Season 7 Episode 5

Shut Up, Dr. Phil

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 21, 2011 on The CW

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  • I Married A Witch


    A small town is wreaked havoc upon by a witch. Dean and Sam's investigation reveals that the victims were all related to a real estate project surrounding the man Don Stark. Don Stark apparently had an affair with a woman close to him with which his wife Maggie took ill. When only he remains on the hit list the brothers try to protect him from his wife but it turns out that he is indeed a witch too and the couple are having a family feud of sorts by one upping each other. When Sam and Dean try to put them down their spell fails and when they are about to face a spell directed their own way they resort to marriage counseling the two into a peace agreement to save their own lives. A Leviathan shows up and tries to take them out but Don Stark works a coolio spell onto it, putting it into submission for a few days. He retrieves coins that Maggie was going to hex them with. Ok, so they apparently are going to let them slide even though Dean seems to have a thing for monsters killing innocent people (which they did) but who's to say that they won't be at it again next month or next year? I thought that kill all killers policy was very strictly up Dean's alley and seeing him not comply to it was strange. It was a hilarious episode going to the monster of the week formula yet again along with the Leviathan showing up. Now they can throw it into a dark hole as Don suggested and learn what can kill it with some research or something. Don Stark's disgust with the Leviathan and his electric spell along with the witches' arguments over their past quarrels in Italy were funny and expanding of the mythos that I so love about this show.