Season 7 Episode 8

Season 7, Time for a Wedding!

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 11, 2011 on The CW

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  • Sam gets married...wait what?!


    While on their annual trip to Vegas Sam tells Dean that he's fallen in love with Becky, rabid comic fan from S5. Dean doesn't take the news well at all and expects trickery although it appears to be genuine at first. It appears that many accidents have been happening in which people who got the opportunity of their lifetime died shortly after of "fatal accidents." And it turns out Becky has been dosing Sam with love potion from her friend Guy, who just so happens to be a crossroads demon. Guy tells Becky that she can have Sam for 25 years and that it's a deal of a lifetime. Her love potion wears off and Sam gets tied up to her bed by her until she can get some more. Meanwhile, Sam teams up with quirky hunter Garth since Bobby's off hunting a nest of something up in Oregon. After Dean saves the life of a woman who traded her soul for her husband to be a CEO Guy reveals that he has been extorting loopholes in his clients contracts since accidents don't fall under cheating. Becky fakes out Guy and traps him in a Devil's Trap but his accomplice shows up and throws the hunters about. Becky saves Sam's life with Ruby's knife through the other demon's back. Dean holds Guy at knife point and tells him to call all of the contracts he has in the town. As an added twist Crowley shows up, now with a beard. He says he'll make an example out of Guy since if Hell doesn't keep their end of deals nobody will deal with them. Crowley snaps his fingers and undoes the contracts and tells Sam and Dean that demons are told to stay away from them since they're hunting the Leviathans and he hates them as much as to let them do their thing while he doesn't interfere in theirs. Good to see that Crowley's opportunism is still intact, one of his funniest qualities, and to see him hate the Leviathans as much as Sam and Dean is a nice mixture which is in part why Crowley has survived for so long. Guy was a good episode bad guy and we haven't been treated to a demon deal episode for quite some time, especially one with red eyes, so it was a good meta episode that brought back an old character from Supernatural's past and had one of my favorites episode titles in recent memory. Great work Supernatural.