Season 7 Episode 6

Slash Fiction

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 28, 2011 on The CW

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  • The only thing more awesome than Sam and Dean are two Sam and Deans!


    Those Leviathan are wily, I love that they're not just man-eating monsters, they are very clever man-hunting monsters. And I love that they revisited the season 2 story arc of our boys being on the Most Wanted list, and took on Sam and Dean's form to frame them. The opening was great (if you're such a spoilerphobe like me you don't know what's coming.) I was like, Sam and Dean are robbing a bank? Okay, they must have good reason. Only when they shot everyone in the vault did I know something was afoot. They got me twice: I also loved the segue to the diner scene, so I'm sitting there thinking this is Sam and Dean until they start complaining about the people they are inhabiting. "Who's got two thumbs and bats in the belfry?" Yep, very funny scene.

    The other hilarious scene was of course Dean singing along to "I'm all out of love." Jared and Jensen are so good with the facial expressions, I laughed for a really long time.

    I also love Sheriff Mills, and I'm glad she has become a recurring character. The show hasn't always given me female characters I could be glad were representing my gender, but in the last couple of years, I have really liked and respected the female characters. I have to credit Sera for that, from penning Good God, Y'All, which finally made Jo as awesome as I always thought she could be, as well as adding to Ellen's awesomeness, to giving us such calm, capable, and competent women as Lisa and Jodi Mills under her tenure.

    And now, darn it, the boys are at odds and separated again when it feels like they had only just renewed their brotherly bond. But, if there weren't ups and downs, it would be flat, and if they were always close, I wouldn't appreciate the closeness as much when they are. Nonetheless, I hope this separation doesn't last, and that Sam forgives Dean soon, just as Dean has forgiven him.

    Yep, I really loved this episode, it had everything I love about Supernatural.

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