Season 7 Episode 5

Shut Up, Dr. Phil

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 21, 2011 on The CW

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  • that's funny....


    analyzing better: it was funny the way to the end. But I expect that, after all witches are right, and has nothing other than a spell here and there, but in fact they are bringing a monster every week and it is good to focus on one thing here as always claimable. I am also the current dean to make a kind of addict heavy, but if you stop to think how someone can carry both their shore without it explode and turn an exhaust valve, the truth will come, maybe even the next eps Sam begins to suspect the guilt of his brother, but who is he right to throw stones? And turning to the final laugh, see the dean full of bees was hilarious, reminded me of an eps of the season1st they face a plague of insects and the dean was also surrounded by bees.
    Leviathan as they too have their weaknesses it let's see if the big boys are going to cut that huge tongue! I enjoyed the participation of actors from buffy'm sure they came back.

    promises next eps!

    kiss cau