Season 9 Episode 12

Sharp Teeth

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 28, 2014 on The CW
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Garth ends up in the hospital, and Sam and Dean go to find out what happened. However, when they arrive, Garth goes on the run and the Winchesters are surprised to discover what really happened.

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  • Garth has become a werewolf

    Not one of the best episodes by far, but interesting enough to find out that Garth has become a werewolf and has married Mrs werewolf and now has bible bashing werewolf in-laws!
  • Another Supernatural Lycanthrope-Rope-A-Dope

    Wow, what was in this episode that hasn't already been re--re-hashed in every other season of Supernatural. The reviewer below me does a great job of pointing out the consistencies between seasons that are a result of the shows ridiculously lazy writing. Did they fire everyone and outsource their writing to a 7th grade English class? I'm pretty sure I just saw a promo with Snooki in it. All hope is lost for us die hard Supernatural fans. The End is indeed here, and having a member of the Jersey Shore cast in your show, even as a pop-culture spoof, is nuking the fridge WHILE it's jumping over the shark WHILE it's being revamped with time-travel and aliens by Lindeloft and Abrams. I hurt inside.moreless
  • This episode was just a repetition of soo many things we saw throughout the previous seasons...

    I was heavily disappointed by this episode... I just don't understand why it was put in... i think it was an attempt to answer the fans questions about Garth, but everything in the plot was just so repeated. The whole idea of monsters being good, and Dean being skeptic is definitely not new to the Supernatural plots. And then by the end just as usual Sam gets kidnapped and Dean goes for the save... again just redundant. I was hoping that the fact that Dean saved Sam would lead to a brotherly moment or to the brothers resolving, just to be HEAVILY disappointed by the end scene. To start with, the whole phrase of " I can't trust you" has been said before, so making Sam say it to Dean instead of Dean say it to Sam isn't the most original thing in my book. Beside the fact that we are all just TIRED of the brothers' fighting, there are more reasons why I really dislike the ending scene. This scene is just a repetition of season's 5 scene as I've mentioned earlier, which just doesn't make sense anymore. As much as that scene hurt us in season 5, we could understand that Dean said this because Sam really let him down. The writers seem to be failing to see that the plot here is not the same. Dean was just trying to save Sam, so the fact that Sam is so angry isn't only unoriginal, but it doesn't even make sense. I mean I see Sam's point, but shouldn't Sam understand for a little bit that his brother was just worried about him? I mean he didn't seem to react this way in season 3 when his brother went to hell for him, just because he understood his brother's motives. In my opinion the writers, for some unexplained reason, are so desperate to make the brothers fight for any reason that it just comes off as bland and implausible, and it only makes Sam look like a jerk who doesn't appreciate his brother ( which is SO NOT SAM PEOPLE!!) I've seen a lot of fans commenting about Sam's attitude, and I can't blame them. I just don't get it, why does Sam always have to be the bad guy even when Dean made the mistake? I know that some people see a potential benefit in this scene ( u know, that the brothers might understand each other more or resolve), but in my opinion this scene did more harm than it can ever do good. Sorry I went on and on about that scene, I just had to let it out of me....

    Now let's talk about other general episode weird errors.... I know a lot of fans have already commented of this, but there was a SEVERE character lack. I mean, where did Castiel and Crowley go? How did we move from a Castiel and Crowley filled episode 11 to a COMPLETELY Castiel and Crowley lacking episode 12? this is not the first time that the Supernatural writers fall into the same mistake, where really important things happen in one episode and they're completely forgotten in the next episode... it was just disappointing. There is one more thing I HAVE to mention ( if u bare with me here) and that is the weird lack of reaction of the characters to important events. I mean Sam and Dean both seemed to get really shocked when they knew that Garth was a werewolf, but Dean didn't seem to care that Sam had some grace left in him, and Sam didn't care that Dean had the mark!! I just DID NOT understand this scene. Again it just seemed like they wanted to get the reveal of previous events to Sam and Dean out of the way that it was made so blandly it was unbelievable.

    The episode was just filled with awkward Sam and Dean moments with events that should have contributed to the brothers' bond ( like how they portrayed the werewolf family or how Dean saved Sam) completely ignored and unused, with addition to the fight scene that was randomly put in.... All in all repetitive, awkward, and especially disappointing after what went down in episode 11. I mean don't get me wrong, I love Supernatural, but I can't give this episode any good reviews :( ( which hurts me to even write )moreless
  • sam and dean -relationship needs retrospection !

    this episode, at best can be called a filler. it actually paused the main story. i have nothing against garth but his role is so over. if he is not required in the main story why bring him him in? also, if there was a need to tie certain lose ends, just information about him being killed or on the other side of the planet would have sufficed. he didnt merit a whole episode.

    not only were castiel and crowley missing, they were not even mentioned in the episode. ok maybe story needed to digress. but the main characters- why was their role so out of character. the story is about the dynamics between the two brothers. if they dont saw eye to an eye ever, what are we watching? the family bond which actually is the backbone of the series was not to be seen anywhere.

    and sam. the less we say about him the better. i think he a perfect example why family bonds have become so fragile in the modern day world. does he know that we do accept what decisions our family takes for us even if we dont agree because we know they were taken out of love? what will it take for him to understand that his brother loves him- as family- bond of blood? dean went to hell for him because he couldnt live in a world which did not have his brother in it .and how was he repaid? sammy chose a demon over his own brother. and had the audacity to tell dean that dean`s overprotective love for him was one of the reason. and now he says HE can t trust dean! really!

    finally, a word of advice for dean. this is what family does. take advantage of you then leave to die in purgatory. you are better off without this so called brother. choose castiel, benny - anyone. take your pick. with your nature you will bond. sammy just doesnt deserve you.moreless
  • Bye Garth...

    Not quite how i pictured Garth would end up... i would have expected him to go out with a bang like that of the other cast members who teamed with team winchester... was quite disappointed with that... although the episode is average for me... was hoping the plot would move forward... but i guess since this would probably be the season ushering the last season the show must be slowly tying up all the subplots...moreless
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    • Dean: I've gone for, like, two weeks and you're like an episode of Teen Mom.
      Referencing the MTV reality show (2009-2012), which follows the lives of four teenage mothers dealing with the challenges of raising a child.

    • Sam: Like... the wrestler?
      Referencing Kane, the professional WWE wrestling name of Glen Thomas Jacobs. Kane is presented as the Undertaker's half-brother and the two of them fight together (and occasionally feud) as the Brothers of Destruction.

    • Garth: Watched the world's greatest movie, Rocky III.
      Referencing the 1982 movie where Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) comes out of retirement to take on a young up-and-coming boxer, and is forced to team up his rival boxer Apollo Creed to train to take on his new opponent.

    • Dean: No, you just go all Wolverine on cattle.
      Referencing the Marvel Comics character who first appeared in The Incredible Hulk #180 (October 1974) and was created by Len Wein, John Romita Sr., and Herb Trimpe. Wolverine, aka Logan, is a mutant with the X-Men, possessing the power of enhanced regeneration, allowing him to heal wounds at an accelerated rate. His healing allowed him to receive a transplant of indestructible metal bones and claws, making it all but impossible to kill him.

    • Sam: Truth be told, I'm more interested in, uh, murders and X-Filey stuff.
      Referencing the cult hit TV show, The X-Files. The show revolved primarily around two FBI agents, Dana Scully and Fox Mulder, who investigated the paranormal and the unexplained.

    • Dean: Sheriff Andy Taylor here wasn't good enough for you.
      Referencing the main character played by Andy Griffith on The Andy Griffith Show from 1960-1968. Andy Taylor is a good-hearted sheriff who watches over the small town of Mayberry.