Season 8 Episode 6

Southern Comfort

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 07, 2012 on The CW

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  • Waiting Waiting

    How long after the episode is on TV before we get to see it here? I have been watching this show for years and was just thrilled to see I got it on netflix, but I didn't get this season on there yet.. so I was bummed until I found this site. Now I need to feed the addiction and see more so I am impatient to see this episode. Could someone give me time frame? the link below wants me to download something and I am not comfortable doing that so I will wait til it gets here. Thank You

    PS even though I didn't see the episode I always give this show top billing LOL
  • Supernatural now reminds me of Stargate Universe. And that's not a good thing.

    This episode really made me realize I'm reacting the same way I did to SGUI actually hit the mute button a couple of times, just like I did in the six episodes of SGU that I watched. Southern Comfort is now the third episode in a row where there has just been too much melodrama from characters I can't even like. The non-stop verbal attacks and sob stories from Amelia, the vicious fighting between Sam and Dean, the characters being portrayed in unfavorable lightthese are very reminiscent of SGU. And Garth was like Eli, the sole ray of comedic relief and likability. For a while there, I was really liking the episode, I was giddy with relief that it felt like old-school Supernatural, but it didn't continue in the Garth-inspired vein. Every time the focus went soft and I could feel a flashback coming on I was like "No! No! Please don't take my show away from me!"

    For those who didn't follow the Stargate franchise, the first two series, SG-1 and Atlantis, featured beloved characters and as much comedy as drama. But in the third series, the characters were deliberately written as unsympathetic and they fought and argued and emoted all the time and there was over-the-top drama and next to no comedy. Half the fans loved it, and half the fans hated itand stopped watching. The ratings plummeted, it was granted a second season in spite of that, and then it was canceled.

    In the after-show discussion last night, I heard several show-long fans talking about walking away from Supernatural, people like me who have been with it since the pilot. Some are saying they'll give it to the end of the season, some are saying they can't stand it for more than a few more episodes, some are saying they'll go down with the ship even if they don't like where it's going.

    It's a lot harder to quit Supernatural than Stargate Universe. SGU was a new series with new characters the fans were not attached to, whereas even if fans can't stand the way Sam and Dean are written now, they are still very attached to the characters. And Carver is lucky he inherited the most loyal fanbase out there. Fans will not want to give up all their fandom bonds and activities, and they will remain devoted to Jensen and Jared and Misha and the rest no matter what. Nonetheless, devoted fans are now seriously talking about leaving, even though it breaks their heart. I'm one of them.

    At least with SGU, the people behind it were the same as those who had created SG-1 and Atlantis, it was their creation to do with as they wish, and SGU was a brand-new series, so it was justifiable to start in a new direction, they weren't changing course mid-series. But in the case of Supernatural, Jeremy Carver accepted to be the showrunner of an on-going series created by Eric Kripke. And thus he has a responsibility to the audience to keep giving them what they signed up for, what they have been supporting the show for these 7 long years, rather than to remake the series to fit his own tastes regardless of how the loyal fans who made season 8 possible will feel about a completely different tone.

    I think Carver is deliberately writing the characters so unsympathetically, just as they did on SGU. In this episode, for example, they wrote how pissed off and hurt Dean was at Sam for leaving him to die, they can hardly be surprised a lot of the fans are pissed off and hurt as well. The thing is, Mr. Carver, they're not your characters to assassinate. Kripke created them, and he gave them to the world and we adopted them. They're our characters. You're just borrowing them, so kindly return them to the state in which you found them.

  • I never thought I would say this, but I'm seriously debating if I should stop watching Supernatural.

    On the one hand, this show has earned my loyalty. On the other hand, a TV show should take your mind off your worries, not add to them. For seven years, Supernatural gave me a badly needed escape from serious health problems; it has never once let me down. But now when I watch it I just get upset. And that makes me feel worse instead of better.

    For the first half of this episode, I was really happy. It felt like I had my old Supernatural back. There was a great case, some gore, a lot of colorful and funny moments. It was playful, and it had depth and substance without taking itself too seriously, or delving into melodrama. I was enjoying it the way I used to enjoy Supernatural. I was completely intrigued by the case, I was getting a big kick out of Garth and his ringtones, lines like "a eunuch in a whorehouse," killing the tooth fairy. And I was very interested to see how Sam and Dean were going to resolve the whole "how come it's okay for you to be friends with monsters but not me" issue.

    Then things went to hell.

    On top of writing Sam as deserting his brother in mortal danger without even looking for him, they're piling on a woman who keeps hurling invective at him, and Sam keeps talking about abandonning Dean again, and now they've dragged up all the things Sam ever did wrong and has paid for a thousand times over, courtesy of 180 years in Hell as Lucifer's plaything. I can't put it aside, and I can't sit through it for an entire season on the off chance there might be a good reason for it, which I'm really doubting.

    Although I don't enjoy Sam's flashbacks, at least in the first one I thought we were finally past Amelia being bitchy and I could have another go at trying to like her. But that sure didn't last long. Sam opens up to her to make her understand he doesn't pity her, and she cuts him to the quick with "Now I pity you." I don't care that she lost her husband, that does not give her the right to go around saying hurtful things to people. Sam has suffered a million times worse than her, and yet he's being nice to her--in spite of the way she treats him.

    As for the Sam and Dean fight, that was just painful, and not in a good way. I just read that Carver said the brotherly relationship will still be important but be portrayed through other characters. So it's raining anvils about how Benny is Dean's surrogate Sam and Amelia is Sam's surrogate Dean. In case we didn't get the message with Benny always calling Dean "brother," they titled last week's episode "Blood Brother," and now Dean whacks us over the head with "Benny was a better brother to me in a year than you have ever been." They also repeatedly hammered home that Amelia is a damaged drunk, just like Dean. I don't know why Carver would ever think this was a good idea, playing out the relationship through surrogates. I certainly don't want to see it. I wouldn't want to see Walter and Peter, Booth and Brennan, Castle and Beckett or Troy and Abed play out their relationship with surrogates either.

    I was really hoping during that fight, when Dean was lashing Sam for leaving him to die, that we would at least get some kind of explanation from Sam. But nothing. Except a crumb in the last flashback: we finally find out that at least he reacted to Dean's disappearance, he was devastated and ran. But that's no excuse, and being devastated has never stopped him from trying to save Dean before. In fact, after the Trickster killed Dean for good, after Dean went to hell, and after Sam's wall crumbled, being devastated actually fueled Sam into single-minded determination to get to Dean, willing to go to any lengths. "You know me, you know why. I'm not leaving my brother alone out there." That's who Sam is.

    In the past, when the characters have gone down bad roads, I knew they started down it with good intentions, I knew they were under the influence of torture, demon blood, soullessness or purgatory souls, I found the story compelling, and I had complete faith they would be redeemed. But I have none of those things now.

    And I can't enjoy the rest of the show either. It doesn't feel like the show I love anymore. Where is the irreverent, wacky, black humor? Where is the classic rock? Where is the No Chick Flick Rule? (As I have said before, I am not into romance or melodrama--that's why I'm watching Supernatural--and there are waaay too many people talking about their feelings.) But mostly, where are the characters and relationships I love?

    That's what made Supernatural such a dependable escape for me. I cared about the characters so much I was completely captivated by what was happening to them and forgot about everything else. The flip side of that is I care about the characters so much I cannot stand to see them written so badly out of character, to the point of being assassinated and ruined.

    So I don't know if I'll keep watching. I hate to stop, it would break my heart. Supernatural is not only my all-time favorite show, but it transcended being just a TV show. So I'll keep trying for a bit. But if it's just going to keep making me feel bad every week, then, sadly, I have to let it go.

  • Garths Back

    Just like the Original Supernatural, vengeful spirit, plenty of gore and with Garth to the rescue
  • Winchester, Texas Ranger

    Alas, Garth returns this time more bearable and quirky than ever but with the added twist of being the "new Bobby," helping hunters as an encyclopedia of how to slay such and such monster. The Winchesters encounter him investigating a town where a woman killed her husband in a blind rage that she couldn't remember afterwards and it being about her husband going to the prom with another girl almost forty years earlier. The brothers suspect a vengeful ghost but it keeps affecting random people and doesn't fit the pattern. Garth deduces that it's a spectre which is a little different in that it attaches to an object and keeps wreaking havoc after they burn the body of the Unknown civil war soldier. The montage to Soundgarden's "Fell on Black Days" to the transference of the penny was unnecessary but I liked the song being there so much that I was able to overlook it. When a cop has the penny and Dean trash talks the spectre it passes the penny onto Dean and he holds Sam and Garth at gunpoint and vents all about how Sam had left him to rot for his year in purgatory and leaving him for a girl and I really felt for Dean finally getting to vent his feelings at Sam and Garth getting him to calm down was utterly predictable. They melt down the penny and the spectre is gone but Sam makes it crystal clear that if Dean keeps giving him crap he will no longer be along for the ride anymore to which Dean reluctantly agrees. Dean not letting Garth be "Bobby" was good especially how cringe inducing the usage of "idgit" and "balls" Bobby's signature phrases. Sam's flashbacks with Amelia were forced and the spectre being killed by his brother was forced and cliche even for this show. Not a bad episode overall, it was good to see Garth get further developed and is much less annoying than last season. Hopefully we can get back to Kevin soon since I'm utterly curious about what's up with him and his mom now. Also Sam pointing out the fallacy of Dean's logic of working with Benny with his killing of Sam's friend creature last year as paradoxical.
  • Fantastic Episode

    This was a great episode. Interesting monster of the week case and plenty of tension between the brothers (that I'm hoping that they resolve soon!). Garth added a bit of fun to top it all off.

    its actually a good episode, first because Garth was in it (one of my fav), second, is because I think one of the strong point/scene in this episode is that when Garth told Dean about what he thinks about losing Bobby. For me, he made Dean realize something he has never noticed before. Third, I guess is the part where Dean and Sam had "the talk" even though Dean is kinda possessed by I'm itching to know whats with the girl and Sam...
  • awesome!!

    loved loved loved!!
  • Garth kicked backside

    I love this episode. It's a rebound from the last one.

    I'm just thinking, if that's Bobby's hat, doesn't that mean he could still be around?

    The episode itself it 8 to me. But comparing to the last one, I give it another +0.5.
  • Betrayals, Replacements and a Penny

    Action Scenes. Check

    Old ghost hunting format. Check.

    Missed characters recurring. Check.

    What's missing is emotions. First of all, i would like to point out my suspicions that Jeremy Carver reads this site. LOL. Last episode, we talked about it being too much touchy-feely and now, this episode is the complete opposite of it. It lacks emotions. Supernatural (back then) was good enough to make me cry with the story of two men. Seriously. We need that feeling back.

    Nevertheless, this episode is refreshing because it brought back old characters and the old format. Keep it up. We're getting there, Supernatural.
  • A lot of fun

    This was a good episode and once again pretty much a stand alone episode off the big plot story line. Garth is back and he really provided some humor as well as some smarts to the show. I loved Dean's reactions to some of Garth's antics. The story line itself was pretty good and figuring out what was going on and what was causing the killings kept my interest up. Along with this we kept getting Sam's flashbacks from his year away from Dean. I'm not sure where this is ultimately going to go and whether Sam and Dean will come to clearance with what happened or if Sam will decide to return to his lady. Garth tried and maybe helped to resolve their issues with each other. I guess we will see in future episodes but I am thinking this is going to ultimately lead to closure of the series at the end of this season unfortunately.
  • Southern Comfort

    Southern Comfort was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Supernatural. I really enjoyed watching because the story was good, despite being a bit redundant in some ways, Garth was involved with investigating and the brothers confronted some major issues by the end. I liked he character development and plot progression. Flash backs were great and it was nice to see the characters thinking about these scenarios and exploring their emotions. It was interesting to see Garth try to fill a certain role and by the end it seems he has proved himself and Dean approves. It was sentimental and I liked how Garth called Dean out saying Bobby didn't only belong to him and Sam. The universe is bigger than the two Winchester brothers after all but they are still important. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • This episode is just evidence why this show is still on!

    Southern Comfort was classic Supernatural! Full of action, angst, gore, and humor. This was a great episode that channeled classic episodes from early seasons
  • Welcome Back Garth!

    This episode was awesome. People need to stop bitching and just accept the show as it comes. I'm loving this season so much better than the last one. My advice to you haters out there, just stop watching the show instead of bashing it. God!