Season 7 Episode 5

Shut Up, Dr. Phil

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 21, 2011 on The CW

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  • Alas: Le Jumpe of Le Sharke


    One word: Abysmal.


    From the moment that a woman could not slide / slip out of a beauty parlor chair to save her own ... skin, I thought: roh roh.

    BUT! No matter! i thought: This is Supernatural ... my favorite show EVER! "It has to get better!"(In the back of my mind though I was recalling recent episodes, and hope was not high).

    A little while later a guy gets pummeled with nails from a nail gun that no one is holding and is not connected to anything, kind of a-la Invisible Man, only there is no invisible man. Okay, no biggie; we'll let that slide. BEYOND that though, this small hand-held, let's say Black and Decker Nail gun had - are you ready? - 15-inch nails! (That is f you are to believe that you could see them protruding from both his front AND the back of the port-a-potty).


    Oh yeah, and only Dean can find the hexed coins which are overlooked by everyone else.

    STILL ... I LOVE SUPERNATURAL! "It has to get better"I told myself.

    Unfortunately, it did not.

    The acting was horrendous, the plot laughable (and not in a good way) and even the interaction between Dean and Sam seems so way off.

    In an episode that had like 500 things wrong with it, the thing that bothered me most though was this:

    The producers are trying to sell a story arc that Dean feels bad for having killed Amy (Sam's childhood friend) ... and yet at the end, they simply drive away from two murdering witches? That is as if the writers and producers are calling the viewers stupid, or worse, just don't care anymore.

    Well honestly, I guess the feeling is kind of mutual. I think that the show is getting stupid and I am getting to where I don't care anymore.