!?


    The episode starts with Sam getting married to Becky and thus all the crazy shenanigans ensue!

    This is more of a light-hearted (and funny) Supernatural episode but is still enjoyable.

    With Becky being in this episode I was hoping for Chuck to make an appearance aswell but it wasn't to be - hopefully he does appear this season so we can finally find out if he is actually God!!

    I would give this episode a 9/10 (although I gave it a 10 on here to even out the rating)

  • Sam gets married...wait what?!


    While on their annual trip to Vegas Sam tells Dean that he's fallen in love with Becky, rabid comic fan from S5. Dean doesn't take the news well at all and expects trickery although it appears to be genuine at first. It appears that many accidents have been happening in which people who got the opportunity of their lifetime died shortly after of "fatal accidents." And it turns out Becky has been dosing Sam with love potion from her friend Guy, who just so happens to be a crossroads demon. Guy tells Becky that she can have Sam for 25 years and that it's a deal of a lifetime. Her love potion wears off and Sam gets tied up to her bed by her until she can get some more. Meanwhile, Sam teams up with quirky hunter Garth since Bobby's off hunting a nest of something up in Oregon. After Dean saves the life of a woman who traded her soul for her husband to be a CEO Guy reveals that he has been extorting loopholes in his clients contracts since accidents don't fall under cheating. Becky fakes out Guy and traps him in a Devil's Trap but his accomplice shows up and throws the hunters about. Becky saves Sam's life with Ruby's knife through the other demon's back. Dean holds Guy at knife point and tells him to call all of the contracts he has in the town. As an added twist Crowley shows up, now with a beard. He says he'll make an example out of Guy since if Hell doesn't keep their end of deals nobody will deal with them. Crowley snaps his fingers and undoes the contracts and tells Sam and Dean that demons are told to stay away from them since they're hunting the Leviathans and he hates them as much as to let them do their thing while he doesn't interfere in theirs. Good to see that Crowley's opportunism is still intact, one of his funniest qualities, and to see him hate the Leviathans as much as Sam and Dean is a nice mixture which is in part why Crowley has survived for so long. Guy was a good episode bad guy and we haven't been treated to a demon deal episode for quite some time, especially one with red eyes, so it was a good meta episode that brought back an old character from Supernatural's past and had one of my favorites episode titles in recent memory. Great work Supernatural.

  • Season 7, Time for a Wedding!


    Season 7, Time for a Wedding! was a superb episode of Supernatural and I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of good laughs as we see the return of Becky aka Superfan99. This was a fun and well written story that had some great action, drama, intrigue, and the classic Supernatural feel. It was great to see Crowley come in and take the Cross Roads Demon with him to make a lesson of him. It was great how Crowley explained how he wants the brothers to destroy the Leviathans. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!

  • Supernatural Spinoff sucked


    If their intention was to slowly ween us off Sam and Dean so they can replace them with other characters, they should know that I am not going to watch a show with becky and the other guy as the main characters. Thats right, Becky is in this episode. Becky is the "Meg" of Supernatural, nobody likes her, and episodes revolving around her stink big time.

    This episode really jumped the shark, hopefully its a one time thing. I know what some of you are gonna do, your going to rate this episode a ten merely because crowely showed his face for six seconds, but not me.

    Sam gets married, though you have to guess that something is amiss, and sure enough, it is. But its way worse than you could have possibly imagined, it was like a curveball that hits you right in the face, and it hurts like hell. I supposed i deserved it for watching this episode. And You all know I'm totally right, which i always am.

  • I love the wacky ones!


    I was looking forward to this episode, because from the title alone I knew it would be one of the wacky ones, and they never disappoint. This one was no exception. You always know you're in for a good time when they do something crazy with the title card--in this case, a wedding cake exploding into the black goo.

    I loved all the wacky details of this episode, from Becky's brightly colored and perfectly composed Wall of Weird to the waffle iron brick joke. (For those who don't know: A brick joke is when a first throwaway joke leaves an object hanging out there that later, when the audience has forgotten all about it, comes back to deliver a punchline, usually by braining someone. As in a brick that is thrown away at the beginning of a story and much later returns to land on someone's head when you least expect it.) It was pretty hilarious when Becky whopped Sam over the head with the waffle iron--and also the only moment where I was wondering if I should stop liking her.

    Becky amuses me, and is an interesting character in that she elicits my sympathy at the same time she makes me cringe. I don't know, I guess most of us can sometimes relate to feeling like a loser. So while I didn't like what she was doing to Sam, I also felt sorry for her. She's of course a caricature of a fangirl, but they also gave her a little depth, an inner life of low self-esteem. Supernatural has to be the only show where a fan becomes a recurring character. I don't know of any other show that has done it. It's weird, but I like it, and I love that the writers have the balls to push the envelope and the fourth wall. It was kind of fun to see what would happen if a fangirl got to hunt, and fun to watch her geek out over it--which Emily Perkins who plays Becky does extremely well. She also has a gift for doing the Crazy Eyes. It's freaky.

    DJ Squalls also did an outstanding job as Garth, but I felt he was underutilized. I think there's more potential for comic relief with Garth, so I hope they bring him back. It feels like they were setting up the character to recur, and thus not blowing the wad in just one episode.

    And any episode is improved by Crowley. I love how he just pops up whenever it suits him, and whenever I don't expect him to. This was a nice twist on the crossroads demon story: what happens when the demon doesn't respect the deal? Answer: Crowley will make you regret it for a very, very, very long time. And I loved Crowley's line "This isn't Wall Street, this is Hell. We have a little something called integrity."

    As for our heroes, Sam and Dean: this was a whole new pickle to throw them in, and the looks on their faces were priceless. It's hilarious that in their world, a wedding is the weirdest thing. And it nicely set up the scene at the end where Sam tells Dean "You've basically been looking out for me your whole life, now you finally get to take care of yourself. About time." I'm curious to see how this plays out, because Dean needs to be needed, and he certainly didn't looked pleased about the prospect of taking care of himself. His whole identity and reason for being are wrapped up in taking care of Sam and everyone else, so who is he if he isn't doing that? Maybe this will be the catalyst for some character growth. Or maybe it'll be the catalyst for more bouts of alcoholism and violence. It'll be interesting to see.

  • A hoot and a half!


    Some things I loved, in random order:

    -The exploding wedding cake, with the falling little bride and groom.

    -That bartender was sure good at her job, she had Dean all figured out. "Looks like he needs you after all."

    -I loved how Sam's wedding invitation to Dean was a text message that said "Meet me at this address. Wear your fed suit."

    -Lol, the looks on Dean's face when he realizes Sam is marrying Becky!

    -How happy Becky is at getting fake IDs as a gift.

    -Garth saying "Bobby told me you would be surly and PMSy."

    -"Who's the scrawny guy?" I hope we see the scrawny guy again.

    -Sam mooning over the book full of hearts and Sam loves Beckys.

    -The waffle iron!

    -The whole conversation Becky has with Sam while he is wearing a gag but talking emphatically (and incomprehensibly) at her anyway.

    -The blueberry vodka demon's trap! Ha, just when you think they can't possibly come up with another way to hide a trap from a demon, they think of some new trick.

    -The look on Becky's face after she kills the demon!

    -Crowley! I always love Crowley.

    -Garth giving Dean a very long and awkward hug, and Sam saying "Aw, you made a fwiend."

    -Sam telling Dean it's time to take care of himself.