Season 3 Episode 4

Sin City

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 25, 2007 on The CW

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  • My least favorite episode of Season Three and maybe the entire "Supernatural".

    This is a strange episode, at least for me. The premise was fascinating but, in the end, something is not clicking right. I mean: the first part is as cliched as it gets and the so-called sins this Ohio city is sinking in are no more than a grittier version of what one can see in a "Gossip Girl" episode; the second part, on the other hand, is interesting and the relationship between Dean and Casey!Demon is well built and believable. Furthermore, their conversations enrich the show's mythology (this is the first mention of Lucifer and the first time we get to know Yellow Eyes' real name) and the gentle nod toward "Hell in the Pacific" is not only nicely done but also extremely effective. Nevertheless, I still can't understand why Ruby showed up in "Sin City", just to repair the Colt, and the whole Trotter business was a tad too far-fetched: I mean, no sin could disrupt a city in two months just because someone opened up a brothel. It was nice to see Don Davis though: he's such a terrific actor! All in all, this episode is pretty weak in my opinion and it is the only "Supernatural" episode I would rate under 7. It is saved by Dean and Casey segment, but the rest isn't quite at par with it.
  • Demons reveal a bit of their beiliefs.

    A good not great episode, again some humor is a bit misplaced and forced, and the writer seem to be playing to the straight teenager hormones. But all in all fair. I did like the more lore about the demons and their beliefs, that does add to the show, but for heaven (pun inteneded) stop with all the perfect females and their gratutitous dress. Aren't there any actors in Hollywood besides Bobby who aren't twenty something bombshells. A step down from the prior episde, but still enjoyable on a lower level. The actor who plays Sam deserves better writing, and the actor who plays Dean, deserves more lines outside of "teenage talk".
  • In this episode: Demonology 101 and a really messed up city

    While not the most compelling episode the show has ever produced, this episode focused more on a demon than I've ever seen them do. Watching Dean and the demon talk to one another as if they were at a coffee shop was compelling and very well written. Since Dean is going to be going to hell, it seems as if he's mentally preparing himself, even if he doesn't show it to Sam or anybody else.

    The plot itself was alright. A town is consumed by sex and drugs and Sam and Dean come to it after people who seem like normally nice people begin killing themselves and wreaking havoc. Here, we meet one of Dean's old friends again (a player in every sense of the word) and watch as hooker after hooker try to lure Sam and Dean in.

    As I said before, it wasn't the most compelling plot. In fact, I didn't find myself that interested in what was going on until Dean and the demon got trapped together and began discussing hell and demons and angels. It gave a whole new perspective to this war that's going on.

    So far, I wouldn't say that Season 3 is bad. But it certainly lacks the same drive that Season 2 had throughout the early episodes. I will admit, however, that I like the addition of Ruby and Bela. It gives the brothers other people to deal with besides the random people they hunt.
  • Ruby is a fallen angel.

    First of all I have to say Katie Cassidy is doing very well as the role of Ruby. She does her so perfect. So far I have not seen one flaw of Ruby. She hasn't done anything bad, she's only helped the Winchesters. Some of her lines are snarky & funny. Ans she kicks ass! Especially how she helped Bobby with that colt in this episode. Demons might have a little good in this episode as this episode reveals that The Yellow Eyed Demon is named Azazel. Plus I love how Sam killed both of them in the end. It is really showing his dark side. Ruby's last lines were perfect. I love this episode!
  • Another top episode.

    Sam and Dean investigate a rash of violent deaths in Elizabethville, Ohio, a once-sleepy town that has been turned into a haven for gamblers and drinkers. Dean discovers demons have infiltrated Elizabethville and are using their powers of persuasion to make the townspeople succumb to their basic instincts. Meanwhile, Ruby helps Bobby rebuild the Colt from scratch and stuns him with some news. Another great episode, Supernatural is a fastly becomming one of my favourite shows, Sam and Dean are great as usual, I like Ruby aswell (she is hot too that always makes you like the character abit more) the episode was another fine example to this superb season of Supernatural, the season is nearly beating Lost season 4 so far that is how good it is. 9.9 out of 10.
  • A lot more is found out in this episode to do with dean and sam but there's not a strong enough storyline to hold the episode together and make it a classic.

    The series deffinatly seems to be heading in a new direction which is certainly welcome otherwise it may have become gutty and samey with the same concept each week, but at the moment what they hunt isn't really a focul point of the series its more the brothers and Deans one year to live. still entertaining i might add and enjoyable to watch and the third series is still focusing more on the continued story of Dean and Sam rather than a seperate senario each week. The things they hunt aren't explained as well and most of the climaxes are a little dull. In this episode its almost like the whole plot seems to be an excuse to sit down and go over everything that has happens and answer a few questions. None the less this episode does expand alot on the whole main plot. Each week we tend to find out more which is good as it makes you want to keep watching and there seems to be more cliffhangers at the end of each episode which makes the show gripping. In this episode Sam and Dean visit a town where all the residents have turned to drugs, drink and prostitution. Due apparently to a spirit, not excactly an imagnative idea but once the truth starts to unfold you won't really care. It turns out all the demons that escaped hell are lying around not knowing what to do with themselves as they do not have a leader since dean wasted yellow eyes. Apparently they look to sam who is becoming increasingly evil every minute killing things in cold blood without hesitating. Could he really be turning into a demon??? This is what the episode revolves around rather than the usual formular of hunting a demon, its more a character driven episode where a lot of questions are answered. There are a few good twists here as well and the acting is on top form. The episode does well at creating tension and drama and lays off the action but allows time to focus on character and this is really interesting. The humour is never far from the script and this sets a good pace as well, as the balance between drama and comedy is spot on. Bobby attempts to rebuild the colt with the help from bella who is proving to be really intruging and i'm sure we'll find out more and more about her as the season develops. So i think i like where the series is heading and i like how the characters are developing and a strong plot follows on in each episode creating lots of question marks and cliffhangers that leaves you wanting more and more of supernatural.
  • Dean: (referring to Richie) No way he gets a girl like that. I mean, look at her. You could fit that ass on a nickel.

    Sam and Dean investigate a rash of violent deaths in Elizabethville, Ohio, a once-sleepy town that has been turned into a haven for gamblers and drinkers. Dean discovers demons have infiltrated Elizabethville and are using their powers of persuasion to make the townspeople succumb to their basic instincts. Meanwhile, Ruby helps Bobby rebuild the Colt from scratch and stuns him with some news. Another great episode, Supernatural is a fastly becomming one of my favourite shows, Sam and Dean are great as usual, I like Ruby aswell (she is hot too that always makes you like the character abit more) the episode was another fine example to this superb season of Supernatural, the season is nearly beating Lost season 4 so far that is how good it is. 9.9 out of 10.
  • Crazier things have happened

    As I watched this episode I couldn't help noticing that Sam seems to have slightly changed. He is still Sam the smart caring guy we all know and love but he just seems so different since the whole death thing from last seasons finale. This episode was good. Dean trying to exorcise a demon and then gets trapped in a basement with her. As I watched it I was thinking that he probably liked parts of what happened. I found the interaction between bobby and ruby interesting. I can't wait to see what she has to offer. It was great to see General Hammond of SG1 in other things. I am a huge fan og both SG1 and SGA. Supernatural great episode.
  • When a couple of men go crazy and kill themselves, Dean and Sam go to investigate. Turns out General Hammond is running a town with vices like whiskey and whores.

    He's not alone, a priest demon and a sexy barkeep demon are pulling the strings. Dean gets trapped in a basement with the the sexy barkeep. They have a heart to heart and she explains some of what happened when the demons were released from hell. We find out that Yellow Eyes was Azazael. In the event of Azazael's death, Sam was supposed to be the leader of the demons! Bobby fixes the demon killing gun with the help of the blonde demon who keeps saving Sam's arse. Sam bursts in to save Dean from both the priest and the sexy barkeep. He shot first and never asked questions. Dean shares his concerns with Bobby about Sam being fully human now that he's been brought back from the dead. Sam and the blonde arse saver discuss Deans future and what Sam needs to do to save him.
  • reaveling the new sam

    nice episode with a very funny dialogue between dean and a deamon when they but ge trapped in a basement after dean try's toe exorsice it. looks like there are deamons very similar to humans, that have faith beliving in a higher power and that have , be amazed, a lover.

    bobby gets the gun working and now they have a very powerful away to stop deamons, and the way that sam worked with the gun to free dean from the deamon and his lover is starting to show that him being dead and coming back changed him even thought in the end his still the nice brother.
  • The boys check out a small town where the residents seem to be going straight to... well... you know.

    YAY! This ep was everything I hoped it would be and definitely that much more! Wonderfully written and as always beautifully acted. The beginning banter with Bobby and the Boys... (wow that's a lot of alliteration before coffee) was relaxed, and easy, just like it should be for those three. Serious issue (the colt and what makes it tick... well what makes it able to kill demons), and friendly joking around. So professor Peabody pulls out another set of possible leads, (Observation: In MS - whatshisface [Kendra's husband] says, "...yeah well the family that slays together..." and our Sweet Sammy jumps right in with an oh-so-knowing "Yeah I'm with ya..." - Since when is our Sweet Sammy so gung-ho on hunting? I mean it's entirely possible that he's got the spirit now that his brother is riding that bullet train to hell... but there have been a few things that have me paying just a little more attention to this once upon a sweet-little-boy...) Another of those moments of observation that applies to the aforementioned and segues us back nicely is the look on his face last night when Ruby said something along the lines of, "...well you wouldn't be Sam if it didn't..." in reference to some kind of collateral damage. Cause Jared I gotta say... DUDE... you PULLED that look off PERFECTLY, just like in AHBL2... not to mention just the chilling emotionlessness while shooting the two demons in the chicks basement. WOW... Poor Richie (I got a very very distinct FLASHDANCE flashback... YIKES!) poor horny little schtunk, ahh well... and Dean... not quite the sidekick I'd envision for you with Sam in college... course... I do get that he could fall under the category of someone who'd need your sharp eye and cat-like reflexes looking out for him... so... poor substitute, but hey you were younger then too right? Saw the Father in the bar, knew it, but no problem cause it was totally appropriate. Keren identified the symbol John used to summon YED in IMTOD - and Yah shure yew betcha... Azazel he was... Good work lady. Glad they finally divulged his name. Dean... seriously... I can't believe you don't have the ritual memorized yet! *slap slappity slap... tickle* (Don't worry J... that was for Dean, not you sweetie...unless... well...hmmm) Anyway.... oh yeah... need to memorize it okay sweetie? It might keep some of those demons from gnawing too deeply on your entrails while you're bound and flayed open for their eternal feasting in hell. Which brings me to the simple fact that Dean is getting nervous, the fear will come and he knows it, and while YEAH he's fearing for himself, I think one of his biggest fears is what he's done in leaving Sam alone prematurely, knowing there's still an army of hell spawn out there that needs either a leader or taking down. LOVED that she gave him information. LOVED how it was done. LOVED that the demons we've seen so far are all so very human in their own motivations. and LOVED the validity of her many points. Also great to know that even in hell Lucifer doesn't show his face very often... now... didn't Ruby refer to Sam as The Antichrist? Cause you know... wouldn't that make him Lucifer incarnate? Which would also make sense as to why she might be willing to ingratiate herself to him by helping when she can... I'm thinking it's a possibility that she either has her own take-over agenda and wants to get Sam to build and start using his abilities to aid HER private mission, (i.e. sure I'll help you kill demons cause all they're going to do in hte end is get in my way to the seat of power) or, (Okay so if you do give in to that demonic seedling you're nurturing in there Sammy boy, you might remember my aid and I can sit at your left hand baby) either way it's a win-win for Ruby. (and I really try hard not to look at other peoples stuff before posting my own here but couldnt' help but notice the speculation that she IS Lucifer...I'm just gonna say... riiiiiight, [cause so far Krip hasn't used eye color to delineate demonic rank at all] - not that Lucifer couldn't probably change his eye color at will... but... still not buying it). Okay back to life, back to reality... I had a flash while watching that last interaction with SAm and Ruby... when he stalked to her with the colt in hand... and I almost wanted him to grab her by the neck and lay a big vicious kiss on her. There's heat between those two and it IS building... and even if it's spawned of hatred, that's still a very passionate emotion as we all know. So.. as much as I hate to say it... I wouldnt' mind if by the end of the season they either revealed a dark twisted and somewhat violent tryst, or began one. (Sorry Dream but honestly hon, that's NOT the Sammy you know and love... I got no proof... I stay away from spoilers... but my guts are telling me our Sweet Sammy has Seriously changed... [course dying WILL do that to you... just ask Buffy]). Loved Jared's 'confused-and-embarrassed-face' when he found out neither guy was possessed.... ( I don't recall Sam touching any holy water this season... sure he's been splashing people with it... but has he touched any?... cause I think they just tossed water into his face in last week's ep when Religio-boy and his demonic leash holder were smacking him around) in the office and took the bullets but left the gun... all apologies and everything... and YAY action Sammy Returns! SPLEE... On an even more twisty note... twas almost good to see Dean getting choked for once... and LOVED that the girl said, "Don't kill him!" but why? 1) She likes him as a person... he is likeable remember? 2) What if a demon killing him brings down some Crossroad Wrath? I mean it IS chaos, Every Demon For Itself out there right? 3) Killing him just might pi$$ off SamTheAntichrist whom she was already willing to follow, and who still might pick up the gauntlet and align the troops so we don't wanna kill our leader's brother now do we? Hmmm wonder which it'll be. And last but hardly least... Dean's revelation to Bobby about what YED said in the graveyard. We could tell Bobby wasn't certain either, (remember the look on his face when Sam burned half his clip into Jake?... He was stunned speechless at the cold savagery of the act too). You ask me, Dean's 'Angst-Quotient' just shot up another passel of degrees. Yeah, it's all about Sam... but without Dean, there IS no Sam... just a newly birthed Demon-Human hybrid that won't be able to fend off its nature for very long. Tons and tons and tons of food for thought in this episode... So much laid out and needing to be scrutinized, so much guidance into the rest of the coming year... THIS is the kind of episode that gets me bouncing on the couch and lets my imagination run wild! As always... it's just my humble... And once again and as always, to cast and crew, Thank You all So much for your hard work. Special love to the boys for all they do... do. :D
  • Another awesome episode that brings back the unnamed demon that seems to be on the good side.

    I really liked this episode, it showed us a little about the demon world, and gave us an idea about them. It seems that not all demons are the same, though we would consider them evil, they have their own thoughts about things. I mean, if you think about it, a criminal might think the police are evil because they are arresting their kind, but that doesn't make the police necessarily evil. I mean I am not saying I want the demons to win, killing mankind doesn't exactly sound like a human thing to do, and a demon thinking they are better than us by doing what they consider animal like doesn't exactly make them the better people. But I do like the interesting factor this season is bring in, it really is bringing in a rich back-story filled with lots of pieces that take all we know about these sorts of things in myths, and weave them all into a nice story that we see and call "Supernatural". I really liked this episode, and I like how the show keeps expanding the story, when I first saw this show it was great, but I feared that they would run out of myths and super natural beings eventually. With its ever expanding story I see a good future for this show and I can't wait until the next episode to see what else the season will bring to the show.
  • nice eppy

    the brothers Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean winchester (Jensen Ackles) investigate a rash of violent deaths in Elizabeth ville, Ohio, a once sleepy town that has been turned into a creepy haven for gamblers and drinkers.

    Dean discovers that demons have infiltrated Elizabeth ville and are using their powers of persuasion to make the townspeople succumb to their basic instincts. Meanwhile, Ruby (guest star Katie Cassidy) helps Bobby (Jim Beaver) rebuild the Colt from scratch and stuns him with some news. . . . . . . . . z

    Charles Beeson directed the episode written by Robert Singer & Jeremy Carver.
  • Interesting

    On the whole, I thought this one was fairly mediocre on plot. But it was hugely saved by the conversation between Casey and Dean while they were trapped with some excellent philosophical questions being thrown up as to the nature of demons and man and are they truly much different in their goals, aims and morals. Intriguing and revealing and I liked the way that it - almost - succeeded in making Casey a sympathetic, likeable character. For a demon. Interesting, too, to see that Dean was thrown enough by the talk to be almost regretful when Sam came in and blew her away, even trying to stop him doing it, just for a moment. The entire theme of the episode - are humans any more noble than demons and, as they are just as capable of cruelty and vice, are they worth saving, was interesting to explore and I suspect this will become more of a recurring theme, with the inclusion of our friendly demon (who has made such an impression on me so far that her name escapes me now)

    So one that I enjoyed, even though the plot was plodding elsewhere.
  • Not my favourite, but still pretty good. I really liked Dean! He was awesome!

    Sin City is one of those episodes which there are some parts you really love! And other parts that are pretty boring and stuff. This episode is a perfect example. I love that the Colt is now re-built and up and running, and i am also glad that Bobby was in this episode. Bobby is a full on awesome character. If you ask me there was not enough brother to brother relation happenning in this episode. The two were seperated too much of the time. BUT there was a character that I really did like. Casey. I thought she did a terrific job! Her chemistry with Dean was great, and her acting skills were pretty good too. The one part I did like with Sam was when he spleashed Holy Water on those two guys that werent really possessed! Lol, the looks on Sam's face were priceless! So i guess this is my least favourite episode of Supernatural season 3, but as i said before, it did have some really good parts which does make it worth watching.
  • Dean learns about hell and are we seeing a darker Sammy?

    The episode i dunno wasnt the best for me! It was great to see how Dean had to be saved by Sam, which shows the whole role reversal this season!! He learnt about what hell will be like, which we can see his sadness in his eyes as we all now know he really is affected by it but he still doesnt regret making the deal!! Sammy part was my favourite part of teh episode, we see a darker side, his just shoot them approach, very Dean like in Season one and in Bloodlust from Season Two, is this what YED was talking about?!! The actual storyline for the episode was too weak for me! It just reminded me of Lust and greed from Magnificant seven and not good enoguh im afraid!! But the episode is pivotal as the start for Sammy's downwars spiral!!
  • Dean finds himself in a great place, for him. Sammy has to rescue him, again.

    Sam and Dean roll into a small town on yet another job, after people start killing each other or themselves. But they soon discover that there is more to this little town that meets the eye. Dean is like a kid in a candy store with all the ladies running around. Dean runs into an old friend, a hunter, that has his own yet Dean-ish style. He tells the brothers he has things covered, that they can go, but soon he gets in over his head and is killed. Sam gets himself in some trouble after he goes after the wrong guy, and has to high tail it out of there when he discovers his mistake. Love his reaction to the situation.

    Dean gets himself into trouble when he trys to track down what happened to his friend, and soon he and the demon are trapped in a wine cellar. Sammy turns to the local preacher for help, little dose he know he too is a demon.

    While in the basement a lot of new information is given, mostly about the YED, his plans, and his real demon name. And back at Bobby's, he gets help from an unexpected guest, when Ruby offers to help him fix the Colt.

    Dean once again has to question if Sammy is ok, after he sees how cold hearted he is when he kills the lady demon, even with him telling Sam not to. Gives a great twist to the story.

    Really looking forward to the next episode.
  • Another great supernatural episode!

    This was an other great episode, that just makes me love this show so much. The most interesting part of this episode was the talk between Dean and a demon: Casey. You learn a lot of things during their talk. You get to understand demons a lot better and what Casey said really made me think about things. I also understood what was happening a lot better and everything makes a lot of sense now. I'm liking Ruby more and more each time I see her. She is just an amazing character and I think that she can really add something to this show. I mean she is a demon, but she is willing to help Sam and Dean, that just really fascinates me. It also makes me wonder, if there are more demons like her. And yes the colt is back, thanks to Bobby and Ruby.
  • Sam was a little evil there wasn't he?

    Yer good episode i liked it. I thought there was some character development there with Sam showing what he may become, but then there was also some classic Sam with Don S. Davis. That was my favorite scene especially when he splashers the holy water on him. Priceless! Though i think him killing those demons was a bit cold hearted not like the Sammy we all know and love. Now Dean, all ways pleasing to see him try and remember Latin without Sam around. He really had a good chat with that random lady demon who lowered him down into her basement didn't he? I always have liked Bobby and he fixed the Colt (i don't remember it getting blown up in the first place) and shot Ruby who i have to say i don't like very much. But all in all it wasn't that bad. I even got to see one of my favorite characters from Stargate. I'm happy:)
  • Bobby tries to figure out what makes the Colt tick and Dean has a enlightening talk with a demon.

    This episode definitely wasn't on the standard of the previous two but still interesting. More a filler episode to move the Sam storyline forward and reintroduce the Colt.

    Sam's acting weird, suddenly all schoolgirl-ish. He's acting like he did in season 1. Didn't like the way the preacher was questioning Sam, felt like a subtle interrogation, as if he was feeling Sam out. Then at the end, goes all cold and kills two demons! Having a little split personality there, Sam? The latter behaviour fits with the current Sam but the initial stuff was more season 1 than 3!

    Finally find out about YED – name's Azezal and he's every bit the powerful leader we believed him to be. "What, no chain of command?" "There was – it was Sam." Fascinating to hear it from their point of view – without Sam taking command, hundreds of demons are fighting for power, each with their own mission. "Most of them gunning for your brother. For the record – I was ready to follow Sam." She wouldn't have been alone, some would resist but most probably would acknowledge Sam's authority. I realise after the conversation Dean and Casey had that he'd be paranoid but why freak out when Sam kills two demons? It is the first time that Dean's told someone what YED said. Then again, Sam did pull the Colt on Ruby. What really worries me is that expression on Sam's face right at the end – he's way too young to have that old sober look on his face, like he's got the weight of the world on his shoulders. Dean might have reason to worry.

    Liked the religious interpretation – demons have a god too. Very creative how they wrote that whole section! Loved all the scenes with Dean and Casey, beautifully written and performed – intriguing, illuminating and what chemistry! Nice twist that both Casey and Dean tried to stop Sam from shooting, I liked the fact that despite being natural enemies, they actually made a strong connection, very nicely done. I liked Casey, pity she couldn't stick around for a while. Way creepy with the demon tongue, together for centuries – it's almost romantic… but not.

    Bobby saves the day again – with the restored Colt! Ruby's going to be a powerful ally… as long as she's playing for our side. Gotta say I love Ruby, that whole attitude, she reminds me a lot of Dean! Must say I'm disappointed about the Colt – it was always this mystical object, special because of how/when/where it was created and now it's working again, it really takes away the mystique. It's made things easy. What is Ruby's deal? This woman's got some agenda and I'll never trust her till I know what it is. Very nice scene with Bobby though, "What do you want?" "Peace on Earth, a new shirt…"

    Last thoughts:
    - Richie's not your typical hunter, that's for sure. How'd he last this long? No offence, Rich, but going for her with that knife was just plain stupid.
    - Sam's mistaken identity moment: splashing two crime figures with holy water maybe wasn't such a good idea! Funny though!
    - Dean loses the exorcism book and tries to recite it from memory – "I think you just ordered a pizza." Brilliant! Maybe you should think about memorising one of them, Dean!

    Though not an inspired episode, some good stuff about the Colt and Sam's destiny. It'll be interesting to see where they're going with this.
  • Boys (especially Dean) become enticed by the 'Sin City'.

    Interesting piece that shows an insite into the demon psychie ... Dean almost seems empathetic to Casey as she tells her story.
    OMG moment when it turned out that all the chaos is due to Sam's failure to take command!!
    Nice allusion to the movie "Sin City" written by Frank Miller (a film that explores the dark and miserable town Basin City and tells the story of three different people, all caught up in the violent corruption of the city) which describes the city in which the episode is set really well.
    Ruby helping Bobby with the Colt was a development worth noting. How does it work? Hope we find out!
    Really good, really good!
  • What an interesting episode, and it seems to get better and better each time I rewatch it!

    As far as action and scares go, it is pretty standard Supernatural fare (which is not to say that it is bad, always love it, just not over the top brilliant!) Instead it was the questions and ideas that it raised and started to explore that were the important focus this week. I like to call it my WTF! episode due to some of the out of character behaviour from all 3 J's (Jensen, Jared and Jim!)

    We did have a few scares and gory deaths though, the 'not so subtle' symbolic suicide in the church and poor dumb Richie (how the hell did a hunter like him stay alive for so long anyway?)

    Dean and Sams initial introduction to 'Sin City' was fun. Nice use of song 'Run through the Jungle' Creedence C. R. Dean certainly looked in his element.'

    They were both anxious to get stuck into some demons, this eagerness probably contributed to their mistaking humans for demons (distraught guy in the bar & Trotter). These mistakes also helped reinforce the theme of the ep., that humans aren't so different from demons.

    This hardworking usually boring town would have been easy pickings for the demons. Dean himself eluded to the fact that it would be a dull, staid town (he would rather go to South Beach!). So when all of a sudden a smorgasbord of pleasurable vices is on offer it is not surprising some people embraced them. Easy money, easy 'no ties' thrills and the booze to wash it all down, can be very seductive if your life, until then, has consisted of thankless hardwork and hardtimes! It's true people can be weak (it's also equally true that they can show great strength!). But their priest was not exactly there for them with guidance and moral support or even showing a good example, instead he was hanging out in bars , drinking and chatting up beautiful bartenders!

    At least Deans instincts eventually started working, unfortunately he was right to be worried about Richie. And I liked the little surprise Dean had for 'Casey'. The ease with which he trapped her was pure Dean. Unfortunately so was the way she turned it around! I guess when she said she made a mean 'hurricane' he should have taken her more literally! Although he did tell Sam he was going to do, he should have made sure Sam knew where he was going, I guess that is just another example of his less than careful attitude these days.

    The idea of Dean having a 'heart to heart' talk with a demon must have created a few problems for the writers. I think they handled it reasonably believably (to a point!). I mean, they were, stuck in the basement, the demon was trapped and very chatty, and Dean, with time to kill, while waiting for Sam to arrive and help him finish her off. At first Dean was his usual skeptical self but then his curiosity took over. He is obviously more worried about what will happen to him when the deal is concluded than he is willing to let on. But to actually contemplate believing a demon is unlike Dean, to say the least! WTF! The 'not so' casual hope and curiosity in his voice and face when he asked her what Hell was like, and his response when she asked him if he was scared showed just how worried he actually is. (Thank you to the writers for not making this easy for him as it makes for great drama, although we all know he will survive, right? right? eeeeee!)

    Also 'Caseys' speech about the weakness of humans has put some doubts into Deans mind about what good he has been able to accomplish in his life, if humans are weak and intent on destroying themselves what difference is he making?

    'Casey' was very clever and manipulative telling Dean a mixture of what he expected to hear and what he wanted to hear, being sympathetic but not too obvious. Stroking his ego by telling him she admired him for making the deal with the RED. This is something that noone has ever said to him before, something he needs to hear (noone who actually loves him would say it, because no matter how much they understand his motivation they could never approve of something that would eventually result in his death!) The demon on the other hand wouldn't give a toss about Deans fate. And the fact that the deal saved Sam and she said that she had been ready to follow Sam once she got out of hell is probably the reason behind her admiration. Of course she also knew this revelation would eat away at Dean, feeding his worries that Sams resurrection has left him changed somehow. Perhaps she did like Dean, like a cat likes a mouse! Playing with him, enjoying his angst and insecurity, as well as his charming personality. Maybe even demons aren't immune to his charms, he is totally gorgeous after all and she would enjoy the lust he inspires! (don't we all! …oops sorry the devil made me say that!lol!) But the fact that Dean would even contemplate trusting anything a demon says, no matter how hot, just shows the desperation, insecurity and vulnerability behind his bravado!

    She also had Dean questioning his beliefs, this is something that Dean had always been unsure about (until God actually took the time to give him a sign in 'Houses of the Holy') his faith is still a bit shaky after everything he has seen and the way his mother died. He was amused by the thought of Lucifer actually existing but this only lends weight to proof of Gods existence, because their histories are intertwined. Of course Deans faith must come from within, not from getting proof, that is what faith is all about. The fact that Dean tried to stop Sam killing 'Casey' doesn't mean that he wouldn't have done it eventually himself! His main reason was probably that he didn't want to see Sam kill her so mercilessly, it is so unlike Sam, who usually hesitates before he shoots demons (e.g. Salvation, Croatoan) and would add weight to the YEDs theory that Sam wasn't brought back 100% Sammy! (actually this lack of hesitation could be a good thing if his judgement is correct! After all the 2 examples of hesitation I noted above resulted in more grief for everyone involved!)
    I think Dean would have preferred Sam to exorcise the demon so that he could save Caseys life. It would have been much more like the old, pre-resurrection, Sammy! Even though 'Casey' appeared to be pleading for Deans life when the 'priest' was choking him, I don't think her mercy would have lasted very long. It probably had more to do with the fact that she knew Sam was also around and she wanted to escape before he arrived. She may even have been predisposed to like Dean because he is her potential leaders brother, and she would know that if they hurt Dean, Sam would be very angry!

    The WTF!ness of this episode also extends to Sam and even to Bobby.

    Bobbys first scene with Dean and Sam was nice, it was good to see them working together (even though the fact they weren't getting the results they wanted was frustrating Bobby), joking around and acting like a family. But WTF! possessed (no pun intended!) Bobby to work with Ruby! I was a little puzzled by his acceptance of her help. Was it a case of desperation (to get the colt working), necessity, curiosity, stupidity or instinct (could there be more to her than a regular demon - seeing as Katie Cassidy is listed as having a starring role, not a recurring or guest role, she promises to be around for quite a while). Either way Ruby is having an easy time insinuating herself into Sams life!. Seems to me she is obviously doing everything in her power to lead Sam down the 'antichrist' road. Getting the Colt working so that he will have the means to kill other demons. He obviously needed the colt to save Dean, and she would know that the way to Sam is through his brother. She revelled in the merciless way Sam killed the demons. It seems to me that Ruby wants Sam to realise the destiny that the YED had in store for him. Her talk of consequences and having to do things against his nature sounds pretty suss to me. Is Sams future a question of what road he will take. That he has the potential power to either be 'antichrist' or 'the second coming' and Ruby and other demons want to influence him to follow the 'dark path'. While other demons, who have ambitions to lead the army themselves simply want to destroy him.

    While on Gods side you have Dean (whether he admits to believing in God or not, his moral strength, guidance and love for Sam are exactly what is needed), Bobby, (and originally John and Mary), who are there to mentor, protect and support Sam. If that's the case Dean and Bobby need to be more aware of the possible consequences and whatb the hell is going on! Dean has an idea, but probably doesn't want to believe there is anything wrong with his brother. But you would think that Bobby would know! He is usually one step ahead, maybe the problem with fixing the colt and worrying about the army of demons is a little distracting! lol!
    As the Season continues to unfold it will be interesting to see how the writers deal with this. Of course I could be on the wrong track, (….wrong station, wrong country even!)

    I was really surprised by Bobbys reaction to Deans question about Sam maybe being changed when they brought him back, it was almost like he was clueless! WTF! I mean this is Bobby we are talking about, he has always been very instinctive. Maybe he just didn't want to worry Dean, or maybe I'm expecting too much from him? Hopefully the writers will have him going home and getting stuck into some research and coming up with some answers by the next time he appears on the show!

    Also the doubts 'Casey' planted in Deans mind about the worthiness of humans resurfaced as he talked to Bobby. Making Dean question how much good they have been able to do. All the people he has saved, does it really matter, are we destined to destroy ourselves. Making the wrong choices, giving in to vice and evil. I guess it is natural when you think you are going to die to look back on your lifes work. But this plays into the evil sides hands, eating away at Deans sense of self worth, feeding his insecurities. But even after saying all that I believe that Dean has the strength and fortitude to eventually conquer his own 'demons'.(After a lot of wonderful dramatic episodes I hope! Love the drama!) And finally Sam, he had a few WTF! moments too. Trotter did look a bit suss but usually Sam has such good instincts it is unusual that he was so wrong. It was also quite funny (not as brilliantly clutzy as last week, BDABR, but still cutely awkward) But then to blindly trust our 'friendly neighbourhood' demon 'priest' was out of character too! I know that Sam has faith and wants to believe in God and respect Gods workers, but apparently so do the demons, they would know that an effective way to undermine his faith would be to possess a priest (also the demon would have loved the irony!) That is assuming that the demons knew they would come into contact with Sam at some time, I guess, but seeing as he is one of their major adversaries, and potential leaders, they would at the very least have him on their minds.

    The unspoken communication between the brothers is a saving grace, with only a quick 'Be careful Sam' from Dean, Sam knew exactly what he was getting at. The two obviously need each other and work best together. Even though the writers seem to be conspiring to keep them apart, when they come together they are at their strongest. It is, then, ironic then that Sam is also vulnerable when it comes to his concern for Dean and the lengths he will go to, to keep him safe. His ruthless killing of the demons not only shocked Dean, but has Sam very worried too, the look on his face when he was back in his hotel room showed how distasteful the murders were to him and how worried he is too. He knows something is different. He sees Rubys ruthless demonic nature and is maybe wondering if he is becoming like that as well, (after the vision the YED showed him in AHBL1 he knows that he has demon blood in him)

    Even though the brothers are in sync with each other as far as hunting goes, Sam and Dean both definitely need to be honest with each other. They each seem to be shutting the other out of certain aspects of their lives, trying to protect each other from their particular problems. This is a huge mistake, but it is a great plot device which will enable the drama to build. But I really don't want to wait until the end of the season to get some of those great dramatic family scenes.

    Anyway, next weeks episode will probably turn all my theories on their heads!! I love the amazing way the writers have given us something completely different each week, every episode has been wonderful in its own way and next weeks episode promises to be awesome. Most of you probably know that Jareds girlfriend Sandra McCoy will be guest starring next week and there will also be some disturbing revelations, but of course I can't talk about either of these things yet without spoiling things! Can't wait for next Monday! Woohooo!
  • Best episode of the third season, so far.

    Arriving in a small town to search for more demons, Sam and Dean find themselves in various potentially dangerous situations at a local bar. This quiet town is not how it appears and as Dean and Sam soon find out, you can not always judge a demon by their cover.

    Sam is once again thrown into the front-seat as he has to save his brother from a demon in the form of an attractive young bartender. Enlisting an unlikely ally, Sam also realizes that there is more to the local priest than what meets the eye.

    This episode was action-packed and kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. The continuing story with Ruby has left me wanting more answers, and the relationship between the brother's has become more and more interesting as their lives are put in peril once again. With Dean's time supposedly running out, and Sam's cold blooded personality starting to show, this season is looking to be a very memorable one.
  • Demons unveiled!

    This episode is pretty cool, with a lot of great twists in all the plots. The storyline of the evil town, both literal evil in demons and human evil, which will probably continue. The demon and Dean "bonding" in that they have a genuinely calm debate on perspectives as we see both sides and different instincts, was quite a good way to bring about hints about Sam being the substitute leader of the demons which Ruby may be conning Sam into doing at the end.

    Overall, this episode doesn't have the strongest plot, but it is used quite well, and is a great episode all in all.
  • AGGGHHHH! I was hoping that the bloody colt was gone-it made things too easy!

    For all those who don't know(and I swear i'm not bragging), i'm writing a book. and it kind of borrows a few elements from supernatural. this episode made me realise no mater how hard i try to seperate my book from this series, it's not gonna happen. They've thought of everything, and it pisses me off. And now that the colt's back, everything will become a sintch for the Winchesters, and there won't be any real challenges in destroying the demons. The first episode of this season was fun to watch beacause it was dificult to imagine how they'd get out of the seven deadly sins web, and when you think about it, we will not experiance that feeling for a long time with the unlimited bullets colt.
  • awesome, awesome, awesome.

    I absolutely love this episode! I find myself watching it over and over and over. The scenes with Dean and Casey are so incredible and really make you think. Plus I love the fact of Dean being trapped there with a Demon, it's comical and interesting to see how similar Demon's and Human's really are. Both have a God both have feelings and faith... Plus between Casey and Ruby it's kinda making you think.. are there more "good" demons out there who want peace?
    I think the writers did an amazing job on this episode. This is definitely my favourite episode of this season so far. :D
  • In Sin City Sam and Dean check out a man's suicide in a church in Ohio.It doesn't take long before the boys find themselves up against 2 powerful demons.Dean is trapped with one while Sam unknowingly enlists the aid of the other.Bobby rebuilds the colt.

    Sin City is yet another awesome episode this season.The episode has a little bit of everything.Of course we have the demons-one is a beautiful bartender while the other is of all things a priest.In this episode we also meet an old hunter pal of Dean's who is a rather ineresting and funny character. We soon learn he is really not cut out to be a hunter.There are some great revealing scenes where we see Dean actually thinking about hell. He gets some not so comforting information from the bartender about what he is in for.Sam has a truly funny scene involving holy water and 2 unsuspecting humans who he mistakes for demons.The music in this episode is awesome. CCR's Run Through The Jungle is the perfect choice for the bar scene. With Ruby's help Bobby rebuilds the colt and it's not long before it is back in action.Once again we see great performances from the boys as well as the supporting characters. I am really impressed with the quality of guest actors Supernatural acquires.I especially enjoyed the actress who played the bartender Casey.It's too bad she wasn't brought on as a recurring character. This season so far is totally awesome and from the sides it looks like all the future episodes are going to be great as well!

  • Another interesting episode in this season with some intriguing conversations. Could there actually be some "good" demons? It seems more and more like it.

    I loved the concept for the storyline in this episode. The whole "sin city" thing is sort of cliche, especially for a show about the paranormal. It's pretty self-explanatory that a town overrun by demons would try to turn it into a drunken, debauched mess. But, the clever writers behind Supernatural put a definite twist to this one.

    It was kind of sad when Dean was sitting there talking to the demon, and the demon was telling Dean how all the demons in town really had nothing to do with any of the sin going on--it was all the humans' doing. It just reflected how effed up our culture already is, and that people can do that to each other when you simply...nudge them in the right direction.

    However, Dean refuses to give up on all of humanity. He also asks the demon how hell is, and it's the first time we see a very human emotion out of Dean based on his current situation--fear. The entire conversation that they had in the basement was one of the strongest moments so far this season in Supernatural. The part with the Colt was a little bit weak...I kind of thought that there were only a few bullets made for the gun? Didn't they say that in a previous season? So wouldn't they not be able to make like...infinite bullets for it? I don't know. I might be missing something.

    It's somewhat scary that Sam may me different now as well. I don't know if I quite believe it, but he does seem a lot more...ruthless. I wouldn't put it past the demon to have revived him with a much different outlook. Heh. I guess we'll see about that in the coming episodes.

    This episode was pretty good overall. I think there have been better ones this season so fact, this may have been the weakest. But it was still entertaining and informative, and maintained the darker atmosphere that I think this season of Supernatural is going for. I approve.
  • Another interesting character dies.

    Eventhough I really love this show, and have been watching it since the beginning, I really don't like that they introduce interesting characters and then kill them off right away. For instance, Richie, the hunter married couple (he died), last season (the guy that helped them find stuff, with the mullet who died when the bar burnt down), anyway these characters don't have to be on every episode, but it would be nice to see them back once in a while. The good guys are dying fast and the bad ones are on the rise. So far they have kept Bobby around, hopefully he will stay alot longer.
  • SO the Supernatural producers and writers give us another superb episode.

    This is another superb episode which finally answers the question of what Dean is really thinking when his time is up in a year.

    I really enjoyed this episode a lot. The female demon did some really nasty things but she also had a point about humankind being so violent. Her and Dean spoke about it while both were trapped in her basement. We also got to see that Dean is worried about the deal he made. He's been covering his real feelings up by using sex and pleasure all season, so it was nice to see that he is indeed frightened about his predicament.

    Also the story of Sam not being 100% human was also brought up. Dean talked to the female demon about it, and then near the conclusion asked Bobby if he thought Sam wasn't what he once was. The way Sam killed the two demons did seem a little cold, but then again he was saving his brother's life. Still, there was a time when Sam would hesitate when killing. It was the reason he died at the end of last season, but now killing seems to come automatically.

    Ruby was back in this latest episode also, and I'm getting the feeling that her intentions are to try and push Sam over to the darkside. The strong finale leads you to believe this is true. Sam still seemed torn about killing the two demons, but he doesn't shoot Ruby when he has the chance. It makes you wonder, but I guess we'll see where it leads from there as the third season continues.

    So far, I have not been disappointed with any of this season's episodes. They've all been solid eights and nines on the scale, and this one is no different. I even give it a few extra points for moving this season's main plot farther along.
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