Season 2 Episode 5

Simon Said

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 26, 2006 on The CW

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  • Psychic power of a different sort

    Looks like the boys have found other psychics, mind-controling psychics, with the same history as Sam, which might bring them closer to the Demon and his plans for all the other children like Sam.

    Dean loses his ability to think for himself when confronted with Andy and "Webber," while Sam is somehow immune to it. Sam's premonitions begin to become less accurate and Dean has a close call with a rifle. This episode provides few answers and raises more questions. It is good hunting-wise; the demon turns out to be a person.

    I love the scene when Sam admits his fears of turning into some psycho killer with uncontrollable psychic power to Dean. It was really endearing. Dean totally kept his cool, but you could tell he's also worried, and that could be because he knows something about Sam.
  • Sam and Dean travel to a town after Sam has a vision showing a man killing a gun shop owner and himself. Sam then finds another person like him with the ability to control people by talking.

    I loved this episode. It was nice to see them expand on the psychic children out there and to see their powers. It was also another hilarious episode with Dean but also revealing what he thinks about Sam. I have a feeling near the end of the season, there is going to be a huge turning point with Sam and Dean regarding John\'s secret and Sam\'s abilities.
  • Sam meets another one like him. A Supernatural freak.

    I loved the episode.

    Dean was totally gritty when he was asked to tell the truth and yet he wasn\'t able to stop himself. \"I\'m trying...\" and yet he blabs on and on. That was hilarious!=)

    \"So I\'m a freak now?\" Sam asks big brother. And then Dean came up with \"You\'ve always been a freak!\" with a pat on Sam\'s knee--sweet! Sam is cool. Unpenetrable by the other kid.

    I loved this episode as much as the rest.=)
  • Dean gave away the Impala!! How could he.... :(

    Wow. There were two more "special" kids just like Sam. Sad that one of them had to die. Very sad that he too was evil just like Max from a previous episode. Atleast Andy live.......though he did have to kill his evil twin. Sam will never become evil no matter what. Dean won't let it happen. It was sad that Webber died but.....He WaS gOiNg To KiLl DeAn!! NoOoO!! He made Dean put a gun under his chin and was about to pull the trigger. Thank-you Andy for saving Dean. But it is scary that there was no house fire that could have given Webber his powers. No link to the demon. No telling how many are really out there then.Hmmm.
  • Sam and Dean find another boy that has powers like Sam's...sort of

    I liked this episode a lot, but it had it's down spots for me. I liked that they found another boy that shares the same powers as Sam, but I didn't care that much that he had an evil twin. It was okay, but it felt off somehow. But I loved all the humor, especially at Dean. That was so funny how he had his mind played with like that! I look forward to seeing more of these people like Sam that the brothers will find. It feels like an army is needed for a war getting ready to happen. I'm not really getting used to the RH crew yet, but I hope they get better.
  • one of my favorites episodes of SNL.

    loved IT.
    evil twinbrother. Cute thinking. That moment that Dean gave the Impala away. HI-LA-RI-OUS. Deadly, giving such a car like that away :P
    Good thinking that Andy can't mind control Sam. Which makes you think that he's different too, cause we find out he has visions.. like Phoebe in Charmed.
    not too much of 'real' superpowers, but enough to get Dean & Sam on the road. Sam kinda feels he's a freak, different, and Dean totally agrees with him. Although I kinda thought that maybe he would off said that a bit different. But heey, it's Dean.
    When the case if done, and the evil twin is dead, Andy convinces the police that Webber killed himself. They head out, cause their job here is done, but Sam is worried the demon could drive any of the “children” to become murderers.
  • This episode was Awesome!

    This episode had a very well developed plot, and had enough quirky quotes and Sam and Dean experience to be a pleaser. I think this was one of the best episode of the season so far. It fianlly delved into the fears that Dean has about Sam\'s visions. Showing that not only is he concerned for what the demon has in mind for Sam but, but also the fact that one day Sam might harm another person with his ablities. I loved the reference to Star Wars in this episode, it had a certain jedi feeling that stuck with you.
  • This is my new favorite episode!

    LOVE this show! LOVED this episode! You start out with Sammy having a vision and Dean going all big-brothery... Next they're investigating a Max-like clone in a small town. There were three times I actually went "Oh My God. I can't believe that just happened!" Between Dean singing and Moby Dick's bong... This one ranks as one of the most entertaining. The only reason I can't give it a 10.0 is the inordinate amount of time spent at the Roadhouse. Aside from Mr. BadAss needing his pants, that part of the episode was unnecessary. I mean, tell me Sam couldn't have pieced together that pattern of births/deaths/fires on his trusty geekboy Uber laptop on his own! :)
  • Dare I say ...mind blowing!

    This is one of my favorite episodes. Just the right amount of humor thrown into the plot to let you know there is enough tension to warrant it. Each time we meet one of the ‘special children’ that the demon has plans for the more the imagination flows with the possibilities and fears of what it really is.

    Mental or verbal command mind control is something that everyone would have a phobia about. The fact that Dean is starting to be scared his brother might be right, about the demon and its plan’s, and Sam now knows that, can’t help but add another dimension to their relationship.

    The end was actually my ‘cliff’ hanger. So, now we find out, not ALL are trackable, because not everyone’s mother was killed when they were 6 months.

    So my question – do we have two groups now? The ones the demon KNOWS he can control, i.e. Andy’ s brother, and the group that Sam is in, the ones that could actually overcome the demon, if perhaps they banned together??
  • Almost on my top7 but didn´t really make it:)

    It´s not one of my favorites but it´s pretty damm close!Every time that I see the woman splash her self in gas,I get goosbumps...I mean,imagine driving to a gaspump and see THAT?!I would freak out,and allways use my bike:P I loved the line that Andy said to his brother and it went something like : You, you learn you got a twin, you call them up! You go out for a drink. You don’t start killing people! That was made to be serious but I took it the other way around:) And the scene when Dean tries to kill himself,also freaked me out... But like I said,a really great epsiode,that was pretty close to get on my top 7:)
  • This is definitely a fine example as to why Supernatural should live on for ages!

    This episode of Supernatural was just like the rest.....well written, cleverly plotted and the praise goes on and on.

    This episode just goes to show that SN is one of the best shows ever created.

    "Simon Said"....whoa...what a title!
    It was totally awesome the way Dean blurted everything out to the psychic.
    No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't help himself.
    In a way, that wasn't a bad thing, cause rarely Dean opens up and shows his true feelings to Sam.....thus, leaving the viewers to speculate on his emotional state.
    But finally, Sam got a little of the truth out of Dean.......Sam finally realized that Dean was actually scared that he (Sam) might be evil!

    It gives us a hint that Dean might actually have an idea as to what the 'Demon' has in store for Sam...but is too afraid to admit it.

    Definitely, a fine example of great writing, directing and acting!!!

    I give it four stars!
  • The best episode of the season so far!

    I always love episodes in which Sam has visions. They just add so much mystery and apprehension to the episode - not to mention that Sam gets really broody in these episodes and his sad, broody face is just so darn cute!! I love how Dean described one of his faces as if he was sucking a lemon! Lol! Very cute!

    It was weird how Andy and his brother (crap I forgot his name!!) could make people do what they wanted. What if someone could actually do that?! That would be <i>really<i/> scary. Though I knew it was going to happen (I'm a huge fan of spoilers,) I still yelled at the tv for Dean to not give up Metallicar to Andy. And then I yelled at him again when he did. It was just strange how the people were just so...calm when they're minds were being messed with like that.

    Poor Sam - it seems like his visions get worse every time he was them. He actually collapsed this time! I wanted to reach through the screen and hug him.... I really want to know what is up with Sam and "all the children like him." What the hekc does the demon hav eplanned for them?! World domination? That's part of my idea about it personally. What demon wouldn't love to rid the world of mortals and rule the world. (See, this is where Dean's awesome quote of "Demons I get, people are just crazy" comes in - that's one of the best qutes of the show in my opionion. Well, aside from "Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole" and "Oooh that fabric softener bear. I wanna hunt that little biatch down." I agree with Dean abotu the fabric softener bear and I'm really getting off topic...)

    Grr!! I <i>know</i> I had more to say abotu this episode! The probem is, I;m writing the review a week after the ep was on and now i can't remember all the stuff i wanted to say.. *sniff* Oh well, I can always add on another time when I've consulted on this episode....

    to be continued....sometime.....
  • This episode is exactly why I watch this series- fun, creepy and full of allusions!

    Did anyone else catch the \"evil\" twin\'s name? Webber/Anson Williams! Only a show like Supernatural would name an evil twin after the actor, Anson Williams, who played Potsie Webber on Happy Days! Dean has to be the coolest character on TV today. I find it very interesting that these \"kids\" the demon has plans for have very different powers. Last year\'s Max was just like Sam. But the ones from this episode had different ones- mind control. I wonder why it didn\'t work on Sam? I love the chemistry between Dean and Jo- I hope they show the \"softer\" side of Dean. Yum!
  • Mind games!

    Sam and Dean come across another person who has pshycic (sorry i cant spell that word) abilities, just like Sam. They think he is the one causing all of the people to kill themselves, like in Sam's visions. The people have recieved phone calls from someone and then killed themselves. Dean is effected by the 'special children' but Sam, of course, isn't. This episode is disturbing, not for blood and gore, but the overall plot. I was soo scared for Dean in this episode!! EEK!
  • I am probably the only one who wasn't in love with this episode but it was a good installment.

    This episode featured a set of twins seperated at birth who also have powers to do things with their minds, specifically force people to do things. So Sam and Dean get on the case after Sam has a vision of people dying under the belief that it's one twin but in all actuality it's the evil twin that no one knew about, getting rid of people who "stood in the way" of Demons plans for his brother. I think that's it...

    Anyway, so this episode was decent, not great but not bad by any means. I thought it was very informative and it was good to meet some more people who the demon has targeted. I thought personally that the episode was a little empty or it left more to be desired, I can't really put my finger on it but it felt like it went by really quickly and was a bit anti-climatic. But generally the episode was necessary to give us more understanding of what's going on, so bravo for that.
  • Haven\'t seen a bad episode yet! Great comedic spots in this one, good twist at the end.

    Some of my favorite shows have the little bits of comedy snuck into the plot lines (\"These aren\'t the droids you\'re looking for\" - LOL)

    Interesting that the guys powers of suggestion didn\'t work on Sam. Probably because he has some psychic ability as well, so hes able to block it out.

    The demon wised up at one point along the way and not all the children he is ... recruiting? watching? ... have had their mothers killed in house fires. Sam and Dean did stop one family from being attacked just recently, so it looks like the demon still uses the same M.O., just not with every child.

    Interesting to see where this goes.
  • This was good.

    I did not know how this episode was going to be but it ended up being a really good episode. It touched on Sam's having premonitions and it also dealt with Sam's growing concern that he may end up killing people like the rest of the children like him have done. There was also humor in this episode. Dean singing "I can't fight this feeling anymore" while driving was hilarious. It also gave more information about the children like Sam not all of their houses burned down so they will not be as easy to track. The only thing that they did not touch on in this episode was that Sam had a touch of telekinesis in an episode last season. Is that power going to resurface this season? That remains to be seen.
  • Answered a little of the demon\\\'s plan for \\\"special\\\" kids

    A very special episode.. this episode answered a little bit of the demon\\\'s plan for these \\\"special\\\" kids (like Sam and Andy) which makes this season intense and relayed a message that there will be more. Furthermore, there\\\'s a part in this episode wherein Dean sang a song after hearing it at roadhouse which was played or chosen by Joe in the jukebox. It is also the first time Dean allowed somebody ( i mean not officially related to him ) to drive his baby ( the Impala ), but on the long run i found out that he was mind controlled. While on the last part of the episode, in the Roadhouse, Ellen finally confronts Sam and Dean, telling that this isn\\\'t just their(demons) way, it might be a war.
  • Another enjoyable episode.

    Supernatural is starting to become one of my favorite series. I sure hope the writers can keep it going.

    Sam is hit with his visions again when a person who has the ability of mind control starts killing people by simple verbal commands which they find impossible to resist. Come to find out there are two people with the mind control ability, twins, and both Dean and Sam discover that these two brothers share something in common with them. There mother was attacked and killed by the same demon that killed both Dean and Sam's mother. This is of course the second time this same creature has attacked and left its mark by giving the children who witnessed what happen special powers.

    This was a fun episode, and Dean was very humorous this week. It seems the series is leading to a very important conclusion which will likely have the brothers facing that demon, what Buffy would have called the Big Bad, some time at the end of this season or possibly when the series ends. Whatever it might be, it looks like it will be very interesting to watch.

    This episode loses some points because the mind control thing has been done before in other series on the CW or WB. I also found myself wondering why at the beginning the one guy who is mind controlled kills the guy who sells the guns first before killing himself? The guy selling the guns had nothing to do with the twins like the others did, and it was never really explained. I know Dean and Sam were able to stop it from happening the first time, but it still left an open question. Other than that, this was a very good episode.
  • Another great episode for season 2. Can't wait to find out more about Sam's power. Can't wait to see the rest of the season.

    I loved this episode. We got to see more of Sam's visions. I can't wait to see more of them. And to learn more about the rest of the special children like Sam. One of my favorite parts was when Jensen Ackles was singing. I thought he was a great singer. Another scene that I loved was when Andy used his power of persuasion on Dean to give him the Impala. I loved the look on Dean's face after Andy drove away. As I keep saying this show keeps getting better with each new episode. I can't wait to find out all the secrets. Like what their dad told Dean before he died. And what's so special about Dean's amulet? There are so many questions that I can't wait to find out what they are.
  • We finally get to meet more children like Sammy.

    Ok first off - I KNOW Jensen Ackles sang backup vocals for Steve Carlson's albums, Spot in the Corner and Rollin' On but damn, I didn't know how good his voice really is until this episode. I can totally see the connection between him and Jo. (No offence to the non-shippers; I mean, I like to have Dean all for myself and all...but...if romance would spark things up then I'll say, go for it!) All this time I thought the demon was behind the reoccuring deaths of these random people (not so random after that) and then before I knew it - they threw in another twist! Andy has a twin evil! When Andy made Dean gave away his 67 impala I was laughing so hard cos I know Dean is going to get it back somehow! It's his lotr version of the precious :D Right on! Great installment!
  • The boys get some more examples of the other guys with powers. Of course, they both end up learning totally opposite things from it.

    Wow. This ep was a total mind blower. More kids with special powers, just like our Sam, but this time we get double-teamed. Gotta love the good ol' evil twin cliche, especially when they manage to do it right. And, best of all, we get an example of another one of the kids who isn't a homicidal lunatic. Good omen for Sam's future. Dean's obvious relief when he realized that Andy wasn't a killer was wonderful, though it does make me wonder what his Dad told him about Sam's ability that has freaked him out so badly. He was iffy on it last season, but eventually he mostly came to terms with the idea. Now he seems rather freaked out by the situation.
    And Sam's guilt is still shining through, bright and clear. He still thinks that he's to blame for their mother's death, as well as Jess'. Every possible thing that he could possibly twist into a bad sign, he's focusing on. To carry the Star Wars theme a little further (loved those references!), Sam appears to be in danger of doing what Anakin did: seeing evil everywhere, and turning evil in the attempt to fight the evil. Seems like Sam might just have to find a way to come to grips with his guilt, or risk leaving himself open to the demon.
    Speaking of the demon, seems rather interesting that the demon was actually involved with pushing the evil twin to the 'dark side'. Maybe none of these kids are prone to violence, unless pushed explicitly in that direction. All in all, although I can appreciate the artistry and suspense-building, if they don't tell us what John told Dean about Sam soon, I may just have to kidnap Mr. Kripke and make him tell me!
  • "He full-on Obi-Wan'd me!"

    Talk about your heart-stopping moments! Two scenes in particular disturbed me beyond normal in this episode. The first one is when the Andy guy took the Impala from Dean! My first thought was “OMG!! NOT THE CAR...AGAIN!!!” I guess it’s true: the Impala really is a third character in this show and is just as vulnerable as the guys in dangerous sitches. Awesomeness!!! The second scene is where the Webber/Anson (sp, whatever) guy tries to get Dean to kill himself. Now, yes, okay, I know we’ve seen Dean at death’s door before and even almost cross the threshold of it on occasion, but those times were when he was going through a gradual process of it (i.e. in last season’s finale when the Demon was literally tearing him apart against that wall and in ‘Faith’ when he was dying from that fatal heart condition). Back then, he was slowly suffering in cases such as that. But this time was different - he had a gun, and only one pull of that trigger would’ve ended him in a blink of an eye. An image like that tends to stay with one when it comes to such a beloved character as Dean. Seriously, things like that just get me every time. (Of course, we knew he would survive, but still....that possibility of it ever happening is always there - which is what really makes it so scary). Okay, enough of this, I just had to get that out. Just listing yet another reason of how these writers know how to bring us back every week and enjoy messing with our minds.

    And speaking of messing with minds...

    What an episode. I was really glad to see more of Sam’s powers come into play. But I really enjoyed that they found another guy (Andy) with the same powers. Unlike last year’s Max, who had the power to move objects with his mind, Andy can perform mind control. I’ve always personally considered mind control to be exceptionally frightening. Sam has visions, something he pretty much is all alone with doing (meaning nobody else can experience from it but him). Max could move objects, but at least others could see it coming (most of the time). But with mind control, it is so subtle and clever and devastating because that’s something you don’t see coming. And to be a victim of that would be unthinkable and terrifying - a total loss of control without knowing what you will do and not even knowing where that feeling came from or from who. And worse, being conscious of it enough to know you are doing it even though you can’t control it. Frankly, if I were a victim, I’d rather not know, at least I could plead amnesia or something because once the “deed” is done, there has got to be a great deal of remorse and fear that follows once you regain control, which can be far worse than the act itself (unless you were forced to do yourself in at the end by the mind controller). All that said, if the Demon is searching for people like Sam, Max, and Andy to build an evil army out of, then I’ll wager its strongest and most dangerous “weapons” would be those with mind control. Of course, this is just a speculation on my part and the Demon may have entirely different plans in its warped mind, but it doesn’t hurt to consider the possibility. About Andy, I liked this character. He was a freak, yeah, but a thoroughly enjoyable one. I even didn’t mind that he was the hero in the end, shooting his evil brother like that. Gotta say, I didn’t see the whole thing with the twin brother coming. It left me feeling that it was a little cliche with the whole “evil twin” idea for a moment, but I didn’t mind as long as we kept getting such a good story. And we did. And this Webber guy was scary because obviously the Demon had gotten to him and decided to play mind games of his own with the poor boy. According to the dialogue, Webber tells Andy that the “man with the yellow eyes” more or less played him to the extent of making Webber think that he and Andy could do anything with their powers - which brings me back to my whole terrifying theory I ranted about above. Thank God for Sam and Dean and their intervention with Andy before the evil twin got to him first. I’m especially glad that Andy didn’t die in the end like Max did last year. At least this is one for the good side that we’ll possibly see again down the road. Then again, Webber isn’t a bad guy either. He was just coerced by the Demon as dialogue also suggested that Webber wanted to find his brother Andy, but the Demon of course had other plans and got to Webber first. I am so thrilled at how the “Supernatural” writers are handling Sam’s powers. I’m sorry, but there’s just this strange feeling I get every time I see this that reminds me that it could go all Cordelia Chase on us. Thankfully this ain’t the case. Sam, as a character, is dealing with his powers with amazing finesse. They’re there and very real - and obviously very painful, as well - but he makes no real big deal about them. His drive from his visions isn’t about “Whoa! Hey, man, I can do this and that and blah blah blah”, but is all about making connections with the Demon he and Dean are desperately trying to find and destroy, as well as helping the guys find the “others” like Sam. This is interesting because it opens up a kind of new door for the guys. It seems to be a new and unusual way for them to find cases. Even with John gone now, they still (presumably) have his journal and now they have Ellen and Ash, with the latter having useful computer skills. But sometimes it’s nice to get off this “basic” stuff and see the boys grab a case from out of nowhere by having one of them see things in his mind. That’s just my own observation, though. And one last thing to note here is that it is good that these other people’s powers don’t seem to affect Sam. That’s a heck of a defense there. As well as a potential for many a twisting storyline ideas.

    Dean, as always, was awesome in this ep. His humor was so over-the-top and it just rocked. Especially the scene where Andy was playing with the boys’ minds and Dean was affected and spilled his guts while Sam was unfazed. That was just top notch classic gold humor, hands down! However, this a key and very important scene as it reveals something about Dean: he’s obviously uneasy about Sam and the “children” like him. Up to now, Dean has put up a pretty good front regarding his feelings toward Sam’s powers. Sure, he seems okay with it and doesn’t seem to let it get in his way of protecting Sam and doing his job. Heck, he even kids Sam about it sometimes. But now, he opens up a little thanks to Andy’s mind control influence. The last part in this speech that Dean says about all of them (Sam, Andy, etc.) being part of something terrible and he’s afraid Sam may be right is an eye opener. Now, I believe Dean isn’t totally freaked out by Sam’s powers, but it’s clear he’s not entirely comfortable with them either. And after this I’m starting to become more convinced that John’s secret Dean is harboring is connected to Sam. Okay, I always had my suspicions as it’s pretty obvious, but my point is that now I think we are getting somewhere as far as starting to get revealing clues into Dean’s psyche as far as this secret is concerned. Sam pretty much busted Dean about Dean’s feelings in the end when he confronted Big Bro on how afraid he is much like Sam. Sam, I think, is starting to catch on that Dean knows just a wee too much about...well, whatever. And Sam raised another interesting point. He said no matter how you look at it, Andy was a killer. He’s right when he adds that when it comes down to it, everyone has the potential for murder. This clearly shows his own fears about his abilities and about this possibly being the Demon’s plan. Dean does something at the end that shows how strong and unwavering his character is. In the last scene at the roadhouse bar, Dean tries to keep quiet about Sam’s powers in front of Ellen. It doesn’t work, but it shows how much he still tries to protect Sam, especially when he makes the remark about it being “a family issue”. Not to mention the looks of disgust and uneasiness on his face as Sam explains to Ellen about himself and the “others”. Dean clearly doesn’t want Sam’s abilities known, possibly because he still doesn’t trust Ellen completely yet. But the point is it still shows how fiercely protective of Sam he is despite what they have just gone through with John and the pain, rage and bitterness Dean experienced and even unleashed on Sam. Yet this makes the Big Secret even more intriguing as the biggest question on this front now is: will his feelings of protectiveness toward his little brother change dramatically? Oh, the waiting!!

    Well, I’m gonna say it: Ellen rules. I admit I liked seeing Ash again, he was funnier this time around, and Jo is still just gonna have to grow on me some more, but she’s not bad. But Ellen just frickin’ rules, that’s all there is to it. The last scene in the ep where she confronts the boys about the Demon was great. The way she told Dean off was kind of a blow to the heart as we all love Dean, but let’s face it - he kinda had it coming. It’s true, he wants nothing more than to protect Sam and himself and keep what’s left of their family together and safe, hence the way he hinted for Ellen to drop the topic. But at the same time, Ellen is right that they are in a war and they all need each other right now. Ellen is a strong woman, no doubt. And she’s obviously not gonna take any bull from anyone or anything, so of course she makes a better argument here against Dean and has Sam open up to her about the Demon and his “kind”. It’s this type of thing that Sam and Dean really should hold onto now that John is gone and she has the potential of filling in that missing parental unit they lack from a real mother and/or father anyway. And she has a sense of humor, too, as she told Jo to “break out the whiskey instead” in the end. But she also said one more thing that got my attention: that something big’s coming.

    Speaking of, this episode also raises yet another question regarding the Demon’s motives. Sam reveals in the end that Webber and Andy’s mom never died in a house fire, which meant the Demon is breaking his patterns. So, the evil thing is either very clever at hiding its tracks or something once again twisted about this story will surface in the future. But darn it all, what ARE its plans for Sam and the others? Grrrr!! Is it raising an army or trying to destroy them one by one or something totally different here? Questions, questions, and more nagging questions! Nonetheless, I sense a huge battle looming........

    Bits and pieces:
    - I’m with Dean: I loved Andy’s van. Sweet!
    - Another reason I like Andy: when Sam tells him that he still lives in a van and he could have anything he ever wanted because of his “gift”, Andy just replied he has everything he needs. Too cool.
    - Jensen Ackles finally sang! Okay, maybe not to actual music, but come on...he sang! And it was good. Would love to hear him more often.
    - Okay, I know this is stupid, but because of my obsession with this show I just gotta point it out: I was so tripping with joy when I heard the girl’s name ‘Tracy’, as it is mine (only spelled with an ‘i’ at the end). <eye roll>
    - As far as spook factor is concerned, gruesome stuff: the doc getting flattened by the bus and that gas station scene were just...ugghh. *shiver* Neat stuff.
    - Clever title for an episode like this.
    - Gotta admit I like the roadhouse bar. It’s no Bronze, but it works.

    I’m gonna rate this ep a 9.6. It was a super ep, but it lacked a few elements. Mostly, due to the circumstances of last week’s episode - with that heart-grinding last scene, for starters - I felt that this week’s ep regarding anything at all to do with the whole John’s death/Dean dealing sitch should’ve been at least touched upon. It was never even mentioned here. That’s okay, I guess, because they do need to move on and play on Sam’s powers/the Demon story and all, but I just would’ve liked to see or at least hear them say something about it. But, as usual, that’s me. And also, because I think we’re just up and starting (really) on Sam’s powers storylines, much like Dean’s dealing with John’s death, it has only to improve so I’ll save better ratings when this story gets better. And of course it will. Next week, I don’t know what up with that. Looks like it may be a fright fest and a half, can’t wait to tune in.
  • A great mix of character exploration and mythology

    This episode brings the season back towards the overall mythology, adding some twists and turns to the mystery, while still focusing strongly on the psychology of the Brothers Winchester. I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but that psychological element continues to be the most interesting element of the series. If there is any similarity between “Supernatural” and “Lost”, then it’s the underlying design of each episode. It’s not so much about the demons without as the demons within.

    While the topic is never addressed directly, the first hint of Dean’s knowledge about the demon and the “special children” shines through. Dean knows more than he’s telling, and it doesn’t sound good. He tries very hard to convince Sam that his abilities aren’t a sign of evil, but every so often, it sounds more like he’s convincing himself. Sam’s not stupid, and he picks up on Dean’s evasiveness. That troubling lack of communication is pervasive in this episode, forcing the viewer to think about the possible implications.

    The twin brothers are, in essence, the two opposing directions available for Sam. He could use his abilities to help others, not unlike Cordelia on “Angel”, or he could use the abilities to his own advantage, picking and choosing his battles. Right now, he doesn’t have nearly enough control to abuse his power, but if he could develop it into something vaguely “Dead Zone” in nature, there’s more than a little room for amorality.

    For a good chunk of the episode, the writers seed the story with information that is vitally important. Sam and Dean have touched on a correlation between the demon’s behavior and children with abilities: their mothers were killed 6 months after they were born, and right around the time Jessie was killed, the latent abilities became active. The glaring exception to the rule is right there in front of the entire audience, but it’s concealed well enough that the end of the episode is a surprise. It seems that some children with abilities were not present when the demon killed the mother, and that clearly means something important.

    This is another episode where the benefits of the Roadhouse became clear. Ash is a good support system, at least in terms of speeding the story along and adding an amusing recurring character, and Ellen is a no-nonsense parental figure, someone with experience and context. And of course, Jo is quite easy on the eyes, and she’s definitely gotten under Dean’s skin. It would be fun to see her in a more active role, to see how Dean would react to a female hunter!

    Overall, the guest cast was solid, especially the twin brothers, and the writers did a good job of taking a concept tied to a memorable “X-Files” episode into an unexpected and relevant direction. More to the point, they didn’t abandon the psychological trauma of the past few episodes; they applied it directly to a more pressing situation. The Winchesters were rightfully focused on the case at hand, but underneath it all, they were still dealing with the fallout of their father’s death.

    (As a sidenote: I also have a podcast associated with my various reviews called “Dispatches from Tuzenor”. Current episodes cover “Supernatural”, so it might be something of interest. Go to if you want to listen!)
  • Another great episode to Season 2. Sam and Dean meet Andy Gillette, a guy with the power of persuasian. But is he really behind mysterious murders?

    After Sam had a "vison" of a man killing a shop owner, he and Dean investigate. They find the man and a guy named Andy Gillette, who has the power of persuasian. He even gets Dean to give him the Impala. Sam stops the man from killing the shopkeeper, but then someone tells the man to kill himself. Sam and Dean learn that Andys powers don't work on Sam. Sam has another vison of a woman burning herself to death. They are to late to save her. Sam and Dean believe it was Andy, but soon learn it couldn't have been since he was with them. They do the research and learn Andy has a twin brother. His brother trys to kill the girl Andy likes, but Sam and Andy stop him. After the twin sees Dean trying to shoot him, he gets Dean to kill himself. Before he can, Andy shoots and kills his brother. Dean lives, and they leave. They tell Andy if he's bad they'll come back.
  • We meet up with the crew from Roadhouse again and get a look at Jensen Ackle's singing abilities! What could be better?

    I've personally come to like the Roadhouse crew, so I like this episode just because we got to see more of them. Sam's visions are advancing and he's becoming more concerned about the demon's plans for him and the others like him. Sam's visions may be advancing, but he's having trouble preventing them from happening and he's wondering how much longer it's going to take for him to break before he becomes like Max from the episode of "Nightmare" or the other brother in this episode. You can tell that Dean is having a difficult time with this because he knows what the demon's plans are and can't say anything to Sam about it. He hasn't come to trust the Roadhouse crew and therefore is weary about letting them know anything about Sam's visions. Also, his relationship with Jo is developing and he's been quite the gentleman around her, surprisingly enough--maybe this could be the real thing for Dean.. Another thing about this episode that I loved was Jensen's singing--that was amazing. I've read in other places that he plays guitar and that he likes to sing and I was so psyched that we got to hear him sing.. and guess what--the boy can sing. ALthough I wasn't too crazy about the song for his singing debut on Supernatural--could have picked a better one. But go Jensen! Awesome singer!

    This episode is setting up for future plotlines. By the end of the episode, we're left in the Roadhouse with Jo, Sam, and Dean wondering how many kids like Sam are out there because their pattern for finding the kids with abilities was broken by some information that Sammy found. Who out there is good? And just how many kids with the abilities turn out to be like Max? Another great installment for the season--excellent!
  • It was nice episode with little story twist...loved it.

    Sometimes I feel Like I am too obsessed with Supernatural, that I love every episode I watch....It is too good, awesome show.. I never watch such a smooth transitions of emotions in any show..Very Intense one week, lighter one next week. And Jensen and Jared handle everything so well....It always look natural. Excellent acting as always.. Jensen singing... Dean Impala moments... Jensen telling the truth...cute and hilarious.. In SN2 they are showing more Dean comments about his car..Yes we know that he loved his car from season one..But I think after John gone, he is more attach to his car now.... I do like episode like Simon said, because any episode which is more close to season one...I really really enjoy... I am so happy to see that we are in episode five of this season 2, and it is getting better and better by every week.. Loved it...
  • This episode adds to the show\\\'s mythos to provide a basis for the rest of the season (and series).

    Many of us have been waiting for an episode like this since the beginning of the season. The on-going story needed to have something added to it soon. We\\\'ve now been provided with additional hints regarding the abilities of individuals that the demon is after:

    1. All of the individuals might have widely different mental abilities. This is re-enforced, but we now have the idea that Sam will likely not develop other mental abilities.
    2. The reason for Sam\\\'s precognition visions purpose may not be to \\\"save\\\" individuals (this is largely a re-enforcement of things we\\\'ve seen in the past).
    3. To development abilities, it is not necessary that the demon kills the individual\\\'s mother.
    4. It appears as if the mental abilities of one individual cannot directly affect another with similar abilities.
  • different from the typical TV trends

    I consider the other shows I watch - the detective, mystery, cop shows and realize that the reason I like supernatural is because it's different from a lot of what you see on tv. So it's not getting boring. Not at all. In fact that characters keep growing into themselves. I'm getting bored after two years of watching all the other typical cop shows on tv, and I am still very hyped about this one.

    Keep up the good work, continue to be creative and different and keep us on edge as to what will happen next with sam and dean
  • This episode is a perfect example of a show taking control of it\'s destiny. A direction for this season has been established and in PERFECT timing.

    Supernatural needs to give Lost some advice on mixing mystery with story development. This episode had great new characters and the coming episodes should bring in more.

    Simon say what?:
    Great new character and he was well developed within one episode! The double bluff was great. All along I thought the chick was the twin (they were referencing star wars!). But I loved the storyline and we're getting more special children soon and with different powers a la X-men (or Heroes if you watch that spectacular show)!

    Sam and Dean:
    I was worried Sam and Dean would still be moping around about their dead father. But as I said the writers have perfect timing and have taken the show in a great direction. And looks like Dean loves Jo which added the final ingredient to a perfect show and that ingredient is unrequited love.

    Sam and Visions:
    Sam is worried about his powers and so is Dean. Is the Demon looking to possess the special children and create an evil X-men to control the world? I sure damn hope so!

    The editing was good this week especially the cut away from the headlights to the coffee mug. But special props goes to the fantastic writing. Man I'm so proud of this show and since I've stuck with it from the pilot it has not let me down.
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