Season 8 Episode 6

Southern Comfort

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 07, 2012 on The CW
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    Supernatural "Southern Comfort" Review: Find a Penny, Pick It Up...

    It’s kind of sad that the only way we can get some honest discussion about FEELINGS is when one of Winchesters is possessed.

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    While investigating murders involving an avenging ghost, Sam and Dean discover that Garth has taken on Bobby's role as hunter coordinator.

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    • Garths Back

      Just like the Original Supernatural, vengeful spirit, plenty of gore and with Garth to the rescue
    • YEY! GARTH!

      its actually a good episode, first because Garth was in it (one of my fav), second, is because I think one of the strong point/scene in this episode is that when Garth told Dean about what he thinks about losing Bobby. For me, he made Dean realize something he has never noticed before. Third, I guess is the part where Dean and Sam had "the talk" even though Dean is kinda possessed by I'm itching to know whats with the girl and Sam...moreless
    • Betrayals, Replacements and a Penny

      Action Scenes. Check

      Old ghost hunting format. Check.

      Missed characters recurring. Check.

      What's missing is emotions. First of all, i would like to point out my suspicions that Jeremy Carver reads this site. LOL. Last episode, we talked about it being too much touchy-feely and now, this episode is the complete opposite of it. It lacks emotions. Supernatural (back then) was good enough to make me cry with the story of two men. Seriously. We need that feeling back.

      Nevertheless, this episode is refreshing because it brought back old characters and the old format. Keep it up. We're getting there, Supernatural.moreless
    • Winchester, Texas Ranger

      Alas, Garth returns this time more bearable and quirky than ever but with the added twist of being the "new Bobby," helping hunters as an encyclopedia of how to slay such and such monster. The Winchesters encounter him investigating a town where a woman killed her husband in a blind rage that she couldn't remember afterwards and it being about her husband going to the prom with another girl almost forty years earlier. The brothers suspect a vengeful ghost but it keeps affecting random people and doesn't fit the pattern. Garth deduces that it's a spectre which is a little different in that it attaches to an object and keeps wreaking havoc after they burn the body of the Unknown civil war soldier. The montage to Soundgarden's "Fell on Black Days" to the transference of the penny was unnecessary but I liked the song being there so much that I was able to overlook it. When a cop has the penny and Dean trash talks the spectre it passes the penny onto Dean and he holds Sam and Garth at gunpoint and vents all about how Sam had left him to rot for his year in purgatory and leaving him for a girl and I really felt for Dean finally getting to vent his feelings at Sam and Garth getting him to calm down was utterly predictable. They melt down the penny and the spectre is gone but Sam makes it crystal clear that if Dean keeps giving him crap he will no longer be along for the ride anymore to which Dean reluctantly agrees. Dean not letting Garth be "Bobby" was good especially how cringe inducing the usage of "idgit" and "balls" Bobby's signature phrases. Sam's flashbacks with Amelia were forced and the spectre being killed by his brother was forced and cliche even for this show. Not a bad episode overall, it was good to see Garth get further developed and is much less annoying than last season. Hopefully we can get back to Kevin soon since I'm utterly curious about what's up with him and his mom now. Also Sam pointing out the fallacy of Dean's logic of working with Benny with his killing of Sam's friend creature last year as paradoxical.moreless
    • Southern Comfort

      Southern Comfort was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Supernatural. I really enjoyed watching because the story was good, despite being a bit redundant in some ways, Garth was involved with investigating and the brothers confronted some major issues by the end. I liked he character development and plot progression. Flash backs were great and it was nice to see the characters thinking about these scenarios and exploring their emotions. It was interesting to see Garth try to fill a certain role and by the end it seems he has proved himself and Dean approves. It was sentimental and I liked how Garth called Dean out saying Bobby didn't only belong to him and Sam. The universe is bigger than the two Winchester brothers after all but they are still important. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!moreless
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    • QUOTES (4)

      • Sam: Hold up. Are you the new Bobby?
        Dean: You shut your mouth.
        Garth: Yeah.
        Dean: You shut your mouth. What?!?

      • Dean: I was in Purgatory.
        Garth: Like the Purgatory Purgatory?
        Dean: No, the one in Miami.
        Garth: Man, that's balls
        Dean: That's not how you say "balls."

      • Dean: What, you--you were a dentist?
        Garth: Yeah, just for, like, for a hot minute. Where'd you think I got my first case?
        Dean: Let me guess--Tooth Fairy.
        Garth: Yeah. Man, I felt terrible when I ganked that SOB.
        Sam: Uh, you killed the Toothy Fairy?
        Garth: Yeah, man. I mean, not my proudest moment, but it happened.

      • Dean: So first the mom goes Natural Born Killer, and now the son? Well, what do we got--a ghost with an Oedipus complex? (Sam stares) I don't know what that means.

    • NOTES (2)

    • ALLUSIONS (4)

      • Dean: Hey, Chuck Norris.
        Along with Garth posing as a Texas Ranger, referencing Walker, Texas Ranger, a popular CBS TV series that ran nine seasons on CBS. Chuck Norris plays Cordell Walker, a high-kicking martial arts expert and modern-day Texas Ranger.

      • Garth: Even if there was any sulfur, Barney Fife and his crew probably contaminated the whole crime scene and any evidence that was here with it.
        Referencing the bumbling but good-hearted deputy played by Don Knotts on The Andy Griffith Show from 1960-1968.

      • Dean: So first the mom goes Natural Born Killer, and now the son?
        Referencing the 1994 movie Natural Born Killers. Mickey and Mallory Knox are a loving couple who go on a killing spree and gain a cult following when their exploits are broadcast by a ratings-hungry journalist.

      • Dean: Yeah, but not before Casper had a chance to make a run for it.
        Referencing the child-ghost created by Joe Oriolo and Seymour Reit in the early 40s. He appeared in early animated films and then was sold to Harvey Comics where he has enjoyed a long career. He has had several TV shows and live-action movies.