Season 9 Episode 22

Stairway to Heaven

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 13, 2014 on The CW

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  • Self-Righeous Man

    What exactly are they playing at? Am I supposed to root for Dean? Feel sorry for him? He has always been demaged. Which I fully blame John for. And he is a bit of a jerk. But now, when all the good in him is stripped away and only the worst is to see, he doesn't paint a pretty picture. And I want him to take a look at himself. Not to feel guilt but to understand and accept the wrongs. I always hope he will. That the writing will. But they never do. It is making it really hard for me to stay behind the character. And I know part of it is the Mark. But the reason I believe Dean enjoyed Purgatory is because it was uncomplicated, black and white. So unlike his life. And the Mark is giving him this feeling again. And that scares me.

    Metatron is a really interestign villain, on the other hand. He is enjoyable in a disturbing way. Curtis Armstrong is doing such a wonderful job with him.

    Poor Sam. I would have punched Dean so many times already this season. I feel like he is almost completly resigned at this point.

    And Cas. He is so very much trying to do good. To live up to the trust people, angels put in him. I hope he gets his own grace back. I too hope he lives to see Metatron fall.

    It was an interesting episode. I really enjoyed the lady angel calling Dean out. Because while I don't think he is a bad person, the show rarely aknowledges the Winchesters hypocrisy. Sometimes it almost feels like they should have called him the Self righteous man.

    And Gadreel better survives or I'm gonna be the one to kick Dean's ass to hell and back.