Season 8 Episode 6

Southern Comfort

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 07, 2012 on The CW

Episode Recap

Kearney, MO

Chester Lew is out in his garage at night, working on his truck. His wife Mary, furious, comes out and accuse Chester of having an affair on him. She knocks out the lift on the truck, trapping Chester beneath, and then starts up the truck and drives away with Chester still under it.

When Sam comes back from getting some food, he's surprised to learn that Dean has already found a case for them. Dean is eager to leave but Sam points out that they haven't seriously talked since he met Benny. Dean agrees and defends Benny, saying that even though he's a vampire, he helped Dean escape Purgatory. Sam points out that Dean killed his friend Amy when it turned out she was a monster and Dean says that people change. He tells his brother that while he won't kill Benny, if the vampire slips up then he's fair game for any other hunter. With that, Dean gets in the car and they drive to Kearney.

As they arrive at the Lew home, Dean explains that according to the police reports, Mary blacked out after killing her husband and has no memory of what happened. Sam figures that it's just a case of insanity but Dean figures that decapitation and dismemberment are their line of work. They talk to Deputy Doug, posing as FBI agents, and he tells them that a Texas Ranger is already on the scene. The Winchesters realize that it's Garth, dressed in cowboy He hugs them and says that he's missed them, but then takes a call from one of several cell phones in his jacket. He gives the hunter advice on how to deal with a monster, hangs up, and tells the brothers that he's taken over for Bobby since the veteran hunter died and the Winchesters disappeared for a year.

Garth goes over and talks to Scott Lew, Chester and Mary's son. Despite Dean's questioning, Scott insists that his parents were happy and his mother didn't have any physical or mental ailments. Once Scott leaves, the trio checks the grounds for traces of sulfur or EMF readings. They don't find anything but Garth discovers traces of green ectoplasm. As they realize that they're dealing with a ghost, the coroner calls Garth to tell him that Mary carved the word "Alcott" into her dead husband's chest.

The trio goes to the hospital and talks to Mary, who doesn't remember much except an overwhelming sense of anger. She recognizes the name Alcott as the last name of Sara Alcott, who went to the high school prom with Chester. As they talk, Mary clenches her fist and Sam notices. The trio goes to a bar to discuss the case and Dean finally tells Garth that he was in Purgatory. When Garth wonders how he escaped, Dean ducks the question and asks about all the Civil War memorabilia in the bar. Garth explains that during the Civil War, Kearney was a border town and divided on the issue of the War Between the States.

As Scott stops at a grocery store on his way to see his mother, he stops at a grocery store. His wife calls and as they talk, Scott sees a man named Jeff go into the store. Once he hangs up, Scott uses his asthma inhaler and then goes inside. Jeff comes over and offers his condolences on Chester's death, while green ectoplasm oozes from Scott's ear. He suddenly tells Jeff he wants his money back, throws hot coffee in his face, and then grabs a shovel and beats the man to death. In the store anti-shoplifting mirror, an image of a Confederate soldier briefly overlays Scott's reflection.

The trio gets word of the new murder and goes to the crime scene. Scott has written the word "Sussex" in blood on the cooler. Garth talks to Sheriff Harvey while the brothers talk to Scott. He says that he was possessed by mindless rage and doesn't remember killing Jeff--the same thing that happened to his mother. When Garth comes back, Dean notices that Garth is wearing Bobby's trucker hat. He snatches it off, saying that Garth isn't wearing it right. Meanwhile, Deputy Doug shows them the security footage, which has an odd distortion covering Scott's face during the murder. Garth suggest that they talk to Sara Alcott and Sam quickly leaps on the assignment, leaving Dean stuck with Garth.

Sam talks to Sara and she confirms that she went to the prom with Chester and they had sex afterward. However, they broke up after that night because it wasn't meant to be and Chester eloped with Mary a week later. Mary never talked to Sara after that and the woman figures that the wife kept her husband on a short leach, seeing Sara as a reminder of Chester's betrayal. As Sam leaves Sara, he hears a dog barking in the distance.


After Sam and Amelia make love, Amelia tells him that it's been a while since she let go. She explains that her husband Don died eight months ago in Afghanistan, after enlisting without much of an explanation. They only talked and wrote a few times while he was overseas and then Amelia received word that he was killed in action. Shortly after that, Amelia moved out because she couldn't stand the looks from the townspeople and all the reminders of her married life.


Dean and Garth go back to the Winchesters' motel to do research on the killer and Garth uses Bobby's book. When he affectionately calls Dean an "idjit," Dean snaps at him and says that he's not using it the way Billy would. Garth asks if he's angry because there's something between him and his brother and offers to help, but Dean just tells him to stop trying to be Bobby. Dean's taken aback when Garth snaps at him, saying that Bobby belonged to all of them, not just Sam and Dean, and that he's trying to do something with what Bobby taught him. Abashed, Dean goes back to the research and discovers that "Sussex" was the name of a business that Scott and Jeff ran until Jeff bankrupted it through incompetence. Since then, Scott held a grudge against his former partner. Sam calls to tell them that Sara doesn't appear to be the killer, while Garth finds an entry in Bobby's book about a specter. A spectre is a type of ghost that can tell what secret hatreds someone is harboring and them make them act out violently upon them. Bobby encountered one and it came from a desecrated grave.

Garth finds a desecrated grave in Kearney but they discover that it's the Tomb of the Unknown Confederate Soldier. A solider stands honor guard so the trio comes back at night. Garth has checked the police records and confirmed that kids apparently broke into the tomb. They figure that the spectre can be destroyed like a normal ghost and salt and burn the Confederate soldier's bones. As they look around, Sam spots a piece of string on the floor.

At the station the next day, Sheriff Harvey tells Deputy Doug to write up a report. Doug resentfully starts to do so but hears Scott calling for help from his cell. The prisoner is having an asthma attack and Doug goes to the evidence locker to get Scott's inhaler. As he opens out the envelope, he starts leaking ectoplasm from his ears. Doug then grabs a shotgun and kills Harvey with it, telling him to write his own report.

The trio hear about the new murder and go to the station. They find the ectoplasm and realize that they didn't destroy the spectre as they hoped. Sam suggests that it may have attached itself to something that one of the vandals took from the tomb. Doug tells them that one of the other officers, Karl Henry, tackled him and took his shotgun, and then said he was going to the hospital. They figure that the rage-curse jumped to Karl and Dean goes after him while Sam and Garth go to the library to try and find out more about the spectre.

As Sam and Garth go to the library, Garth offers Sam a sympathetic ear, figuring the brothers are having trouble. As they go inside, Sam sees a truck at the curb and remembers.

When Sam wakes up, he discovers Amelia trying to slip out without waking him. She says that she doesn't want Sam to get the wrong idea about what happened and tells him to forget what she said about her dead husband. Amelia says that she doesn't need his pity but Sam says that it isn't pity and that he's glad she told him so that he can understand her. Amelia doesn't believe him and leaves for work.

Dean arrives at the hospital and spots Karl's police car.

At the library, the woman on duty finds a book for Sam and Garth with a theory about the Unknown Soldier's identity.

Karl shoot at an orderly and then accuses him of making a bad call in the town softball game. Dean grabs Karl from behind and tries to knock him out, but the possessed officer doesn't feel it and slams Dean to the ground.

The librarian tells Sam and Garth that during the Civil War, two brothers in Kearney served on opposing sides. The Union solider shot his brother Vance and Vance sworn vengeance with his dying breath. Years later, Collins recovered his brother's corpse from the battlefield and brought him home, and Vance was chosen as the Unknown Confederate Solider. The librarian shows them an old photograph of Vance and Sam notices that he was wearing a penny on a piece of string around his neck, a piece of string like the one he found at the tomb.

Dean tries to get through to Karl but the possessed man says that he has unfinished business. He sniffs at Dean and says that the spectre likes him.

The librarian tells Sam and Garth that families would give a lucky penny to members going off to war so they could always buy food and drink.

Karl slaps the penny into Dean's hand, transferring the spectre to him.

As they leave the library, Sam calls Dean and leaves a message on his voice mail explaining about the penny. When they get back to the hotel room, they find Dean sitting on his bed, ignoring his phone. He draws a gun on Sam as ectoplasm leaks from his ears and says that Sam should have tried to find him when he was sent to Purgatory.

Earlier, the kids took the penny from the tomb and spent it at the grocery store. Mary received it in change and fell victim to the spectre. Scott found the penny in her purse, Doug picked it up while getting the inhaler, and Karl picked it up when he subdued Doug.

When Sam tries to reach his brother, Dean tells him to shut up and points out that Sam never wanted to be a hunter. He accuses Sam of lying to him all of the time and Sam admits that he's made mistakes, but Dean insists that they've been choices that Sam willingly made. When Sam reminds his brother that he hasn't always been honest, Dean says that he never left Sam to die for a girl. Sam tries to grab the gun but Dean knocks him down. Garth jumps in the way, figuring that Dean won't shoot him because he doesn't have a grudge against him. Dean tells him to move and Garth says that Sam had reasons for not rescuing Dean. Sam brings up Benny and Dean angrily says that Benny is the only friend that hasn't abandoned him. Garth gets close enough to punch Dean in the face, knocking the penny out of his hand. Before Dean can recover, Garth casually picks it up and tells the brothers that everything's fine.

Later, Garth melts the penny and comes back to say goodbye. Dean wonders why the spectre couldn't possess him and Garth says thanks to his yogi, he doesn't have any issues He jokingly tells Dean to stop being an idjit, telling him that now that Bobby is dead, the Winchesters only have each other. Garth insists on hugging Dean and Dean puts Bobby's hat properly on his head. As Garth tries to drive off, his car won't start and he finally has to say "Balls!" to get it going.

Inside, Sam is washing off the blood from Dean's beating and remembers.

Sam goes back to Amelia's room and tells her that he doesn't pity her. He admits that he lost his brother a few month ago and ran, and hasn't stopped running until now. Amelia jokingly says that now she pities him and invites him in. As they drink, Sam wonders what they do now and Amelia says that she'd be glad to talk about Dean or Dan... with Sam.

As the brothers leave the motel, Sam tells his brother that his girl's name was Amelia. Dean says that he doesn't remember what he said when he was possessed, but Sam figures that he was expressing his true feelings and tells Dean to move on. Dean says that he is but Sam isn't convinced. As they leave, he warns his brother that he might be the hunter who ends up killing Benny. Dean tells Sam that they'll cross that bridge when they come to it.