Season 9 Episode 22

Stairway to Heaven

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 13, 2014 on The CW

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  • Probably an overdose of angels this week

    Probably an overdose of angels this week, but still an entertaining episode. Missed Crowley!
  • Dean is the best!!!

    Dean is not a jerk and he was great as always . And who said they would punch him are dumb. Anyway dean was great and glad he killed Tessa cause she was lame.
  • Oh Dean.

    Of course I love every last bit of all episodes. Dean has always been my favorite cause the character matches my personality, without the killing thing. Totally don't kill people lol. After the the mark and blade, Dean pisses me off. Still love the dude, but he's a complete ass hat right now. Makes me wanna punch his face. Just sayin. :-p Anyhow, I know he'll be normal again so for my relationship to the character, he's still my favorite Jerk. <3 Love the show.
  • Self-Righeous Man

    What exactly are they playing at? Am I supposed to root for Dean? Feel sorry for him? He has always been demaged. Which I fully blame John for. And he is a bit of a jerk. But now, when all the good in him is stripped away and only the worst is to see, he doesn't paint a pretty picture. And I want him to take a look at himself. Not to feel guilt but to understand and accept the wrongs. I always hope he will. That the writing will. But they never do. It is making it really hard for me to stay behind the character. And I know part of it is the Mark. But the reason I believe Dean enjoyed Purgatory is because it was uncomplicated, black and white. So unlike his life. And the Mark is giving him this feeling again. And that scares me.

    Metatron is a really interestign villain, on the other hand. He is enjoyable in a disturbing way. Curtis Armstrong is doing such a wonderful job with him.

    Poor Sam. I would have punched Dean so many times already this season. I feel like he is almost completly resigned at this point.

    And Cas. He is so very much trying to do good. To live up to the trust people, angels put in him. I hope he gets his own grace back. I too hope he lives to see Metatron fall.

    It was an interesting episode. I really enjoyed the lady angel calling Dean out. Because while I don't think he is a bad person, the show rarely aknowledges the Winchesters hypocrisy. Sometimes it almost feels like they should have called him the Self righteous man.

    And Gadreel better survives or I'm gonna be the one to kick Dean's ass to hell and back.
  • Nicely done!

    The war with the angels is finally making sense! It's started moving again, and now I can actually follow what's happening. I like the fact that they ended one of their season plots a few episodes ago, and tackled the other two in one episode!

    I really enjoyed the switching sides of the angels. Now the boys really have a problem on their hands, and they aren't just dumping a season plot onto one rarely seen Castiel. Team free will is reunited again. Things may end tragically, but that's what Supernatural is all about, right? Tearing our hearts out by killing our favorite characters off? Fingers crossed that all goes well in the next episode.

    I thought this episode had exceptionally wonderful acting from every corner. The angels were heavenly and mysterious, I could feel Dean's anger and violence in front of me, Castiel was a wonderful leader, but even I wanted to join Metatron's side. His underdog angle scheme is working on me! Although the boys always bring me back around.

    I absolutely love hating Dean. I can't stand his character, and I love it. I want to help him, but he infuriates me with his bursts of violence, and that's exactly what the writers and director are going for. Jensen makes Dean come alive, and the way they're taking the story has my mind wrapped around him. The mark of Cain is eating away at his soul, and it's such an intriguing transformation to see that I have to give the show props for it.

    This episode had me yelling at the screen and jumping up and down at the ending (because I called it about five seconds before it happened) and I thinks it's a great reflection of this not so great season. It's doing the whole season justice, and I'm glad it went where it did. I'm dreading the last episode until next fall, but I can't wait to watch it as soon as I possibly can!
  • It was the best episode of the season but....

    Why did they have to use Tessa. They could have used another name easy. AND they called Tessa a reaper and an angel. Some kind of typo Im sure. Its not like using her had anything to do with anything except we have heard the name before. And speaking of reapers, where is death in all this. Because the writers only seem to copy previous episodes i will bet anything that dean has lost/is losing his soul due to the blade.

  • A CLEVER TITLE GOES HERE - I wish i had anything clever to say about pre-final episode

    - Since when only First Blade can kill Metatron? I thought a guy who could blow away holy fire with air and manipulate reality would be at least immortal to mortals. I wonder if even Satan would be able to blow away holy fire like that!

    Oh well, i suppose this is just to be able to end the season on 23rd episode quickly.

    - Since when Metatron needs his angels? I thought he wanted to give Angels a second chance to win their heaven by living a normal life and die old. Oh well, another twist mostly based on the writing-hell. Everyone's writing his own version of the things to come only to find that another writer just rewrites what previously was written. I wish there were only 2,3 writers. These kinds of plot-twists are just hurting my head.

    - Just when Tessa transformed into an Angel? And just why TESSA? She's just too annoying.

    - Spears and Aguielera? Not awesome, not even funny. These pop names are widely known while rockstar names are not. That was the fun point.

    Just give it a 7.0 since it had Armstrong in it and Tessa died so i don't have to see her ugly face anymore. Let the season end.
  • Finale preview looks awesome!

    Pros and Cons of this episode:

    Con - Reapers are angels? I don't remember them saying that reapers have always been angels. Can someone provide a link to the episode/site where it was stated that reapers were angels on the show? I don't know about anyone else but I felt like they kind of butchered Tessa's character. Would she really let herself be brainwashed so easily by Metatron or let herself be recruited by Gadreel? She had always been telling Dean she didn't care for angels and demons and their wars.

    Pro - Dean and the blade. Dean needed a story arc of his own for a long time. I'm sorry to people that felt like the seasons are getting fairly predictable. That's what happens with all tv shows that make it this far (9 years, hello?). And we've gotten so much Sam and Cas arcs already. It was time for Dean to shine a bit (lots of people were upset about last year when Dean didn't get to do the trials, I feel like this is to make up for it).

    Crowley is back for next week! The preview to next week's episode looks great. :) I was getting a little worried for this season but last night's episode was good and I have high hopes for the finale!
  • Not this again -_-

    So, once more we are at this situation. Cas, Sam and Dean. One of them is evil. They are against a poorly written villain who is overconfident. But luckily they have a secret weapon that will be able to kill the villain. "The gang" will meet old friends, who must die now because killing characters is "in" because of Game of Thrones.

    Oh well. Once the predictable season finale is over, we get to season 10. Maybe that wont suck as much as seasons 6-9.
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