Season 9 Episode 4

Slumber Party

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 29, 2013 on The CW

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  • What have they done to this once great series

    I started supernatural again after having a break as had finished off on season 8, but after watching the first few episodes of series 9 it was ok until I got to this episode 4

    What have they done to this once great series, its a comedy now, I mean come on wiazrd of oz, wait until the next episode when dogs talk, that has really put me off now.

    Why do this and ruin a great show.
  • This one was pretty bad

    Charlie and a bad story about OZ and this one falls very short of expectations. The sooner the do not bring this character back the better for all of us.
  • Disappointing episode.

    Each episode with Charlie is a complete waste of time. The actress is artificial and so are the story and acting. This character should be killed off or possesed by demon and then killed to make the story more sad for boys but finally we could get rid of this not needed person. A very disappointing episode and I hope nothing like this will ever happen again.
  • Yellow brick road

    Insane episode where Sam and Deal with Dorothy and the wicked witch from the land of OZ. WTF??
  • What a stinker

    What a boring episode. The overacting was just happening in spades - none of the actors were taking it seriously. Many plain lazy violations of the fourth wall - more than a few times. Neither of the boys seemed to have their heart in it. Look at Sam's face throughout. He's struggling to be convincing but what he was really thinking was very clearly "when is the stupid story going to be over?" Very rote, slow and plotless story. The Winchesters are getting tired and it shows. The show has run out of stories and the writers are driving the show into the ground.
  • A fun episode considering it does not belong in Supernatural.

    For an episode that i almost immediately turned off, it actually turned out okay. Of course if they ever mention Oz again i will have to kill someone. But, ya, it was actually not too bad for an episode trying to tie in oz into the supernatural world.

    As long as its never mentioned again i will be satisfied.
  • I always enjoy a little bit of Red

    it was good to see Charlie and I really hope she comes back again. And she better bring Dorothy with cause she was cool. I also liked the little bit of flashback. And the cars.

    It's very clear why Dean adopted the Batcave as home while Sam did not and I'm glad they addressed it. I really wish these talks weren't just snippets or afterthoguhts but progress that actually meant something.

    And Deam misses Cas *sigh*
  • Sam's line at the end

    It felt to me like they had this entire episode just so that they can use the line Sam says at the end of the episode... There's no place like home. This show has been stale now for a few years but because of my OCD i cannot stop watching it now (i'm way too vested in it after so many years to stop watching)... kinda just hoping for an end to the madness and lack of intense show Supernatural used to deliver to us.
  • We're off to see the wizard...

    which my family watched every year when it came on as a special (you can guess maybe I am getting old here!). So the "home" was once the hang out for a couple of guys who were kind of hunters and they were visited by Dorothy and the wicked witch which leads to some trouble for our intrepid hunters. And Charlie is back again, I really think Charlie is cool. Well blend in the Wizard of Oz, Frank Baum's daughter, Dorothy, a really wicked witch and the background story and you have a decent episode of Supernatural. Overall I wouldn't give it a super high rating, I rated it 8, but it was fun and the plot line was different. And we got some interaction with Crowley and Ezekiel which was fun. Crowley is always a hoot, when he isn't just super nasty, and keeping him chained up let's the guys play off of him as needed. But the ending is nice too, we're off to see the wizard, as our geeky warrior ladies traipse off into Oz.