Season 3 Episode 4

Sin City

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 25, 2007 on The CW
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The brothers investigate a town where the citizens have turned to drinking and gambling. Meanwhile, Bobby gets an unexpected ally as he attempts to rebuild the Colt.

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  • My least favorite episode of Season Three and maybe the entire "Supernatural".

    This is a strange episode, at least for me. The premise was fascinating but, in the end, something is not clicking right. I mean: the first part is as cliched as it gets and the so-called sins this Ohio city is sinking in are no more than a grittier version of what one can see in a "Gossip Girl" episode; the second part, on the other hand, is interesting and the relationship between Dean and Casey!Demon is well built and believable. Furthermore, their conversations enrich the show's mythology (this is the first mention of Lucifer and the first time we get to know Yellow Eyes' real name) and the gentle nod toward "Hell in the Pacific" is not only nicely done but also extremely effective. Nevertheless, I still can't understand why Ruby showed up in "Sin City", just to repair the Colt, and the whole Trotter business was a tad too far-fetched: I mean, no sin could disrupt a city in two months just because someone opened up a brothel. It was nice to see Don Davis though: he's such a terrific actor! All in all, this episode is pretty weak in my opinion and it is the only "Supernatural" episode I would rate under 7. It is saved by Dean and Casey segment, but the rest isn't quite at par with it.moreless
  • Demons reveal a bit of their beiliefs.

    A good not great episode, again some humor is a bit misplaced and forced, and the writer seem to be playing to the straight teenager hormones. But all in all fair. I did like the more lore about the demons and their beliefs, that does add to the show, but for heaven (pun inteneded) stop with all the perfect females and their gratutitous dress. Aren't there any actors in Hollywood besides Bobby who aren't twenty something bombshells. A step down from the prior episde, but still enjoyable on a lower level. The actor who plays Sam deserves better writing, and the actor who plays Dean, deserves more lines outside of "teenage talk".moreless
  • In this episode: Demonology 101 and a really messed up city

    While not the most compelling episode the show has ever produced, this episode focused more on a demon than I've ever seen them do. Watching Dean and the demon talk to one another as if they were at a coffee shop was compelling and very well written. Since Dean is going to be going to hell, it seems as if he's mentally preparing himself, even if he doesn't show it to Sam or anybody else.

    The plot itself was alright. A town is consumed by sex and drugs and Sam and Dean come to it after people who seem like normally nice people begin killing themselves and wreaking havoc. Here, we meet one of Dean's old friends again (a player in every sense of the word) and watch as hooker after hooker try to lure Sam and Dean in.

    As I said before, it wasn't the most compelling plot. In fact, I didn't find myself that interested in what was going on until Dean and the demon got trapped together and began discussing hell and demons and angels. It gave a whole new perspective to this war that's going on.

    So far, I wouldn't say that Season 3 is bad. But it certainly lacks the same drive that Season 2 had throughout the early episodes. I will admit, however, that I like the addition of Ruby and Bela. It gives the brothers other people to deal with besides the random people they hunt.moreless
  • Ruby is a fallen angel.

    First of all I have to say Katie Cassidy is doing very well as the role of Ruby. She does her so perfect. So far I have not seen one flaw of Ruby. She hasn't done anything bad, she's only helped the Winchesters. Some of her lines are snarky & funny. Ans she kicks ass! Especially how she helped Bobby with that colt in this episode. Demons might have a little good in this episode as this episode reveals that The Yellow Eyed Demon is named Azazel. Plus I love how Sam killed both of them in the end. It is really showing his dark side. Ruby's last lines were perfect. I love this episode!moreless
  • Another top episode.

    Sam and Dean investigate a rash of violent deaths in Elizabethville, Ohio, a once-sleepy town that has been turned into a haven for gamblers and drinkers. Dean discovers demons have infiltrated Elizabethville and are using their powers of persuasion to make the townspeople succumb to their basic instincts. Meanwhile, Ruby helps Bobby rebuild the Colt from scratch and stuns him with some news. Another great episode, Supernatural is a fastly becomming one of my favourite shows, Sam and Dean are great as usual, I like Ruby aswell (she is hot too that always makes you like the character abit more) the episode was another fine example to this superb season of Supernatural, the season is nearly beating Lost season 4 so far that is how good it is. 9.9 out of 10.moreless

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    • Casey: Guess you should have paid more attention in Latin class.
      Dean: I don't know what you're smiling about, you're not going anywhere.
      Casey: And apparently neither are you.
      Dean: Yeah but I got somebody coming for me and uh... he did pay attention in class.
      Casey: Oh right--Sam. Everyone say's he's the brains of the outfit.
      Dean: Everyone?

    • Sam: (on Dean not eating the hamburger in front of him) You do realize there is red meat within striking distance, right?

    • Dean: (referring to Richie) No way he gets a girl like that. I mean, look at her. You could fit that ass on a nickel.

    • Richie: Wow, this is, er, charming. You sure you wouldn't be more comfortable in a bedroom, or my motel room? I mean, not for nothing, but you know... I got oils.
      Casey: But I have toys.
      Richie: Yeah, no, toys trump oils.

    • Dean: (about the Colt) So if we wanna go check out these omens in Ohio, think you can have that thing ready by this afternoon?
      Bobby: Well, it won't kill demons by then, but I can promise it'll kill you.

    • Sam: No offense, but what are you doing here, Father?
      Father Gil: Like it or not, you go where your flock is.
      Casey: Plus the clergy drinks for free.

    • Dean: (trying an exorcism from memory) Spiritus emundi, undalara, persona tote… (trails off, lost)
      Casey: Nice try but I think you just ordered a pizza.

    • Bartender: What's wrong with you? Think I'm gonna give you a coworker's address just so you can go over there and get your freaky peeping tom rocks off? (Sam hands him money) Corner of Piermont and Clinton. Have fun.

    • Dean: Azazel?
      Casey: What, you think his friends just called him Yellow-Eyes? He had a name.

    • Sam: For some reason, you're fighting on our side. Why is that, again?
      Ruby: Go screw yourself, that's why.

    • Dean: There's got to be a demon or two in South Beach.
      Sam: Sorry, Hef, maybe next time.

    • Dean: All you demons have such smart mouths.
      Casey: It's a gift.

    • Casey: You Winchester boys are famous. Not Lohan famous, but you know.

    • Casey: Why Dean. if I didn't know better, I'd say that's lust in your eyes. Well, it would be one way to spend the time. But I don't think you'd respect me in the morning.
      Dean: That's okay: I mean hey, I barely respect you now.

    • Ruby: (to Sam) On the bright side, I'll be there with you - that little fallen angel on your shoulder.

    • Dean: Think something's wrong with my brother?
      Bobby: Nah. Demons lie. I'm sure Sam's okay.
      Dean: (doubtfully) Yeah.

    • Casey: So you see? Is my kind really really all that different than yours?
      Dean: Well, except that, uh, demons are evil.
      Casey: And humans are such a lovable bunch. Dick Cheney.
      Dean: He's one of yours?
      Casey: Not yet. Let's just say he's got a parking spot reserved for him downstairs.

    • Casey: (to Dean) Just this year, you people racked up a body count that amazed even us. Now it's our turn. And this time, we're doing it right.

    • Casey: Why don't you relax?
      Dean: Why don't you kiss my ass?
      Casey: Why, Dean, you're a poet. I had no idea.

    • Dean: Oh, I forgot to mention Richie was a friend of mine, once I realized I could track the GPS in his mobile I wanted to give him a proper burial, better than lying in some skank's basement.

    • Dean: What are you laughing at, bitch? You're still trapped.
      Casey: So are you... bitch.

    • Bobby: What do you want?
      Ruby: Peace on earth, a new shirt...

    • Sam: You drink hurricanes?
      Dean: I do now.

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    • International Airdates:
      Brazil: November 28, 2007 on Warner Channel
      Denmark: January 6, 2008 on TV3
      UK: February 17, 2008 on ITV2
      Norway: June 29, 2008 on TVNorge
      Spain: September 15, 2008 on AXN
      Sweden: September 28, 2008 on Kanal 5
      Portugal: November 27, 2008 on RTP 2
      Germany: February 9, 2009 on Premiere HD
      Finland: May 14, 2009 on Sub
      Poland: September 7, 2009 on AXN
      Czech Republic: February 12, 2010 on Prima COOL
      The Netherlands: February 21, 2010 on Net5
      Slovakia: September 15, 2010 on Markiza

    • Music: Fool for Your Loving by Whitesnake, Run Through The Jungle by Creedence Clearwater Revival, Bad Seed by Brimstone Howl, Nikki by Sasquatch, Did You See It by Mother Superior.