Season 7 Episode 6

Slash Fiction

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 28, 2011 on The CW

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  • Just follow my lead and I'll kill you..


    The mere idea this entire episode is based on - following the Leviathans unprepared - is stupid as Bobby said it. They didn't know any thing about these creatures and yet the were eager to chase them which basically almost get them killed if it hadn't been for Sheriff Mills that came to thank Bobby and clean the house.. What are the odds!!
    This brings to me what happened back in "Everybody Loves a Clown" when Sam wanted to go after the YED but Dean strongly refused because they didn't have a way to do so. It was personal then too.

    One more thing and I'm done with my knocking..
    If finding them was that easy for the Sheriff, how come the Leviathans didn't get to them with all of their cunningness and all the big positions they took hold of..!!

    After this all, believe it or not.. I love this episode. It was enjoyable in every sense of the word..
    The evil twins were very savage yet cool, funny and cute. I really liked them.. Though, it's good they are dead now, in order not to take Sam and Dean's, and Bobby's in that matter, "full-download" and spread it around.
    Also this liking between Bobby and Jody, it came out of the blue but Bobby deserved it, I bet he feels lonely most of the time.. I wish she come back in following episodes but not mainly as his romance interest.
    And I have to say how much I loved both, that playful leviathan in Bobby's basement and the sweet lunatic Frank Devereaux.. The actors were great too.

    As for how the episode ended with Sam leaving Dean, he we'll get back - as always - but is it going to be right after or there will be a dropped period of separation?
    Plus, I have this feeling that this Amy thing isn't over yet. It's not just about killing a childhood monster friend, it's about lying and mistrust. Besides, he didn't know it form Dean himself, it was the enemy who broke the news.

    Finally, concerning the opportunist Crowley which was good to see him back, I think there will be some sort of a collaboration between him and the boys to get rid of the Leviathans now that he knew what a threat they are to him in person and his position as king of hell.

    Double thanks to Jared, Jensen and Jim for the double versions we had from each :)