Season 7 Episode 8

Season 7, Time for a Wedding!

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 11, 2011 on The CW

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  • I love the wacky ones!


    I was looking forward to this episode, because from the title alone I knew it would be one of the wacky ones, and they never disappoint. This one was no exception. You always know you're in for a good time when they do something crazy with the title card--in this case, a wedding cake exploding into the black goo.

    I loved all the wacky details of this episode, from Becky's brightly colored and perfectly composed Wall of Weird to the waffle iron brick joke. (For those who don't know: A brick joke is when a first throwaway joke leaves an object hanging out there that later, when the audience has forgotten all about it, comes back to deliver a punchline, usually by braining someone. As in a brick that is thrown away at the beginning of a story and much later returns to land on someone's head when you least expect it.) It was pretty hilarious when Becky whopped Sam over the head with the waffle iron--and also the only moment where I was wondering if I should stop liking her.

    Becky amuses me, and is an interesting character in that she elicits my sympathy at the same time she makes me cringe. I don't know, I guess most of us can sometimes relate to feeling like a loser. So while I didn't like what she was doing to Sam, I also felt sorry for her. She's of course a caricature of a fangirl, but they also gave her a little depth, an inner life of low self-esteem. Supernatural has to be the only show where a fan becomes a recurring character. I don't know of any other show that has done it. It's weird, but I like it, and I love that the writers have the balls to push the envelope and the fourth wall. It was kind of fun to see what would happen if a fangirl got to hunt, and fun to watch her geek out over it--which Emily Perkins who plays Becky does extremely well. She also has a gift for doing the Crazy Eyes. It's freaky.

    DJ Squalls also did an outstanding job as Garth, but I felt he was underutilized. I think there's more potential for comic relief with Garth, so I hope they bring him back. It feels like they were setting up the character to recur, and thus not blowing the wad in just one episode.

    And any episode is improved by Crowley. I love how he just pops up whenever it suits him, and whenever I don't expect him to. This was a nice twist on the crossroads demon story: what happens when the demon doesn't respect the deal? Answer: Crowley will make you regret it for a very, very, very long time. And I loved Crowley's line "This isn't Wall Street, this is Hell. We have a little something called integrity."

    As for our heroes, Sam and Dean: this was a whole new pickle to throw them in, and the looks on their faces were priceless. It's hilarious that in their world, a wedding is the weirdest thing. And it nicely set up the scene at the end where Sam tells Dean "You've basically been looking out for me your whole life, now you finally get to take care of yourself. About time." I'm curious to see how this plays out, because Dean needs to be needed, and he certainly didn't looked pleased about the prospect of taking care of himself. His whole identity and reason for being are wrapped up in taking care of Sam and everyone else, so who is he if he isn't doing that? Maybe this will be the catalyst for some character growth. Or maybe it'll be the catalyst for more bouts of alcoholism and violence. It'll be interesting to see.

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