Season 2 Episode 5

Simon Said

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 26, 2006 on The CW

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  • Special children

    Supernatural Season 2 Episode 5 Simon Said
    Sam has a premonition in which a guy kills s gun seller and himself, which leads the brothers to a town where they meet Andy Gallagher who happens to be a psychic with persuasive powers, and was visited by the demon when he was a child.

    Pretty good episode. Interesting and more about Azazel's special children. That was a pretty good element in season 2, the special children, and this was the first episode of the season to feature them. At the end we realize that Andy had a twin brother who happens to be a psyichic to and is the one who is killing all those people.
  • Top notch all around!

    Excellent character development, pacing, and story. This episode is built on the "case of the week" formula that Supernatural so far has built its foundation on, yet it finds a strong balance between the storyline with the demon and the mystery as to who the killer is. As always we're left in wonderment of who the killer is steadily until towards the end, leaving us in a big plot twist where we're left saying to ourselves "ahhhhh so that's who it was!" Not to mention the character development of Andy is brilliant. A unique carefree type of guy who doesn't care much for material things, a nice change and breath of fresh air from the usual archtypes of characters we've been introduced to, and the ending of the episode really makes you pity him.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the supernatural sam and dean are still on the look out for the deamon when they come aross this kid that they think who has phsyic powers and think he was also visted by the deamon that killed there mother and they are tring to help him sam is tring to tell him that he too was also visted by the deamon but they must figoure out away to stop him from using his powers and this was a good ep i thought and it was very interesting seening another ep that shows a guy like sam having powers and that is why i gave it a 9
  • Another look into the mystery surrounding Sam's abilities makes for one pretty good episode.

    Supernatural seems to have a pretty successful formula going for itself: Two brothers that hunt supernatural beings, brothers find said beings to hunt and destroy, at the end of the day, brothers jump into sweet black Chevy Impala and drive off to their next destination.

    However, regardless of how nice this formula works, it's always great when the writers come back to the most interesting plot point of them all: the demon with the yellow eyes that Sam and Dean and their father had been chasing for years and years. Every time there's an episode revolving around them, I can't help but get excited. This episode introduced us to a new guy with abilities: Andrew Gallagher. We also get more of an insight into the demon's patterns, something that the show has been sort of building towards for awhile.

    At first, I thought Andy was going to be some idiot who uses his powers for selfish reasons and ends up being the killer. I ended up being pleasantly surprised and, although he was a selfish guy, was a pretty decent person in the end. You can't help but feel bad for him. However, that being said, I thought the whole twin thing was a cop-out. It seemed more like a way to make the story work out in the end instead of being something that could actually happen. It did lead to some interesting scenes and to a great finale.

    The show is making all the right moves right now. If anything, the show is stronger than it was last season around this time. I had the feeling that last season the show was attempting to put off the meet-up of the Winchester family for awhile. Right now, the show has hit a hot streak, and I'm enjoying it.
  • Here starts the myth-arc of Season Two

    The first four episodes of Season Two dealt with John Winchester's death and the different ways Dean and Sam were coping with it. They sort of represent a tetralogy that ferries Supernatural from Season One mythology to its second year myth-arc, the one concerning the plan of the Yellow Eyed Demon for his Special Children.

    Ben Edlund, previously writer and producer on "Firefly" and "Angel", is a brilliant pen, always witty, clever and subtly ironic. The small touches we lavished on the script - like Andy's van and his reading, his whole attitude toward his power as well as his naivete - are nothing less than genial, and "Simon Said" gifts us a lot of memorable moments, like Dean letting Andy drive the Impala or Dean revealing the truth about his fear concerning Sam's path, and a few really intense scenes, like the ones on the dim or the ones in the rifle shop.

    Andy, very well portrayed by Gabriel Tigerman, is an endearing character, probably my favorite out of the Psy-Kids. Unfortunately, his evil twin brother Ansen Weems (aka Webber) isn't very polished and his final motivations felt to me a little too contrived and stretched, because - in the end - he was just a nut job, freaked out like Max (from "Nightmares", 1x14) but without his strong, struggling, painful motivations to be so psychotic. With his paper-thin personality, Webber was the weakest of the Psy-Kids, and I'm not gonna miss him for sure: unfortunately, his banality as antagonist hampered a bit my full enjoyment of the episode.

    Aside from this tiny mole, "Simon Said" was solid and entertaining: a good starting point for Season Two overarching mythology (which produced, later on, much, much better episodes)and a compelling episode in its own right.
  • Sammy has another vision about "special child"...and we meet Andy!!

    Sam has a vision about a guy walking into a store, asking for a gun, the bullets and then loading it, shooting the guy behind the counter and then shooting himself. So Sam and Dean got to the Roadhouse to see Ash or "Dr Bad A$s" who tells them the Blue Lodge bus is in Oklahoma and that there was a guy there whos mother died in '83...Andy. So off the brothers go to try find the guy in the store with the gun and Andy. They find Andy and the Doc, so Dean takes Andy and Sam follows Doc trying to stop him from killing himself and the other guy. Sam stops the store guy from being killed with the gun and from Doc from shooting himself too. Dean follows Andy, Andy pulls over, talks to Dean about the Impala and just asks for it and oh no, Dean get out and gives him the car. Andy drives off and Dean is standing in the road looking confused! Sam sees Andy in Dean's car, calls Dean and asks what happened and Dean replies "He full on Obi Wan'd me!" and then Doc gets another phone call and walks infront of a bus! Bye bye Doc!

    So to skip most of it, they find out Andy isn't the bad guy, his powers don't work on Sam and that Andy has an evil twin brother that is doing it all. And who is Andy's brother? Webber. They guy who works with Andy's ex girlfriend.

    Sam gets his third vision and they follow Webber to a dam where he tells Andy's ex to jump off. They arrive in time and Sam and Andy go to the car (cos Webber's powers wont work in Sam either and Andy wants to be there for the girl). Sam is making Webber angry by not doing what he tells him to, he tells the girl to hit Sam with a branch and Sammy goes down. Webber somehow hears Dean's gun and then Dean is putting the gun to his face and about to shoot, the girl is about to jump off the bridge and the Andy saves the day and kills Webber!

    It's a good episode and I now have four favourite people, Sam, Dean, Ash and Andy!
  • The first Ben Edlund installment, you'll find his writing … distinguishable!

    Within this season and during future ones where Ben Edlund becomes a main writer on the show, you'll find his episodes to be unique, and not always in the good sense of the word. He's got a vision of his own, you gotta give him that, he's got a message to deliver and he delivers it with a certain style. He's smart and extremely sarcastic, he knows how to write comedy, my only take on him is that sometimes on a show like this it's not always the right time for laughter, but he does it anyway.

    In any case, Simon Said is his first and one of his better episodes so far, it's well balanced, and it introduced us to Andy, my favorite "psychic kid" on the show (too bad they eventually had him bite the dust). Andy was such a sweet kid, he was simple and content, and he had such innocence, a very refreshing take on psychic children … maybe there's hope for Sammy after all.

    Dean's refusal to believe that Andy's the killer -despite being right- was irrational, seriously what are the odds that 2 psychic kids with mind control abilities are in the same town? But he wasn't quick to jump to conclusions, I guess the case could've involved something else entirely, besides, doing what he does he's bound to be a good judge of character, although I think his disbelief had more to do with his own hopes and fears for Sam than it had to do with any insight he had into Andy's psych.

    The main purpose behind this episode, I think, is the revelation that not all psychic kids had fires in their nurseries where their mothers die, there are other psychic children out there who don't fit the pattern, and God only knows how many of them are out there!

    On a different -totally geeky- side note; how cool was Andy's mind control ability? Now THAT's a power worth having … not death visions!
  • A very good conception.

    I like this episode, one because I like the actress that plays as Tracy & Sam seems to have others like him, a good conception because it really develops Season 2, he turns out to be the good guy, and it was actually his evil twin. That twin was a bit nuts, glad he died, but what I don't like in the end is that Tracy still didn't talk to the guy, that was pretty messed up. The cold opening was great, definitely makes you want to see more, a great episode with a lot of developing plots & future references to the season.
  • Sam has another vision which sends the brothers to the Roadhouse for help. From there, they go to Oklahoma.

    Dean doesn't want to go to the Roadhouse with Sam's vision. He doesn't trust the other hunters with Sam being a "freak". Sam takes umbrage at the term freak but Dean clarifies with "You've always been a freak." I think Dean is smart on this one, after the way things worked out with Gordon, talking to people about Sam's abilities doesn't seem like a good plan.

    For some reason, the character of Jo bugs me. I like her interaction with Dean, it is great to give him someone to play off of, but I just don't quite like her. Can't put my finger on why. Maybe it is just that she is too eager to be a part of Winchester business and that makes suspicious. I did like the conversation about REO Speedwagon and Dean's subsequent singing, though. Dean is surprisingly good at singing! Isn't it always the way with REO? You know all the words, but that doesn't mean you want the song stuck in your head.

    This episode was really funny. I love the character of Andy. Dean giving Andy the Impala and Sam then seeing the Impala with Andy driving is just hysterical. "He full-on Obi-Wan'd me," Dean said. The fact that Dean talks to his car is a great touch to his character.

    I cannot say how much I loved Andy. He was just a great character all around. I really think that the brothers should have taken Andy with them at the end of the episode. I know it would have messed with the dynamic of the show, but this guy's powers would have been a hugely valuable asset to them. They wouldn't have to con anymore because Andy could just ask nicely. His shell shocked reaction of "I have. An evil. Twin," was hilarious. The rapport between Dean and Andy was fun to see as they obviously had similar tastes and humor.

    Going back to the Roadhouse to recap with Ellen was interesting, but I just don't trust her for whatever reason. I think that Sam sharing information with her was risky, but then again, information is all they have at this point, so maybe pooling resources is a good idea. I just don't know where Ellen fits into all of this or how trustworthy she is.

    Overall it was a really enjoyable episode!
  • My best ever episode

    One of my favourite aspects of Supernatural is the music. That cheesy, emotional late 70's, early 80's soft rock that I eschewed in my early 20's but am absolutely crazy about (again) now. REO Speedwagon and Spinal Tap in one episode = great. I absolutely loved this episode. I love Andy and really wish he'd become a bit more of a regular on the show, but I guess we can't hold onto every character that we love.

    This is one of those episodes where so much happens and the storyline is nicely wrapped up. We get loads of background on what is happening with Sam and can also see that the Demon's Little Yellow Soldiers can range from good to clueless to downright devoid of any moral fibre.

    I'm really starting to like Ellen and Jo and the saloon represents a really effective central point for the series, much like a base of operations.

    This is definitely one of my favourite episodes ever. Generally speaking, I love the concept of mind control and Jedi mind tricks. My superhero power would definitely be mind control and telepathy.
  • I absolutely loved this episode. It has been a favourite right from the beginning.

    So now we know that there really are some more 'special children' out there, and we manage to meet them in the most humorous of ways! Well I guess I mean more Andy than his twisted twin! *shudders* He was one creepy guy. But he was fun! For some reason I always seem to love having really twisted bad guys on the show. They are really fun to watch, and they suck you in! So this 'Ansem Weems' guy was really cool. (I think that how you spell it!)
    Anyway... Sam has some very painful visions amongst all of this. He keeps seeing people dying which disturbs him very much. Poor Sam.
    Anyway, A great episode!
  • Sam meets another person like him and we lern more about the powers out there

    I liked Andy, he was funny and just cute :P. This episode i really enjoyed, Sam with his abilities really interests me and i enjoyed learning more about the other kids. Andy's power was awesome epecially when he used it on Dean twice! My favorite bit was when he says tell the truth and Dean just spills it all out-hilliarous to watch. The whole evil twin as well was a good addition, and we learn about dreams and the yed talking to the special children more. This then got me thinking more and trying to come up with theories to the big secret and the plans. It also made me wonder if Sam would kill after andy did and again was revealing in the future Sam may have. Loved the episode and Andy was one of the best side characters they have had!
  • Another "special" kid... Sammy's got company :)

    This episode wasn't that good, but I like Sam's "special" kids story arcs so I was happy to see it.

    These episode starts with Sam having one of his famous visions. Vision leads them to a guy who has the ability to persuade people, that is to tell them what to do. Log story short, it turns out that this guy has a twin brother who has the same ability - and that his brother is believing YED a little too much - therefore killing everyone who stepped between him and his twin brother.

    Conclusion: we now know that there are "special" kids who's Moms didn't die burning nailed to the roof... and so it means that there are also many, many more than the W brothers can pinpoint.
  • Sam and Dean investigate Sam's premonition of a gunstore shooting and encounter another of the YED's chosen kids who has the power of persuasion.

    Sam and Dean investigate one of Sam's premonitions and encounter one of the YED's (yellow-eyed-demon's) chosen Spawn, Andy, a modern-day hippie with the power to mentally coerce people into doing what he wants. Andy is fairly innocuous and the brothers are undecided on how to deal with the situation. Dean wants to observe, but Sam wants to confront him. Circumstances soon force the brothers to deal with Andy and discover things aren't what they seem. What can I say? I loved this episode. Andy (gotta love that van), is so endearing, and Dean was so funny under the spell of Andy's mental mojo! I loved when he was babbling his life story to Andy and couldn't stop. This was an excellent episode I will probably watch over and over!
  • Sam has painful visions.

    Before I start, I have to say this is my favorite episode so far. Jared Padelecki totally kicked in this episode. He played his role really well and Jensen did well too. Don't worry about that. I don't think anyone could have played Sam Winchester as well as Jared Padelecki did in this episode. It was absolutely awesome. The way he played the visions so painful made me cringe everytime he had another one. Poor Dean had to see his brother go through it and he even confessed being scared to death watching his brother go through it. Just imagine Sam....he's the one having to see all of the horrible self manipulating murders. GREAT job Jensen and Jared!
  • Sam and Dean meet Andy Gallagher, a slacker with psychic powers of persuasion. Once the brothers learn that Andy’s family was visited by the Demon, Sam wonders if he could be one of the special children.

    First of all Andy is great!!! He's funny but he's also cute. The interactions between him and Dean were really cool except from when he took the impala with the freaking mind control thing. Bad Andy!!! Of course Dean's face afterwards was just hilarious. Also when Dean was telling the truth at the "request" of Andy, he look like a lil' kid ratting his brother out because he didn't want to get in trouble. Totally Cuteness! Although I almost had a heart attack when I saw Dean putting that rifle under his chin and then when I heard the gunshot I was screaming to the tv but thank goodness it was Andy getting the bad guy. Great Episode!
  • The children come out to play, and I obviously need to stop thinking in Heroes mode.

    I come up with new thoughts from the Then/Now segment every episode. When I was powering through season one I turned the then/now off because it was just getting a little bit annoying, but now that I’ve settled into a Thursday/Sunday pattern for my Supernatural fix (well, that’s until I decide to revisit season one, at least) the opening sequence is nice to a) hint at what is to come in the episode ahead b) hint at ways to interpret events that have already transpired through lovely editing. For example, this time through I noticed how clear it is that Johnny boy lied about not knowing what the Yellow-Eyed Demon has in store for the “children of the corn” (although really, Firestarter is a much better King reference – one that I don’t want to bring to mind for the horror of the scifi miniseries sequel); it was obvious the first time around but just for good measure we also were reminded that Dean has some knowledge.

    Another thought that went through my mind was in reference to the blog entry I just wrote about how sometimes characters are developed more than you’d like them to be, how some things evolve past the point you might wish them – in Supernatural’s case, one such thing that has grown past the point I’d care it to do so is Sam’s haircut. Just saying...

    Two other random notes before I say anything of true substance. I have recovered from the reaction I had against Sam’s porn viewing, but this episode I did regret that the reason Sam’s wearing a cast is because Jared Padalecki hurt himself doing a stunt, and not just as part of the character (well, obviously because I feel bad that someone actually did get hurt – the sadism of an English major can only extend to fictional entities, after all). Additionally, though, I can’t pull all sorts of Surrealist symbolism and Dalinean psychoanalysis (I just took a seminar on his philosophy, I can’t help it) on the meaning of hands and broken hands, masturbation and other such neuroses. Maybe next time.

    Why can’t women die when they’re wearing more than just a negligee? Seriously, someone needs to tell horror-genre women to stop wearing the virginal white gowns to bed, as it does nothing but secure their place as damsel in distress. Again, just saying...

    I’m glad my prediction that Sam’s ability was kept too quiet (I swear I wasn’t spoiled) was right, because I am quite interested to see how this overarching story arc affects The Boys. Some things came to mind tonight (and most probably are far too Heroes-esque and should be promptly ignored). One is where is Jo’s father? It was thrown away that he died as a Hunter when The Intrepid Boys met Jo, Ellen, and Ash (don’t you love that Oxford comma?) but I wonder if it is only the mother who is capable of dying in the fire. I forget what exactly made me suspect that Jo or Ash might be a Child (I decided the word in that case merits capitalization) but it’s a thought.

    I also was trying to list the types of powers that have been exposed: first there was telekinesis, then clairvoyance/telepathy (from the baby), [maybe] Ash’s intellect, and now hypnotic suggestion. Sam’s power seems to be vague in that it is premonitions and yet it is second-sight (I just caught a mental glimpse of Lion-O, oh man, I love my childhood) and yet it is also empathy and vaguely like Molly from Heroes with the I-See-You-Other-Children tracking system. Make up your mind, kid! Hehe. Oh, and he also has some telekinesis, which we saw in season 1. Maybe he’s like Peter Petrelli? No, stupid idea...I’m telling you, I need to back away from the Heroes similes. An important note – Sam got there in time in today’s episode. Not that he was able to save the doctor, no, but he was able to stop the first impulse; prior to that he always arrived too late. Even with the baby, whose mother he was able to save, he only was able to interrupt the Yellow-Eyed Demon, not precede him. I would put that as evidence of his powers increasing.

    The Conflict to Come, as I’ve decided to label this section – Quite obviously, there is going to be a showdown in which Dean will need to stop Sam from doing something after he’s been “pushed,” or Sam will have to stop Dean from doing something he’s been compelled to do (either directly i.e. possession by the Yellow-Eyed Demon or indirectly e.g. compulsion from a Child like Andy). No matter which Intrepid Space Explorer, they won’t be able to do it. Tonight’s episode included: a repeat of the distinction that Sam is not a murderer (of people), only a killer of Things that go Bump; Dean not even trying to be subtle about knowing something in regards to the Children; the discussion about Andy being a killer.

    One final note about The Conflict Which Has Come – Chicken or the egg? Do the Children’s powers draw the Yellow-Eyed Demon, or does he do something to them when he is standing over their cradle? I am not quite yet to take everything he has said as completely believable. After all...the Devil lies. If these are natural and not demonic talents, then Sam and the Children are only pushed to do evil and could just as easily be pushed to do good; if they are demonic, then...well, I have yet to see a horror story where he who receives something evil does not get his in the end, no matter how well-loved a character he may be. Were those impersonal pronouns even necessary? We all know I was talking about Sam...
  • Andy + Dean handing over the Metallicar + Moby Dick's bong + brotherly moments = LOVE

    I just rewatched this episode as I got my season 2 dvds today *does happy dance* and I gotta say, this eppy still makes me smile.

    There aren't any huge developments in plot, impressive action scenes or gallons of angst, just all the little things that we love about Supernatural! There are some lovely brotherly moments, lots of great humour (moby dick's bong), things we've been DESPERATE to see (Dean handing over the Metaalicar) and the introduction of a great character - Andy! I love him to pieces, he's so funny and yet down to Earth, and he works well with Dean.

    For once we get to see Sam being the cynical one as he instantly blames Andy, and Dean having to defend him and be the trusting one. It's a grest reversal, and Dean looks the most relaxed since John died.

    A comfortable eppy for the boys with enough stuffed in it to make it endlessly rewatchable.
  • Great episode with interesting YED development

    Simon said was an interesting episode because Sam and Dean ran into another person with capabilities related to the YED, and like the boy with telekinesis, his powers were very different from what we have seen Sam to be capable of. The episode started with someone getting off of the phone with someone else and killing themselves, and later on in the episode it happened again. Sam and Dean found a boy who had the ability to make people do things by his simply telling them too and they thought he was guilty of the crimes. Later they found out that although he had this ability, so did his twin brother, and he was the one responsible for the seemingly suicidal deaths. It was also interesting when we found out that his powers did not work on Sam. Anyway, the boy responsible for the killings was murdered by his twin and Sam and Dean left town pledging to return if the boy with the power started using it for evil. It also made Sam question whether or not someday he would be capable of killing people at the desire of the YED.
  • Not a great episode!

    Although there were lots of links to other episodes and lots of things to learn about I didn't love this episode. It didn't give me the thrill that I usually get after watching supernatural, yeah there were deaths, yeah the Winchester's found another gifted person Sam's age, but it wasn't as gripping as usual.

    The most intense part of this episode was when Dean surrenedered the car to the bad guy, I actually gasped then, I didn't understnad what was going on.

    I am not too worried about this episode not being great, the brilliance of the rest of the episodes make up for it.
  • a great episode as always

    sam has another vision which sents the brothers on a hunt for Andy Gallagher another child whose mother died in a fire on his six month birthday, who they suspect is a killer. and as sam begins to fear that he may to became a killer, dean will not admit it to sam without a little help from Andy Gallagher but he has the same fears. the guys make a shocking discovery about Andys past which changes the way that the boys will serch for the 'specil' children and with a moment that will have all dean fans in tears this was a fantastic episode.
  • Sam and Dean meet Andy Gallagher, a slacker with psychic powers of persuasion. Once the brothers learn that Andy’s family was visited by the Demon, Sam wonders if he could be one of the special children.

    Sam and Dean meet Andy Gallagher, a slacker with psychic powers of persuasion. Once the brothers learn that Andy’s family was visited by the Demon, Sam wonders if he could be one of the special children. umm the big bomb of this episode? REO speedwagon?! wth?and the weird thing is that jensen/dean sings it so cute!! aww..long live dean!
  • Not my favorite episode, but a well written one anyway.

    This episode begins with Sam having a vision, and we are shown that his visions are getting more vivid and more painful. Then we are taken to the Roadhouse, where Sam and Dean find out that there is another case of the yellow eyed demon visiting and killing another mother on the child's six month birthday. They suspect that this child is responsible for the murders in Sam's visions. What I didn't like about this episode was the fact that Sam and Dean reveal the truth about Sam's abilities to Ellen. She still seems like a stranger and not an important enough character for this information to be revealed to. What I did enjoy, however, were the classic Dean lines and expressions, such as "Dude, he full on Obi-wanned me" upon giving up his beloved car, and his reaction when the character tells the clerk "These are not the droids you're looking for." Pretty solid story, but not one of my favorites.
  • Sam has a vision which leads the brother's to a town where they encounter another person with special powers (in this case the power of persuasion). The man in question is suspected to be another physic killer.

    Some really good moments appeared in this episode with great character developemnet. The Brotherly love was all around with Sam's visions and Dean's concern for him. The relationship was built between Jo and Dean with an entertaining (extremely hot) scene of dean singing. The story was interesting and the power of persuasion was awesome. One of the higher points of this episode was dean giving away his precious car lol.
  • Season 2 is shaping up to be better than the first season

    This episode is fantastic as it gets back to the conspiracy of Sam's powers and others like him and it also has quite a few good twists in it, plus it was very amusing to see Dean under the power of the pushers.

    The evil twin factor, the Demon's involvement and the development of the abilities theory were all quite brilliantly written and leaving viewers more confused than ever when it is revealed that there could be a lot more special people out there, unaffected by the Demon's six month old fire.

    The suspense building and whatever Dean is hiding seems to be growing into a big blowout towards the end of the season, although since its only five episodes in, the truth may come out sooner.

    Once again, Supernatural proves that it can be a thriller, horror, comedy and drama all in one episode and this one is a good one.
  • Awesome episode! I can't wait to find out some more answers to this great show!

    Awesome episode! I can't wait to find out some more answers to this great show! The show gets more interesting as it goes on into this new season, and now we are seeing traces of the demon again! Wow this show really knows how to get you going; I am looking forward to the season finale and another season to boot!
  • Another great episode :)

    I really enjoy watching this episode, probably because I absolutely LOVE the character Andy Gallagher!! I think he's such an awesome guy, portrayed in a great way - he can have anything he could ever want, but he "has everything he needs." That's amazing!! And he's funny. Andy, Sam, and Dean are all able to bounce jokes off of each other and have fun - something that is a bit toned down since John died. I also love how the mystery of the Demon is growing, and how Sam is shows how scared he is of becoming an evil killer. I think this is a great character-developing episode, hilarious, and just fun to watch :)
  • good episode but it could get better

    this type of program has much material from real life to have 20 years of running show. In this episode the two brothers have to find a guy that has mind control and some how is related the deamon that they are traing to kill. The episode is well writtend and the insertion of the two girls from the past has a new twiste to the siries so it can fill the departure of the father
  • It was great, I loved the whole i can make ya do anything!

    I really did like it cause it was like can i have you car and then it was like yea, there ya go buddy. I laughed my butt off at that! and when he was like who are you and dean actually told you, really i saw that clip on the magan mullay show earlier that day but of course I had no clue what it was about, but it was funny, i am so glad dean didnt kill himself, I mean he had the gun in place and every thing ahhh! oh well he alive and all is well!
  • Pusher

    Supernatural season 2 has not done well in my likings. after two so-so episodes comes one of the weakest of the series yet. 'Simon Says', the entire episode is pretty much Sam Getting visions and annoying characters annoying each other.

    I do like the fact that the writers decides to go more into Sam's character, I just wish they done it better.
    also the new charcaters seem pretty pointless, let Dean and Sam get the most screentime they can have, no reason why to bring in new characters.

    The storyline it self was like a bad rip-off from the X-files episode 'Pusher', the twin storyline did not work. The episode wasn't a complete waste of time, it had it's memorable moments and if it weren't such a big rip-off I would have be able to like it better. But still, quite messy and badly written. Hope the show gets better soon!
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