Season 8 Episode 6

Southern Comfort

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 07, 2012 on The CW

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  • I never thought I would say this, but I'm seriously debating if I should stop watching Supernatural.

    On the one hand, this show has earned my loyalty. On the other hand, a TV show should take your mind off your worries, not add to them. For seven years, Supernatural gave me a badly needed escape from serious health problems; it has never once let me down. But now when I watch it I just get upset. And that makes me feel worse instead of better.

    For the first half of this episode, I was really happy. It felt like I had my old Supernatural back. There was a great case, some gore, a lot of colorful and funny moments. It was playful, and it had depth and substance without taking itself too seriously, or delving into melodrama. I was enjoying it the way I used to enjoy Supernatural. I was completely intrigued by the case, I was getting a big kick out of Garth and his ringtones, lines like "a eunuch in a whorehouse," killing the tooth fairy. And I was very interested to see how Sam and Dean were going to resolve the whole "how come it's okay for you to be friends with monsters but not me" issue.

    Then things went to hell.

    On top of writing Sam as deserting his brother in mortal danger without even looking for him, they're piling on a woman who keeps hurling invective at him, and Sam keeps talking about abandonning Dean again, and now they've dragged up all the things Sam ever did wrong and has paid for a thousand times over, courtesy of 180 years in Hell as Lucifer's plaything. I can't put it aside, and I can't sit through it for an entire season on the off chance there might be a good reason for it, which I'm really doubting.

    Although I don't enjoy Sam's flashbacks, at least in the first one I thought we were finally past Amelia being bitchy and I could have another go at trying to like her. But that sure didn't last long. Sam opens up to her to make her understand he doesn't pity her, and she cuts him to the quick with "Now I pity you." I don't care that she lost her husband, that does not give her the right to go around saying hurtful things to people. Sam has suffered a million times worse than her, and yet he's being nice to her--in spite of the way she treats him.

    As for the Sam and Dean fight, that was just painful, and not in a good way. I just read that Carver said the brotherly relationship will still be important but be portrayed through other characters. So it's raining anvils about how Benny is Dean's surrogate Sam and Amelia is Sam's surrogate Dean. In case we didn't get the message with Benny always calling Dean "brother," they titled last week's episode "Blood Brother," and now Dean whacks us over the head with "Benny was a better brother to me in a year than you have ever been." They also repeatedly hammered home that Amelia is a damaged drunk, just like Dean. I don't know why Carver would ever think this was a good idea, playing out the relationship through surrogates. I certainly don't want to see it. I wouldn't want to see Walter and Peter, Booth and Brennan, Castle and Beckett or Troy and Abed play out their relationship with surrogates either.

    I was really hoping during that fight, when Dean was lashing Sam for leaving him to die, that we would at least get some kind of explanation from Sam. But nothing. Except a crumb in the last flashback: we finally find out that at least he reacted to Dean's disappearance, he was devastated and ran. But that's no excuse, and being devastated has never stopped him from trying to save Dean before. In fact, after the Trickster killed Dean for good, after Dean went to hell, and after Sam's wall crumbled, being devastated actually fueled Sam into single-minded determination to get to Dean, willing to go to any lengths. "You know me, you know why. I'm not leaving my brother alone out there." That's who Sam is.

    In the past, when the characters have gone down bad roads, I knew they started down it with good intentions, I knew they were under the influence of torture, demon blood, soullessness or purgatory souls, I found the story compelling, and I had complete faith they would be redeemed. But I have none of those things now.

    And I can't enjoy the rest of the show either. It doesn't feel like the show I love anymore. Where is the irreverent, wacky, black humor? Where is the classic rock? Where is the No Chick Flick Rule? (As I have said before, I am not into romance or melodrama--that's why I'm watching Supernatural--and there are waaay too many people talking about their feelings.) But mostly, where are the characters and relationships I love?

    That's what made Supernatural such a dependable escape for me. I cared about the characters so much I was completely captivated by what was happening to them and forgot about everything else. The flip side of that is I care about the characters so much I cannot stand to see them written so badly out of character, to the point of being assassinated and ruined.

    So I don't know if I'll keep watching. I hate to stop, it would break my heart. Supernatural is not only my all-time favorite show, but it transcended being just a TV show. So I'll keep trying for a bit. But if it's just going to keep making me feel bad every week, then, sadly, I have to let it go.

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