Season 4 Episode 14

Sex and Violence

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 05, 2009 on The CW

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  • Sex, Lies and....No Videotape!

    Sex and Violence-A siren casts a spell on men in a small Iowa town, driving them to kill their wives. Don't get me wrong, "Sex and Violence" is by no means a bad episode, not even close. It's a pretty good one in fact, when compared to awesome dark comedy and gripping drama of the rest of the season, it falls into that rare catergory of your typical Supernatural episode. Then there are parts of the storyline that didn't make sense like "what was the Siren's motive all along?" First he wants Dean to kill Sam, then he wants Dean and Sam to fight for it's love, and then he wants Dean to kill Sam again? Seemed like a messy turn of eevnts. Also, Sam sleeping with Dr. Roberts? It seemed out of no where that Sam would sleep with her, knowing she could have been the Siren? It's just seemed like a pointless plot development only to throw the viewers off and make it seem like Sam was under the control of the Siren. Also, Bobby coming to the rescue in the end seemed a bit too convenient.

    But there were definately some good developments throughout. I did love Dean being so hilariously distracted while in the strip club. I also loved Bobby covering for Dean and Sam when Agent Munroe called their FBI department. Just the sight of all the phones with the different names on them, lol. Agent Nick Munroe turning out to be the Siren was a good twist and while I disliked the storyline as well as his motive, it brought probably the best scene between the Sam and Dean all season. Finally, the brothers truly tell each other how they feel with Dean being disgusted by his Sam's transformation and Sam thinking Dean has become so weak that it's pathetic. It's a wodnerful turn of events and both actors were great in that scene. Of course, at the end of the episode, Dean and Sam try to brush off what they said but there's no deying that they are both hurt by the truth and even more distant from each other. Probably my least favorite episode of the season as the Siren storyline didn't do much for me, but the shocking developments for Dean and Sam make up for it as "Sex and Violence" is an overall decent hour.
  • He's my cherry pie

    Any episode that opens with someone tenderizing meat is nearly always a sure sign that badness ensues shortly after. And sure enough, we get a gruesome murder (involving the meat tenderizer, of course) to open this latest installment of "Supernatural", which has a fair amount of gore, nastiness, and some pretty no-so-subtle, twinge of homoeroticism. Then again, look at the title of this ep. So all this is appropriate.

    But, as with so many other plots on this show, we get a very unusual twist. Well, as far as the ghost story goes. As it would normally be expected in the midst of a Siren case for the main villain to be a girl, turns out the perp in question is a guy. Now, his dialog would suggest he is somewhat gay since all of his vics happened to be men. Not that it really matters, just making an observation since this was the twist. And it was an extremely clever one at that. That trick with Dean, Nick the flask was a totally unexpected turn. Okay, so maybe Nick wasn't exactly "in love" with Dean, but he sure seemed to want to be sure Dean would be his "brother" forever. Forgive me, but there is just something oddly and completely bizarrely hot about that. And true, it was hella nasty when Nick spat that venom in Sam's face. Eww! And worse, in their true form those Sirens were just gross all around. And a tad risque, such as the sex scene between "Belle" and that Lenny fella. It was crystal clear the thing had...."melons"....up front. Bobby said it all: "Those Sirens are nasty things". Now we see why. Again I reiterate something I've said in past eps - it's amazing some of the things they get away with on public television these days. Oh well.

    Aside from all that, however, Nick's deception made for a rather disturbing catalyst for the fight between Dean and Sam. Which, in my opinion, was by far the worst fight yet between the bros in the series. At least, in the physical sense. Seemingly for once, Sam dominated that fight. Well, at least at first. Spell or no spell, that was serious rage Sammy was putting out there. I believe Nick knew what he was doing when he spurred that fight on. Anyone could see the tension brewing between Dean and Sam, and now that tension was unleashed here. Especially on Sam's part. This time, he made it abundantly clear to Dean about how Dean was holding him back, spouting off about being stronger and smarter and just an overall better hunter than Dean. Man, that time with Ruby has really given him an ego! But Dean's right: Sam is still hiding things from him, lying and being secretive about his meetings with Ruby, but still Sam refuses to let him in. Even going so far as to accuse Dean of being weak. That's gotta do some damage to Dean's trust, not to mention his already shot self-esteem.

    The tables turn, however, when Dean takes over the fight and gets the upper hand. In fact, it gets to the point where he almost kills Sam here. But Sam's not entirely wrong about Dean's behavior. Dean's not weak, but it seems like he's almost too scared to face what Sam is becoming. Then again, perhaps he is feeling a bit inferior to Sam because of his powers, which admittedly are growing stronger (as he witnessed Sam's defeat of Samhain eps ago), so this scares him even more and probably makes him feel powerless (or at least limited) to the demon hunt. And of course Dean's still whining over his tortured time in Hell, Sam! Who wouldn't? That is an experience that not only is about the worst thing anyone could go through, but also separates the brothers on a more defined front. Dean's time in Hell wasn't controlled, Sam's sitch with his powers and Ruby is. Despite whatever intentions, Sam had the choice to go after Lilith and train with Ruby while Dean was gone. No one actually forced him. Dean, on the other hand, was given the decision by Alastair to torture other souls in Hell - so I guess that makes it a choice for him as well - but at the same time it was torture or be tortured, so basically he was put in a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation, thereby isolating any actual choices for him. Nothing was actually controlled about it. Either way, he was damned.

    I'm just grateful Bobby came along and saved the day when he did. It was kinda ironic - more like symbolic, actually - that this happened as it left the fight ambiguous: who would actually win? We saw Dean ready to chop into Sam with that axe, but that doesn't mean Sam wouldn't have slipped out of it somehow at the last minute. After all, he is pretty darn clever, that boy. Of course, that is just speculative, but still doesn't diminish the fact that when it comes down to it, who would be the more likely victor now that Sam is indeed stronger and smarter than before and Dean has proven to have developed a weak state due to his Hell experience? At least there's a part of Dean that still retains hope. He made this obvious when he told Sam that they used to be in it together, always watching each others backs. But it seems more and more like Sam is starting to embrace his newfound "spotlight" by straying further into the dark side, a place he frighteningly seems to feel like he belongs.

    One thing more, this trend that seems to be going on with the brothers about them fighting and then apologizing , blaming the mojo effects inflicted on them for making them turn on each other, is getting kinda old, but in no way less important. As trite as it sounds, it just means that no matter what they feel or fight about at the time, there's always a part of them that knows they still need each others' backs and support. But the question is: how long will it take till this trend is eventually broken? And which direction will it lead? Bits and Pieces:
    - Jasmine, Aurora, Ariel and Belle. Clever to use Disney character names for the strippers. Kinda cute.
    - Nice trick with Bobby and the FBI scam. One of the many reasons why Bobby is the absolute best....knowing he's always got the brothers' backs no matter what and under any circumstance.
    - Hilarious when Bobby gave the boys soda instead of beer at the end. "You guys are driving, ain't you?" Classic. - Adorable look on Dean's face that he finally scored a case involving strippers. Bless his heart.

    I'm gonna give this ep a 9.5. As awesome as it was, it just wasn't a perfect ep to me, but very close up. Next ep looks like the bros investigate people who are dying but....aren't, really. Can't wait, as usual.
  • Another great installment of Supernatural. This may be the best show on TV.

    Sirens can make a man do anything it this case, kill. In this story several men in a small Midwestern town kill their wives. All of them had one thing in common. They frequented a strip bar and met a woman who was perfect to them. Sam and Dean with the help of Bobby determine that a siren is responsible. Another FBI Agent shows up named Nick Monroe who starts help Sam and Dean with the case. Sam and Dean are also working with a Dr. Cara Roberts. Agent Monroe shows Dean some flower pedals that were supposedly found at the scene of each murder and Dean remembers that the Dr. has a plant with these pedals in her office. It's too late Sam and the doctor have already done the deed. Dean asks Agent Monroe to help him on a stake out. While they are in the car Agent Monroe poisons Dean. Twist, Turn, Agent Monroe is the Siren. They track down Sam and Dean puts a knife to his throat. The Siren then poisons Sam and commands them to kill each other. Just as Dean is about to bury an ax in his brothers head, Bobby saves the day, stopping Dean and killing the Siren. Outstanding Episode. Supernatural Rules
  • 'Sex and Violence', as you might be able to deduce from the episode title, rocks. Hard.

    'Sex and Violence', as you might be able to deduce from the episode title, rocks. Hard. Cathryn Humphris, as usual, delivers the goods in truly stylish fashion, composing a delightful story about lust, loathing and jealousy and wrapping it up in one seedy, gritty and oft-times downright shocking package. Once again, the show marries paranormal plot of the week with sumptuous character development, using the former succinctly as a vehicle for the latter. Thus, Sam and Dean come to blows because the Siren gets to them but ultimately, that's far from the point. The issues that come to a head in the truly rip-roaring fight sequence between the two are ones that have been bubbling under for the duration of the season. The pair get to air their dirty laundry and things get decidedly ugly. Pleasingly, despite Bobby saving the day and a resolution moment seemingly being incorporated into the narrative, the conflict doesn't really seem to have reached a satisfactory conclusion... as it shouldn't. These issues are far, far too deep rooted to be resolved with a simple bout of fisticuffs and a pat on the back. No, this is foreshadowing, building to something bigger and, hopefully, better. What's the betting we'll see Sam vs. Dean by season's end?

    'Sex and Violence' is a dark, dark episode and a b*****d of a one to leave us with for yet another month (yes, The CW, in their infinite wisdom, have decided to hold back on the remainder of the season for a little while). It's ugly, it's difficult to watch at times and it feels uncomfortably close to home on occasion. And that, boys and girls, is why it's damn fantastic.
  • A great twist in the episode story.

    A siren casts a spell on men in a small Iowa town, driving them to kill their wives. Hey what have we here a decent little episode of Supernatural. This was a great episode but it lacked a good demon and it laked in funny momments, but I did enjoy the part where Dean thought Sam was under the spell but it turns out that Dean is under the spell this was a great twist. normally these type of ywists are predictable in Supernatural but not here. That reason alone makes this episode a whole lot better. 9 out of 10.
  • So, we're good? Yeah, we're good. That is so obviously not the case.

    For me this was a great way to leave things while the show goes on hiatus. I think this episode is the point of no return in regards to the relationship between Sam and Deans. We know it has been changing but when the siren casts its spell on the boys things are said that just can't be taken back. Trust is lost and the secrets keep piling up. The fact that Dean's ideal was not some bimbo in a g-string but rather a brother he could trust and that would have his back broke my heart. The FBI being the siren was also a good twist. Sam's relationship with Cara in this episode is also showing another side of him. The love um and leave um what's the point side. I loved Bobby as the savior in this episode and the Bobby phones were great. I loved the scene when Dean was stewing over Sam's phone and then finally broke down and checked up on who Sammy was calling…another secret, another lie. Dean was right in calling Sam out in this episode. Sam can't help the demon blood or his powers. But what he can help are the secrets and lies. It used to be they would give anything to save each other…would they give anything to save each other now?
  • Interesting twist in the story

    Great start to this ep is Dean's reaction to going to a strip club. He has great reactions and humor for these scenes. The tension between Sam and Dean still continues as they keep secrets from each other. The trust issue brings another dynamic to their relationship that the story flowing very well. The mystery identity of the siren was a great misdirect between the hot doc and the FBI guy. The trust issue were worked really well into this ep as past eps have shown this intensifying conflict. It was bound to become a serios problem but the siren took advantage of it. Although they win out in the end, the trust issue is not resolved and gets buried beneath a mask of "its all good." Unresolved issues all around will get out soon enough. Should be interesting.
  • Sam and Dean investigate husbands when they kill there wife's because they fell in love with a stripper who ends up being a siren.

    this episode was crazy. it had everything that you want. it has killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing killing
  • Enjoyable episode which got a lot of points out involving the relationship between the two brothers and how it is slipping away, but lets get on with the main storyline already.

    I really enjoyed this episode of Supernatural. We were all wondering when the secrets and lies between the two brothers would start to cause problems, and with this latest we got all that in spades. THis episode will get high ranks from me because it is a fine example of what makes this series so good, but it has been four episodes, and we haven't learn anything more about the angels, the breaking seals, and Lilith. It's time to get on with the main storyline. We are already half way through the season, and not much has happened. Now with that out of the way, lets talk about the plot for this week. The boys learn of a demonic siren who is causing husbands and sons to turn on their wives and mothers. THey kill them and can't seem to understand why, but feel great regret at what they've done afterwards. THe boys investigate, and this is where Kripke gets creative by using false truths to makes us think the antagonist is someone, when it ends up being another. It was clever, and I liked the way he used the brothers doubts about one another to show us how their relationship has slipped by using the demonic siren as the catalyst which causes them to nearly kill one another. Luckily Bobby showed up in time to kill the siren and break the spell, or who knows what would've happened. THe thing is though, once the spell is broken, the two brothers remember everything and realize that even though they were under a spell, they were really acting out on how they really felt about each other. THe siren was just using its powers to push them. It was well done.

    THe acting, as it always is, was top notch. BObby, as usual, shows that even though he doesn't show up in every episode, he is still a very big part of the boy's lives. THe different set of phones he uses for what ever the boys are pretending to be at that moment to get the job done, was a nice touch.

    THis was a very good episode, as most of the episodes of Supernatural are. I cannot complain, but I do indeed wish they would get on with the main story-line which involves the angels, the apocalypse, and that be-otch Lilith. It's been four episodes, and we haven't heard much of anything on that front.
  • A great example of wit and great story telling.

    This is an episode that plays on some of the best aspects of the show: brotherly angst without any happy conclusion, a twist that weaves in very nicely without being too overt, inside jokes, and Dean in a strip club. Some might say that they often play too much on the tension between the boys, but that is what makes their relationship so believable in an unbelievable supernatural setting. They don't tie everything up in the end, as so many shows do, they allow that relationship to change and proceed along a normal and natural pace. The monster in this one was played very nicely, making you think you know what is happening when in reality you don't. A prime example of just how smart this show can be.
  • The siren's call leads to an ugly confrontation about secrets and lies.

    This episode was definitely not what I expected, I thought it might end up a comedy episode, instead it turns into a disturbing confrontation between Dean and Sam where words are said and accusations made that they cannot come back from.

    Loved the beginning – Dean wakes instantly and lies in bed, watching Sam talk to someone on his cell – who do you talk to at 6am?! Then later Dean uses Sam's cell and dials Ruby… so now Dean knows for sure. His reaction is worrying – he's not getting angry or hurt like every other time, it's a far colder reaction as if these repetitive betrayals of Sam's are losing their ability to shock and hurt.

    So brilliant!! Bobby is covering their backs! Different phones labeled with their different roles, perhaps explains why they've been posing as FBI so often recently. Nice red herring though, he checked their credentials like a real FBI agent would and you guys didn't check his, sloppy!

    This siren is smart – destroys the blood samples containing the only substance that can kill her.

    That's our Sammy! He sniffs the drink first! Then he has sex with her?! There was a time he was so innocent. Makes sense though, she didn't know he was a hunter and she thinks he's the fed in charge of the investigation – get him to take out his partner. Dean's paranoia is on the money – the victim always kills the person they love most and in Sam's case, that's Dean. Nice little red herring, once you know it's Nick, it suddenly makes sense how Dean and Nick were bonding so easily – it was reading Dean's mind.

    The siren borders on genius – as a woman, it can sexually control men but with Dean, another way is needed – Dean's weakness, family. The shocker is that is that it doses Sam too then sets them against each other. Bobby saves the day but it changes nothing. They both meant every word they said and the way they are just denying it shows the division between them has truly started. There was a time they never lied to each other and were open and honest about how they felt. Now they just pretend everything's alright. Sam's words were straight out of 'Asylum' – 'I didn't mean what I said back there…' and he meant it then too. They might as well just walk away from each other now because they are rapidly becoming complete strangers. It's not that they can take back the words they said, it's that they don't *want* to.

    Where Dean's accusations were truth, Sam's were all based on his secret life and the lack of respect he showed Dean is shocking: a better hunter?! In what universe?! And I think Dean's earned the right to his guilt over his actions in Hell and does not deserve to be coldly mocked for it! Dean was stating facts, Sam was just being nasty and cruel. It was an incredibly ugly side to Sam and makes you wonder what he's turning into that he could say such things to the person who has done nothing but love, protect and support him his whole life! Selfish brat!

    Somehow I imagined the rift between them being more dramatic. This is more insidious, a gradual but rapid decline in what was once a rock-solid relationship. The rift is coming from secrets and lies, all on Sam's part, and Sam is making no effort at all to stop it. There was a time when Sam's destiny terrified him, now he is embracing it wholeheartedly. As always with scenes like this, here is the proof that the demon from 'Bedtime Stories' was right: Sam now-not-so-subconsciously thinks that Dean is holding him back, that Sam is tired of Dean's issues. But also, Sam is actually quoting Ruby! Back to what I said before, Ruby has got Sam thinking what she wants him to think. We thought the crossroads demon was insane at the time, turns out she was getting all her ammo from Sam's own subconscious. Dean was right – his Sam is already dead, replaced by a dangerous stranger.

    Bobby leaves the boys, reassuring them that they shouldn't feel guilty, but that's because he thinks they're upset they tried to kill each other. He didn't hear what they said to each other and explains his uncertainty when he leaves, he knows something else is wrong.

    I am a bit puzzled why the writers are taking so long to get to the point – it's been two weeks, what is Sam doing with Ruby? If they're going to split up the boys permanently, Dean vs Sam, get on with it! Feels like we're in a bit of limbo here, the season finale is coming, why aren't they already building up to it? All we've really had so far is a lot of hints and innuendo but we still don't know where this is going.

    Never expected this episode to be this good, very pleasantly surprised – a definite turning point in their relationship.
  • Perfect...

    So, I did not like last episode, but this one totally made up for it. Classic Supernatural.
    1) The brother moments; so there weren't many, but we've hardly had any all season so we gotta take what we can get. The whole panning in on Dean asleep in the bed was so reminiscent of season 1 when John called Sam it almost hurt =( Things seemed so simple for them back then!
    2) Dean. Anyone who calls themself a Dean!fan had to love him to death in this episode. All worried protective big brother mode, you could really see that he was battling with himself trying to make himself trust Sam but not being able to.
    3) Nick. He had to be one of the best secondary characters we've had in a long time. I honestly never had him clocked as the bad guy. He had great chemistry with Dean and you could totally see how Dean might need the kind of meaning and stability he gave him. I loved him =) He was everything Dean used have and see in Sammy and when you compare him to Sam now, it's painfully obvious how much he'd changed.
    4) The fight scene. I love me some vulnerable!Dean. That part just before the fight when Sam told him he was weak and holding him was heartbreaking. Jensen was amazing in this episode, and it was good to see Dean getting some love from the writers after last episode.

    I'm just not seeing how the whole Sam/Ruby chasing after Lilith thing is working out. The whole storyline seems to be very slowmoving and we really haven't gotten that much information on them. And what about Dean and Castiel? Since the first few episodes we haven't heard anything about Dean's supposed importance to the angels.

    And one last thing; Why Do They Keep Splitting Up The Boys? =(

    Great episode, loved it =)
  • This is the SPN I know and love.

    All I say is wow. This was a great episode. It provided an excellent way for the Winchesters to reveal their feelings about the current state of their relationship. I thought that the lore about the siren was interesting. I liked the twist with the siren being Nick the FBI agent. I definitely didn't see that one coming. It was nice to see Jim Beaver back as Bobby. I hope that he is in some of the upcoming SPN episodes. It will be interesting to see how what Sam and Dean said to each other in this episode will affect their relationship for the rest of the season. I hope all of the subsequent SPN episodes are as good as this one. It is going to be a long three weeks.
  • This show never leaves a dull moment open foe predictablility. The plot takes an un exspected twist.

    The Sirens stories is classic mythology which is usually very hard to modernize in a tale thats not boring. This was done flawlessly by the writers. The stratagy used is brilliant, fusing of the story line of sam and deans deteriorating relationship and the Sirens need to be needed and throwing them together to produce a very powerful brother versus brothers scene.Salacious entertainment, great series glad i never miss an episode.

    This is merely a stepping stone to wards the brothers seperate journies. Sam secrets and Deans constant state of confusion about the lines of good and evil become more apparent in this episode. The episode can only be made more engaging by the speacial effects. The startling depiction of the siren in it own skin is eye popping entertaining. WATCH THIS EPISODE...
  • Brotherly love has a whole new meaning

    For quite some time now, Eric Kripke and the writers of "Supernatural" have stated that they've considered an episode featuring a succubus, but they simply couldn't find a way to make it work. This particular episode makes me wonder if that's truly the case. The siren in this episode may not be a succubus per se, but its methods aren't too far from that tree.

    Just based on how the siren was depicted and how the mythology was treated, the writers were more focused on how to get the Brothers Winchester to start screaming at each other than the creature. Everything was built around the effect, which in turn was the culmination of the details that had been included in the past few episodes. Sam and Dean have been holding back on some serious angst, and the release was not pretty.

    Dean's point is very well made, and it is the major area of concern at the moment. Sammy is on a slippery slope to the dark side, and Ruby's the one leading him by a leash. The writers definitely draw a parallel between the siren and Ruby, at least from Dean's perspective, and that was what reminded me of the succubus comment.

    We don't know what Sam needs to do with Ruby in order to increase his power, but we do know that he got quite the jumpstart when they slept together during Dean's tenure in hell. The subtext in "Criss Angel" strongly suggested that Sam would be sleeping with Ruby again. That's not the only interpretation, of course, and it could be the usual misdirection. But if it were true, the writers could be setting up Ruby as a kind of succubus. After all, we haven't really seen what Ruby is getting out of her alliance with Sam, other than the vague motivation of setting him up as the Antichrist Superstar. In other words, the writers might be begging off a one-off succubus episode because they've been setting one up for a long-term arc instead.

    Sam's point about Dean makes complete sense from his perspective, but it's hard to blame Dean for wallowing in a bit of self-loathing. It is a fitting follow-up to Dean's psychological state in "After School Special", however, and hits at the heart of his poorly hidden self-esteem issues. Dean had something to prove even before his soul was tarnished. How that will translate into the future remains to be seen.

    I must give kudos to the writers for pulling a very nice bit of misdirection. Having set up the siren as a femme fatale, it was an easy assumption (based on the parallels) that the party girl doctor was the culprit. At the most, I thought the FBI agent might be partners with the siren. The writers stretched the siren concept in some interesting ways, and they deserve credit for a job well done!
  • A siren casts a spell on men in a small Iowa town, driving them to kill their wives.

    Another fine episode from Supernatural that I wish Smallville would pick up on. Smallville tends to stick in kiddy land with it's childish cliches and lame lines while Supernatural keeps it funny while still real! This episode was good and pulled a twist in the plot that I didn't even see coming. I loved Dean's initial scene with the doctor, just small stuff like that shows off the skills of an actor. I also loved the twist and resulting tense standoff that took place between Dean and Sam at the end! Keep it coming Supernatural; I look forward to seeing how they throw back in the Angel and Demon situation.
  • Strippers...

    Well, I don't know what more you could ask for in an episode of Supernatural. First off when I saw the previews for this episode I thought it looked like a filler episode that wasn't going to be very good. But I then reminded myself that this is season 4 and every episode has been good. Anyway I really liked the portrayal of sirens in this episode. You never know what other urban legend they'll use. That's what makes this show so exciting. I was surprised to see Bobby, it's been so long since we've seen him. Or it feels that way. They should really him a regular character. I don't know if anyone else caught this but I kinda look at that showdown between sam and Dean as some forshadowing of things to come. Anyway it sucks we have to wait 3 weeks for another episode.
  • We are back again with another installment of my favorite show. But as good as the episode was, I was a bit disappointed that it didn't really advance the story arc much. But besides that, the episode was a very interesting watch.

    We are back again with another installment of my favorite show. Hopefully this week we will get some information on what happened while Sam was out. Warning spoilers below.

    So early on we start with Sam being secretive about something, not sure who he was talking to on the phone, but he better tell Dean soon or Dean will ask him and force him to say. To me it seems like Dean is letting Sam tell him on his own, but it doesn't look like Sam wants to tell his brother what he is up to. Sam falls seems to fall into the siren's spell, but this time the siren doesn't approach Sam with its usual method. Instead of being a stripper, the siren takes the form of a doctor, which I guess makes more sense since I don't think Sam's Ideal women would be a stripper. But just when I thought I had it all figured out, it seems the Siren is the FBI agent that Dean is all buddy with. I should have guessed it, both in the same strip bar, and the FBI agent knew all about Dean's favourite things. I guess it just caught me off guard since it wasn't a girl. Well we find out that the Siren transfers it's spell by saliva, and that Dean is about to try and kill his brother, which doesn't really help Sam out since he has no idea what is about to hit him. But what makes things more interesting is that the siren then puts Sam under the spell, so we get a duel of sorts. And I kept wondering, how the heck are the brothers getting out of this one? Well Bobby comes in and saves the day, which I guess makes sense since he was the one helping them. Well it was a good episode for sure, though it didn't really go very deep into Sam's secrets at least it explained them a bit. As good as it was, it still felt a bit like a filler, which I am getting a bit tired of. I mean, I got no problem with side stories not related to the main one, but so many in a row? I am starting to wonder what is going on with the angels and I can only hope the next episode will start giving us some more information on the main story arc.
  • Well done, but still filler...

    A nice tightly plotted episode, but did nothing to advance the story. I like the parallel that maybe Dr. Cara was the siren, but then also possibly the FBI 'agent' Nick, so that kept us guessing... We would normally assume a siren to be a woman, but nothing says they couldn't appear as a man!

    Now, that said, may I say how absolutely GAY this ep was??!!??? What's going on here?? First Dean going to the B&D dungeon with Chief, now our boys beating each other up for the chance to be with the siren forever? Weird!!!

    Yay for Bobby showing up to save the day...again!!!
  • Dean and Sam investigate a series of bizarre murders involving men. Apparently they are being control by a mysterious being called "The Siren".

    Love the title!!

    "Strippers, Sammy, Strippers. We are on a case involving strippers finally."

    Well this episode was really cool. The filler episodes are getting a lot better. In fact this might be for me one of the better fillers so far since the "Psycho Nell" (as Dean put it) episode. The Siren's real form was scary and hideous. Wow that love scene with that one dude was scary.

    I would have to seen more of the Siren's real form because she was really horrifying to look at. The fight with Dean and Sam was a long time coming, and we see Bobby for the first time in a while. The boys continue to impersonate FBI Agents and almost get caught when a real one shows up or is he?

    The scene where Bobby impersonates the AD was hilarious. That's one of the most repeated gags in television but it was still funny to see him pull it off.

    All in all solid episode. If it was me, I would have stayed with Cara. She definitely looked like a great catch.
  • Sam and Dean finally hunt strippers in Iowa.

    I think I'm going to side on Dean with this one. Sam is definetely changing and Dean sure in the hell isn't weak. The weak one is Sam cause he's hiding behind his powers. Dean doesn't have powers to hide behind, so therefore he isn't going to burst in guns blazing and attempting to kill Lilith.

    I love Sammy and everything, it's just sometimes he takes it too hard on Dean. No wonder he wanted another brother. Where's the Sammy we know and love from Season 1?? I've watched episodes online recently and there is such a change from Season 1-Season 4. He's gotten...I don't know...evil. His way of thinking has changed because now he's more like "Kill first. Question later."

    Anyway, the episode was really great. I was surprised that the siren was a cop. I loved the fight scene between Jared and Jensen towards the end too.

    Great episode. Keep up the good work!!
  • What is up with you guys? *Spoilers*

    Very Very predictable.
    Don't get me wrong i love this show but recently they've all just been fillers. Why can't they reveal more of the story already, for ages now its just been: Sam is keeping secrets, will Dean find out? of course he will, but he wo'nt just confront him. Stupid!

    I thought the siren was a good idea it was just too predictable who it was and that Bobby would have to save the boys, after they shouted personal things at each other of course.

    And as soon as that FBI Guy showed up i knew he was a fake and when he commented on Dean's car and they started chatting it was so obvious that he was the siren, partly because they focussed so much on the doctor and Sam it couldnt be her.

    I'm still going to watch this show but i dont know how much longer i can last if they don't start going deeper into the Lillith/devil/angel story or the boys' past.

    Peace Out!
  • interesting episode !

    hi everyone!

    great time, a good episode, I prefer the last one, bu grea!

    First: the mitology by sirens it's really creapy kkkkk my good, forget the disney movie, the siriens here pretty ugly kkkk, so sirinsit's could be everyone.

    second: sam and your hot cnes kkkkkk really funny when dean said that sam have sex the monsters kkkkk so hilarius kkkk. But could see sam really different, I hope he's not become to the dark side!

    third: Bobby so hilarius, I never saw bobby so funny, he has a fone for his mask really good!

    four: the brother's fight oh my for minute I thought that dean really kill sam if bobby dosen't appear, and I think the probleman betwenn the guys come to sonn because dean really worry the realacion ship between sam and ruby, talk about her thinks god she's not appear kkk

    So the another hiatus come, so I'll see you guys in march

    kiss cau!
  • This episode was surprising AMAZING. Everything works together. The Siren can be a man or a woman. This was a great twist on the writer's parts. Jensen/Dean and Jared/Sam did great acting. Bobby/Jim Beaver was great. Even the guest stars acted well.

    Dean's and Sam's true feelings come out. Even though they were under the spell of the siren, they told each other their true feelings. Bobby had to intervene before they kill each other. The last line from all 3 characters set up the rest of the season. Bobby reminded them that they should not be ashamed to be put under a spell. Everything that they said was due to that spell. Sam and Dean said to each other that they were good. Underneath, you can tell that they weren't. I thought that this was another filler episode. I didn't have high hopes for it. It turned out really pivotal to the rest of the season.
  • Sam and Dean go up against a Siren.

    Wow. A cleverly plotted episode with great false clues and a surprise ending that's a nice twist on the average expectations.

    I also think that if they are going to do the season 5 that I think they're working towards (Dean versus Sam), this episode sowed some of the seeds that will pop up again later on.

    I loved that Sam got the cute doctor even though Dean's first words to her were a come on LOL.

    I liked the return of Bobby, even if only for a short, but life-saving almost cameo.

    What I didn't like was that Sam always seems to lose whenever the boys physically fight.
  • The boys are investigating men that seem to be murdering their wives for a stripper who is the perfect woman. What will happen when she goes after the boys?

    I liked this, I liked that it was an unusual foe this week not a ghost or a demon and I liked that it got the better of the two can't win them all guys. Luckily they have Bobby and he does win this one for them..but at what cost?

    The siren in this episode is making people kill the person that means the most to them in this life, wives, a mom...a brother.

    An FBI agent turns up to investigate the case and the brothers split off to track the siren down, Sam with the doc and Dean with the agent. It's so never good to split up never ends well!!)

    Bobby is great in this, even though it's a small part that he plays, I loved the apron and cooking breakfast while pretending to be FBI, and the phones, lol. He's always got you backs boys, even when you don't have each others and that's nice to know.

    I loved how well (a little too well) they set this up to be the doctor that Sam sleeps with. Everything pointed to her, especially since the siren had always until that point been a beautiful woman. Dean thinks that his brother is under the siren's spell and turns to the FBI agent (Nick) only for him to be the bad guy. (Boys, he checked you credentials, you so should have checked his...nice call on that Bobby!!)

    The person that Dean loves most in the world is, obviously, his little brother so Nick tells him that he'll be his little brother forever...if of course he gets rid of Sam. This leads nicely to a little confrontation between the brothers and Sam really doesn't miss Dean in it. Dean wants his brother to be open and honest with him so that he can help...(careful what you wish for there Dean)he wants Sam to let him back in, to be the one that his brother turns to. So Sam let him in, and how. He tells Dean that he's weak and afraid and that he is holding him back. (Can I heard a little Ruby chipping away at Sam in the background.) He tells Dean that he's smarter and a better hunter than he is, basically that his little brother doesn't need him anymore. Dean's lost his brother love, trust and respect and if that's true then he really has nothing left. Dean lives for his family.

    Sam has really stepped into the dark as he throws Dean against the door but when Dean knocks them through it the coin flips. Dean was going to kill Sam because he wasn't his little brother anymore, and ok it was the siren's spell that made him think that way but in the end...he was going to do it. What if something else gets hold of him and makes him think that an angel? This is going to be interesting.

    Final scene, Bobby thinks the tension between the brothers is 'cos of the siren but we know better. Sam always wanted Dean to open up to him and now he has it's changed how he looks at him. It's made his brother weak in his eyes and worse still he's told Dean that. Can't help feeling that big brother will be out to regain his brother's respect and Dean is already walking a fine line. Sam's words might just push him over it. I feel trouble ahead...roll on March.
  • Kripke, you are just made of AWESOME!!! *Bows down to your greatness*

    Okay, I've now watched the episode twice (with many more to come during the hiatus) and I am seriously squeeing inside (okay, and maybe a little bit outside too, teehee). I mean seriously, this episode has it all! Angst! Sex! Hot chicks! Sex! Oh! And, of course, BOBBY!!!!

    Before I get into the angst of it all I just have to go into how awesome Bobby is. I mean omfg, the phones!!! ROFLMFAO! And it just made the scene with him all sounding like a FED while flipping burgers in an apron that said "Kiss the chef" *Gives Bobby a great big kiss* Eeee! Wow, okay, calming down.

    Now onto the angst. I loved the foreshadowing here. And I also love how in character everything was. Sam and Dean can never be honest with one another unless there is some supernatural intervention. Next it'll be Castiel sitting them on separate sides of the room telling them to talk it out! And what made it so good was everything was clearly true. For the past season (and even to some extent, the entire series) Sam has this "I know what's right and if you don't think my way is the right way then you're wrong" attitude. I think that is exactly what's going to drive the brothers apart. And Ruby will definitely be there on Sam's shoulder. But what he said about Dean being weak and the whole "Self pity boo-hoo" thing was very true. I mean I absolutely love Dean and I do feel bad for him but Sam makes a good point.

    However, Dean also made a good point. The demon blood and the psychic stuff, Sam can't help all that. But what he can help is all the lying and sneaking around. I love how angry Dean got with the cell phone. What I wonder is how come Dean was okay with Sam and Ruby before (I Know What You Did Last Summer and Heaven and Hell) but isn't now? I mean obviously he wasn't too thrilled learning that Sam banged a demon (which was totally awesome, btw), but why is he just now showing it rather than before?

    So yeah, this episode was just totally awesome. And it all ended with SODA!!! Ha! Good boy Bobby. No drunkie! And he's all parental and stuff. Awwww! Kripke!!! If you kill Bobby, us fans will hunt you down and you'll soon become the strange smell coming from the file cabinet! Or..something..yeah, you catch my drift, Mister! *Insert totally serious evil face*
  • The Winchester brothers hunt a Siren.

    The Winchesters arrive in a town that is plauged by a siren of Greek mythology. The catch with this case is that the siren can make itself look like anybody, and it uses its ability to force people to kill the person closest to them. During the course of the investigation, the siren hypnotizes both Sam and Dean and forces them to first share their feelings, and then fight to the death. Fortunately, Bobby intervenes before the Winchesters can do serious damage to each other. The Winchesters then come to an understanding about what they said to each other before leaving for their next adventure.

    The "Supernatural" writing staff has done it again. This episode was interesting because the Winchesters spoke their feelings to each other, and then they came to blows! Now, to be fair, they were under a spell, but their is always the possibility that it could happen again-without the aid of a spell-because of the secrets that exist within the Winchester family. I liked this episode because it took me back to what drew me to Supernatural in the first place- just a plain, old fashioned, monster hunt. Not to mention, the MOTW was interesting as well. I was wondering when they were going to start bringing in monsters from Greek mythology, they got off to an impressive start. I said before that stories like this were what drew me to the show, but at the same time, I am glad that we are starting to get back into the main story. Excellent ep- it's Supernatural, it's always excellent- can not wait until next week.
  • Where are the angels?

    My patience for the Season Four "suspense" is really thin right now. I don't know what Kripke is thinking. Season Three did not even have this intense tug-and-pull on what was going on. I just want the real action to begin real soon. This episode was kind of boring for me but the good news is, it didn't come without its perks. Finally, ghosts take a break as the monster Sam and Dean happen to be tracking is a siren. The pretty maiden creatures who lured men to their deaths in Greek legends. In Supernatural, sirens get a little twist in that they lure men usually using sex and charms to swoon the men into killing their closest loved ones for them. Creepy, yes. Why do the sirens do this? For the heck of it, of course. They're powerful creatures that like to flaunt their status over men. The siren uses venom to jack with the victims and to kill a siren, you have to dip a bronze blade with that poison and stab it. Oh yeah and the siren can take any shape it wants, as long as its something its victim cares for. Sam and Dean are quick on the case after a man kills his wife after sleeping with a stripper. Their search takes them to of course, a strip joint. Hilarious part with Dean, sex and hunting joined together in one glorious pairing for him. They even enlist Bobby's help in discovering the siren. Glad to see Bobby again, he's been missing for awhile. When a real FBI agent comes investigating the same case comes in, he even helps the brothers fake their credibility. Nice. The siren disguises itself and makes a victim kill his sick mother. Disturbing. Less but still disturbing is the siren's true form and it is ugly. On Sam and Dean's personal troubles, Dean feels he can no longer trust Sam, especially when he finds Ruby's unlisted number on Sam's cell phone. Sam's changed and Dean can't handle it. The suspect for the siren narrows to the doctor handling the men's bloodwork, a woman who has hycananths in her office, siren calling card, and she seduces Sam. Dean calls Sam about his suspicions and when Sam meekly admits (funny) that he slept with the doctor, Dean first calls him on his tracklist on sleeping with less-than-human humans after Jessica. Dean refuses to tell Sam where he is and decides to get the FBI agent to track down the doctor. Sam hangs up and wears an evil expression, right when his eyes start turning yellow. What?!? What's going on with Sammy. It turns out though the doctor was innocent, she was fully human. The siren turns out to be the agent, poisoning Dean with its own venom, promising Dean he will be the perfect brother if Dean will kill Sam. Remember, the siren turns into whatever the victim cares about the most. As fond as Dean is of women, and he really is, obviously the thing he cares most in the world is Sam. FBI Siren and a charmed Dean barge into Sam. Dean traps Sam and under the siren's call, slits Sam's throat. Ugh. Sam tries to stop it but Siren spits venom into Sam's mouth, charming him. Siren orders that Sam and Dean fight each other to the death, feeling that duals are fun. It also orders Sam and Dean to get everything out since it senses their conflict. Dean tells Sam that he feels he can't trust Sam anymore and it's not just Ruby, the demon blood, or the psychic powers. Sam has changed. And Dean can no longer trust him as he used to. They're not as in sync as the used to be. Sam reveals his ugly "truth": he feels that he is the stronger hunter, he is tired of dealing with Dean's hell issues, and Dean is only getting in his way of becoming stronger. Ouch. Some part of Sam feels this is true and it's not just the spell. Siren takes it in gleefuly, even during the demon parts which I felt was a bit odd, since usually the monsters don't seem aware of each other or other creature's existence. Sam and Dean get physical. Sam hurts Dean but Dean gets the upperhand and slams Sam into a door. Dean is about to kill Sam, and angels like Uriel wouldn't mind if Dean just "happened" to off Sam when somehow Bobby steps to save the day and wastes the siren. Don't know where Bobby came from, don't think I care that much, just glad he helped. That was a little too close for the brothers. Bobby helps the two recover and leaves, assuring them that it's okay that the siren got to them. He missed the extreme tension. Dean asks if Sam will say goodbye to the doctor. Nope. Odd but that's more of an early Dean thing to do than a demon thing to do. Dean is more disturbed. They both decide to lie to themselves that the incident meant nothing when later it will blow up to something worst. A few developments in this episode: If Sam wasn't charmed by the doctor, what was up with his eyes glowing yellow. It might signify how Sam is slowly losing his humanity. He's not becoming Dean, he is starting to become a monster. Dean was wise to pick up on it. And the Ruby-Sam relationship only gets more confusing since they're obviously not exclusive. An important episode, yes. It corners the Sam-Dean tension again and has a near brutal confrontation. This might lead to much darker things for them in the future. However, I really, really want the angels back, so this episode felt like a drag to me. I really hope the greater conflict will come into the picture soon.
  • wow can I say wow sam and dean went up against a siren this episode was awesome Jared and Jensen did a fantastic job Bobby returned about time we missed him and now we have to wait until march fifth for the next new episode sam is calling ruby we will see

    wow can I say wow dean and sam went up against a powerful siren sam and dean were both under her spell and fought and bobby returned in this episode about time we missed seeing jim beaver in supernatural what will happen next now we have wait three weeks until the next new episode sam is calling Ruby but why sam and dean will have to talk about Ruby what will sam have to say will have to wait to see what happens next Jared and Jensen did a fantastic job and it was a special episode can't wait for more !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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