Season 7 Episode 5

Shut Up, Dr. Phil

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 21, 2011 on The CW

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  • Witches of Eastwick meets War of the Roses--double the fun!


    It's very interesting to me that Sam and Dean have never succeeded in killing a witch.

    In Malleus Maleficarum, Great Pumpkin and Criss Angel, the witches are killed by others (Dean did kill Tammy, but she was a demon, not a witch.) In the Curious Case of Dean Winchester and Shut Up, Dr. Phil, the Winchesters tried to destroy their magic and kill them, but failed, and ended up doing damage control instead. In Body Swap, they just let them go when it looked like they had learned their lesson.

    It's realistic that they don't manage to gank every single foe, and it's consistent that the same type of foe keeps thwarting them. It's like a particular kind of enemy manages to exploit the same chink in their armour. Witches are human, so on a psychological level, it's harder to kill them than something non-human. But also their magical powers seem to thwart the boys with their sawed-off shotgun methods. It's like they're Barbarians in the Dungeons and Drangons world: they're extremely badass, but they just can't deal with magic. And this fits with what Kripke envisioned for them, from the start he said they were going to fight with chainsaws rather than with wands. Some might question why they let the witches go, but they didn't really. They tried to kill them and failed, so they had to resort to Plan B.

    And what a Plan B it was! The concept of the Winchesters playing Dr. Phil to a couple of witches lashing out in the throes of marital woes was absolutely hilarious, and that scene played out beautifully. Cordelia and Spike were tremendous in the roles, and it was so funny to watch them air out dirty laundry going back to Columbus while intermittently using their powers on Sam and Dean. (The scene was great, the only thing that could have made it better is if there had been more fanciful magic like the bees, rather than just slamming the boys around.) It was actually a smart move to reconcile them to stop them from doing more damage—because from the looks of things, they were actually doing good things for the town through their charity and development work until their relationship hit the rocks. Witches can be like tricksters in a way, chaotic neutral rather than outright evil. (I love me some tricksters!) And I'm actually kind of glad the Starks weren't killed in the end, because I really hope they come back! And seeing as they're the only thing that has even slowed down the Leviathans so far, they'd be handy to have around.

    It was also good for Sam and Dean that they didn't kill the Starks, because otherwise the Leviathan on their tail would've killed them. I liked the way that was built up and played out. It kept the Leviathan threat alive, and set us up for more trouble with them. Big Trouble, I'm sure. I'm looking forward to seeing what the Leviathans have up their sleeve.

    I have to add that, although at first glimpse, it might seem a contradiction for Dean to kill the kitsune but not the witches, that if you look at the bigger picture instead of just the last few episodes, it is actually pretty consistent. (Actually, even within the last few episodes it's still not all that contradictory, for although he did kill a kitsune, he also let a kitsune go.)

    First of all, they didn't decide to let the witches go: they tried to kill them, got their bums kicked, and only then resorted to damage control.

    Secondly, as I have said, they have never killed a witch, and have let witches go on a couple of occasions before, in Swap Meat and the Curious Case of Dean Winchester. There is a fundamental difference here: the kitsune was a supernatural creature, the witches are human--and Dean and Sam have always shown a reluctance to kill humans. They have always shown a preference for stopping witches rather than ganking them. As the Starks had actually been do-gooders before their marital meltdown, it is legitimate to hope they will go back to that, and come back and try and kill them again if necessary. Sometimes, they let people off with a "Be good, or we'll be back." And Sam and Dean have bigger fish to fry with the Leviathans at the moment, and when someone has just saved your life, it doesn't seem like the right time to gank them.

    They have even sometimes let supernatural creatures go, even though they have killed before and will likely kill again, as happened with Lenore and her nest, and the kitsune boy just a few weeks ago. He cannot survive without human pituitary glands, and he's too young to work as a mortician, so chances are good he will kill. For starters, he has sworn to kill Dean himself. It's a very grey area, rather than black and white. And saying it was black with the kitsune and white with the witches ignores the bigger picture and the shades of grey.

  • Best Marital Spat Ever!


    The fight between husband and wife was priceless for several reasons:

    -It featured Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters. Both were excellent in their roles, and I have only watched Angel for the first time just recently (Buffy was before my time), so I was thrilled to see them.

    -It was between two witches who have been married for centuries, so they dragged up past trespasses dating back to the Renaissance.

    -Two witches in a marital meltdown led to some awesome gory and funny deaths as they take out their fits of jealousy and revenge on the people around them.

    -The marriage counsellors were played by Sam and Dean. As Dean predicted, he sucked at it, much to my amusement. (Feather clamps?) Sam is more talky-feely, so he was a little better at it, and managed to reconcile the couple so their relationship troubles would stop taking out collateral damage.

    -The fighting couple kept casually flicking their marriage counsellors around the room while they were hashing it out. It's one of those Supernatural scenes I really love, like when the old couple tied to chairs look on in shock and incredulity as Death and an Angel duke it out in their living room. I get a big kick out of the quirky incongruity of it all, the ridiculous spin on a serious situation. The fact two hunters are acting as marriage counsellors to two witches who keep pounding them with their powers throughout the counselling session really tickled me.

    Speaking of being tickled, is there something wrong with me that when a man enters a port-a-potty or a woman bites into a cupcake, I'm all "teeheehee" with anticipation of the gory possibilities? (Nailgun and beating heart—did not see those coming.) I also got a kick out of Jennifer's "hearts in my cupcakes" meltdown, and Dean's "Should I slug her?" to Sam's "Give it a second."

    Yep, this episode was fun!

  • Love the humor!


    I was just commenting on Game of Thrones, how I had to stop watching it because it was too dark and gory. It led me to wonder why I love shows like Supernatural, which is also dark and gory. And the answer is that the darkness and gore is heavy and relentless on GoT but is broken up with comic relief on Supernatural--in fact, the darkness and gore are often themselves funny.

    Shut Up Dr. Phil is a case in point. Biting into a heart in a cupcake has a humorous edge to it--especially when afterwards she is going on about Hearts in my cupcakes. Hearts in my cupackes! That's never happened before! On GoT, they would rip a heart out of a chest and eat it on a dark, desolate battlefield while the widow weeped to dirge-like music. They just take their darkness and gore so seriously.

    So I just thought I'd give a shout-out to Supernatural: Love the humor!


    To the couple of haters who brothered to post how much they "love" this show but either picked on ridiculous points such as the length of the nails, & that only Dean can find the coins & a show shouldn't go past 5/6 seasons.....STOP WATCHING IT THEN!!! I personally loved seeing James & Charisma guest starring in these roles!! Thought it was a great, & quite amusing ep! I totally agree with NeilStott1, it's a TV SHOW people, & one of the best in recent memory!! It's meant to have humor injected, & parts that "just can't happen in real life...hello, it's called SUPERNATURAL for a reason!! I just don't understand "fans" who pick apart every little detail, complain about a show they supposedly LUUUUV, &then go on to say it should've ended years ago, but STILL. continue to WATCH IT!!! As with ANY show, some ep's will be better than others but as a whole, this show absolutely ROCKS!!!
  • Great guest stars, badass big bads and thrilling therapy.


    One of the many things I love about the show is how they will run psychological depths under it without melodramatic chick flick moments—I hate melodramatic chick flick moments. So I'm happy they will get the point across with pithy sarcastic guyspeak, like "Unemployment? My bad" rather than an emotionally overwrought "Guilt is eating me alive!!!" I do love my brotherly moments, so I really liked the two scenes where Sam is trying to get Dean to open up. "It's okay, Dean. You can unload. That's kinda what I'm here for." And I also like that, true to character, Dean is a really tough nut to crack, and Sam will have to keep trying to pry him open until finally Dean breaks and we have the traditional roadside confession.

    I loved the contrast between the therapy of the two pairs in this episode: with the Starks it was funny, they talked and they worked it out, whereas with the Winchesters, it was serious, they didn't talk and they didn't work it out.

    As many others have said, the marriage counseling scene was hilarious. It was a casting coup to have the Starks played by Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters. They were both so great in their roles and had such good chemistry, I hope they come back for an encore. I was thrilled watching Sam and Dean try to play therapists—not their strong suit, and they had to do it while taking magic punches, but they pulled it off.

    I love the new big bad—the Leviathans are cunning trackers, they are organized and strategic, they pour nacho cheese over their victims and keep a body in the trunk for roadtrip snacks, they have no known vulnerabilities, and they are coming after Sam and Dean. The hunters are about to become the hunted. I am really looking forward to seeing how the Leviathans go after the boys.

    By the way, what really enhanced my viewing pleasure this week is that a new channel, Metro 14 (out of Montreal), just started airing Supernatural on Fridays at 9 pm instead of the CW. And unlike the CW, Metro 14 does not run a single bottom-of-the-screen promo—it doesn't even paste on a logo in the corner. So Canadians can now enjoy Supernatural with a completely clear screen, free of all the annoying disruptions and distractions. I had been trying to wait until the following Wednesday to watch it on Space (which also does not plaster on any promos) but it's really hard waiting the five extra days. So I'm ecstatic I can watch it on Fridays without enduring the CW's disfiguring of the show. Metro 14 is available on Videotron in Quebec, Rogers in Ontario, and on Bell across Canada.

    Another thing that increased my viewing pleasure was having seen the hilarious outtake of the motel room scene. It was a lot of fun to see where the boys--Jared playing it goofy and Jensen somehow managing to keep playing it straight--had gone off script with ad libs, and where they'd incorporated the lines into their bit. If you haven't seen it yet, it's here:

  • Shut Up, Dr. Phil


    Shut Up, Dr. Phil was a great episode of Supernatural though it could have been slightly better. It was a great pleasure to see Charisma and James on screen together again. I enjoyed watching this episode because it had a good stand alone story with a larger arc in the background. I think certain elements of this could episode could have been sharper, but it was still very entertaining. The horror and gruesome scenes were pretty cool and the deaths were classic Supernatural. It would be great to get some one like Charisma or James to be a regular villain. I hope the season is not filled with filler stand alone episodes, I want to see more about what is going on in the larger picture. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!

  • that's funny....


    analyzing better: it was funny the way to the end. But I expect that, after all witches are right, and has nothing other than a spell here and there, but in fact they are bringing a monster every week and it is good to focus on one thing here as always claimable. I am also the current dean to make a kind of addict heavy, but if you stop to think how someone can carry both their shore without it explode and turn an exhaust valve, the truth will come, maybe even the next eps Sam begins to suspect the guilt of his brother, but who is he right to throw stones? And turning to the final laugh, see the dean full of bees was hilarious, reminded me of an eps of the season1st they face a plague of insects and the dean was also surrounded by bees.
    Leviathan as they too have their weaknesses it let's see if the big boys are going to cut that huge tongue! I enjoyed the participation of actors from buffy'm sure they came back.

    promises next eps!

    kiss cau

  • I Married A Witch


    A small town is wreaked havoc upon by a witch. Dean and Sam's investigation reveals that the victims were all related to a real estate project surrounding the man Don Stark. Don Stark apparently had an affair with a woman close to him with which his wife Maggie took ill. When only he remains on the hit list the brothers try to protect him from his wife but it turns out that he is indeed a witch too and the couple are having a family feud of sorts by one upping each other. When Sam and Dean try to put them down their spell fails and when they are about to face a spell directed their own way they resort to marriage counseling the two into a peace agreement to save their own lives. A Leviathan shows up and tries to take them out but Don Stark works a coolio spell onto it, putting it into submission for a few days. He retrieves coins that Maggie was going to hex them with. Ok, so they apparently are going to let them slide even though Dean seems to have a thing for monsters killing innocent people (which they did) but who's to say that they won't be at it again next month or next year? I thought that kill all killers policy was very strictly up Dean's alley and seeing him not comply to it was strange. It was a hilarious episode going to the monster of the week formula yet again along with the Leviathan showing up. Now they can throw it into a dark hole as Don suggested and learn what can kill it with some research or something. Don Stark's disgust with the Leviathan and his electric spell along with the witches' arguments over their past quarrels in Italy were funny and expanding of the mythos that I so love about this show.

  • haters get over yourself .

    all i have to say is ignore the haters . it was not a great episode but was not as bad as some people make out . im more than sure that when most of you see it you will enjoy it . i saw the 3 points lil miss whoever was tryna say but its just a tv show. one that you should sit back an enjoy . i saw nothing wrong with it . it was just a bit of fun for us to see old buffy and angel stars in it . especially the fact that these two buffy stars were hubby and wife was just interesting to see in the 1st place. they played their roles well and was just a bit of fun . you cant expect all episodes to be great . some will be ok . some will be bad . this was one was good . least this show is showing that its nowhere near old an repeating the same shit . i mean look at whats happening to dexter . love that show but its slowly dying . this is not anywhere near getting the ratings it deserves on its much much better. just enjoy it and stop bein picky .
  • In response to

    This was a classic monster-storyline-aside episode. The fact that Sam and Dean couldn't take down Don (Marsters) and Maggie(Carpenter) was a great BtVS/Angel reunion. We've had similar too-strong-but-not-apocalyptic-enough-to-kill episodes in the past (child Damian, the greek gods/Promeheus). Anyhow the boys have allowed some bads to get by for the sake of them not being their main focus. Sam and Dean have goofed up with their monster terminex before, so it makes sense that they cant/dont always kill the big bads. In this case, Don/Maggie were a smart combo (Maggie likely made sure to anti-witch proof the town after leaving the gallery to go put the hex coins at the boys' hotel).

    all in all a great episode. Plus Don (Spike/Marsters) got to kick some Leviathan azz!
  • It was so much fun to see James and Charisma playing a fighting married couple!


    And what made it all the more fun is that they are powerful witches! I really enjoyed their escalating war, and I was in stitches when Sam and Dean are trying to counsel them and getting psychic whammies for their trouble.

    It was a great idea to have a married withces fight each other and causing collatoral damage, and a stroke of brilliance to have them played by Spike and Cordelia.

    I was really happy when Don Stark comes back at the end and saves them from that levithian because hopefully that means he will be coming back on the show again. He was so good in this role, I would love to see him back!

  • Loved the Buffy reunion and everything...but this episode didn't do anything but add inconsistencies. And I'm a viewer who personally liked [[most]] of Season 7


    Look, Season 7 has been trying to add layers to the boys' relationship, such as Dean killing Sam's childhood friend, Sam killing Dean's (amazon) daughter, and this episode seemed to want to humanize a couple "monsters" that the boys would normally kill.

    The end of the episode just didn't make sense and seemed out of character for both of these boys. This couple has murdered innocent people just to piss each other off, then one of the witches tells you what you did wrong and you don't try again. It just doesn't fit in with the past 7 years of the show. Dean murdered Amy in front of her son 2 weeks before this, but ends up letting these two murdering witches go.

    That's why this episode wasn't good. You just can't ignore something like that.

    And I'm not a hater, I'm not bashing the show, I've enjoyed most Post-Season 5 stuff. But this one just reeked of laziness, and Supernatural is better than that.
  • Marital Hell


    Shut Up, Dr. Phil-Sam and Dean deal with a witch who is using her powers to terrorize a small town. They soon discover that she is taking out her anger with her husband, who she discovered was having an affair.

    Honestly, the only reason I was looking forward to this episode was the mini Buffy reunion between Charisma Carpenter and James Masters. Sure, they didn't share much screen time on Buffy and Angel, but they were both beloved characters who transformed a lot of the course of both series and gave great performances throughout. Both of them are equally excellent here playing Don and Maggie, a married couple on the rocks who turn out to be psychotic witches bent on ruining each others' lives and not caring you dies in the process. The best moment without a doubt was the final confrontation between the brothers and the couple as Dean hilariously forgets to cook the chicken feet and both Don and Maggie prepare to kill them only for Sam to suggest helping them with their issues. It only leads to both brothers being thrown around and hexed by Don and Maggie's spells. But alas, as for the rest episode, it was kinda disappointing.

    For one, I'm already tired of Dean hiding the fact he killed Amy, once again, at the end, Dean has a chance to confess and move on, yet he does nothing and blows it off. I just can't stand plots that are dragged out for the sake of creating more drama. After what Dean been through the last 6 years, he should know better. Tell Sam the truth, sure he'll be pissed and hurt, but you guys have more important things to worry about, like the Leviathans, you'll deal with it in your own time, geeze! Speaking of the latest Big Bads this season, the Leviathans are proving to be all talk and not much else. Towards the end, one of them manages to track Sam and Dean down, not to mention almost kills them when Don manages to put a spell on him and stop him. Maybe this shows that there is a magical way to atleast hurt them, but considering these things have been said to be unkillable, powerful and were the first things created by God, for a witch to neutralize one of them so easily.....was kinda disappointing. So far, the Leviathan arc hasn't had much development and is pretty lackluster so far. Overall, "Shut Up, Dr. Phil" has it's entertaining moments with great guest stars, but other glaring plots and arcs just bring a down.

  • THIS was back to SPN's roots.

    Last season they kept saying they were going 'back to basics' with the Winchesters. It wasn't until this episode that I actually felt that. Granted, most of it was the glorious reunion of the guest stars, but we also got a stand alone episode with a plot that hasn't been done before on SPN.

    I loved the parallel between Sam & Dean's trouble communicating and the witches. I also loved that they showed neither witch was necessarily an evil being, and in fact saved the boys twice. Loved that, and I'd love it even more if, in the future, the boy's needed a witches expertise and called up one of these two. Not that I think that would happen, but I can dream.

    Great episode overall. Really, the only thing missing was Cas and this is the first episode that didn't feel like it had a gaping Cas-sized hole in it.
  • wow what an episode having spike and cordualia in it was awesome jared jensen fantastic job sorry it took so long to watch can't wait for next weeks episode with evil dean and sam will see how that will be probably awesome sam can't wait for more!!!!!!!!!


    wow what an episode can't wait for more jared and jensen fantastic as always what will happen next for the winchester brothers this season is awesome as the rest of the seasons can't wait for more. will sam and dean be ready to go up against evil sam and dean t hey will need that guys help go supernatural you rock.

  • A really enjoyable episode to watch.


    I really liked this episode, maybe being a Buffy fan helped a little in that aspect. Firstly, James Masters looks amazing, he has aged very well.

    The episode had a fair bit of humour to it, I laughed several times. It seemed like a more light hearted episode.

    Dean and Sam entered the house and just starting chanting to kill the witches, which seemed very clumsy. hence the score 9/10. I think in order to receive a 10/10, maybe they could have explained why the decided to spare the witches and planned or showed a little more research into the withces. I mean were the witches evil for over 800 years and should have been killed? Not enough background into the characters.

    I especially liked the end, it was a nice surprise element. I was expecting someone else to be reasonable, but when you find out who it was, it was great. It also had those excellent one liners Buffy was famous for.

  • Where's David?

    Pretty entertaining episode made a lot of sense for james matters and charisma carpenter to guest star, just wish there was more of them and maybe a boreneaz cameo
  • Not as bad as I feared it would be. I was actually pleasantly surprised by how good a flow the episode had and the tongue in cheek humour.


    Not as bad as I feared it would be. I wasn't much of a Buffy fan back then so I didn't really know what to expect by them reuniting two Buffy aluminas but I was pleasantly surprised by how well that worked out and the episode had a really nice flow and tongue in cheek humour.

  • Loved it, but it didn't really make sense.

    This episode was really fun, for me, which is why I gave it a 9 point rating, but it didn't really make sense. I really enjoyed it, but Dean just killed Amy because he said she would kill again and she was a monster. Then, two witches duke it out by killing the innocent people around them, and Sam and Dean let them go?? What? That part really threw me. Don't get me wrong, I loved the episode, obviously, it just didn't make sense for them to let two 'monsters' live.
  • Yeah, okay

    It was a good episode, magical beings dueling it out was really funny and I enjoyed Dean and Sam trying to fix the unhappy couple. However please Dean share your stupid guilt over killing Sam's first girlfriend and then get over it so we can get to the main part of saving Casteil and figuring out how to kill the black goo demon people.
  • Small Buffy reunion, great fun!


    We already seen the boys fight witches, so mystery like is nothing new. The big thrill of the episode was to see James and Charisma back together on screen, superfun for all Buffy lovers like me. So for non Buffy fans this episode isn't that great, it has some twist and turns but I get the feeling that the writers only wanted to show off the old Buffy actors.

    Fun while it lasted but I hope for some real Supernatural action in the next episode!

  • Sam and Dean stumble upon a witchy "War of the Roses" and "meh" ensues.


    Let's start by saying, "Charisma and James Together on Supernatural! This is gonna be excellent!" at least that's what I was hoping after seeing last week's promo for this weeks ep.

    I wanted to like this ep, I really really did. But I really didn't, not much anyway.

    **spoilers and speculation**

    Let's start with the obvious.

    Our beloved, highest functioning alcoholic demon hunter Dean is about to spiral out of control, to become a pathetic, sad sack of self loathing that just leaves us pitying him as he blooms into a full on, full time alcoholic who's going to let his addiction nearly get Sam or Bobby killed, captured, maimed, jeopardized, or some such something, probably exactly at the time they're confronted with the full fury (or half depending on which part of the season the Gamble decides needs more juice) of Leviathan.

    We understand Dean's guilt over having killed Amy, Sam's Kitsune friend. Well we understand it sorta... Dean was right, if she killed several times to protect her child, she would do it again, any mother would. We also understand the guilt isnt' really about him killing her, but about him hiding it/lying to Sam about it. Okay. But come on, after all they've been through THIS is what's going to be Dean's last straw that sends him over the edge?

    One of the things fans have always loved about Dean is that in spite of everything thrown at him, he holds to his principles, does what he believes needs to be done and bears the consequences. Yes he's a high functioning alcoholic, but he's also a great "Glutton of life" (and what was with the 'insecurities' about meeting up with the bartender in the last ep, come ON, that is waaaay Out Of Character for Dean Winchester). Now the writers want to turn him into a pathetic, toothless, Rufus wannabe. Why? I Beg you... don't take him down this road. Have him confess to Sam, or better yet, have Sam find out and confront him, create the drama that way, but don't let Dean "slip" away from Sam because of an alcohol induced stupor.

    And now Sam...

    So, he's all better now? Out for a jog, (personally I actually do understand the healing power of running) I'm all for seeing him trying to do something positive, to make himself stronger (and we know working out is a big part of Jared's life so why not integrate it for Sammy a bit, cool) and maybe get into that 'happy place' so maybe he can ignore Lucifer banging around inside his head? Or is that done? He's managed to rebuild his wall all by himself, not even a hint of the 'tic' which is actually fine, but we didn't even get the occasional, "startle" or 'million mile stare' that could have indicated Sam's focus might have been compromised.

    Or is it simply that we're now being given a false sense of security? After Sam's realization , through chatting it up with Osiris, that he has nothing to feel guilty about, he's suddenly all better. Lucifer is out of his head, warring quietly in his hell cell with Michael for all eternity. UnTil... the mid-season hiatus, or the cliffie of the season finale where we realize that Sam's personality caved to Lucifer and he's been riding the 'illusion' all along, going slowly insane?

    And... not only do 2 800 year old witches let the hunters go, but the male actually goes back and saves their lives from one of Leviathan's tentacles that's been tracking the boys and now has them cornered, but, he also saves them from his beloved witchy woman too. Nice guy. Decent twist even if it was a cop-out.

    As the ep ends, Sam implores Dean to talk to him, communicate! Just like they did to get the witchy couple to stop fighting and using the town as their battleground. (That was a really long way to go to get the message to 'talk' out there). Apparently it hadn't occurred to Sam that maybe Dean can't talk to Him, but did he say, "if you can't talk to me at least go hash whatever it is out with Bobby or someone," ...

    Frankly this ep was just badly written.

    It was well acted by all parties, just poorly written.

    Hollywood has a credo - "Give 'em the same but different." How about some of the quality we became accustomed to back in seasons 1-5?

    another - "Make sure the ending is emotionally satisfying."This one really wasn't.

    and there are abundant rules when it comes to writing, one of the most important ones is: "You can have an outside force rescue your protagonist ONCE."So the question now is, how're the boys gonna succeed against Leviathan since they've already used up their one miraculous rescue?

    *addendum* - Truly, if you're going to take us down this particular road with Dean, then I beg you to do it right.

    Have Dean steal away in the middle of the night, leaving Sam alone, confused and just as concerned for his big brother as Dean was for him in "hunted".

    Keep them separated for a few eps, Sam working cases he comes across as he searches for Dean - perhaps learning that Leviathan and its agents know the boys are separated and are making Dean its first target, somehow sensing he's vulnerable.

    Dean, falling deeper and deeper into despair, tormented by visions of things he feels guilty over but shouldn't, (here you can mix it up with actual clips from past eps and maybe even a few 'new' ones that would add intrigue for the viewers) while he stays on the run, making sure to keep away from Sam and/or Bobby as paranoia grips him tighter and he begins to see 'monsters' everywhere.

    Then... when you're ready to bring them back together...

    Sam and Bobby close in on the missing Winchester's whereabouts, while Dean, wanting nothing more than to be left alone to drink himself into oblivion, stumbles into a case or gets kidnapped, perhaps by something that feeds on vulnerabilities - stirring up a psychological stew pot of guilt and self loathing (like the djinn only darker), while keeping its 'snack' prisoner, providing him with all the drink he can handle and even more, until "something' kicks in, breaking him out of his despair enough to turn his back on the bottle.

    Now I realize that I'm probably the only one who'd want to see a minor arc like this, and that the writers will most likely never do anything like this... maybe I should fic it and just satisfy myself.

    Anyway, whatever the writers do do, (yes I said do do), I am curious to find out what it'll be so that's a plus.

    Kast, Krew, great work.

    Jensen, Jared, special love to you both, as always, and thanks for your hard work.

  • Agreed with lilmisstx, awful lazy writing!


    As funny as an episode this was, it was sloppy and badly written.

    Just adding onto the points that lilmisstxhas already mentioned:

    1) The female witch who is suppose to be 100's of years old, very powerful and intelligent actually tells Sam and Dean what they did wrong with the spell that would kill her and her husband.

    2) It wasn't made clear how the coins work or weather or not the guy witch could use his wife's coins but at the end when he electrocutes and knocks out the Leviathan, if it was without the aid of his wifes coin then why do they use the coins in the first place if they are so powerful?

    3) Finally as lilmisstx mentioned, only a few episodes ago Dean killed Sam's childhood friend because she was a monster, a killer and it was his duty as a hunter to kill her.

    Yet he doesn't even bother attempting to chill the chicken feet and re-attempt to kill the 2 murdering witches who regardless of the guy's good intentions at the end, he still killed an innocent woman just to annoy his wife.

    I can understand to an extent why they didn't kill the guy witch off simply because he helped Sam and Dean capture a Leviathan (something they previously couldn't do) and perhaps he will be a future ally?

    Either way, it's still sloppy writing.

    I enjoyed the episode but i couldn't help but laugh at the inconsistencies in the story.

    Personally i believe a good series should never go past 5 to 6 seasons to avoid getting repetitive, slow and stale and allow it to end while it's still in its prime.

    So many series carry on because of their popularity when they shouldn't, i fear Supernatural has now become one of them.

  • While fun, these stand-alone episodes should "stand alone" without undermining key character conflicts, or larger story arcs.


    Before I criticize, I should be clear: I love this show. I wouldn't be watching season 7 (or writing long critiques!) if I didn't. It's because I love this show that I hold it to a high standard, which it occasionally falls inexplicably short of.

    Case in point from way back: Dean spends four decades in Hell, experiencing traumas so overwhelming that he becomes a willing torturer of souls after "only" a decade. For thirty yearsroughly equal to his entire mortal life—he inflicts daily, unspeakable agonies on people, even impressing Alistair with his "skills." But when he returns to Earth, aside from a few nightmares, he seamlessly bounces right back into a life he must only recall distantly, through a forty-year blasted hellscape containing memories of nothing but (literally) hellish torture. In Buffy, Angel had to be chained to a wall and nursed back to sanity after only a few months in Hell—and he's the definition of self control. (Quite honestly, realizing this made me take a long break from the show, until the brilliantly conceived and executed "war in heaven" story arc drew me back.)

    First, the good: This was great as a whimsical stand-alone episode, isolated from the character and plot arcs currently "in play." And speaking of Buffy, I loved the return of Charisma Carpenter and James Marsders to the screen. It's been way too long: they have phenomenal chemistry. I only wish they'd been in the episode earlier, with the "War of the Roses" theme taking center stage from the outset, filling the episode with deliciously scene-chewing moments of escalating villainy from them both. The writing was top-notch, too, with a lot of great lines and subtle, easily-missed humor (Dean's Google searches are a riot!)

    Now, the ugly: As I said in my intro, I hate it when a stand-alone episode unnecessarily (key word here) and so completely isolates itself from the "big picture," that it totally undermines, even contradicts, existing character arcs.

    Two (three?) episodes ago, Dean was so appalled at the mere possibility that Amy might kill again—Amy, the kitsune who was doing all she could to keep from killing, the kitsune who only killed out of rare and even sympathetic desperation, the kitsune who saved Sam's life by killing her own mother—that he betrays Sam to mercilessly kill her behind his brother's back. I actually agreed with Dean's decision, though not his lying to Sam: In all likelihood, she would kill again, sympathetically or not, and it was Dean's responsibility to protect those future victims who would be unable to protect themselves.

    But in this episode, while still wracked by guilt over this "necessary evil", Dean never even questions the wisdom of letting two volatile, immortal, psychopathic witches carry on their merry way, despite having seen first-hand their flippant disregard for human life, despite knowing full well (one would hope) that another trail of bodies will surely follow in the wake of their next lovers' spat.

    "You will kill again" were the last words Dean said to Amy, his sole justification for betraying Sam to murder her in front of her child. That observation was enough for him to betray his brother two episodes ago, but not enough to even raise the issue with Sam here (maybe so they could try again with room-temperature chicken feet). And Amy was at least trying; she was no psychopath, merely driven by desperation. These witches were clearly psychopaths with a total disregard for human life, and Dean... never even questions letting them go.

    If this happened back in Season 4 or something, fine: character growth; "it's old news, fanboy, get over it;" and similar arguments might work. But Amy happened only a few episodes ago, and remains a major, "live" character thread. Indeed, it appeared in the flashback to this episode, and was clearly on the writers' minds through many of the guilt-laden scenes between Dean and Sam.

    I'd also be more forgiving—especially given the whimsical tone of the episode—if "forgetting" this fact was necessary to carry the episode. But it wasn't necessary: Sam and Dean could have found a way to imprison the witches, or strip them of their powers (allowing for them to regain them down the road, if the showrunners wanted to leave open the possibility of their return as villains/reluctant allies—and wouldn't that be great!).

    It wasn't necessary, it was lazy writing. This show deserves better than that.

    (My original review was—entirely fairly—removed because I inappropriately addressed downvoters (not insultingly, but I appreciate the general policy all the same). My apologies, and I shan't make the same mistake again... unless I'm doing it right now. I am pretty sure this statement is okay, but if I'm wrong, I pray you'll please delete this parenthetical, if possible, rather than my entire review. Thanks!)

  • Am I crazy?

    Was Charisma Carpenter always such a horrible actress? It honestly reminded me of high school theater.
  • Alas: Le Jumpe of Le Sharke


    One word: Abysmal.


    From the moment that a woman could not slide / slip out of a beauty parlor chair to save her own ... skin, I thought: roh roh.

    BUT! No matter! i thought: This is Supernatural ... my favorite show EVER! "It has to get better!"(In the back of my mind though I was recalling recent episodes, and hope was not high).

    A little while later a guy gets pummeled with nails from a nail gun that no one is holding and is not connected to anything, kind of a-la Invisible Man, only there is no invisible man. Okay, no biggie; we'll let that slide. BEYOND that though, this small hand-held, let's say Black and Decker Nail gun had - are you ready? - 15-inch nails! (That is f you are to believe that you could see them protruding from both his front AND the back of the port-a-potty).


    Oh yeah, and only Dean can find the hexed coins which are overlooked by everyone else.

    STILL ... I LOVE SUPERNATURAL! "It has to get better"I told myself.

    Unfortunately, it did not.

    The acting was horrendous, the plot laughable (and not in a good way) and even the interaction between Dean and Sam seems so way off.

    In an episode that had like 500 things wrong with it, the thing that bothered me most though was this:

    The producers are trying to sell a story arc that Dean feels bad for having killed Amy (Sam's childhood friend) ... and yet at the end, they simply drive away from two murdering witches? That is as if the writers and producers are calling the viewers stupid, or worse, just don't care anymore.

    Well honestly, I guess the feeling is kind of mutual. I think that the show is getting stupid and I am getting to where I don't care anymore.

  • S07E05....................


    I had high hopes for this episode and it disappointed me so much the plot wasnt that good and the Buffy reunion was the only good thing this episode had i loved seeing James and Charisma together on one show again and they were awesome playing a married witch couple and the fight between them was great especially them killing innocent people just to hurt each other. I dont want to spoil anything i just want you guys to watch this episode and if you can tell me if your disappointed or not i would love to hear your thoughts on this episode i just want to know if im the only one because if i am i will watch it again and see what i think of this episode the second time around. (I gave this episode a second chance and watched it again and it was moredisappointing than the first time i saw this episode so im gonna lower the rating for this episode to a 3 this is what is deserves)

  • OK SARAH! you've had ur fun ruining supernatural, now give it back to Kripke before the damage is permanent!


    Ok so, we've seen the boy's fight Azazel raiser of hell, no big deal, battle Lilith and Alistair in a fight to unleash the devil, beat the devil, and so on.


    Then we have season 6, where we have Sam and Dean stand idly by while Castiel takes out Raphael all by himself, We Need No Winchester! then season 7, Purgatories doors slide right open and the Leviathans are loose. New big bads, supposed to be the first creations of god, sheeet these things mean business, but nah, last night we saw some Witches with marital issues wipe out a Leviathan without moving a muscle, or even be in the room! i mean f*** off, these leviathans are trash, i'd like to see a witch do that to an Angel, or Azazel even FFS! all i'm saying is that theres no reason to worry, these leviathans are no big deal, lets get a witch and throw them all down a bottomless hole.

    Problem solved, thank you and good night!