Season 4 Episode 14

Sex and Violence

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 05, 2009 on The CW
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A siren casts a spell on men in a small Iowa town, driving them to kill their wives.

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  • Sex, Lies and....No Videotape!

    Sex and Violence-A siren casts a spell on men in a small Iowa town, driving them to kill their wives. Don't get me wrong, "Sex and Violence" is by no means a bad episode, not even close. It's a pretty good one in fact, when compared to awesome dark comedy and gripping drama of the rest of the season, it falls into that rare catergory of your typical Supernatural episode. Then there are parts of the storyline that didn't make sense like "what was the Siren's motive all along?" First he wants Dean to kill Sam, then he wants Dean and Sam to fight for it's love, and then he wants Dean to kill Sam again? Seemed like a messy turn of eevnts. Also, Sam sleeping with Dr. Roberts? It seemed out of no where that Sam would sleep with her, knowing she could have been the Siren? It's just seemed like a pointless plot development only to throw the viewers off and make it seem like Sam was under the control of the Siren. Also, Bobby coming to the rescue in the end seemed a bit too convenient.

    But there were definately some good developments throughout. I did love Dean being so hilariously distracted while in the strip club. I also loved Bobby covering for Dean and Sam when Agent Munroe called their FBI department. Just the sight of all the phones with the different names on them, lol. Agent Nick Munroe turning out to be the Siren was a good twist and while I disliked the storyline as well as his motive, it brought probably the best scene between the Sam and Dean all season. Finally, the brothers truly tell each other how they feel with Dean being disgusted by his Sam's transformation and Sam thinking Dean has become so weak that it's pathetic. It's a wodnerful turn of events and both actors were great in that scene. Of course, at the end of the episode, Dean and Sam try to brush off what they said but there's no deying that they are both hurt by the truth and even more distant from each other. Probably my least favorite episode of the season as the Siren storyline didn't do much for me, but the shocking developments for Dean and Sam make up for it as "Sex and Violence" is an overall decent hour.moreless
  • He's my cherry pie

    Any episode that opens with someone tenderizing meat is nearly always a sure sign that badness ensues shortly after. And sure enough, we get a gruesome murder (involving the meat tenderizer, of course) to open this latest installment of "Supernatural", which has a fair amount of gore, nastiness, and some pretty no-so-subtle, twinge of homoeroticism. Then again, look at the title of this ep. So all this is appropriate.

    But, as with so many other plots on this show, we get a very unusual twist. Well, as far as the ghost story goes. As it would normally be expected in the midst of a Siren case for the main villain to be a girl, turns out the perp in question is a guy. Now, his dialog would suggest he is somewhat gay since all of his vics happened to be men. Not that it really matters, just making an observation since this was the twist. And it was an extremely clever one at that. That trick with Dean, Nick the flask was a totally unexpected turn. Okay, so maybe Nick wasn't exactly "in love" with Dean, but he sure seemed to want to be sure Dean would be his "brother" forever. Forgive me, but there is just something oddly and completely bizarrely hot about that. And true, it was hella nasty when Nick spat that venom in Sam's face. Eww! And worse, in their true form those Sirens were just gross all around. And a tad risque, such as the sex scene between "Belle" and that Lenny fella. It was crystal clear the thing had...."melons"....up front. Bobby said it all: "Those Sirens are nasty things". Now we see why. Again I reiterate something I've said in past eps - it's amazing some of the things they get away with on public television these days. Oh well.

    Aside from all that, however, Nick's deception made for a rather disturbing catalyst for the fight between Dean and Sam. Which, in my opinion, was by far the worst fight yet between the bros in the series. At least, in the physical sense. Seemingly for once, Sam dominated that fight. Well, at least at first. Spell or no spell, that was serious rage Sammy was putting out there. I believe Nick knew what he was doing when he spurred that fight on. Anyone could see the tension brewing between Dean and Sam, and now that tension was unleashed here. Especially on Sam's part. This time, he made it abundantly clear to Dean about how Dean was holding him back, spouting off about being stronger and smarter and just an overall better hunter than Dean. Man, that time with Ruby has really given him an ego! But Dean's right: Sam is still hiding things from him, lying and being secretive about his meetings with Ruby, but still Sam refuses to let him in. Even going so far as to accuse Dean of being weak. That's gotta do some damage to Dean's trust, not to mention his already shot self-esteem.

    The tables turn, however, when Dean takes over the fight and gets the upper hand. In fact, it gets to the point where he almost kills Sam here. But Sam's not entirely wrong about Dean's behavior. Dean's not weak, but it seems like he's almost too scared to face what Sam is becoming. Then again, perhaps he is feeling a bit inferior to Sam because of his powers, which admittedly are growing stronger (as he witnessed Sam's defeat of Samhain eps ago), so this scares him even more and probably makes him feel powerless (or at least limited) to the demon hunt. And of course Dean's still whining over his tortured time in Hell, Sam! Who wouldn't? That is an experience that not only is about the worst thing anyone could go through, but also separates the brothers on a more defined front. Dean's time in Hell wasn't controlled, Sam's sitch with his powers and Ruby is. Despite whatever intentions, Sam had the choice to go after Lilith and train with Ruby while Dean was gone. No one actually forced him. Dean, on the other hand, was given the decision by Alastair to torture other souls in Hell - so I guess that makes it a choice for him as well - but at the same time it was torture or be tortured, so basically he was put in a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation, thereby isolating any actual choices for him. Nothing was actually controlled about it. Either way, he was damned.

    I'm just grateful Bobby came along and saved the day when he did. It was kinda ironic - more like symbolic, actually - that this happened as it left the fight ambiguous: who would actually win? We saw Dean ready to chop into Sam with that axe, but that doesn't mean Sam wouldn't have slipped out of it somehow at the last minute. After all, he is pretty darn clever, that boy. Of course, that is just speculative, but still doesn't diminish the fact that when it comes down to it, who would be the more likely victor now that Sam is indeed stronger and smarter than before and Dean has proven to have developed a weak state due to his Hell experience? At least there's a part of Dean that still retains hope. He made this obvious when he told Sam that they used to be in it together, always watching each others backs. But it seems more and more like Sam is starting to embrace his newfound "spotlight" by straying further into the dark side, a place he frighteningly seems to feel like he belongs.

    One thing more, this trend that seems to be going on with the brothers about them fighting and then apologizing , blaming the mojo effects inflicted on them for making them turn on each other, is getting kinda old, but in no way less important. As trite as it sounds, it just means that no matter what they feel or fight about at the time, there's always a part of them that knows they still need each others' backs and support. But the question is: how long will it take till this trend is eventually broken? And which direction will it lead? Bits and Pieces:

    - Jasmine, Aurora, Ariel and Belle. Clever to use Disney character names for the strippers. Kinda cute.

    - Nice trick with Bobby and the FBI scam. One of the many reasons why Bobby is the absolute best....knowing he's always got the brothers' backs no matter what and under any circumstance.

    - Hilarious when Bobby gave the boys soda instead of beer at the end. "You guys are driving, ain't you?" Classic. - Adorable look on Dean's face that he finally scored a case involving strippers. Bless his heart.

    I'm gonna give this ep a 9.5. As awesome as it was, it just wasn't a perfect ep to me, but very close up. Next ep looks like the bros investigate people who are dying but....aren't, really. Can't wait, as usual.moreless
  • Another great installment of Supernatural. This may be the best show on TV.

    Sirens can make a man do anything it this case, kill. In this story several men in a small Midwestern town kill their wives. All of them had one thing in common. They frequented a strip bar and met a woman who was perfect to them. Sam and Dean with the help of Bobby determine that a siren is responsible. Another FBI Agent shows up named Nick Monroe who starts help Sam and Dean with the case. Sam and Dean are also working with a Dr. Cara Roberts. Agent Monroe shows Dean some flower pedals that were supposedly found at the scene of each murder and Dean remembers that the Dr. has a plant with these pedals in her office. It's too late Sam and the doctor have already done the deed. Dean asks Agent Monroe to help him on a stake out. While they are in the car Agent Monroe poisons Dean. Twist, Turn, Agent Monroe is the Siren. They track down Sam and Dean puts a knife to his throat. The Siren then poisons Sam and commands them to kill each other. Just as Dean is about to bury an ax in his brothers head, Bobby saves the day, stopping Dean and killing the Siren. Outstanding Episode. Supernatural Rulesmoreless
  • 'Sex and Violence', as you might be able to deduce from the episode title, rocks. Hard.

    'Sex and Violence', as you might be able to deduce from the episode title, rocks. Hard. Cathryn Humphris, as usual, delivers the goods in truly stylish fashion, composing a delightful story about lust, loathing and jealousy and wrapping it up in one seedy, gritty and oft-times downright shocking package. Once again, the show marries paranormal plot of the week with sumptuous character development, using the former succinctly as a vehicle for the latter. Thus, Sam and Dean come to blows because the Siren gets to them but ultimately, that's far from the point. The issues that come to a head in the truly rip-roaring fight sequence between the two are ones that have been bubbling under for the duration of the season. The pair get to air their dirty laundry and things get decidedly ugly. Pleasingly, despite Bobby saving the day and a resolution moment seemingly being incorporated into the narrative, the conflict doesn't really seem to have reached a satisfactory conclusion... as it shouldn't. These issues are far, far too deep rooted to be resolved with a simple bout of fisticuffs and a pat on the back. No, this is foreshadowing, building to something bigger and, hopefully, better. What's the betting we'll see Sam vs. Dean by season's end?

    'Sex and Violence' is a dark, dark episode and a b*****d of a one to leave us with for yet another month (yes, The CW, in their infinite wisdom, have decided to hold back on the remainder of the season for a little while). It's ugly, it's difficult to watch at times and it feels uncomfortably close to home on occasion. And that, boys and girls, is why it's damn fantastic.moreless
  • A great twist in the episode story.

    A siren casts a spell on men in a small Iowa town, driving them to kill their wives. Hey what have we here a decent little episode of Supernatural. This was a great episode but it lacked a good demon and it laked in funny momments, but I did enjoy the part where Dean thought Sam was under the spell but it turns out that Dean is under the spell this was a great twist. normally these type of ywists are predictable in Supernatural but not here. That reason alone makes this episode a whole lot better. 9 out of 10.moreless
Jim Parrack

Jim Parrack

Nick Monroe

Guest Star

Mark Hildreth

Mark Hildreth

Lenny Bristol

Guest Star

Tosha Doiron

Tosha Doiron

Vicki Benson

Guest Star

Genevieve Cortese Padalecki

Genevieve Cortese Padalecki


Recurring Role

Jim Beaver

Jim Beaver

Bobby Singer

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • In the opening scene, the clock on the wall has a second hand but it never moves.

    • While there is a Bedford, Iowa, it doesn't have a major riverfront facility like the one seen at the end, or the huge bridge, or the multi-story buildings. (The bridge is the Skybridge, in Vancouver.)

    • In the episode we see the boys interview the husband and he states that if the judge doesn't give him the death penalty, he'll "do it" himself. Yet as a resident of Iowa he would have known that there was no way that would happen since Iowa doesn't have the death penalty. The worst penalty he would have gotten would have been life without parole.

    • Cara doesn't notice that she suddenly has a vase of Mediterranean hyacinths in her office. Which means they were already there. However, that means the siren's whole plan to trick Dean rests on the doctor having the one thing in her office that would be a very specific clue to its identity.

    • Cara's office is in the middle of a hospital, and has glass walls. But when she and Sam have sex, neither of them closes the Venetian blinds.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Sam: (about the siren) It's more of a beautiful creatures that prey on men, and entice them with their siren song.
      Dean: Let me guess, Welcome to the Jungle. No, no, wait. Warrant's Cherry Pie.

    • Dean: Did you sleep with her?
      Sam: No.
      Dean: Holy crap, you did. Middle of Basic Instinct and you bang Sharon Stone. Sam, you could be under her spell right now.
      Sam: Dude, I'm not under her spell.
      Dean: Unbelievable, man, I just don't get it.
      Sam: What?
      Dean: Nothing.
      Sam: No, say it.
      Dean: Nah, it's just first it's Madison and then Ruby and now Cara. It's like what is it with you and bangin' monsters?

    • Nick: Dean's all mine.
      Sam: You poisoned him
      Nick: Nah I gave him what he needed. And it wasn't some bitch in a G-string. It was you. A little brother that looked up to him. That he could trust. And now he loves me, he'd do anything for me.

    • Sam: What do you think? She infects them during sex?
      Bobby: Maybe.
      Dean: Supernatural STD.

    • Dean: You're up early. What're you doing?
      Sam: Nothing. I was in the can.
      Dean: Yeah?
      Sam: Yeah. Want me to draw you a picture?
      Dean: No, I'll pass.

    • Mr. Benson: Her name was... Jasmine.
      Sam: She was a stripper?
      Dean: Dude, her name was Jasmine.

    • Dean: (to Sam) Dude, you totally c-blocked me.

    • Sam: You seem pretty cheery.
      Dean: Strippers, Sammy. Strippers! We are on an actual case involving strippers. Finally!

    • Sam: I just talked to Bobby. We officially have a theory.
      Dean: What's that?
      Sam: Sirens.
      Dean: Like Greek myth sirens? The Odyssey? (Sam stares) Hey, I read.

    • Dean: What the hell am I supposed to do with him?
      Sam: Just take him to the strip club, keep an eye out for the siren. Come on, Dean. Just, just focus on the naked girls. You'll forget he's even there.
      Dean: I'm not doing this for you, I'm doing it for the girls.

    • Dean: You know, for a Fed you're not a total dick.
      Nick: Aren't we both Feds?
      Dean: Yeah, I know, I just... not a lot of Feds as cool as us, huh?

    • Cara: (to Sam) Screw it. Have fun, no regrets, and live life like there's no tomorrow. For instance, I have been thinking about you all night. Well, parts of you.

  • NOTES (4)

    • International Airdates:
      Denmark: March 29, 2009 on TV3
      UK: April 19, 2009 on ITV2
      Australia: June 8, 2009 on Channel TEN
      Norway: June 25, 2009 on FEM
      Portugal: July 27, 2009 on AXN
      Sweden: September 13, 2009 on Kanal 5
      Spain: November 30, 2009 on AXN
      Germany: January 11, 2010 on Sky Cinema Hits
      Poland: May 14, 2010 on TVN7
      New Zealand: May 19, 2010 on TV2
      Czech Republic: August 13, 2010 on Prima COOL
      Finland: July 13, 2011 on Sub
      Slovakia: April 2, 2013 on Markiza

    • Injoke: All of the siren's aliases are Disney heroines: Jasmine (Aladdin), Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Ariel (The Little Mermaid), and Belle (Beauty and the Beast).

    • Genevieve Cortese is credited but only her voice is heard.

    • Music: Thunder Kiss '65 (White Zombie)


    • Dean: Agents Stiles and Murdoch.
      This alludes to the show Route 66, wherein two guys, Todd Stiles and Buzz Murdoch, drive around the country in a Corvette doing odd jobs.

    • Dean: Sounds like Ozzie and Harriet.
      Referencing the ABC series The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet (1952-1966) starring real-life couple Ozzie and Harriet Nelson, and their sons David and Ricky. The series was spun off from the original radio program which ran from 1944-1954. The show dealt with the trials and tribulations of a "typical" American family of the era.

    • Sam: More like The Shining.
      Referencing the 1977 novel by Stephen King and subsequent movie/miniseries versions in 1980 and 1997. King's novel takes place at the haunted Overlook Hotel in Colorado, where writer Jack Torrance slowly goes insane as the ghosts influence him and tries to kill his wife Wendy. The "shining" refers to certain individuals having psychic abilities, such as telepathy and premonitions of danger.

    • Sam: That makes them go all Manchurian Candidate.
      Referencing the 1959 novel by Richard Condon and the subsequent 1962 and 2004 movies. The original story features the Communists brainwashing a soldier to become a programmed assassin when given the trigger item. The 2004 movie replaced the Communists with a private corporation.

    • Sam: Mike Keyser.
      Referencing the 1995 movie The Usual Suspects directed by Bryan Singer. Keyser Söze is an enigmatic crime boss famed for his ruthlessness but rarely seen and his face is unknown to the authorities.

    • Dean: Middle of Basic Instinct and you're banging Sharon Stone.
      Referencing the 1992 movie directed by Paul Verhoeven and starring Sharon Stone as a writer who seduces the police detective (Michael Douglas) involved in the murder of a former rock star that Stone's character was involved with.

    • Nick: It's Dr. Quinn.
      Referencing the 1993-1998 CBS series starring Jane Seymour as Dr. Michaela Quinn, a frontier doctor in the 1860s and 70s serving the town of Colorado Springs.