Season 7 Episode 6

Slash Fiction

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 28, 2011 on The CW

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  • Funny episode in a few ways.. but the threat to crowley was the most important thing to watch for

    Yea it was a nice episode, typical supernatural...

    but the thing most shocking, was when crowley tries to make a deal with the head of the leviathans...

    The head of the leviathan threatened crowley by calling him lesser than humans and also threatened to wipe all demons from the universe!

    Now how powerful are these leviathans to threaten crowley? And most important -- how do the hell do they die, cause nothing seems to work on them!!

    damn.... finally something good in this season!
  • No more Big Bad Demons. Now its Big Bad Black Blood Dudes

    This was an awesome episode! I love how at the end Black Blood Boss man was so mad at Crowley and completely walking right over him. Also, Sam get over the girl already. Remember the werewolf episode when they tried to stop the girl from being a werewolf. That didn't work, so why would a brain sucking girl be anything different? Get over it and be a big happy family with Dean again.
  • Great!!

    I'm quite liking Frank. This ep had some awesome lines which is what I just love about this show & Frank seems to fit in quite well :) Great job to this weeks writer!
  • Awesome it had it all Horror, Action, Suspense and Comedy. Best Horror/Suspense Sci-Fi on Tv right now.


    OMG!!! Just finished watching Supernatural- Season 7 -episode 7 and it was Awesome it had it all Horror, Action, Suspense and Comedy.
    Best Horror/Suspense Sci-Fi on Tv right now.
    You must check it out.

    OMG!!! Just finished watching Supernatural- Season 7 -episode 7 and it was Awesome it had it all Horror, Action, Suspense and Comedy.
    Best Horror/Suspense Sci-Fi on Tv right now.
    You must check it out.

    OMG!!! Just finished watching Supernatural- Season 7 -episode 7 and it was Awesome it had it all Horror, Action, Suspense and Comedy.
    Best Horror/Suspense Sci-Fi on Tv right now.
    You must check it out.

  • Now THAT's better. (No spoilers).


    The writer for this week's episode should be brought in every week. If not to write the episodes, at the very least, to consult.

    The dialogue was nothing short of excellent. From the moment Levithian Chet says: "Mmm... oakey. Similar finish to holy water, not as bitter as rock salt", it was hang on to your seat word play. Fast, witty and kept you interested until the very end.

    Apart from the verbal fencing, we had pretty good action and really good acting. Bobby, as always, was excellent, and even the brothers' interactions seemed less forced.

    THIS episode had more than a hint of what Supernatural USED to be, and that which made me first fall in love with the entire premise of two brothers battling evil nasties and kicking serious butt.

    The ending left a little to be desired: ergo things wrapped up a little too neatly for the two brothers; and the deaths of two extras which I thought we could have done without . . .but all in all, a great episode.

    Hopefully this is a constant turn for the better and we won't revert to the idiotic arc and awful writing the series has been seeing this season.

  • Brothers Out For Blood


    Slash Fiction-Two Leviathans take on the form of Sam and Dean and frame them for a series of murders. While the brothers take refuge with a surveillance expert, Bobby tries to figure out how to kill the Leviathans and clear the Winchester brothers' names.

    Definitely better and heading in the right direction. But I can't help continue to feel disappointed by the Leviathans as the main villains this season. Sure, they seem more vicious andmercilessthan the average monster or demon, especially during the opening sequence when they slaughter a group of people in a bank vault. Yet at the same time, they seem like the dumbest villains the brothers have ever faced. Here you have the Leviathans in the brothers' form, they framed them, had the brothers get arrested, probably leading to life in prison or the death penalty for the both of them, but instead of the letting the justice system deal with the brothers and continuing on with whatever plan they have doesn't make sense. Why try to kill thebrothersin jail when there was no point, they had already won. Why are they so obsessed with trying to kill the brothers? Their M.O. seems so vague at this point and it's also disappointing considering we could have seen so much more from this plot. I would have loved to have seen the brothers behind bars while the Leviathans continue to wreck havoc, maybe even mess up their lives even worse, try to trick Bobby into believing they are the "real" brothers. Since the Leviathans have all the memories of the people they turn into, why not play with that. I did love the scene where the Leviathans make fun of Dean and Sam's personalities, weaknesses as well as one of them admitting they like Dean's hair.

    Speaking of Bobby, I love his continued failed attempts at trying to kill the Leviathan the boys captured. Those were definitely the stronger parts of the episode, from the head decapitations, gun shots etc. The eventual weakness discovery was pretty hilarious, especially Bobby running up to kiss Sheriff Jody. I'm starting to like these two together by the way! The cleaning products being the weakness for Leviathans is pretty silly yet rather humorous, I do like the burning affect it has on them. Though, once again, the Leviathans themselves aren't being written well enough. The scene where Dean LeviathanconfrontsSam, it was all too predictable. You pretty much knew how the scene would end. Sam finally knows that Dean lied to him and killed Amy. Sam's reaction was as expected as he decides to stay away for Dean...for how long? No one knows! But we know it won't last, the brothers have been through worse! I also didn't buy the Sheriff's cover up and one of the FBI agents being a Leviathan as well was also seen coming. I again wonder what was the point of that? Sure, they had a Leviathan as a FBI agent to cover their tracks but why not use that form to track the brothers or manipulate the legal system or something....?

    Anyway, I also got to mention the scene between the supposed head of the Leviathans and Crowley. It's been a while since we've seen him and even in one scene, he was asmenacingyet charming as ever! The Leviathan's threat was pretty good and it looks like Crowley won't be manipulating anyone least for the moment. All and All, "Slash Fiction" was good episode, it definitely moved these along well enough, I just wish the Leviathan arc was as exciting as it started in the first two episodes.

  • Just follow my lead and I'll kill you..


    The mere idea this entire episode is based on - following the Leviathans unprepared - is stupid as Bobby said it. They didn't know any thing about these creatures and yet the were eager to chase them which basically almost get them killed if it hadn't been for Sheriff Mills that came to thank Bobby and clean the house.. What are the odds!!
    This brings to me what happened back in "Everybody Loves a Clown" when Sam wanted to go after the YED but Dean strongly refused because they didn't have a way to do so. It was personal then too.

    One more thing and I'm done with my knocking..
    If finding them was that easy for the Sheriff, how come the Leviathans didn't get to them with all of their cunningness and all the big positions they took hold of..!!

    After this all, believe it or not.. I love this episode. It was enjoyable in every sense of the word..
    The evil twins were very savage yet cool, funny and cute. I really liked them.. Though, it's good they are dead now, in order not to take Sam and Dean's, and Bobby's in that matter, "full-download" and spread it around.
    Also this liking between Bobby and Jody, it came out of the blue but Bobby deserved it, I bet he feels lonely most of the time.. I wish she come back in following episodes but not mainly as his romance interest.
    And I have to say how much I loved both, that playful leviathan in Bobby's basement and the sweet lunatic Frank Devereaux.. The actors were great too.

    As for how the episode ended with Sam leaving Dean, he we'll get back - as always - but is it going to be right after or there will be a dropped period of separation?
    Plus, I have this feeling that this Amy thing isn't over yet. It's not just about killing a childhood monster friend, it's about lying and mistrust. Besides, he didn't know it form Dean himself, it was the enemy who broke the news.

    Finally, concerning the opportunist Crowley which was good to see him back, I think there will be some sort of a collaboration between him and the boys to get rid of the Leviathans now that he knew what a threat they are to him in person and his position as king of hell.

    Double thanks to Jared, Jensen and Jim for the double versions we had from each :)

  • Gruesome Twosome


    Two Leviathans take to impersonating Sam and Dean and killing countless people to give them no place to hide. Meanwhile, the immobile Leviathan captured last week thanks to the witch dude was subject to Bobby's greatest hits of killing and every trick he knew. While Sam and Dean discover that the copycats are following jobs they worked in Season 1, they go to a surveillance expert that owes Bobby a favor and sets them up to go undetected while they hunt them down. Sheriff Mills stops by to cook for Bobby and she helps him discover that this stuff called Sodium Borax can melt the Leviathans a good deal, that plus a good decapitation and separating the head by a few hundred miles should keep them apart for quite a while. Mills and Bobby were sweet together and gave the episode a lighter tone in places where it really needed them. The Leviathans not being worried about them knowing everything and thinking they can't be killed makes them significantly scarier than any villain ever before. Sam and Dean get arrested and manage to escape with the help of a sheriff in the local town while the two Leviathans enclose on them. The reveal of Dean killing Amy was well handled even though we knew it was coming up in a matter of episodes anyways and Bobby being copied by the basement Leviathan had the creepy touch that happens whenever one of them gets copied. The Winchesters are now dead again and the Leviathan boss has to worry even more about them. Crowley was a welcome edition this week as he brought muffins for the Leviathan leader who says that demons are the lowest species there are and that he will never work with him. That and the mention to Castiel giving them all of their alias like a computer download was pretty freaky. Now that the brothers are separated again (which we know won't last for long at all) and there's a way to (sort of) kill the Leviathans things are looking up as far as I can see.

  • lovely eviltwins


    Actually when Dean drops his artistic gifts is priceless, as he does not remember singing "can not figth the-felling by REo-SPeedego in the second season. But back to eps until the end find a way to kill this leviatans, if not kill, but we release a weak point of them. and this eps found a little more about the intimate life of bobby is going to have more and more clear that the passion of our dear bobby veiled by the sheriff (I thought she was married). as for the wicked confess that clones Jared is too well when personfica evil sam and dean replicating tb course is terrible. the end was already more than predictable, the secret was revealed to the dean sam, so I think sam has no right to be offended, after all who spent the whole time saving his skin and putting up with the union with a demon, oh sammy short memory!,oops forgot our lovely crowly until he tried, but are not leviatans to make arrangements

    the separation must have a time lag in the next few eps because they are together, or we will see much dicurssão relationship.

    kiss cau

  • Slash Fiction


    Slash Fiction was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Supernatural and I really enjoyed watching this episode as the Leviathans seemed to tighten the noose around Sam and Dean. The things that the Leviathan look-a-like's did were horrible, dark, and demented. It was interesting to learn about something that can harm the Leviathans and who would have thought it would be something so simple and readily available? I also liked learning more about the Leviathan Big Bad Boss dude, whom Crowley decided to plead with for an alliance. It was very interesting to hear what he had to say. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!

  • Sam and Dean find themselves on a quick climb up the FBI's most wanted charts... again!


    I knew this ep would open "big" and it didn't disappoint! To see "Sam" and "Dean" heading up a bank heist then getting all the 'civilians' together in the vault harkened back to Night Shifter (not one of my fave eps but that's neither here nor there), what really brought a smile to my face was when they opened fire on the sardines in the can.

    And of course back on planet hideaway, they're none the wiser to what's happening out in the real world since they're doing everything possible to find out exactly WHAT will KILL a Leviathan! And frankly, they're not having much luck!It ain't for lack of trying though I'll tell you that for sure.

    The banter between all 3 of our boys (yeah Bobby that includes you too) was well done. There was growth and forward motion for all the plot points and character arcs! (Hard to do, but as represented here, not impossible).

    Now truly, I love that the captured Leviathan was such a delightfully chatty cathy, and even more important that it had not just a sense of humor but a truly deliciously cavalier attitude about everything that was going on and that bobby was subjecting it to. Very well played.

    So here we go, the boys get the pattern (after the Manitoc bank I got it honestly) which is wonderful, so they're off! Chasing doppleganger leviathans and wondering exactly what they're going to do with them when they catch up to them, And honestly my first instinct, after passing out with fright, would be to cut off the head of anything that unnatural so I'm glad Bobby got around to it, at least it was a great start to slow 'em down!

    Then comes Sheriff Jody. I thought she was one of 'em. Kept expecting her to go all big-mouth on bobby and Not in a good way if you take my meaning, so the suspense there was very well done. But...

    What cracked me up was the leviathan brother banter in the diner. That was perfectly brotherly and still antithetical to our beloved boys! What a well done twist, thanks for that.

    What it did give us was the knowledge that Sam is still fighting the visions of his torture (nicely done add-in writer dude). So maybe some foreshadowing there, maybe, with luck Sam will still shatter into little bitty sammybits. Sigh... my wildest dreams come true... anyway back to the story.

    Of course, our boys find themselves hauled into the pokey as the do-badders watch kinda all smirky and self righteous, and just ready to wait for the right moment to pounce and boy do they.

    Colonel Tigh now has our boys, Dean behind bars and Sam in the interrogation room, and isn't he just a smart alecky s.o.b (the colonel that is) not wanting to give Dean his phone call and all.

    Meanwhile back at Bobby's (hey, if Bobby's squatting there, it's Bobby's), he's now been doppleganged, and is forced to listen to a running monologue of his inequities from this stinking thing that just won't die! ... then a funny thing happens. A drop, a drip of a drop and, to quote a couple ghostfacers, "it's like acid, burn-y acid" starts eating away at the thing. Well heck yeah, we gotta go figure out what the heck's going on up there!

    Seems 20 mule-team borax (okay anything with boric acid... hey Bobby? How'd you narrow it down to that one ingredient so quickly?) will wash that nasty leviathan residue right out of your tighty whities, lickety split. Is it just me or does that sound kinda gross? Anyway, our mentor takes the initiative and actually gets to kiss the girl! You GO Bobby! Spleee!

    Course then, when Dean gets his phone call, Bobby starts relaying the message, including instructions for beheading, to which Colonel Tigh isn't exactly on board with, at least not yet. In fact he kinda freaks. Not that we blame him. Course he only freaks harder when he walks out to find his deputy eating another of his deputies (and not in a good way), at which time he is quickly confronted with the truth of his lapse in judgement. Good on him! And he let's Dean out of the cell.

    Now, meanwhile Sammy is in interrogation and guess what, he's just found out through the Dean-l-ganger that the big bad secret his bro has been hiding is that he killed Amy after all, and behind Sam's back at that! Now, with his meat adequately seasoned by Sam's bitterness, the Dean-l-ganger can go ahead and chow down. Except he can't cause Real-Dean comes to the rescue.

    There is other 'hliarity' that ensues, like Crowley showing up in Levia-head's limo with a basket of organic muffins (toss a few of those my way wouldja, stuff's expensive!) only to get his nvts handed to him on a not so silver platter. Seems Levia-head isn't particularly fond of demons and their half-breed ilk either. Which smacks of more demon-hunter teaming. Could be interesting.

    There's also Bobby's admonishment to Jody to not listen if the head starts talking (what's in the booooooox?), when he gives her that lovely going away present, with about as much suave-ness as a 7th grader. Maybe we'll get lucky enough to see him kiss the girl at least once more. That'd be nice.

    Back to the boys, Dean knows Sam knows and is p.o.'d and rightfully so.

    Shockingly enough, Sam leaves. Steps away from Dean, needing to get his head together before he can continue hunting with him

    ***Spoiler Alert***

    The sad thing is based on the commercials for next week's ep, we know they're back together again so... they must 'resolve' the issue.

    So, all in all I'm excited about next week's ep. I really enjoyed this week's ep and hope to continue enjoying all the future eps.

    Oh yeah... I gotta mention Bobby's 'identity' dude, WoW! Nutt Ball! But awesome and great comedy relief! Smith and Jones man... sigh... oh well. Here's to hoping their mugs still get recognized every now and again even though the news said "they're dead", that would add a lot of spice. Nutmeg I think, or maybe Cayenne depending on the situation.

    Anyway, excellent work Kast and Krew for all your hard work!

    Jensen, Jared and Jim, special love boys. Thanks for all you do!

  • This episode was so awesome, it saddens me some Casfans are still sabotaging the rating here. Right when the show ends, there are about a dozen "1 Abysmal" votes, and then the number gradually rises as most voters actually rate the episode on its merits.


    I've watched them do this ever since Cas "died." (I'm still convinced he's coming back. Heck, we didn't even see a body.) It's obviously a deliberate and concerted effort, it can't be a coincidence the first dozen people think the episode was abysmal and rate it 1 week after week, when people voting after bring the rating up to great or superb in spite of those extreme down votes acting like an anchor. Everyone on Twitter and the Internet was gushing on and on about how awesome this episode was and how much they loved it, so those voting 1 obviously aren't rating the episode on its merits, they're just trying to ruin the show for everyone else because they're upset Cas is gone. I can understand them doing it for the episode where Cas left. But to keep doing it week after week…This episode should be in the high 9s, that's where episodes of comparable awesomeness have been. It really deserves much higher than 8.4.

    Anyway, it's hard to make a list of the most awesome bits, because every moment of it was awesome. But here are some that spring to mind:

    -The car scene: Dean emo-lip-synching Air Supply's I'm All Out of Love. One of the most hilarious scenes Supernatural has ever given us, I was rolling around on the floor! I love that not a single word was exchanged, it was all just the acting that made it so funny. Dean keeps emoting to the song like he can't help himself, and the looks Sam keeps giving him!

    -The diner scene: I loved the whole thing, the Pulp Fiction shout-out, the dissecting their meatsuits, it was great.

    "You know I had a brother with this many issues once. You know what I did?"
    "I ate him."

    "No, I like this one's hair better. You can stay in the big one."

    -LeviSam and LeviDean: it was so much fun—and kinda shocking!!!—to see Sam and Dean being all evil.

    -The basement scene: I am really loving that they have to figure out a new monster from scratch, one that is really giving them a run for their money. The whole interplay between Bobby and the Leviathan was great, especially once he became LeviBobby.

    -Bobby and Sheriff Mills!!! It was both funny and sad when she's expecting a kiss or a date or something at the end, and what she gets is a decapitated monster head with instructions not to open the box even if it starts talking. LOL, Bobby is such a romantic.

    -Some really nice callbacks to the early years of the show, underscoring the renewed season 1-2 feel that I am just loving. There were the obvious references to their first jobs, but also things like their first stint on the FBI's list, and Dean singing I Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore by REO Speedwagon in the car (in Simon Said), and Sam giving him much the same looks.

    -Paranoid dude: Supernatural is always great at giving us quirky and colorful secondary characters, and Frank Deveraux was no exception. "Do you have a teleporter?" LOL

    -I was hoping the LeviBoss would be played by Misha, because he was so amazing during his short stint as "Camp Cas." But I do like that their boss is such a dick, and that his name is Dick. He looks like a Wall Street fatcat. About time one of those showed up as a monster on Supernatural!

    -Crowley! Do I even need to say more? I'm hoping they're setting this up for Crowley to work with the boys against the Leviathans. Because never a dull moment when that happens!

    This is writer Robbie Thompson's first episode of Supernatural. He's a keeper! Sign him up!

  • wow awesome episode loved it can't wait for more sam and dean are on their own with bobby's help can't wait until next week what will happen to our winchester boys go supernatural you rock as always fantastic jobto jensen jared and jim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    wow can i say wow another fantastic episode from our favoite showcan't wait for more as usual wanting more gosupernatural you rock fantastic to the cast and crew of the show.Each season its full of suprises and adventure for our winchester boys go supernatural you rock as usual never disappoint me at all

  • If only I could be invisible in the back seat of the Winchester's Impala, but then again, I'd probably get caught eventually due to laughing too much.


    I'm a little confused about the title of this episode, because anyone who reads/writes fan fiction knows the term "slash" is not necessarily ideal in mainstream.

    However, despite the title, the episode was pretty decent. I was going to rate it a 7, however, jumped it to 8 purely because of one wonderfully hilarious scene... yes, we get to see Dean show that he's "all out of love" for Air Supply. That scene alone, much like the scene from Yellow Fever, tops as one of my all-time Dean Winchester moments.

    Kudos to Jensen Ackles for playing it perfectly.

  • The only thing more awesome than Sam and Dean are two Sam and Deans!


    Those Leviathan are wily, I love that they're not just man-eating monsters, they are very clever man-hunting monsters. And I love that they revisited the season 2 story arc of our boys being on the Most Wanted list, and took on Sam and Dean's form to frame them. The opening was great (if you're such a spoilerphobe like me you don't know what's coming.) I was like, Sam and Dean are robbing a bank? Okay, they must have good reason. Only when they shot everyone in the vault did I know something was afoot. They got me twice: I also loved the segue to the diner scene, so I'm sitting there thinking this is Sam and Dean until they start complaining about the people they are inhabiting. "Who's got two thumbs and bats in the belfry?" Yep, very funny scene.

    The other hilarious scene was of course Dean singing along to "I'm all out of love." Jared and Jensen are so good with the facial expressions, I laughed for a really long time.

    I also love Sheriff Mills, and I'm glad she has become a recurring character. The show hasn't always given me female characters I could be glad were representing my gender, but in the last couple of years, I have really liked and respected the female characters. I have to credit Sera for that, from penning Good God, Y'All, which finally made Jo as awesome as I always thought she could be, as well as adding to Ellen's awesomeness, to giving us such calm, capable, and competent women as Lisa and Jodi Mills under her tenure.

    And now, darn it, the boys are at odds and separated again when it feels like they had only just renewed their brotherly bond. But, if there weren't ups and downs, it would be flat, and if they were always close, I wouldn't appreciate the closeness as much when they are. Nonetheless, I hope this separation doesn't last, and that Sam forgives Dean soon, just as Dean has forgiven him.

    Yep, I really loved this episode, it had everything I love about Supernatural.